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"With design and functionality as our key performance indicators, ClickUp quickly earned its place at the top of our list. It’s refreshing to see a new tool changing the industry."
There is no question that ClickUp has solved everyone's common frustrations with project management.
Remarkable. It is smooth, beautiful and, most importantly, intuitive... ClickUp is on its way to being a household name in this industry.
ClickUp is what project management has needed. Easy to use and learn, gives you the ability to customize the platform, and the customer service team goes above and beyond!
ClickUp fits right in the middle between the unusably simple and the overly complex task management platforms. It's built for both managers and team members, without making compromises for either. ClickUp provides a tailored experience for every person on your team.
The core purpose of ClickUp is to remove the frustrations, inefficiencies, and disconnect caused by the current project management ecosystem. ClickUp takes exceptional design and user experience to another level.
The design, organization and features are way beyond any current platforms! There is no question that ClickUp has solved everyone’s common frustrations with project management.
With ClickUp’s uniquely beautiful design and user experience, they echo for project management tools, what Slack did for communication.
ClickUp nixes the one-size-fits-all approach by letting users customize the software to match their workflow and choose how they want to display projects.
Whether you are a manager, developer, or someone else. ClickUp is designed to help you get things done, your way.
New products are succeeding, not because of new features, but because of user experience. That’s exactly how ClickUp managed to delight us and thousand of other users.
ClickUp’s average rating for support is in the top 4% amount PM products -
Pros: The price! I was paying for Basecamp, and now paying way less for ClickUp. I like the three different views to look at your information and assigned comments are awesome.
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