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Task Checklists?

In the ClickUp app, Checklists are essentially simple to-do lists within a task - items are either done or not done
Nested lists in a to-do app format to complete your team’s task and projects.

Things you can do with Checklists

Why Use Checklists?

It’s easy to forget a step or process when tasks require multiple steps!

Using simple to do lists within ClickUp brings a clear outline to your tasks in the app by letting you instruct an assignee on how to complete the task at hand. They're essentially simple subtasks with simple statuses - plus a few bonuses.

Adding a simple to-do list to a task allows team members to spend more time focusing on the creative aspect of tasks as well as celebrate the small wins!

Real world examples

ClickUp task checklist popcorn video girl

Watch Clickup in action

Capture emails in Gmail and Outlook. Create new tasks or attach them to existing tasks.

What’s Next?

What’s Next?

See more ways to use to-do lists in ClickUp.

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