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The Always Up-to-date List of the 50 Best AI Tools in 2024

Looking to spice up your Sunday dinner discussion? Just bring up AI. 😜

The everyday use of AI software to boost productivity is a hot topic, to say the least. But much like the latest viral TikTok dance—everyone’s doing it, even if they’re not ready to admit it yet. 

Now, it’s not a question of if you’re using AI software, but which software.

New AI apps pop up at rates faster than you could ever imagine, but not every tool will reap the same benefits you may specifically need. Instead of browsing through pages of results from your typical search engine, use this always-up-to-date list of AI software for maximum efficiency. 

We break down 50 of the best artificial intelligence tools for every use case including content writing, summarizing, coding, image generation, customer service, recruiting, note-taking, and more. Compare key features, limitations, and pricing to find your best fit. ⚡️

Before we get started, check out our free resource including even more AI tools!

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Access our free and always up-to-date list of the top AI productivity tools

ClickUp database AI tools: View our free database of nearly 300 AI tools to easily peruse and sort by use case. And for your convenience, we’ll regularly update and add to this spreadsheet. 🏆

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What Are AI Tools and Their Functions?

Artificial intelligence tools use machine learning to generate responses or perform basic tasks based on the criteria you input. These responses might include (and are not limited to) summarizing or creating long or short-form content, image editing or designing, video and editing, audio transcribing, checking lines of code, and so much more.

Despite everything A Space Odyssey: 2001 led you to believe, AI supplements our skills and strengths but cannot completely replicate them (sorry, Dave). In fact, you’ve likely already used this technology without even realizing it.

Translation apps, mapping software, streaming services, email marketing tools, e-commerce sites, and social media platforms were already using some form of AI to enrich our experiences with curated feeds, ads, and suggestions.

But with the recent updates to OpenAI, anyone can use its API to build a tool for the most specific and niche use cases. For growing businesses and professionals in any field, this can be wildly beneficial, especially when finding company-wide productivity hacks

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Benefits of Using Machine Learning & AI Software to Boost Productivity

Project management and AI go hand in hand. If you’re no stranger to automated workflows or grammar and syntax corrections, then adopting AI software will feel like a natural next step. Here are a few of the infinite ways AI can significantly increase your daily impact:

Using ClickUp AI to generate a blog post in ClickUp Docs
Use ClickUp AI to generate blog posts in ClickUp Docs with role-based prompts to add details and other important aspects
  • Creative content generation: From multiple design variations to animated videos, an AI content creation tool generates any type of media, including near-instant prototypes and product models. AI copywriting tools can be instrumental in finding inspiration, overcoming writer’s block, and reaching a substantial starting point for any creative project.
  • Error detection and correction: These tools are designed to scan your copy, audio, or video files for more than just typos, but also for identifying fraudulent activity in financial statements, harmful content in audio or videos, or bottlenecks in your daily workflow.
  • Data analysis and predictions: For work that needs corrections, artificial intelligence software can inspect data and research to predict a wide range of trends. With cross-validation of other sources, pattern recognition, and rule-based systems, these tools can discover potential market trends, customer behaviors, equipment maintenance, and more to make informed decisions faster.
  • Streamlined communication: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in AI facilitates clear communication between anyone with document summaries and language-based task automation in various languages or in your specific brand voice.
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The 50 Best AI Tools and Software Currently Available in 2024

The major takeaway here is that AI complements your business process—it does not replace it. 

Artificial intelligence tools are only as powerful as the person using them, so it’s important to do your research before introducing them to your team or workflow. And we’re here to help by bringing you everything you need to know about the 50 best tools and software for productivity.

To easily navigate our list, we’ve grouped the tools by these categories:

  • Best AI Tools for Writing and Content Creation
  • Best AI Tools for Coding
  • Best AI Tools for Meetings
  • Best AI Tools for Image Design
  • Best AI Tools for Video
  • Best AI Tools for Customer Support and Sales
  • Best AI Tools for HR and Recruiting

Reminder: Don’t forget to check out our massive database of nearly 300 AI tools that are categorized by use case and include links and product descriptions!

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Best AI Tools for Writing and Content Creation

Writing assistant AI tools are likely the first type of apps that come to mind when you think about AI software—besides anything else you might’ve seen in a sci-fi movie, of course. 😉

The following AI tools are flexible enough to be used by anyone but are more tailored to writers, marketers, and designers to produce engaging and informative content. From asking simple questions to drafting campaign emails, AI copywriting tools have all the characteristics of your own personal ghostwriter. 

1. ClickUp

ClickUp Brain Ask AI feature
Ask ClickUp Brain general questions, specifics about your Workspace, or how to use ClickUp Brain

ClickUp is the only productivity software powerful enough to bring all of your work together across apps into one centralized work hub. With hundreds of flexible project management features, a vast Template Library, and a range of integrations, ClickUp has long been the ideal destination for teams to streamline and manage every inch of their work.

Now, ClickUp is taking that sentiment even further with the launch of ClickUp Brain: A collection of conversational, contextual, and role-based AI features available everywhere in ClickUp.

Tap into AI Knowledge Manager, AI Project Manager, and AI Writer for Work to get more time savings and context-aware insights about your Workspace. Whether you need organizational assistance or a first draft, ClickUp Brain helps you work faster on any task!

Use ClickUp AI to write faster and polish your copy, email responses, and more
Use ClickUp AI to write faster and polish your copy, email responses, and more

ClickUp Brain is the only role-based AI solution with research-backed prompts to help you reach your best results faster. And its power comes to life in ClickUp Docs. Simply choose your role, select your use case, and ClickUp Brain will take it from there!

ClickUp best features 

  • Over 100 role-based AI-powered prompts are built into ClickUp AI to reach targetted results on the first try every time
  • Automatic personal and team StandUps to save time on manual updates and reduce meetings
  • Reprompting functionality to fine-tune your results with conversational feedback and requests to “make it funnier” or sound more creative
  • A Translate action to bridge the gap between any language barriers and render near-perfect interpretations of your text in 12 languages
  • Thread summaries to quickly grab the key points of lengthy comment conversations in both Docs and tasks
  • More than 15 customizable project views, including Gantt, List, AI calendar, Timeline, and Kanban-like Board view to manage your work from every angle 
  • Custom and pre-built Automations with natural language processing
  • Whiteboards, Docs, Mind Maps, and Chat built directly into the platform
  • Over 1,000 integrations with other leading work tools
  • An ever-growing Template Library of pre-built and customizable resources to kickstart any process in ClickUp 

ClickUp limitations 

  • ClickUp is loaded with hundreds of powerful features that can take a bit of time to master. Luckily, ClickUp offers webinars, support, and Help Docs to ease your onboarding experience
  • Not all views are available via the mobile app yet

ClickUp pricing

ClickUp offers a free trial to give every person the opportunity to test drive ClickUp AI, regardless of whether you’re a new user or on its Free Forever Plan. When you’re ready to commit, you can add ClickUp AI to any paid Workspace for just $5 per member, per month. ⚡️

On top of this perk, ClickUp also offers a handful of feature-rich pricing plans:

  • Free Forever Plan: Unlimited free plan members, no credit card required
  • Unlimited Plan: $7 per member, per month
  • Business Plan: $12 per member, per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact ClickUp for custom pricing options
  • ClickUp Brain is available on all paid plans for $5 per Workspace member per month

2. ChatGPT

Let’s be real—we know that you know ChatGPT.

Whether you asked it to tell you a joke out of curiosity or used it to write your friend’s rehearsal dinner speech (yikes) ChatGPT is one of the most accessible and easy-to-use chatbots on the internet.

This writing tool uses artificial intelligence to create practically anything. Engage in conversation, explain complex topics, assist in research, and create content of any kind—even generate code. Its interface is simple in a “what you see is what you get” kind of way, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface to make ChatGPT so versatile and useful. 

ChatGPT best features

  • An intuitive and minimalist UI that can be quickly mastered by any user
  • Natural language and prompt engineering capabilities for a two-way conversational feel
  • ChatGPT supports over 50 languages, including English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese
  • It has an expansive knowledge base covering multiple industries and subjects

ChatGPT limitations 

  • Its responses are not always completely accurate and are often generic or formulaic ChatGPT lacks a lot of creativity and attention to detail that humans inherently have
  • The free version can feel buggy at times and may crash or lag due to network issues
  • It can be forced to accept wrong answers which may impact the validity of its future responses

ChatGPT pricing

  • Free
  • Plus: $20 per month

3. Jasper

via Jasper

If you’re looking for more coherent and engaging responses from your AI writing tool, Jasper might be your best bet. Jasper specializes in creating long-form content like blog articles, scripts, outlines, and more. 

Jasper best features

  • Quickly create detailed in your own voice outlines and even let Jasper fill in the rest from there
  • Easy-to-navigate UI
  • You can tailor your responses to any kind of tone, including professional, academic, or technical writing
  • Generate ideas quickly and in your own voice with the Chat feature

Jasper limitations 

  • Long-form writing can be tricky and even Jasper’s content will require an additional read-through for edits, accuracy, and tone
  • A limited free trial can make it difficult to decide the tool’s worth in your tech stack before committing to a paid plan

Jasper pricing

  • Creator: $49 per month for one user, billed annually
  • Teams: $125 per month for three users, billed annually
  • Business: Contact for pricing

4. GrammarlyGO

GrammarlyGo is Grammarly’s AI-powered content creation tool for brainstorming ideas, constructing outlines, drafting, and even giving your old work new life.

Like most competitive AI writing software, GrammarlyGo allows you to input your own criteria to generate content, but what’s unique about this tool is its built-in suggestion feature to further modify your work. So in a way, you can prompt GrammarlyGo, and it can prompt you back. 😅

GrammarlyGO best features

  • Produce content in seconds using your own unique prompts or one of Grammarly’s suggestions
  • Specify the degree of formality and tone to align your content with your written voice
  • A built-in plagiarism detector for proper attribution and originality
  • It can be used with other work tools, including Microsoft Word and other browser-based apps like Google Docs, ClickUp Docs, LinkedIn, and more

GrammarlyGO limitations 

  • GrammarlyGO only currently supports the English language
  • You are limited to a pre-set number of prompts per month based on your pricing plan
  • Since it only offers general writing assistance, this tool might not be the most reliable option for highly specialized or technical fields

GrammarlyGO pricing

  • Free
  • Premium: $12 per month for individual use
  • Business: $15 per member, per month for teams

5. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an AI-assisted writing tool for producing virtually any kind of content. Its advanced AI language model lends itself to more creative and unique content than its competitors, making it a go-to tool for everything from social media posts to product descriptions. 

Copy.ai best features

  • Machine-learning technology to produce error-free creative content
  • AI copywriter is known to generate a wider range of content in comparison to other artificial intelligence tools
  • Its interface is straightforward and easy to use for a smooth user experience
  • It can provide AI-generated suggestions if you’re suffering from writer’s block

Copy.ai limitations 

  • Copy.ai level of service often fluctuates between GPT-3 and GPT-4
  • It doesn’t offer the most supportive customer service resources

Copy.ai pricing

  • Free: Up to 2,000 words per month
  • Pro: $49 per month, with unlimited words (limited to 1 user)
  • Enterprise: Contact Copy.ai for pricing

6. Wordtune

If you’re looking for an AI writing assistant without all the bells and whistles, give Wordtune a try. This tool takes a casual and simple approach to its UI so you can focus on what matters most—saving time and staying under budget while crafting the perfect content.

Wordtune best features

  • Wordtune integrates with common work tools like Microsoft Word, iOS, and Google Chrome for an even faster editing and writing experience
  • Its synonyms feature helps you find new ways to say different words and phrases
  • You can easily repurpose video content into written blogs using the YouTube summarization feature

Wordtune limitations 

  • Wordtune lacks more advanced functionality, including additional voice setting features and templates
  • Its rephrasing feature sometimes changes the meaning of the original text 

Wordtune pricing

  • Free: $0 with 10 iterations per day 
  • Premium: $9.99 per month with unlimited content creation for one user
  • Premium for teams: Custom pricing for content creator teams

Check out these Wordtune alternatives!

7. Writesonic

Marketers—this tool was built with you in mind. 🗣️

Writesonic specializes in producing blogs, ads, emails, and webpages optimized for search from the jump. This tool runs on OpenAI’s GPT-4 model and also offers a chatbot called Chatsonic to specifically fill the gaps left by ChatGPT. ☕️

Writesonic best features

  • Writesonic’s paid plans use upgraded GPT-4 technology
  • You can repurpose content across social media platforms with Twitter and LinkedIn integrations
  • Advanced features, including voice commands and plagiarism detection

Writesonic limitations 

  • The free trial is limited to one user and word count restrictions
  • Writesonic operates on a credit system which requires some strategizing ahead of time to ensure you’ll get all of the content you need 

Writesonic pricing

  • Free trial: For your first 10,000 words
  • Pro: Starts at $12.67 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

8. Rytr

Rytr Dashboard
via Rytr

Don’t let the Comic Sans branding fool you—Rytr creates engaging, SEO-optimized content in seconds using its robust machine-learning capabilities. You can use this powerful AI writing tool to check your academic and professional writing for any mistakes before a major deadline or create net-new drafts of any kind. 

Rytr best features

  • Various writing modes to generate blogs, social media posts, product descriptions, and more
  • Its UI is intuitive and easy to learn, so you can focus on creating content ASAP
  • It supports multiple languages to make your content more accessible
  • Grammar and spell-checking features to catch mistakes before your content goes live

Rytr limitations 

  • Content from Rytr sometimes needs additional editing to smooth out awkward phrasing
  • Word count limitations on every pricing plan, even its “unlimited” option

Rytr pricing

  • Free plan
  • Saver Plan: $9 per month or $90 per year
  • Unlimited Plan: $29 per month or $290 per year

Bonus: AI Tools for Google Sheets!

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Best AI Tools for Coding

AI coding tools make writing, analyzing, and debugging code a lot easier to do without extensive background knowledge. This type of software has a similar premise as many content generation tools—but instead of generating written content, such tools use natural language to autocomplete entire lines of code! Easy as pie. 🥧

9. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that turns your natural speech into code with autocomplete suggestions in dozens of languages, all from your editor. This tool is powered by OpenAI Codex—another AI coding software—and therefore creates more complete code than Codex and supports more programming languages.

GitHub Copilot best features

  • Multiple programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, and C++
  • AI pair programming to generate relevant solutions using machine-learning technology and conversational prompts
  • Tons of integrations with tools like Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Neovim

GitHub Copilot limitations 

  • Copilot may require a bit of time to learn your processes
  • Its real-time AI feature creates code at a slower pace than other similar tools
  • GitHub provides some debugging assistance but lacks in-depth support

GitHub Copilot pricing

  • Individual: $10 per month
  • Enterprise: $19 per user, per month

10. aiXcoder

aiXcoder is an AI-powered tool designed to tackle any type of coding task. It supports auto-completion and suggests relevant code snippets to help developers enhance their productivity while leveraging its extensive built-in programming knowledge. aiXcoder provides real-time recommendations by gauging the context and syntax of your requests and integrates with other popular code editors for greater functionality. 

aiXcoder best features

  • Smart full-line and multi-line code completion that can predict your next move
  • GitHub adaptive code search to find specific lines of code and avoid repeated development
  • Multiple privacy and safety measures to ensure your data is protected
  • aiXcoder supports several mainstream programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, C/C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Go

aiXcoder limitations 

  • Limited free version
  • Occasional contextual language issues may lead to inaccurate suggestions
  • aiXcoder heavily depends on your internet connection to work properly which can make its offline mode unreliable

aiXcoder pricing

  • Free
  • Contact aiXcoder for all other pricing information

11. TabNine

TabNine uses AI to create intelligent code completions for developers as they write code. It analyzes your natural language comments to generate relevant suggestions so you can increase your efficiency with significantly less manual typing involved. TabNine is compatible with various code editors, making it a valuable tool for developers across different programming languages and environments.

TabNine best features

  • Autocompletes and suggests lines of code
  • Transforms natural language into blocks of code
  • Can be locally adapted to your knowledge base without compromising your code
  • Combines universal knowledge, best practices, and your own coding style for maximum productivity

TabNine limitations

  • Its free plan lacks valuable functionality in key features like natural language and whole-line code completion, pattern learning, and support
  • Steep learning curve in mastering TabNine’s UI and difficulty customizing your work without a strong knowledge of the platform

TabNine pricing

  • Starter: Free
  • Pro: $12 per month, per user
  • Enterprise: Contact TabNine for custom pricing

12. Figstack

Figstack offers a suite of artificial intelligence tools to help developers understand and document code more efficiently. Its range of features aims to make coding easier with a natural language interpreter that can comprehend code in almost any programming language. Figstack can also generate documentation and answer questions related to code to assist users in reading and creating code without feeling overwhelmed in the process. 

Figstack best features

  • Figstack’s Explain Code feature can understand any programming language and translate code between languages instantly
  • It provides code functionality assistance to help users operate the tool more efficiently
  • It can generate code documentation on the spot, saving developers critical time

Figstack limitations 

  • Figstack’s assistance isn’t as consistent or reliable if the code is unclear or lacks proper documentation
  • It doesn’t always reflect real-time updates to account for new releases or changes in the data it’s been trained on

Figstack pricing

  • Free trial
  • Contact Figstack for all other pricing information

13. Cody by Sourcegraph

What do Sourcegraph’s artificial intelligence tool and your 10-year-old cousin have in common? They’re both named Cody. 🤓

Sourcegraph on its own is a code-searching productivity tool to help developers fix, navigate, and automate code, even across multiple repositories. Its AI feature, Cody, adds to this functionality by reading your entire codebase, answering questions, and writing code for you. 

Cody best features

  • Inline chat to quickly fix and optimize your code using conversational language
  • Ready-made workflows to expedite your work with Cody. Choose whether you need the code explained in detail, improved variable names, translations, change summaries, or notes generated
  • Real-time autocomplete to write code in seconds

Cody limitations 

  • Cody’s UX is not the most user-friendly

Cody pricing

The Cody app is free for any Sourcegraph users on a paid plan:

  • Business plan: $99 active user, per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for custom pricing

14. SpellBox

SpellBox helps developers put quality first by taking the heavy lifting out of code creation, problem-solving, and debugging. Using simple prompts, SpellBox will spin up the exact code you’re looking for and find solutions in seconds, so you won’t lose critical hours searching the internet for answers.

SpellBox best features

  • Code explanation features to gain a deep understanding of the code you’re working with
  • Bookmarking to save and retrieve snippets of code in an instant
  • Also available as a VS code extension for an integrated experience within your other top coding editors
  • Code generation from conversational prompts

SpellBox limitations 

  • Limited programming languages—SpellBox may not offer functionality with less common languages
  • Occasional false positives and negatives
  • Some difficulties with contextual understanding for the most accurate suggestions

SpellBox pricing

  • Early Bird pricing: $40 per every one-year license
  • Regular: $65 per every one-year license

15. AskCodi

From the minds who brought you AskJarvis comes its developer-friendly counterpart, AskCodi. This assistant software offers a suite of three products: Codi Projects, Codi Chat, and Codi Workbook, its resource for all things code. Using AskCodi, developers can use written requests in languages including English, German, Polish, and Spanish to generate code responses in VB Script, Python, Java, C, HTML, and many more.   

AskCodi best features

  • Engage with Codi’s AI technology using interactive dialogue to receive assistance, suggestions, and complete tasks
  • Generate, test, explain, and document code with ease
  • You can organize your code by language and programming language
  • Supports more than 50 programming languages and frameworks
  • Also available as an extension for multiple IDEs 

AskCodi limitations 

  • AskCodi’s functionality with its integrations varies. Make sure it’s fully compatible with your tech stack before you buy
  • It may require additional time to learn and fully understand AskCodi’s features to use the tool effectively

AskCodi pricing

  • Free
  • Premium: $9.99 per month

16. BlackBox

Developers rely on BlackBox to write code, find the best snippets, and build products faster. Instead of leaving your coding environment to search for a solution or specific functions, you can ask BlackBox in simple terms, and it will populate the answer in code. 

BlackBox best features

  • BlackBox works with every IDE, web browser, and database, and is available in over 20 programming languages
  • This tool was built to function even at a very low connection speed
  • Access your work via browser or BackBox’s desktop app
  • Searches over 100 million code repositories for more precise results

BlackBox limitations 

  • There can be a lack of transparency in understanding how BlackBox arrived at its conclusions making it difficult to validate its accuracy
  • Some users found BlackBox to be susceptible to bias and had to retrain the model to avoid unfair outcomes

BlackBox pricing

  • Free trial
  • Good Developer Plan: $0.99 per month
  • Awesome Developer Plan: $1.99 per month
  • Legendary Developer Plan: $7.99 per month for up to 20 users
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Best AI Tools for Meetings

Have you ever logged off of a lengthy meeting, gone to the kitchen for soda water, and then realized you’ve already forgotten your next steps? Then you need an AI meeting tool in your back pocket. 

The best AI-powered tools for meetings can transcribe spoken conversations in real-time, automatically generate tasks as they’re mentioned in the discussion, provide advanced analytics, and so much more. Like having a personal administrator in your pocket, this technology makes every meeting more effective and actionable. 🫱🏼‍🫲🏾

17. Spinach

Spinach was designed with development teams in mind and packs a level of functionality that would leave other leafy greens shaking in their boots! 🥬

Like your own personal AI Scrum Master, Spinach can run your daily standups, create meeting summaries, and make ticket suggestions at the click of a mouse. This agile meeting tool runs on GPT-4 technology and integrates with a slew of other work tools (including ClickUp) for more efficient processes. Instead of meeting recordings or transcripts, Spinach generates organized summaries to document blockers and encourage your team to take action.

Spinach best features

  • Multiple integrations to assist in your sprint planning, daily standups, sprint retrospectives, and backlog grooming meetings
  • Handles all written updates and highlights made in any meeting, including minutes, taking notes, action items, and key decisions
  • Suggests bug or feature tickets directly into Slack
  • Supplies attendees with context from proper meetings and builds your agenda for you

Spinach limitations 

  • Lacking several classic AI meeting features that other tools have to document discussions in additional ways

Spinach pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $99 per month

18. Sembly

Sembly AI Tool Example
via Sembly

Sembly generates more than your typical meeting notes; it generates actionable insights. This AI tool has all the makings of most common machine-learning meeting apps, but what makes Sembly stand out among its competitors are its task, project, and activities features to align your takeaways with your to-do list. 

Sembly best features

  • Automated follow-ups with the ability to stream meeting insights to other task management tools
  • Sembly can “attend” a meeting for you and provide notes from the call in the event you’re double booked
  • Use its built-in chatbot to generate transcriptions, summaries, or emails based on topics addressed in any meeting
  • It can track notable data like KPIs and revenue mentioned in your meetings

Sembly limitations

  • Though Sembly offers some task and project management features, its functionality does not lend itself well to complex processes or workflows

Sembly pricing

  • Personal: Free
  • Professional: $10 per month
  • Team: $20 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: For over 40 users, contact Sembly for pricing

19. Fireflies

Fireflies is an AI meeting assistant software for note-taking and transcribing voices in real-time. Whether you’re in the midst of a brainstorming session or uploading files from a customer interview, Fireflies can instantly capture your conversations in writing.

Regardless of accent, dialect, industry, or language, this meeting assistant can detect even the smallest differences in speech for precise transcriptions on the first try.  

Fireflies best features

  • Integrations to connect Fireflies with other meeting platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more
  • Rich text editing features to correct, comment, annotate, and format transcripts as needed
  • Smart summaries to grab the key points, next steps, questions, and discussion highlights from your meeting
  • Search and organization features to isolate words, phrases, and topics in your transcripts
  • Voice transcriptions to handle note-taking and generate meeting minutes
  • Convenient sharing options via email, link, or QR code

Fireflies limitations 

  • The AI sometimes struggles to correctly transcribe uncommon, unclear, or technical words and phrases
  • It doesn’t always catch non-verbal communication cues like tone, pitch, and volume
  • Potential privacy concerns regarding its security measures

Fireflies pricing

  • Free plan: Allows for up to 800 minutes of storage per seat and access to unlimited conversations
  • Pro plan: $10 per user, per month if billed annually
  • Business plan: $19 per user, per month if billed annually
  • Enterprise plan: Contact for a custom quote

20. Krisp

Krisp AI meeting tool
via Krisp

Does anyone else’s dog only seem to bark when you’re mid-presentation? If this scenario feels all too familiar—Krisp has your solution. Krisp is a bot-free AI meeting assistant best known for its bi-directional muting to remove background noises during your online conference call in real-time.

Like other AI meeting tools, Krisp can also pick up on inflection, speaker, and language changes mid-conversation for better meeting transcriptions and summaries.

Krisp best features

  • Background noise, voice, and echo cancellation for sharper and more professional-sounding output
  • Call insights to measure the balance, inclusivity, and engagement of your meetings
  • Bot-free meeting transcriptions that work with almost any voice app, no plugins required
  • Ready-made meeting templates to generate talking points, action items, and more

Krisp limitations 

  • Noise cancellation can make you less aware of your surroundings. While it might lend for better audio during your meetings, it can also be a safety hazard

Krisp pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $8 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: Contact Krisp for custom pricing

21. tl;dv

TL;DV AI Meeting Tool
via tl;dv

Short for “too long, didn’t view,” tl;dv is a GPT-powered tool for catching up on your meetings in minutes. With features to transcribe and summarize your calls, recruiting, sales, and customer success teams alike can save a notable amount of time using tl;dv with popular meeting software like Google Meet or Zoom. 

tl;dv best features

  • Automatically transcribes your meetings in over 30 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and more
  • Intuitive editing tools to pull bite-size clips from investors or clients to highlight your meeting’s best moments
  • Search for topics discussed during meetings across your company in the event you were OOO or overslept
  • tl;dv integrates with popular CRMs and collaboration platforms to align your meetings with your workflows

tl;dv limitations 

  • Currently, tl;dv’s recording and transcription features are only supported by Google Meet and Zoom. So if you use Microsoft Teams, you’re out of luck on this one
  • There is a three-hour recording minute per meeting. If you reach that limit, you’d need to end the meeting and start over to continue recording
  • Some of its integrations are more valuable than others; make sure your tech stack is fully compatible with tl;dv before you go all-in

tl;dv pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $20 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for custom pricing

22. Otter.ai

Otter Meeting AI Tool Example
via Otter

Otter.ai helps you conduct your meetings more efficiently so you can remain present in the discussion at all times. This AI transcription tool records and transcribes your main talking points as the meeting progresses in real-time and will even send you an email with key takeaways when you’re call is finished. After the meeting, you can also use Otter to convert audio or video files into plain text to refer back to at a moment’s notice. 

Otter.ai best features

  • Otter transcriptions sync with your recordings and are highlighted at the speaker’s pace when played back
  • There are clear timestamps and labels for different speakers in its transcription
  • You can slow down or speed up the playback speed and even skip unnecessary pauses
  • OtterPilot automatically joins, records, and transcribes Google Meet meetings for you
  • Highlight and comment on your transcripts to collaborate with your team or assign action items
  • Tons of exporting options, including .mp3, .txt, .pdf, docx, and .srt

Otter.ai limitations 

  • Otter only supports the U.S. and U.K. English language
  • You’re only allowed three transcriptions via audio file upload on the free plan
  • Its audio detection doesn’t always pick up on every word or change in speakers
  • Your transcription will require editing and adjustments on your end to be 100% accurate

Otter.ai pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $16.99 per month for individual use
  • Business: $30 per user, per month for teams
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

23. Fathom

Fathom AI Meeting Tool Example
via Fathom

Fathom is an artificial intelligence tool for individuals and teams to automate the busy work involved in virtual conference calls. Whether you’re using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, Fathom can instantly highlight, transcribe, summarize, and format your major takeaways.

It also offers a number of features tailored to your team! Fathom acts as a searchable repository for calls to isolate topics, and can bundle the key points of your meetings into “playlists” to accelerate training processes.  

Fathom best features

  • Automatically generate and sync your call notes to various CRM software
  • Create a “playlist” of your meeting highlights to share just the most compelling clips
  • Generous free plan for individuals testing the waters with common AI meeting assistant features for the first time
  • Team-oriented features for a more efficient and streamlined sales experience for everyone involved

Fathom limitations 

  • Limited language compatibility in comparison to other similar tools
  • Some users find the interface overwhelming at first

Fathom pricing

  • Free: For individual use
  • Contact Fathom for other pricing details
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Best AI Tools for Image Design

Image generation software can be extremely helpful AI tools for startups and small businesses that might not have the marketing budget to produce high-quality creative assets. They’re also excellent resources for designers to lean on in their own creative processes to make initial sketches, explore new artistic styles, and find inspiration. 

If you’re looking to create data visualizations, edit photos, or solidify your brand’s artistic style, these AI image-generation tools have you covered. 

24. Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI-powered image generator tool that empowers individuals to unlock their creativity and embrace a wide spectrum of artistic styles. Simply describe your vision, and Midjourney’s Discord bot will take it from there. With the ability to transform text prompts into graphics, individuals, and teams can use the generative AI to create everything from detailed web designs to social media campaigns. 

Midjourney best features

  • Easy-to-use and engaging UI
  • There have been significant improvements to this app’s web graphics quality
  • Midjourney has a strong community behind it because it exists within Discord

Midjourney limitations 

  • Its prompting tool can upscale images but might the original design in the process
  • If you’re new to Discord, Midjourney can feel a bit confusing

Midjourney pricing

  • Free trial 
  • Basic Plan: $10 per month
  • Standard Plan: $30 per month
  • Pro Plan: $60 per month

Check out these Midjourney alternatives!

25. DALL·E 2

Developed by OpenAI, DALL-E 2 is a popular image generation tool for producing realistic and creative images based on your text prompts. Features like Outpainting give DALL-E the ability to support a greater range of images in various media formats, including realistic art styles, oil paintings, and illustrations.  

DALL·E 2 best features

  • DALL-E 2 can create surreal AI-generated art that is interesting to look at
  • Its UI is user-friendly and makes it easy to start creating a masterpiece
  • You can mix and match DALL-E 2’s different media to curate unique and stylized images

DALL·E 2 limitations 

  • The quality isn’t consistent in every artistic style. Some images will turn out more pixelated or blurry than others
  • More complex AI art concepts require lengthier processing times 

DALL·E 2 pricing

This AI image generation tool operates on a credit pricing model. Each text prompt costs approximately one credit, and you can currently buy credits in blocks of 115.

  • Free
  • 115 credits: $15

26. NightCafe

NightCafe “gamifies” the typical image generation approach through friendly challenges between its regular users to build a stronger community. You can also access different AI algorithms from NightCafe to experiment with similar tools, including DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion, without leaving the app. 

NightCafe best features

  • NightCafe allows you to choose your own artistic style 
  • You can access other machine-learning algorithms
  • Daily art challenges to foster a tight-knit community of users

NightCafe limitations 

  • Less access to customer service and support options
  • Some filters are much more sensitive than others when generating art

NightCafe pricing

  • Free: 5 credits per day plus bonuses for participating in community events
  • AI Beginner: $5.99 for 100 credits per month
  • AI Hobbyist: $9.99 for 200 credits per month
  • AI Enthusiast: $19.99 for 500 credits per month
  • AI Artist: $49.99 for 1400 credits per month

Users also have the option to buy additional credits outside of their subscription, starting at $7.99 for every 100 credits.

27. BlueWillow

BlueWillow’s AI art-generating capabilities make it possible to create brand logos, marketing assets, and graphics in the blink of an eye. This tool is accessible with a verified Discord account and creates four images per every text description you enter. The more detailed the description, the better your results will be!

BlueWillow best features

  • A strong Discord community of over 300 million users 
  • You can enhance the quality of BlueWillow’s output or reshuffle your results for another four images if the app misses the mark
  • Save your BlueWillow images directly to your computer
  • Different artistic styles to create graphics or photo-realistic images

BlueWillow limitations 

  • You have to have a Discord account to use BlueWillow
  • This tool may be better for individual art requests than professional branding or rolling campaigns

BlueWillow pricing

  • Free
  • Willower: $5 per month
  • Blue Angel: $10 per month
  • Sapphire: $20 per month

28. Bria

Bria AI image generator
via Bria

Bria leverages AI to create customized and ethical visual content at scale and with ease. It’s designed for professional teams, enterprises, artists, and developers who require visually engaging marketing copy, social media assets, advertising content, or any other creative project under the sun.

Used correctly, Bria has the power to streamline the content creation process, allowing teams to save time and effort without sacrificing quality. 

Bria best features

  • Encourages ethical AI development so artists can maintain full control over their art
  • Background generator and object re-generator to tailor your content down to the final detail
  • Ability to adjust facial expressions, appearance, and people featured in your content
  • Open access to nonprofits and academics

Bria limitations 

  • Can be somewhat challenging to learn Bria’s UI at first
  • It might not be compatible with your current operating systems or tech stack for a fully streamlined experience
  • Paid plans can be pretty pricey

Bria pricing

  • Starter: Free
  • Basic: $99 per month
  • Pro: $290 per month
  • Ultimate: Contact for pricing

29. Stockimg

Stockimg uses AI to generate professional and high-quality images in seconds. From stock images to book covers, posters, and more, Stockimg can provide creative brand solutions for a wide range of use cases. By providing descriptions or text inputs, users can easily access customized images that align with their specific requirements.

Stockimg best features

  • Create your own design or choose from a gallery of AI-made stock images for quick use
  • Stockimg is designed to generate stock images, book covers, posters, wallpaper, logos, illustrations, icons, and even web or mobile UI
  • A clean and intuitive UI that’s easy to learn

Stockimg limitations 

  • Not a lot of ways to customize your AI-generated output
  • Stockimg sometimes struggles to understand images that require text (i.e. book covers, graphics, and posters) and will generate gibberish text

Stockimg pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan: $19 per month
  • Premium Plan: $29 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Stockimg for information
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Best AI Tools for Video

Like a cross between AI image generation and writing assistant software, AI tools for video have the functionality to create, analyze, and enhance your recordings.

30. Fliki

fliki.ai Studio Video AI tool
via Fliki

Fliki converts text into audio files and video to simplify the creative process behind videos, podcasts, or audiobooks. It can create AI-generated narration based on blog articles, scripts, or any other text, and it offers over 1,000 voices in 75 languages. Fliki is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to generate audio content and new videos without extensive technical skills.

Fliki best features

  • Text-to-speech and text-to-video conversion to create voices in a wide range of tones, languages, and dialects for precision
  • Fliki can also detect a multitude of languages in its requests to cater to a global audience
  • Extensive stock image and video library to grab pre-made assets without the legal hassle 

Fliki limitations 

  • Must buy into one of its highest-tier pricing plans to access its full functionality, but even then, there are feature and quality limitations
  • The quality of Fliki’s AI-made voiceovers is inconsistent and may not be as natural or engaging as that of a real person

Fliki pricing

  • Free
  • Basic (audio only): $6 per month
  • Standard: $21 per month
  • Premium: $66 per month

31. Lumen5

Lumen5 Video AI tool
via Lumen5

Lumen5 is a helpful video creation tool that uses AI to generate or re-purpose engaging videos for educational purposes, news, entertainment, or any marketing need. Video editing is no easy feat, but for small businesses without the budget to invest in professional editors to lead their creative process, Lumen5 is a real lifesaver. This tool is perfect for teams who lack advanced video production skills but need to polish up their content before it goes live. 

Lumen5 best features

  • No matter your experience with the tool or skill level, Lumen5 can help you create videos in a matter of minutes
  • Native media library with open license photos, music, and clips to enhance your video
  • Your final video output will have a resolution of up to 1080p 
  • Tons of customizable video templates and a drag-and-drop interface for maximum efficiency
  • Automatically generated and customizable captions or add comments into videos for collaborative editing

Lumen5 limitations 

  • The free plan comes with a few significant cons: there are a limited number of templates available in Lumen5’s free plan, the maximum resolution is only 720p, and your final video will have a watermark
  • Some videos take a bit longer to compile
  • Limited customization options for more complex concepts

Lumen5 pricing

  • Free
  • Basic: $29 per month
  • Starter: $79 per month
  • Professional: $199 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

32. Synthesia

Synthesia is a powerful browser-based AI tool that effortlessly transforms plain text into engaging videos within minutes. With this intuitive content creation app, you can easily produce professional-grade videos for use cases like sales enablement and marketing, all complete with narration and an AI-generated human avatar.

It also supports 120 localized languages for a global reach and encourages team collaboration through feedback in the video production process. 

Synthesia best features

  • Text-based content creation to transform your scripts into high-quality videos presented by lifelike AI avatars
  • Voiceovers and closed captions in more than 120 languages
  • Convenient screen recording features
  • Customization capabilities to align your video with your brand logo, font, colors, and more

Synthesia limitations 

  • Editing videos and captions can be time-consuming in dialogue-heavy scenes
  • The number of scenes you can add to each video is limited by the level of your pricing plan

Synthesia pricing

  • Personal: For individuals, at $30 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom plan for teams. Price is based on the number of seats

33. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI specializes in providing video generation solutions and is most often used for its conversational AI avatars. Instead of hiring anchors or actors to facilitate your training videos, you can use DeepBrain to customize a life-like avatar to your brand identity and guidelines. 

DeepBrain AI best features

  • Text-to-speech capabilities to convert scripts into voiceovers and automatic subtitles
  • Ability to create videos and avatars from a text description
  • It has an intuitive UI and several video templates for a plug-and-play feel while using the app
  • Supports over 80 languages and 100 AI avatars

DeepBrain AI limitations 

  • Can be very pricey, especially if you need this type of video for multiple initiatives

DeepBrain AI pricing

  • Starter: Starts at $30 for 10 minutes per month, up to $180 for 60 minutes per month
  • Pro: Starts at $225 for 90 minutes per month, up to $600 for 240 minutes per month
  • Enterprise: Contact DeepBrain for pricing

34. Runway

Runway AI Video Generator Tool
via Runway

Runway offers a number of AI “magic tools” to generate videos, images, 3D animations, and audio improvements at a fraction of the cost of human-led projects. Whether you’re looking to transform an existing image, erase unwanted objects, or change the style of your videos, Runway has a solution for you.

Runway best features

  • Text-to-video and video-to-video prompting to create or improve different types of media
  • Built for major corporations and entertainers alike
  • You can train your own AI model to match your brand style and subject guidelines

Runway limitations 

  • Cloud-based software’s interpretations of text prompts aren’t always precise or coherent

Runway pricing

  • Basic: Free
  • Standard: $12 per user, per month
  • Pro: $28 per user, per month
  • Unlimited: $76 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing details

35. Pictory

Pictory AI is an AI-driven video creation software that simplifies and enables the process of turning written content into engaging videos. It uses features and resources, including stock footage, music, and voiceovers, to transform lengthy blog posts or written content into visually appealing videos with just a few clicks.

Pictory best features

  • Create, save, and share your AI-made branded content
  • Automatic image and video selection to find media that matches your written prompts
  • Access to over three million royalty-free visuals
  • Quick customization to change Pictory’s output to match your requests
  • Summarize lengthy videos or pull the highlights in seconds 

Pictory limitations 

  • Some of its voiceover options come off as sounding more robotic than others
  • Pictory AI videos may lack originality
  • Pictory primarily processes English and may struggle to adequately understand other languages 

Pictory pricing

  • Free trial
  • Standard: $19 per month
  • Premium: $34 per month
  • Teams: $99 per month
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Best AI Tools for Customer Support and Sales

Customer support and sales teams can find a lot of value in using a combination of artificial intelligence tools in their workflows. You may already be familiar with chatbots and virtual assistants to answer frequently asked questions and basic customer inquiries, but there are a number of other apps to optimize processes behind the scenes for your organization’s critical customer-facing roles. 

36. SecondBrain (previously MagicChat)

Formerly known as MagicChat, SecondBrain helps you build ChatGPT-like bots with extensive knowledge of your business or product to support your sales and customer service efforts. Using different content, webpages, files, and documents, you can train your bot on how to deliver real-time support to users who visit your website with questions about your services. 

SecondBrain best features

  • Train your chatbot with various learning resources and embed it to your site with a simple chat widget
  • Your chatbot can be trained with sources written in over 90 languages
  • Enables quick responses to your customers’ immediate questions with accuracy
  • You can create multiple bots at a time, depending on your pricing plan 

SecondBrain limitations 

  • The free plan limits you to creating one chatbot
  • The quality of your bot’s responses is entirely dependent on the volume of data it’s given to learn from

SecondBrain pricing

  • Starter: $0
  • Hobby: $19 per month
  • Power: $49 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month

37. Chatfuel AI

The chatbot software Chatfuel has introduced its own AI feature to simplify the process of creating bots for various messaging platforms. Without an extensive coding background, you can easily build knowledgeable bots that engage with your customers using AI-generated responses and natural language. Pretty cool, right?

Chatfuel AI best features

  • Created using OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology for more exact output
  • Works on most popular messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and your business’ website
  • Easy set up to start using the tool quickly

Chatfuel AI limitations 

  • There are some limitations on the company descriptions and knowledge you can use to train Chatfuel AI
  • The number of AI messages your bot sends each month is determined by your pricing plan 

Chatfuel AI pricing

  • Start: $29 per month
  • Grow: $79 per month
  • Pro: $149 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

38. Second Nature

Second Nature AI is a SaaS solution that offers sales training software using conversational AI to mimic the speech patterns of real customers. It provides immersive sales simulations in natural language, allowing sales representatives to improve their skills and have better conversations with customers. 

Second Nature best features

  • Stores sales training reports and analytics to measure the success of your simulations
  • AI-based evaluation and sales certifications to gamify the training experience
  • Various types of training situations to simulate real-life scenarios or the most important ones to your business

Second Nature limitations 

  • Some users find that its robotic training experience can take some time to acclimate to
  • Limited language compatibility for non-English speakers

Second Nature pricing

  • Contact Second Nature for all pricing information

39. Kustomer

Kustomer is a customer service platform with a built-in AI feature to optimize customer support. By automating FAQs and chatbot responses, Kustomer streamlines your client interactions and allows businesses to provide 24/7 service. With predictive analytics, Kustomer can anticipate wait times, detect tone, and provide personalized recommendations to enhance the overall customer experience.

Kustomer best features

  • Deploy custom bots across chat, social platforms, and messaging apps to automate repetitive service requests
  • Use self-learning AI models to recommend the best responses based on historical data
  • Intent and tone detection to determine how customers are feeling based on their text
  • Identify customers’ language and route them to a native-speaking agent or translated message

Kustomer limitations 

  • Kustomer is targets large businesses and Enterprise; it may be pricey for smaller to mid-sized businesses

Kustomer pricing

  • Enterprise: $89 per user, per month
  • Ultimate: $139 per user, per month

Kustomer’s AI feature is offered as an add-on to its paid plans starting at $15 per month.

40. AutoResponder

AutoResponder connects to the top messaging apps to send automatic chat replies to your customers. You can use ChatGPT, GPT-4, or Dialogflow AI to process messages from your web server and create as many custom rules and messages as you like. Even out-of-office requests. 👋🏻

AutoResponder best features

  • Ideal for businesses with a global customer base that primarily communicates through mobile messaging tools like WhatsApp
  • Creates automated responses for top apps, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more

AutoResponder limitations 

  • Not as effective for larger businesses with various ways to connect with customers
  • It’s not a way to connect or make meaningful connections with potential clients

AutoResponder pricing

AutoResponder is free to download.

41. MagicForm

MagicForm is an AI-based conversational platform that increased customer engagement and conversions by generating personalized, human-like responses to customer queries.

MagicForm best features

  • MagicForm instantly learns everything it needs to know about your business to assist customers on their own
  • The research tool uses machine learning to allow MagicForm to improve as you use it more
  • Comprehends and “speaks” in over 30 languages
  • Automated follow-ups, 24/7 responses, and personalized questions to improve the customer experience

MagicForm limitations 

  • Limited free plan with only 50 conversations allowed per month
  • Pricey paid plans—not ideal for smaller businesses

MagicForm pricing

  • Starter: Free
  • Pro: $99 per month
  • Enterprise: $249 per month

42. Conversica

Conversica is an AI customer service tool that deploys “Revenue Digital Assistants” to handle tough conversations. This two-way conversation tool is all about driving revenue by connecting you with more leads and following through on every point of contact.  

Conversica best features

  • Conversica is designed to build relationships with new customers using carefully crafted personas to drive the conversation
  • It aims to improve employee retention by handling the top-of-the-funnel conversations, so your team can focus on deals further down the pipeline
  • Qualifies your MQLs before handing them over to sales
  • Compliments your demand generation processes to engage your leads early with personalized outreach

Conversica limitations 

  • There’s a lot that goes into this tool, making its UI somewhat challenging to use effectively at first

Conversica pricing

  • Contact Conversica for all pricing information

43. Candide

Formerly Looti AI, Candide up-levels your CRM with features to find your company’s ideal audiences and candidates with its innovative lead generation software.

Candide best features

  • Candide clusters and analyzes your data to identify your target audience
  • Multiple filters to help you find the perfect job candidates faster
  • Clear your CRM from unqualified leads in seconds
  • Built-in data cleaning to keep your app running smoothly

Candide limitations 

  • Candide is more geared toward corporate users than individuals or small businesses
  • Its newer features focus more on general virtual assistance than CRM support
  • This tool is still in beta and the testing phase

Candide pricing

  • Basic: Free trial only
  • Efficient: $8 per month

44. WARMER.ai

WARMER is an automated email writer that uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized sales-driven emails. Using simple prompts to learn more about your objective and audience, WARMER is designed to get higher responses faster than ever.   

WARMER.ai best features

  • Simple UI to quickly learn the platform
  • WARMER analyzes LinkedIn, webpages, and CSVs to learn more about your prospects and write personalized emails
  • It can process lists of multiple people and still deliver a high-quality message

WARMER.ai limitations 

  • Its paid plans are pricey

WARMER.ai pricing

  • Contact WARMER.ai for all pricing details
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Best AI Tools for HR and Recruiting

HR and recruiting teams dip their toes into almost every department across the organization. While they can certainly benefit from many of the tools already mentioned on this list, there are also tons of AI tools created specifically for these teams.

45. Paradox

Paradox.ai is an AI software for recruiting and human resources to automate tasks in the hiring process like screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and onboarding. With its conversational AI assistant Olivia, Paradox.ai helps companies capture the top candidates, improve conversions, and provide answers to common questions. It offers features like mobile app integration, automated screening, and experience management to boost HR and recruiting efficiency.

Paradox best features

  • Two-way texting and 24/7 chat to engage with candidates on their terms
  • Automated candidate screening to connect you with the best potential team members
  • Event and schedule management to smooth over the interview and onboarding process
  • Mobile-first assessments to reduce short-term employee turnover 

Paradox limitations 

  • Some back-and-forth approvals between the company and Paradox while testing potential employees
  • Paradox offers a number of integrations but they aren’t as valuable or smooth as its own platform 

Paradox pricing

  • Contact Paradox for all pricing information

46. Textio

Textio AI Writing Tool
via Textio

Textio is an AI talent acquisition tool that focuses on generating job descriptions and performance review guidance to remove bias from the hiring process and build a more diverse workforce.

Textio best features

  • Automatic suggestions to optimize job posts, email, social media campaigns, and more based on data-driven insights
  • Features to help managers write fair and actionable feedback
  • Detailed reports on the quality of performance feedback organized by demographic group and team
  • Integrations with common HR tools for continued guidance inside other platforms

Textio limitations 

  • Not all integrations are equally powerful—make sure your current tech stack aligns with Textio before introducing another tool into your processes
  • Better for mid-sized companies than small businesses or individual users

Textio pricing

  • Contact Textio for all pricing information

47. HiredScore

HiredScore is a talent orchestration tool that uses AI, deep integrations, and automation to provide actionable recommendations to your recruiting teams. It uses your historical team data and awareness of your current situation to automatically align your goals with the top priorities of the moment. Its suggestions span across the entire hiring process to assist in recruiter productivity, internal retention, diversity and inclusion, talent discovery, and more.

HiredScore best features

  • Screening augmentation to identify top candidates and mitigate bias in the hiring process
  • Searches past ATS, CRM, employees, VMS, and external databases to make fair suggestions for each role

HiredScore limitations 

  • Not as effective in languages other than English
  • Can be slow to load

HiredScore pricing

  • Contact HiredScore for all pricing information

48. Juicebox (PeopleGPT)

PeopleGPT by Juicebox is an AI-powered search engine for talent acquisition tasks like recruiting, customer discovery, research, and more. PeopleGPT uses the GPT-4 AI model to understand and source LinkedIn profiles to identify your best candidates.

PeopleGPT best features

  • PeopleGPT creates your own candidate search strategy with resources like a list of similar companies to source from, candidate locations, relevant job titles, and more
  • You can look closer at the parameters it used to generate your responses and fine-tune them directly
  • Reach out to candidates via email right from PeopleGPT’s platform with automatically generated and personalized messages 

PeopleGPT limitations 

  • Its features support talent acquisition teams in the candidate search process but cannot help move them through the hiring process

PeopleGPT pricing

  • Contact PeopleGPT for all pricing information

49. Attract

Following a similar premise as PeopleGPT, Attract is an AI-powered talent search and engagement platform designed to extend your HR team’s capabilities in attracting and managing talent.

Attract best features

  • Tools to manage your talent sourcing workflows to strengthen your employer brand and create more memorable experiences for candidates
  • Automated suggestions for attracting, developing, and retaining your talent
  • Uses artificial intelligence to optimize your job posts and conduct resume screenings

Attract limitations 

  • Attract is better suited for larger companies than small businesses or individuals
  • Some users find its UI difficult to navigate

Attract pricing

  • Contact Attract for all pricing information

50. Effy

Effy HR AI Tool
via Effy

Effy is a performance management software to drive growth and development in organizations. It uses AI technology to facilitate 360-degree feedback, one-on-ones, reviews, and development plans with ready-to-use templates for an optimized user experience.

Effy best features

  • AI-generated analytics and insights for a better understanding of your performance evaluations
  • More than 20 pre-built questionnaire templates for feedback
  • You can conduct your review processes directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams

Effy limitations 

  • Expensive paid plans make Effy inaccessible to smaller businesses
  • Relies on integrations to unlock some analytics and reporting capabilities

Effy pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $540 for one year of access
  • Enterprise: Contact Effy for pricing
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Take Control of Your Own Innovation With the Top Artificial Intelligence Tools

You can’t go wrong by investing in any of these AI tools. 

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