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Process Management
Ensure your Projects are streamlined and the steps to complete each task are precisely followed.
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Custom Statuses
Customize your workflow with statuses to fit each individual project. Use preselected statuses or create your own. 
Checklist Templates
Manage your processes with templates. Quickly create and re-use checklists in ClickUp. 
Multiple assignees
When a task needs more than one person, enable multiple assignees. 
Task Dependencies
Task Dependencies: Add different types of dependencies for tasks waiting on, linking to, or blocking others. 
Recurring Checklists repeat events
Create recurring checklists that repeat on any schedule you like. You’ll never forget again. 
Agile Board View Kanban kanban cards image
ClickUp’s acclaimed board view allows you to view every single task on your team in one board. 
Resolve Comments
When a comment is assigned containing an action item, mark it complete with a single click to keep things organized. 
Status Templates
Team-wide workflow templates let you quickly re-use your favorite custom statuses in any Project or Space. 
People Sidebar
Use the people sidebar to quickly filter tasks related to certain people in your Workspace. Toggle to "Me" mode to see what's just for you! 
Goals okr Okr target
Goals are your mission control center. Monitor and manage your strategy through to execution. 
Scrum Points
The dropdown custom field lets you set a unique point value to each task. The perfect way to measure points in each sprint. 
Workload Chart
What are people working on? What have people done? With Box view, you can easily see who is overloaded and who needs more tasks. Plus, managing resources is as simple as drag and drop. 
Set reminders on tasks for yourself or others on your team for complete peace of mind. 
Wiki and Docs knowledge base
Create, collaborate, and keep all your work in one place by creating wikis and docs for whatever you're working on. 
Automate your entire workflow inside ClickUp using hundreds of prebuilt templates, or create your own with our custom automation builder! You can even automate with external applications. 
Make your most important tasks stand out more by easily turning them into progress markers. 
Easily manage Sprints in ClickUp with a dedicated ClickApp! Measure how well you scoped out work in your Dashboard and automatically move tasks to the next Sprint. 
Create Relationships and Rollups to use ClickUp for databases, customers, orders, or anything you can imagine. 
Task Management
Organize tasks and make quick changes. Shuffle tasks as the team adjusts to new requirements.
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Filter and Search
Finding your tasks has never been easier. Save simple or advanced filters to reuse. 
Sort by anything - plus, sort all of your tasks globally, not just by project. 
Recurring Tasks repeat events
“The world’s most robust recurring tasks” - ClickUp covers literally every imaginable case. 
Favorite Views favorites
Create your own Sidebar - customized with sorting, filtering, and default views. 
Multitask Toolbar
With one click, select tons of tasks and perform any action on them (even works for subtasks). 
4 Different Views
ClickUp has the perfect view for assignees, managers, and everything in between. 
ClickUp’s hierarchy scales from personal users all the way up to enterprises - all customizable. 
Task Tray
You’ll never open a new tab again. Minimize tasks to your tray to keep your browser clean. 
Drag and drop tasks in your projects
Drag and drop reordering
Literally everything in ClickUp is drag and drop - so fun and so fast.
Everything is templatable - Spaces, Projects, Lists, tasks, and more. Customize what to reuse. 
Task Mentions
Automatically associate tasks when you paste a URL or type ## to manually link a task. 
Right-Click Menus
Right-click on anything to save time and perform actions without opening a task. 
Organize tasks into actionable items with subtasks, checklists, and assigned comments. 
Draft Tasks
Have a thought that’s not finished? Save drafts to come back and finish later. 
Task Checklists
Process check please? Simple to-do lists that structure what’s needed for each task. 
Copy Projects, Spaces, and Lists
Quickly copy entire Spaces, Projects, or Lists to re-use everything you’ve already built. 
View All Tasks
Unprecedented. Now, you can view every single task in one place. Add sorting and filtering for more power. 
Priorities Priority priority
Deciding what to do next? Categorize tasks based on their importance to a project. 
Bulk Rescheduling
Move entire Spaces, Projects, Lists, and dependency chains on the Gantt chart to remap start and due dates automatically! 
Organize Lists into your own custom Dashboards to track and update progress in real-time. 
Epics - Goals are the perfect option for setting up Epics and managing your backlog and "user stories". 
Team Templates
Get Started on the right foot! We built Project Templates that work for any team in any industry. 
Get a panoramic view of the most important action items in your Workspace to know exactly what to focus on every day. 
Activity View
Add an Activity view anywhere in your Workspace to see all activity across that location. 
Set up Automations with webhook actions! This lets you connect ClickUp with literally any application. 
Create a prioritized list of tasks and easily view other's to know what each person is focused on. 
Mind Maps
Create free-form Mind Maps for planning and organizing anything you can imagine or start building from your existing hierarchy! 
Tasks in Multiple Lists
Organize tasks however you want! Add tasks to multiple Lists for unparalleled organization. 
Table View
Turn your work into a spreadsheet with Table view to quickly navigate between fields, edit in bulk, and export data. 
Map View
Use the Location Custom Field to clearly see where your work is located on a map! 
Nested Subtasks
Add up to seven levels of subtasks under subtasks for virtually unlimited organization. 
Time Management
Schedule time, manage team capacity, organize calendars, track milestones, and sync with Google Calendar
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2-Way Calendar Sync
Sync ClickUp tasks with Google Calendar in a two-way and real-time sync. 
Time View
Use the native calendar to view tasks by time: week, 4-day, day, month, and even a timeline. 
Time Tracking time loged time logged Logged Loged Time tracker
Automatically track time in ClickUp, or use one of our integrations. 
Due Dates
Use due dates to add deadlines for tasks. In ClickUp, you can specify both time and day, and get notified when tasks are past due. 
Drag and drop unscheduled tasks into Time view to automatically schedule tasks. 
Start Dates
Add start dates to indicate when tasks start - you can use this with due dates and times. 
Start and Due Times
ClickUp not only allows dates, but also times, so you can truly do whatever you want with time. 
Native Time Tracking
Track time without leaving ClickUp! Include notes, billable time, and timesheets, and quickly generate reports.  
Time Estimates time loged time logged Logged Loged
Add time estimates to tasks and even split efforts between assignees. 
Sync with Calendars
Automatically update your Apple and Outlook calendars with tasks scheduled in ClickUp with this one-way sync! 
Remapping Due Dates
Automatically preserve the relative position of due dates on your tasks. 
Gantt Charts roadmap Roadmap gannt Gannt gaant
Plan projects, manage resources, track progress percentage, and visualize dependencies with the Gantt chart! 
Critical Path
Instantly determine the critical steps your project will take to complete. 
Pomodoro Timer
Track time you spend on ClickUp tasks through the PomoDone App and Chrome Extension and maintain your Pomodoro schedule. 
Future Recurring Tasks on Calendar
With all recurring tasks visible in the calendar, ensure events, appointments, and other happenings do not overlap. 
Timeline View
Visualize your tasks on a Timeline - perfect for things like roadmaps, planning, and resource management. 
Workload View
Manage capacity and workload visually! Set capacity per person (and per day) for the perfect planning process so everyone knows exactly what they're working on. 
Time in Status
Identify bottlenecks before they become a serious issue! Know exactly how long a task has been in a status to ensure work is always moving forward. 
Connect with your favorite productivity tools natively in ClickUp
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Build custom integrations and ClickUp apps with our public API. 
Create tasks, attach comments, unfurl tasks, and manage ClickUp - without leaving Slack. 
Automatically link and create pull requests, attach commits, create branches, and more! 
Automatically link GitLab commits, branches, pull requests, and issues - even change statuses. 
Integrate Everhour to track time, edit estimates, and manage budgets all within. 
Add Toggl to easily track time and attach to ClickUp tasks and projects. 
Add Harvest to track time and associate that time with ClickUp tasks. 
Google Drive storage Storage
Integrate Google Drive to attach or create Drive files in ClickUp tasks - and automatically unfurl links. 
Dropbox storage Storage
Easily manage and attach Dropbox files to tasks directly from within ClickUp. 
Google Calendar 2-Way Sync
Sync your ClickUp tasks with Google Calendar in real-time! Changes in Google are instantly reflected in ClickUp; and vice versa. 
Embed a prototype with the ability to view and manage without leaving ClickUp. 
Use Timeneye to track time and import or link projects without leaving ClickUp. 
Outlook 365 office office365
Quickly turn Outlook emails into tasks on the #1 rated productivity platform. 
Zapier gives you access to 1,000+ apps with pre-existing and customizable integrations. 
Automate actions between apps by creating multi-level processes with Integromat. 
Single Sign-On saml custom sso
SSO lets you sign up and/or log in with your Google or Microsoft account to save you time and provide peace of mind. 
Automatic Import import todoist import trello import asana import jira csv import
Bring everything from your previous project management app into ClickUp with just a few clicks! 
Create and link pull requests, commits, and branches to ClickUp tasks instantly and automatically. 
Time Doctor
Connect ClickUp to Time Doctor and track time, invoice clients, and monitor productivity directly with the Time Doctor Desktop App and Chrome extension. 
Add apps and websites alongside your tasks with Embed View! 
Quickly attach OneDrive files to ClickUp tasks! 
Track software errors from Sentry by turning them into tasks or linking them to existing tasks! 
Microsoft Teams
Connect your Microsoft Teams account with your work in ClickUp! 
Google Hangouts Chat
Get notified about ClickUp task activity straight to your Hangouts room! 
Think outside the box! Quickly attach your Box files to ClickUp tasks and comments. 
Quickly link, create, and jump between tasks in ClickUp and tickets in Front for easy inbox management. 
Host meetings anywhere in the world right from within a task! Get notified to join a meeting in progress and receive the meeting details with a recording link afterwards. 
Integrate ClickUp with Twilio to automatically send text messages as work is updated. Add text dynamically from custom fields in order to create the exact message you want to send! 
Easily monitor bugs and take action inside ClickUp by automating your Bugsnag workflow with triggers and actions. 
Automatically create ClickUp tasks with meeting details when a Calendly event is scheduled! 
Edit Miro boards right from within ClickUp tasks and Docs - no application switching required! 
Automatically send ClickUp notifications to any Discord channel and customize which notifications you receive! 
Tableau Web Connector
Create dashboards to visualize your ClickUp data in Tableau. 
Quickly share hilarious GIFs in Docs and comments for more expressive communication!
Found a bug on your site? Capture your screen, add visual annotations, and report the issue in ClickUp — all from within your website. 
Complete Customization
Tailor your spaces with privacy, features, custom workflows, tags, and more! This is project management your way.
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Custom Fields
Use ClickUp for anything. Add numbers, dropdowns, budgets - literally add anything to your tasks. 
Custom Statuses
Customize your workflow with statuses to fit each individual project. Use preselected statuses or create your own. 
Customize Assignees
Choose whether you want one assignee or multiple - for each Space in ClickUp. 
Super Rich Editing
With beautiful rich formatting, you can use ClickUp for docs and even use markdown. 
Simple Statuses
Tasks are either done or not done - as simple as a to-do list. 
Custom Notifications
Customize what you receive, when you receive, and where you receive notifications. 
Saved filters
Save filters you use frequently. You can even choose to save for yourself or your entire team. 
Add tags to your tasks to organize your workflow in ways only you can imagine. 
Custom Color Themes
Why be boring? Choose your favorite color and make ClickUp your happy place. 
Dark Mode dark theme
“Dark mode changed my life”. If you work at night, you’ll freaking love dark mode. 
Add a spreadsheet to ClickUp's Embed View to work inside Google Sheets & Airtable without leaving ClickUp. 
Custom Roles
Create roles that suit your team's needs and handle every permission in a few clicks! 
White Label
Customize your Workspace logos, colors, and create your own unique URLs for ClickUp. 
Collaboration and Reporting
Stay productive with the most cohesive tools to improve your team collaboration.
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Collaboration Detection
Stay on the same page (literally) - see in real-time when others view, comment, or edit. 
Team Reporting
Use six incredible reports to see what your team is doing and what you’re behind on. 
Real-Time Editing
See when other users are editing to collaborate and avoid collisions - just like Google docs. 
Real-Time Syncing sync Sync tasks
Every single change in ClickUp is automatically and instantly reflected on every device. 
Edit Comments
Say goodbye to deleting comments and adding corrections. 
Mention users, tasks, and projects to notify the right people. 
Box View
A proprietary, high-level overview of tasks grouped by person - see what everyone’s working on. 
Multiple assignees
When a task needs more than one person, enable multiple assignees. 
List Details & Discussions
Add start dates, due dates, notes, attachments, colors, and even conversations to task lists. 
Capture, Mark Up, and Edit Screenshots
Take screenshots with the Chrome Extension and mark it up by drawing or commenting. 
Assign Comments
You’ll never lose a comment again. If a comment requires action, assign it. 
Spice up your Workspace by adding emojis to your heart's content! 
Code Syntax
ClickUp automatically recognizes what language you’re using when typing or pasting code. 
Use markdown to quickly create and format notes and tasks without using your mouse. 
Paste Images
Paste images anywhere in ClickUp including comments (works with ALL browsers). 
Add quotes to comments and task descriptions to format text in a uniquely visual way. 
Guests are people that you don’t want having full access to ClickUp. You can give Guests access to Projects, Lists, and Tasks in a limited way. 
Do you have sensitive information that you want locked down? Permissions give you peace of mind when sharing. 
Privacy and sharing share Share
Let's put you in complete control of who sees what, what permissions they have, and who gets added to your team. 
Progress Percentage percentage complete
Quickly determine how much work remains in a Project or List. 
Resource management
Determine who's overloaded and when. Redistribute tasks based on each member's workload. 
Chat messages Chat Messages
Host unique discussions for any group of things in ClickUp.
Profiles give you a window into every person's responsibilities so you can add reminders, adjust workload, and see what they're working on next. 
Form View forms
Streamline your intake process with Form view! Collect information and automatically create tasks in ClickUp! 
Create your own mission control center for your entire team: track sprints, epics, initiatives, team planning, and anything your creative mind can do. 
Formula Fields
No more manual calculations! Build formulas to perform automatic calculations on any task. 
Pulse: Live Overview
See who's online, what tasks people are working on in real-time, and what everyone did today for seamless virtual management. 
Mention or assign multiple people at once, like a department, by creating a Team for them. 
Who's Online
Easily identify when others are online in a task with the green dot on their profile picture. 
Threaded Comments (Replies)
Keep the clutter out of here. Reply directly to relevant comments and avoid comment chaos. 
Click on images and PDFs to add comments for seamless feedback and approval. 
Sprint Points
Sprint planning made simple! Customize and enforce your own points system to manage agile sprints and workloads. 
Work in Progress Limits
Protect team capacity with WIP Limits to visually indicate any bottlenecks in your workflow! 
Email in ClickUp
Send and receive emails directly from ClickUp tasks, allowing you to take action instantly! 
Apps and Devices
Productivity on all platforms - download ClickUp on your devices today!
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Work from your favorite browser - compatible with all modern browsers. 
Five-star rated apps on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices. 
Launch ClickUp from Mac, Windows, or Linux. 
Amazon Alexa voice
Create tasks, list tasks due today or tomorrow, and set default Lists by talking to Alexa. 
Google Assistant voice
Creating tasks and listing your tasks due today is so much fun when you’re talking to Google. 
5 apps in 1! Create tasks, take & mark up screenshots, save websites, and much more. 
Image Markup
Comment, markup, and create tasks directly from images and screenshots with the ClickUp Chrome Extension. Unleash your inner creativity with rich formatting tools! 
Create tasks from email and attach emails to your tasks - without leaving Gmail. 
Here you'll find the proprietary features cooked up by our creative team. These are the things we love building, so stay on the lookout for even more soon!
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/Slash Commands
Simple, revolutionary. Type / anywhere in ClickUp - you’ll never use your mouse again. 
Press K anywhere in ClickUp to instantly switch to different Spaces and Lists. 
Notepad Task Notes task notes
Your own personal note taking machine. This is your own space to jot down anything! 
Import import todoist
Automatically import from nearly every popular project management app. 
Natural Language Processing
ClickUp will interpret your dates and times without you having to explicitly set them via traditional methods. 
Print Tasks
Printing in ClickUp is optimized so you can print anything - tasks, description, reporting, and more. 
Bookmark Websites
Save websites as tasks using the ClickUp Chrome Extension - use the web clipper to save text. 
Referral Program
Earn rewards for sharing ClickUp with friends, family, and anyone you know. 
Comment Attachments
In ClickUp, insert files directly inside of comments, so you don’t have to reference them later. 
Preview Files In App
Almost every file type imaginable can be previewed without having to download. 
Drag and Drop Attachments
Drop files on the left of a task to attach directly or on the right to insert into a comment. 
Full Screen Mode
Focus the entire task description in full-screen so you can see rich information in all its glory. 
Create Tasks Via Email
Send emails into ClickUp Lists. Email addresses are created uniquely for each List in your team. 
Email Comments and Attachments
Send emails to your tasks. Email addresses are created uniquely for each of your tasks. 
Two-Factor Authentication
Ensure your team is protected from any unauthorized access with ClickUp's 2FA. 
Notepad by ClickUp Task Notes task notes
The Notepad by ClickUp Chrome Extension lets you add notes wherever you go! 
Goal Folders
Align your Goals! Group similar goals in neatly organized folders. 
Offline mode offline mode
Work offline from anywhere! Tasks and reminders stay in sync as soon as you get a connection. 
Hotkeys and Shortcuts Keyboard
Fly through your dashboard, create new tasks, and use beautiful text without leaving your keyboard. 
Affiliate Program
Earn rewards for sending your traffic to ClickUp. 
Clip: Video Recording
Eliminate the need to use other apps (ie. Loom) to record your desktop! Capture and attach screen with audio recordings right in your Chrome or Firefox browser with Clip. 
Coming Soon
Our team is working 24 hours a day (in 8 time zones) to get features implemented, tested, and released. Here's a few big ones!
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Localization Translation translation
Help us translate into your language! Whether it's one word or the entire platform, every bit helps! 
Firefox and Safari Extensions
Firefox and Safari Extensions
Save websites, track time, create tasks, and capture and mark up screenshots.

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