Drop Dead Goal-Setting

The greatest gift I can give to you today is a concept. A belief system. Pure empowerment within your soul.

I want to talk to you about drop-dead goal-setting… 

I know that you have a goal you feel you must meet. A goal that has to be accomplished in this lifetime – soon. It is gigantic. Mind blowing. Off the chart. Something that very few people would ever dream of or comprehend.

Most will never understand that goal you have set for yourself. You can only tell a very few – probably only two or three people.

You know that it must be accomplished. Everything inside of you screams out that this one thing must be done.

Oddly, this goal has nothing to do with you. But it has everything to do about you. It is why you were born. It will affect massive amounts of people. Potentially even the entire world for generations to come.

Your mind becomes laser-focused, pinpointing a date and time in the future. Everything you do is for this one thing. You cannot look or shy away.

All your “shoulds” become musts. All the nos you encounter must eventually become yeses. All problems become possibilities. There are no major challenges, only massive opportunities.

Record each step towards achieving your goal. Start each morning aware of your process and end result. Create that system.

You’ll end up focusing on the big picture. Very few people ever even glimpse the big picture. Most only see a tree – never the forest.

Downtime is actually recuperating time. It is when you gear up to become more productive. It is one of the absolute critical things you must schedule regularly and master.

Very few confidants are ‘in the know’. They are carefully chosen, constantly validated. They must be empowered to speak their mind. You must be ready to hear and allow them to say “no”. Bottom line – you are still in control and making all the final decisions.

You must control what you can control. Delegate everything that you can. Do nothing that others can do for you.

Be careful with every step you take. Jump without restraint to reach every star that you see. Continue to attempt to lasso the universe.

Do not stop when you get knocked down or feel exhausted. Remember the recuperation time? That is your empowering time.

The beauty and wonderment you create today will only be overshadowed by what you create tomorrow.

You may feel shackled by time, resources – or even by what some people consider reality. Over time, all of that evaporates. You won’t notice it today. But you will always see it clearly when you look at your past. It suddenly begins to make sense and you feel OK about where you are today.

Honor the amazing gift you have within you. You have it but for a short time. Celebrate you. Be happy about you. Be grateful to you and your Creator.

Nothing can be wasted. Every moment must be maximized to its fullest potential.

It’s time to reach your fullest potential and that of your team. Master it. Maximize every angle you can. We are here to work with you and make your life beyond outstanding.

We would love to hear of some of the massive goals you have for yourself and your company this year…

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1:19 PM

Very deep article, specially for an app's blog! Thank you

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