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Free Project Roadmap Templates

As a project manager, your role is to move your projects forward as smoothly as possible throughout the project lifecycle. 

To do this well, you’ll need to create an effective project roadmap, and lucky for you, there are templates that can help with that!

With the right templates, you’ll be able to build a high-level overview of your project goals, deliverables, and strategic initiatives for you, your project stakeholders, and your teams to help everyone stay in sync and on track at all times.

That said, we’ve rounded up 10 free project roadmap templates to get you started and your team on track to cross the finish line. 🏁

Each template offers a unique way to organize and visualize your roadmaps, so take a good look at each one to see what works best for your projects!

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What is a Project Roadmap Template?

A project roadmap template is a high-level overview of the project’s objectives, goals, milestones, and project deliverables, traditionally presented on a timeline. 

These roadmaps are critical in project management because it outlines the desired outcome and the strategic steps the team needs to take to get there. Think of it as an action plan that clearly shows timelines, priorities, and expectations and breaks down goals into bite-sized tasks to help teams push the project forward.

Moreover, project managers can use these project roadmaps as a tool to improve resource management and simply people management.

Want to see an example of a project roadmap in ClickUp’s Timeline view? Here’s one for you:

Product Roadmap Example in ClickUp Timeline View
Get a bird’s-eye view of your Product Roadmap in ClickUp through the Timeline view in ClickUp

Now, if you’re looking to create a project road of your own, you can do so from scratch, but it might be worth your time to look into roadmap templates. They’re created by industry experts to help project managers like you build a solid foundation for your roadmap and help you and your team run successful projects

There are various templates out there, so when choosing one for your project, make sure they have these elements:

  • Project goals and objectives
  • Project timeline
  • Important project milestones and deliverables
  • Possible project risks
  • Project dependencies

Ready to find your next favorite roadmap template?

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10 Best Project Roadmap Templates

As you’ll discover, there are various types of roadmap templates. As a project manager, you need to equip yourself with multiple project management templates that are easily customizable to meet the needs of your project.

With this in mind, here are ten different project management roadmap templates to help your product development or any other project stay on track.

1. Project Roadmap Template

ClickUp Roadmap Template

On the top of the list is the Roadmap Template by ClickUp.

This product roadmap template can help you plan, track, and manage all the moving parts of your projects effectively and all in one place.

Project and product managers can use this template to:

  • Easily update and track the progress of your tasks and projects
  • Help you and your team visualize a project from proposal to completion
  • Effectively strategize and foresee any blockers or bottlenecks ahead of time
  • Seamlessly collaborate with teams and clients, and improve project communication

So what do you get with this template?

It includes five distinctive pre-built views, including List, Workload, Calendar, Gantt, and Board view to give you various ways to view your projects.

Additionally, it comes with ClickUp’s pre-built Custom Statuses to help you create a structured and smooth workflow and pre-set Custom Fields to ensure the most important details of your tasks and projects are easily visible to you and your project team, stakeholders, and clients.

And because ClickUp is fully customizable, you can customize the platform and the templates to fit your project requirements and workflow preferences.

Use this roadmap template to help you build your ideal product roadmap with just a few clicks.

2. Simple Roadmap Template

ClickUp Simple Roadmap Template

Are you working on a smaller project, or perhaps want to outline your roadmap in a document? 

Then the Simple Roadmap Template by ClickUp is for you!

This template can help you create a simple yet effective project roadmap in a document view with ClickUp Docs that you can easily share with your team and link to your tasks, goals, and more. 

Within the Doc, you’ll get pre-set sections to help guide you as you create your roadmap. And in case your project becomes more complex, or if you simply want to add more details to your roadmap, this template gives you the flexibility to customize every part of this document.

It offers formatting options to give you the freedom to format and style your document that supports your unique project needs. You can embed links, images, videos, and more, and even control the editing, sharing, and viewing permissions to ensure your project roadmap is fully protected from unwanted changes. You can also communicate with your team by tagging team members and assigning comments. 

3. Business Roadmap Template

ClickUp Business Roadmap Template

The Business Roadmap Template by ClickUp is built to help you create a strategic roadmap that outlines your company’s major objectives and strategies and keep you on track to hit your long-term goals.

This template comes with pre-built views, such as Timeline and List view, to visualize your project objectives in an organized way. Moreover, you’ll also get access to pre-set Custom Fields and Custom Statuses to help you stay on top of your project’s progress at all times.

Just like the other templates in ClickUp, this is also customizable. You can adjust it to fit your project requirements and help support your business as it scales.

And if you need guidance while using this template, just turn to the Getting Started Guide, included with the template, to help you make the most of this roadmap template.

4. Strategic Plan Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Strategic Plan Whiteboard Template

With the ClickUp Strategic Plan Whiteboard Template, you can develop a visual and strategic roadmap that can easily enable your project team to coordinate all the critical steps in your project for the desired project outcomes.

This template is available in ClickUp Whiteboards, where you can create a detailed, organized, functional (and aesthetically pleasing) whiteboard that clearly outlines your strategic plans.

And because Whiteboards live in ClickUp’s platform, you’ll be able to add your tasks and projects to your whiteboard, easily share your plan with your team, seamlessly collaborate them with in real-time, and keep your strategic plans alongside your work for easy access and visibility.

5. Messaging Matrix Template

ClickUp Messaging Matrix Template

If you’re involved in product development and marketing, you know that you need to do more than just come up with the product prototype. You also have to ensure that you have the right messaging strategies and brand positioning to help you reach your target audience.

The Messaging Matrix Template by ClickUp can help you build a clear product marketing roadmap, outline a messaging map, and create a strong communication plan to align your team on brand positioning and messaging ahead of your product launch.

This template also comes with a Start Here Doc to guide you as you take the first steps in creating your own messaging matrix.

6. Microsoft Excel Agile Roadmap Template

Microsoft Excel Agile Roadmap Template
Via Microsoft

If you’re using an Excel worksheet to undertake your project management roles, you need a project management roadmap to integrate with this software. That’s where Excel Agile roadmap template comes in.

With this project management roadmap, you can easily track your product development with a simple template that helps you to prioritize your tasks and hit your project targets and dates. You can also use this roadmap template, especially the included worksheet, to enter essential project data and automatically update your roadmap and the project where necessary.

7. Microsoft Excel Scrolling Roadmap Template

Microsoft Excel Scrolling Roadmap Template
Via Microsoft

The Microsoft Excel Scrolling Roadmap Template allows you to measure your project milestones and keep track of activities.

As you’ll discover, this critical project management roadmap template enables you to understand project activities in detail while at the same time notifying you of the actual results you’ve recorded in your project.

Also, this project roadmap template includes a worksheet for entering data; input your data, and Excel will automatically update the roadmap.

8. Microsoft PowerPoint Process Roadmap Timeline Template

Microsoft PowerPoint Process Roadmap Timeline Template
Via Microsoft

The Microsoft PowerPoint Process roadmap timeline template lets you create a visual representation of your process.

Use this template to lay out your project plan and process from conception to launch, add milestones and key dates along your timeline, easily highlight the key events, and track various project metrics in a horizontal view.

The roadmap PowerPoint template also comes with instructions to help guide you as you use the roadmap timeline template.

9. Excel Project Timeline Template

Excel Project Timeline Template
Via Microsoft

This Excel project timeline template can help you create a strategic roadmap that your organization can turn to enhance its operations, maintain technology solutions, and support the company’s vision. This template lets you add milestones, organize your roadmap by theme, team, or status, and assign roadmaps to specific people or departments.

10. Excel Work Plan Timeline Template

Excel Work Plan Timeline Template
Via Microsoft

A business roadmap template is similar to a business plan because it can also provide a comprehensive overview of your organization, where it intends to go, and how it will get there.

The Roadmunk Business roadmap template allows you and the stakeholders in your company to illustrate what initiatives are planned by quarter and by different departments. This type of roadmap can break down silos and help everyone see the big picture by providing a shared understanding of the primary business objectives.

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Create a Roadmap to Success with Templates

Project success depends on many factors. That’s why it’s critical to have a solid roadmap software and bulletproof strategy roadmap to help guide your team, ensure all stakeholders are on the same page, identify potential risks and issues early on, and stay on course to meet your project requirements.

So take advantage of the roadmap templates that we’ve listed here for you, from product roadmap templates to technology roadmap templates.

With a good roadmap template in hand and a fully customizable project management software like ClickUp in your toolbelt, you’ll be fully equipped to handle every project that comes your way. It offers a library of templates and hundreds of features to give you the tools you need to run successful projects.

It’s free to try—start creating your roadmap to success for free today with ClickUp!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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