Passionate & motivated? You should be a Mango.

We love creating things that make our lives better. Join us.

Passionate about our work

Mangoes are highly influential members of a smaller but skilled and extremely passionate team. If you love what you do and wake up excited to change things in this thing we call life, you'll fit right in!
Would you like to make the world more productive? On the surface, it may not sound like changing the world, but indeed it is.
Ask anyone on the sickbed, anyone at the end of life, what is the most valuable thing in the world? Time. if we can make people 10% more productive, we can give them back 10% of their life. It's that simple.
And we plan to make people 50% more productive, effectively giving them back half of their life. With that time, people will see the world, spend time with their families, build relationships, and of course, create things that change the world.
With ClickUp, we are enabling everyone from the mom and pop shop to the greatest people of our lifetime, the ability to get more done and have more time. The Mango vision just starts with this, together, we'll make the world more productive.
We're a team of 27 young individuals working mainly in the Bay Area to create software solving our own problems. Our goal is to create software people can love using. Software that makes people feel happy rather than frustrated. If you have to use software every day, why not use something you love?
Outstanding products require outstanding people. Our ambitious roadmap only starts with software - eventually we'll lead the next revolution in personal computing. If you're GREAT then hit us up!

Current Openings

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