Task Tray

You're going to love the Task Tray.

Keep your tasks top of mind all day with the task tray. If you're in the middle of something, just minimize it and come back to it later. When you don't know what to do next, look to your Tray!

Free forever.
No credit card.


Stop tab fever.

Opening a new browser tab isn't going to affect the tasks in your tray. They're all still there!

tab-fever task tray 1.0

Your Task Tray.

Minimize a task from any view. Keep your important items with you until you’re completely done.


Save your work.

Halfway through writing a comment? No worries. The comment is still there when you return.

comment task tray 1.0

Task Tray

Why keep Tasks in your Tray?

Priorities aren't always 100% accurate. Tasks with overlapping due dates aren't ideal. Tracking tasks through the notifications feed can be overwhelming.