Take Control of Your Notifications

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Take Control of Your Notifications


Common actions
such as
1. What
Any action in ClickUp can trigger a notification. Choose from task activities such
as start dates, due dates, comments, and even integrations.
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Select which sources give you notifications.
2. How
Select which sources give you notifications.
Emails, mobile, web app, browser, and desktop all allow unique notification preferences.
3. When
Tell ClickUp if you want reminder notifications, daily summaries of your due tasks,
and delayed device notifications if you’re active in the web app.
your notifications
Schedule your notifications

Get More Granular

Daily Summary
Choose a time of the day to receive a summary of all tasks with approaching due dates!
Reclaim your focus
Clear notifications from the web app within a set timeframe, and we’ll hold them from your other channels.
For start and due dates, ClickUp will send reminders at a set time period before the date is reached.
Audible Mobile Alerts
Audible Mobile Alerts
Determine which notifications deserve a sound on your mobile devices.

Learn how to set up your notifications

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