20 Free Product Management Templates

Your product manager is a key figure in everything to do with the lifecycle of your product, and we mean everything.

Almost 80% of product managers assist in product design, but they also double-dip into other areas like development, management strategy, marketing, and user experience.

Still, it’s common for product managers to spend most of their time addressing unexpected problems. This is no easy feat! 😳

All of this is to say, your product manager could probably use a little help. And maybe a cocktail. 🍸

Luckily, that help is out there! There are tons of free and reliable product management tools and templates available to help product managers save time and be more efficient every step of the way.

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20 product management templates

Before you hit the ground running on your product roadmap, make sure you have a clear product idea and that there is a market for it. Start with square one by asking yourself the most pressing immediate questions:

  • What does this product look like?
  • What solutions does it create?
  • Who are the target customers?

This list is a top-to-bottom walk-through of product management templates that will pave the way on your product management journey.

Templates for solidifying your value proposition

1. ClickUp Product Brief Template

Product Brief Template by ClickUp

This ClickUp Doc covers the basics of your product and is ideal for the early stages of planning and concept.

This is an excellent tool to have if you are in the research phase or pitching your idea to someone.

This product brief template is helpful to keep docs related to how you know this product will succeed, its purpose, and its value. It describes your product, the problem it’s solving, context, design notes, and more.

If you’re new to product management, this template is for you!

2. ClickUp Product Strategy Template

Product Strategy Template by ClickUp

The Product Strategy Template from ClickUp provides structure to help you plan and visualize your product strategy. Visualize releases and build consensus across key decision makers with a unified, single source of product information and team accountability.

3. ClickUp Product Launch Template

Product Launch Template by ClickUp

This ClickUp Product Launch Template is perfect for promoting a new product launch or re-launch your existing one. It consists of a Gantt chart, visual timeline and all activities required for your specific product launch.

4. Buyer Persona Templates from Hubspot

HubSpot Buyer Persona Template to gauge market landscape

This template is your answer to the question: who would use this product?

It is your stepping stool to research and identify the target audience for your product by creating the ideal fictional customer known as your buyer persona.

Your buyer persona provides a thorough look into the demographics, interests, lifestyle, location, and common story of the primary group you’re likely to succeed with. These templates help you build out those people and will help you prove the value of your product to similar customers when presenting to stakeholders.

5. Excel Product Comparison Template

Excel Product Comparison Template to help achieve business objectives
CREDIT: Smartsheet

This Excel template from Smartsheet is used to compare product features with other similar products.

You or your product manager would use this to see how the value of your product measures up to other products that solve similar issues.

Plus, you can use this template multiple times through different iterations of your product. So while you might find it helpful in the initial design and development stages, you can also refer back or use it again when considering updates to stay competitive.

6. Story Template by Intercom

Story Template by Intercom

If you’re feeling bogged down at the thought of creating your product roadmap or if sprints seem a little complicated, this template might be a better next step for you.

This template is short and sweet, but it will help you flesh out the necessary minor details to justify your product and start making it come to life.

Summarize your value proposition or the “story” related to the problem your product solves, and your design plan.

If you’re still finding it hard to summarize your UVP without handing over a near novel-length document, start by listing out the features and key releases of your product. This will help you prioritize the initial tasks and deadlines to make those features happen, and your roadmap to eventually take shape.

Templates for managing your product roadmaps

Ahh, now we’re getting to the good stuff, creating the product roadmap.

Your strategic roadmap is your North Star for product management. It will keep you steadily moving in a productive direction and help you define long-term and short-term goals.

7. ClickUp Roadmap Whiteboard Template

Organize your ideas clearly and start conquering the market with this ClickUp Roadmap Whiteboard Template

You can now create a visually appealing road map for your new product, project, or plan. ClickUp’s Roadmap Whiteboard Template enables you to keep track of the life cycle of a new product along with the people involved to make it happen. A finished roadmap serves as guidance for future project management of new products.

8. ClickUp Minimum Viable Product Template

Minimum Viable Product Templates by ClickUp

ClickUp’s Minimum Viable Product Template helps you plan out your product’s roadmap. This minimum viable product template serves as a guide to determine whether the minimum product is viable or not. It contains a series of critical questions that can also help is developing the strategy for product validation.

9. Product Development Template

Miro Product Roadmap Template for Product manager

This template from Miro helps cross-functional teams work together in the same space and manage big-picture goals.

Most Agile development teams are cross-functional, meaning that a group of individuals with different skill sets work together to create a working product. But while Agile frameworks are very popular, over two-thirds of surveyed product managers do not have cross-functional teams.

So if this method doesn’t sound like your jam yet or is entirely new to you, this template will be your agile product management bread and butter. 🙏🏻

And did we mention that Miro integrates with ClickUp? 👀

Miro’s Product Development Template is also reminiscent of Gantt view in ClickUp and can be added alongside tasks in ClickUp with Embed view.

10. ClickUp Sprints Template

ClickUp's Sprint Template to help with sprints, epics and user stories
Sprints Template by ClickUp

This is a more intermediate template, but it packs a lot of power. It includes eight statuses to track the progress of your tasks, one Custom Field, and three views. 😱

For big projects, developers use Sprints to break the timeline up into manageable time frames.

Tasks are linked to these Sprints, and by completing these tasks in the Sprint time frame, the project continues to move forward. Unfinished Sprint tasks will spill over to the next Sprint.

Pro tip: You can set up Sprint Automations to save time on repetitive actions each time you complete a task in ClickUp!

What’s more, with this template, you can…

  • Set Sprint time estimates and points in Custom Fields
  • Find step-by-step instructions on how to customize your tasks, Custom Fields, statuses, and views based on your team’s sprint needs

11. Weekly Retrospective

Trello's Weekly Retrospective Template similar to product backlog template
CREDIT: Trello

With similar functionality as ClickUp’s Board view, this tool from Trello will help you view and prioritize your tasks.

This template is a collaborative visual representation of action items left in your project timeline and allows you to move tasks from one column to another to represent their status toward completion.

Click on tasks to expand for more detail and share or embed a link to your task card for external access. And use ClickUp’s Trello integration to automatically upload your work with just a few clicks!

Check out these retrospective tools!

12. User Flow Template

User Flow Template from Miro

If you are revisiting your system and trying to come up with ways to improve your existing product or increase conversion rates on your website—this is your template.

This template from Miro puts you in the customer’s shoes and reminds you to put the customer first, always. It visually maps out the step-by-step process a customer takes while using your system or product and can help you make a more intuitive interface.

Set a clear beginning and end to your user flow, set the direction you want the customer to move through, and identify decision points.

And if you think this template is cool, wait ’til you check out ClickUp’s Mind Maps. 😎

Templates for details that make all the difference

13. ClickUp Release Notes Template

Release Notes Template from ClickUp
Release Notes Templates by ClickUp

This beginner-friendly ClickUp Release Notes Template is a must-have for keeping your engineering teams up to date on updates to your product!

Add details and revisions to your value proposition for the new releases to come, and plan how to present the updates externally with this ClickUp Doc.

Even after its release, products continue to change and improve through customer feedback and innovation. It’s crucial to outline where your product is headed and get everyone on the same page about it, ASAP! So let this template do the heavy lifting for ya. 😌

Bonus: Press Release Templates!

14. Google Sheets Product Plan Template

Google Sheets Product Launch Plan Template
CREDIT: Google Sheets

Use this template as a reference sheet to keep information together about your product launch including strategy, market analysis, target audience types, and a brief overview of the value proposition.

This Google Sheets template is set up similar to a document where each cell has space to respond with as much detail as you need. Think of this template as your personal Spark Notes description of what you’ve completed, major tasks, and a final-check asset to make sure you’ve covered your bases before carrying out a successful product launch strategy.

Customize your own product launch plan in ClickUp Docs, or easily embed your Google Sheets into your tasks and docs!

Pro tip: Keep your product launch plan handy at all times by linking to it in a Custom Field at the end of your task descriptions!

15. Product Release IG Template

Product Release IG Template from Canva

Oh Canva, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…and I’ll start with this template!

Canva is known for helping people easily create high-quality-looking graphics and images for social media without having to be social media experts. And this template is no different!

Create an on-brand aesthetically pleasing Instagram story template to share information about your product and gain initial awareness! It’s like plug-n-play for your social posts.

Canva has a ton of open-licensed themes to pick from, so there will definitely be one that fits your marketing strategy.

Especially if you are not on a cross-functional team, this template would be very helpful for you. Want some more good news about this template? If you are at this stage, your product is likely almost ready to share with the world! 😍

16. ClickUp Bug & Issue Tracking Template

bug and issue tracking template by clickup
Track and monitor your website bugs and issues and easily assign them to your team

Bug tracking is important to keeping software effective, reliable, and running smoothly. This ClickUp bug tracking template lets you report, track, and prioritize bugs in the same place you do the rest of your work.

ClickUp’s Bug & Issue Tracking Template also helps QA analysts, engineers, or any Agile team save time on issue tracking with pre-built views, Custom Statuses, Custom Fields, and more.

17. Bug Tracking Template by Airtable

Bug Tracker Template from Airtable
CREDIT: Airtable

When you encounter bugs, either in the product development process or after you’ve released it, this template from Airtable will help product managers prioritize and manage the status of those defects.

Assign bug and incident reports to specific people, rank priority textually and with color for the engineering team, give descriptions, note how long the report has been open, the original source, and more. In true Airtable fashion, this template is set up like a spreadsheet with live links, and you can embed forms to quickly refer back to as much as you need.

Why else do we love this template? Because you can embed your Airtable template into ClickUp to access without opening any extra tabs. 😉

18. OKR Template from Aha

OKR Template from Aha

Objectives and key results, AKA OKRs, are a popular goal-setting framework that helps product managers measure the achievements of your product. Defining your OKRs also helps you define what success will look like for your product and therefore, tracking your OKRs is extremely important.

This OKR confidence tracker template in Excel will help your product managers determine how your product measures up to your initial value proposition. Use this table to put a little numerical confidence into the work you’ve done, or identify places to grow.

But no need to stop at OKRs! There are tons of valuable key performance indicators and metrics to help measure the overall health and prosperity of your product. 👀

Compare Jira Vs. Aha!

Bonus: Product price list templates!

19. ClickUp OKR & Goals Template

ClickUp OKR & Goals Template
OKR & Goals Template by ClickUp

Use ClickUp’s OKR and Goals Template to track your team’s goals. ClickUp’s flexible structure allows your company to build out company, department, and even team goals. All rolling up to the over-arching objective! With this template, the various views allow you to filter through areas within your company and team.

Bonus: AI tools for product managers

20. ClickUp Product Requirements Template

ClickUp Product Requirements Template
Product Requirements Document by ClickUp

Even after product release, there is still work to be done! New features require just as much time, intention, and product management as the first iteration.

This Product Requirements Document Template by ClickUp is like a personal checklist for product managers to make sure what you’re doing will add value to your end goal.

Think of this as a mini product roadmap template to break down and solidify the description, design, story, audience, and details of your new features to ensure that you are making strategic decisions.

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Benefits of Using a Product Management Template

Even if you aren’t a product manager but work closely with one, are developing a product, reevaluating your current processes, or just looking to save a little time—this list of templates is for you.

These product management templates weren’t created with the intention of providing a comprehensive work management solution, they’re here to help you store information on specific action items related to your product in ways that are easy to find and even easier to understand.

While pre-made templates can be extremely helpful for building out processes, constructing roadmaps, and ensuring that every little detail is covered, they lack support when it comes to assisting with the actual management part of a product manager’s role.

Your product manager will stay in the picture long after a successful product launch. New iterations, bugs, and customer feedback keep product managers continuously moving and they typically need more than prompting documents or spreadsheets to make serious progress.

So, what’s our ultimate time-saving tip for anything and everything related to product management? 🥁🥁🥁

Supplement this list of templates with powerful product management software that was built to consolidate, organize, and manage your assets in a single place.

Like ClickUp. 🚀

ClickUp offers hundreds of tools to streamline your product management processes and offers collaboration and customization at the core of every feature.

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Use Product Management Templates for your Next Product Launch

It may feel like a product manager’s job is never done, but taking advantage of these templates from the tippity-top to the list to the tippity-bottom will help your product manager save time, energy, and several potential headaches.

And if you need a little more than what you see in this list or in ClickUp’s Template Center, no problem! Create your own custom templates in ClickUp too!

We’re here to help, and we know exactly what you need because ClickUp was quite literally built for this. 🥳

So let us work our productivity magic so you can focus on executing the product roadmap you’ve always dreamed of! Download ClickUp and get started for free! ✨

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