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Zeke Baez
Zeke Baez
Yes, that is correct, I’m coming over from Monday and its the best decision I’ve made since saying yes to my wife.
Patrice Calligaris
Patrice Calligaris (@digicalidesign)
Our company is switching from Jira to ClickUp!
Jira is good but it's a tool of the past.... you can always do better. Design really matters. Using ClickUp is Apple way.. you feel in love from the beginning and more when you are using it. :-)
July 2, 2018
Niclas 💤 (@pLoLock)
Niclas 💤 (@pLoLock)
Just discovered @ClickUp_app and holy hell is it potent! Goodbye Asana, goodbye Toggl, hello productivity!
February 5, 2020
Sam Davis (@Sam_S_Davis)
Sam Davis (@Sam_S_Davis)
We aim for radical transparency and involve everyone in creating and maintaining culture/policies. Tools that help keep us honest and accountable are @sliteHQ for knowledge management and @ClickUp_app for task management.
March 15, 2019
Joshua Centers
I heard about you guys last night on a Facebook post. I was literally learning how to use Notion. I got so frustrated with limits inside Notion. It was too much like Airtable. So I tinker with you guys, start moving stuff around, and now I know I have everything I need in one place with the ability to use and link resources. ClickUp is the thing everyone wished they could change about other apps. Bravo, your newest raving fan.
Jose Miguel Villouta
Been using this effing app for a month. Now I have mental workflow that is getting stronger. Productivity went up probably 250%. Out of the rut. Took some time not so much to learn the app, but to learn how to make my process better. Party of one here + ADHD blessed. Thanks team.
Bonny Malarkey @Erica_ofthe_ICT
Bonny Malarkey @Erica_ofthe_ICT
Big thank you to @ClickUp_app, especially today! ClickUp has really helped curb my crippling anxiety and panic over my expanding task list and projects. Sat down, typed it all out, and felt huge relief once I could see it all laid out.
June 10, 2019
Samuel Schneider (@baubeaver)
Samuel Schneider (@baubeaver)
Now I watched for a year and searched for a better project management tool and finally I found @ClickUp_app. The difference between this and Meistertask? Simple no comparison. A completely different league! Amazing App!! Thanks ClickUp Team!
August 1, 2019
Antti Laitinen
Antti Laitinen
Over the last few years I have gone through a number of different project management tools and I can say that by my experience ClickUp is by far the best! As many have already said, even the free version is more versatile than the paid versions of many competitors. So the value for money of the paid version is awesome.
Also it is truly special how much they listen their customers and add or improve features that are important to users. Thank you for that!
December 5, 2018
Jakub Grajcar (@NekroJakub)
Jakub Grajcar (@NekroJakub)
I would honestly integrate ClickUp with my right retina if I could
Aug 7, 2018
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