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Why Dashboards?

Dashboards are the easiest way to visualize work

Create any Dashboard in seconds to transform your projects into a flexible canvas of data, lists, cards, charts, and graphs tailored to your work.

Personal Productivity

Visualize your productivity with a personalized daily Dashboard

Dive into your personal productivity. Prioritize tasks, track progress, and focus on what matters most. It's your personal command center for an efficient, organized workflow.

personal productivity

Team Workloads

Align teams across your entire company with Project Dashboards

Get a clear view of project progress for your team and company. Track deadlines, manage tasks, and see who's working on what in real time. Keep your company aligned, so you can focus on what matters most – getting the job done.

team workloads dashboards

Time Tracking

Centralize timesheets and reporting for billable work

Transform client work with an intuitive Tim Tracking Dashboard. Track every hour, create clear visibility, simplify billing, and help your team prioritize the right client work with ease.

time tracking dashboards

Software Sprints

Accelerate software delivery with Sprint Dashboards

Streamline your team's planning and performance with our Sprint Dashboard, including sprint velocity, burn up, burn down, lead time, cycle time, and cumulative flow charts. Keep your sprint objective on track, deliver faster, and work smarter across sprints.

software sprints dashboards

Marketing Campaigns

Boost marketing engagement and reach with Campaign Dashboards

Track the progress and conversion of priority marketing initiatives in a single view. Track the reach and engagement of content you post online, number of MQLs you generate, and how well those convert into sales.

marketing campaigns dashboards

Sales Overviews

Customize sales overviews to track key metrics across your business

Streamline your success with a tailored Sales Dashboard, designed to track and highlight key metrics that matter most to your business. Make informed decisions swiftly, celebrate achievements in real time, and propel your business to new heights.

sales overviews dashboards

Client Portals

Create client portals to collaborate on tasks and deliverables

Invite any client into ClickUp as a guest and share a client portal to provide real-time project updates and collaborate in one place. Track projects and tasks, see workloads across project teams, and chat in real time.

client portals dashboards

CRM Visualization

Retain customers with dedicated CRM Dashboards

Monitor how well you’re responding to customer incidents and risks. Surface your riskiest customer segments, summarize potential reasons for churn, and forecast revenue across regions and teams.

crm visualization dashboards

AI Insights

Use AI to surface insights from any Dashboard in seconds

Ask AI any question and ClickUp Brain will search the data in every Dashboard of your Workspace to answer instantly, unlocking insights across your entire company, and reducing random pings and distractions for every team.

ai insights dashboards
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