ClickUp Brand Assets

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ClickUp Brand Assets
Logo Assets
ClickUp brand assets logo
This is our primary logo with the horizontal lockup.
ClickUp brand assets logo
On dark backgrounds, use our full-color logo with white text.
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ClickUp Logo Best Practices

Always be sure our logo has space to breathe.
Use our whiteout logo on dark-colored backgrounds.
"ClickUp" is one word with a capitalized first "C" and "U."
Don't use our icon without the ClickUp name.
Never use "ClickUp" without our icon.
Please don't change the color of our logo.
Don't fill our entire logo with a gradient.
Color Assets

Color Palette

ClickUp's playful, positive tone is captured in our bright, modern colors: purple, pink, light blue, and yellow.

Base color Hex: #7B68EE Rgb: 123, 104, 238
Base color Hex: #49CCF9 Rgb: 73, 204, 249
Base color Hex: #FD71AF Rgb: 253, 113, 175
Base color Hex: #FFC800 Rgb: 255, 200, 0
Font Assets


Clarity in communication is key for us, so we use the modern sans-serif font Axiforma for all text on brand and marketing materials.

web Typface
H1 - 50px / Extrabold
Main Heading
H2 - 35px / Extrabold

Sub Heading

H3- 25px / Bold

Sub Heading

Paragraph - 14px / Regular

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App Assets

App Screenshots

We've curated high-resolution screenshots of each unique ClickUp view, just for you.

App Screenshots
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