See your project progress with Milestones.

Turn major tasks into Milestones to visualize how far along your projects are.

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View your project's critical tasks at a glance.

Make it easy to identify critical parts of any project with task Milestones. These key indicators are displayed in bold with a diamond icon to keep everyone aligned toward key targets.

Visualize how tasks connect to project goals.

Group tasks together and convert them into Milestones to represent key stages for any project. Zoom in from any high-level view to understand how dependent tasks connect toward larger project goals.

Track Milestones your way.

Milestones are easy to identify in any view to help you stay on top of important deadlines and track your team's progress against major checkpoints.

Gantt view

Gantt view

Track progress against key tasks on an adjustable timeline with Gantt view.
Board view

Board view

Easily recognize Milestones among other tasks in Board view to signify when a project is ready for the next phase.
Milestones in Dashboards

Milestones in Dashboards

Summarize your current project status by tracking the number of Milestones you've completed in Dashboard.

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