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11 Free SWOT Analysis Templates and Examples

Running a successful business comes with challenges that make it hard to stand out in any niche. Today, more than ever, your business competitors can easily access the same information and content as you do from the internet.

Therefore, you need a strategy to help you grow your business amidst the stiff competition. The best and most straightforward way to start the growth process is by conducting a SWOT analysis for your company.

This analysis allows you to simplify the project’s intended objectives and highlight the external and internal factors that define how those objectives are achieved. As a result, you can connect the existing actions to plans.

In this guide, we explore the best SWOT analysis templates and how to position them for powerful business insights!

What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is an organization’s structured framework to assess its strategic business planning and competitive position. The analysis breaks down the external and internal factors of the current and future business potential.

It is structured for a fact-based, realistic, and data-driven view of the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, business, or organization. SWOT is an acronym standing for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The first two factors are internal factors, while the latter are external factors.

  • Strengths: Your location, intellectual properties, human resources, financials, etc., contributing to your business success
  • Weaknesses: Factors that put the business off guard concerning competitors. These are business lags or mishaps embedded in your industry
  • Opportunities: Market growth and trends that you can take advantage of to drive profits, become innovative, and adhere to compliance (Check out these gap analysis templates!)
  • Threats: Potential risks such as natural issues, innovation challenges, and an atmosphere that could inconvenience your business

Typically, businesses use SWOT analysis to:

  1. Realize unique strengths compared to competitors
  2. Analyze performance areas where competitors excel
  3. Discover opportunities for business growth
  4. Identify potential business-disrupting issues and challenges

Why is SWOT analysis important for agile businesses?

Companies that don’t know their business market positioning lack a competitive advantage in their industry. This makes SWOT analysis a critical part of any successful business.

The structured framework helps businesses identify, analyze and understand core issues that impact the organization and how to find fitting solutions.

Conducting a personal SWOT analysis lets you realize where your strengths as a company lie, your weaknesses, the various opportunities you can leverage, and the dangers that could adversely impact your business.

Here are 11 downloadable SWOT analysis templates you can leverage for the best business outcomes!

11 Free SWOT Analysis Templates and Examples

1. ClickUp Whiteboard SWOT Template

clickup whiteboard templates for swot analysis and strategic planning
Customize the Retrospective Whiteboard Template in ClickUp for an actionable SWOT analysis

Avid list makers will enjoy the time-saving tools in ClickUp Whiteboards! Whiteboards are zoomable canvases to help visually work through complex concepts for effective SWOT analysis.

The reality is, managing huge amounts of data is a challenging process to put together. The beginner-friendly Introduction to Whiteboards Template by ClickUp solves this problem by creating a single space to deposit every idea, source, and image to paint the full analysis story. Here are a few ways you can maximize the value of your SWOT Analysis Whiteboard:

  • Collaborate with project managers at the next business strategy meeting or asynchronously
  • Add mind maps to break down large-scale concepts into manageable chunks
  • Create separate sections for OKRs, KPIs, and other internal data for reference
  • Insert placeholder markers for missing information or feedback requests
  • Convert Whiteboard objects into tasks and draw relationships
  • Build checklists to remember spur-of-the-moment thoughts

ClickUp maintains your ideas and solutions so you’re focusing on the right activities but also keeping important information within reach to revisit for a later time. The more you track your learnings and resources in one platform, you’ll position the SWOT analysis as the go-to strategic planning tool.

Pro tip: After you download the template, we recommend selecting the Retrospective template from your options list. Label your boxes then customize them to your preferred way to work!

Check out our Beginner’s Guide to ClickUp Whiteboards for quick tips to get started!

2. ClickUp SOAR Analysis Template

ClickUp SOAR Analysis Template
ClickUp’s SOAR Analysis Template SOAR analysis is used to identify an organization’s Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results

Similarly to a SWOT analysis, SOAR analysis is used to identify an organization’s Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results. This method of analysis provides valuable insight into the current state of the organization as well as potential areas for improvement. By understanding the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, it can be easier to identify opportunities for development and growth. 

ClickUp’s SOAR Analysis Template assists organizations in objectively assessing their performance by taking into account both internal and external elements that contribute to success. It allows for the identification of tangible and intangible areas that need improvement, which can then be further investigated and acted on through a strategic planning procedure.

3. Excel Competitive SWOT Analysis Template

This competitive Excel SWOT analysis template allows you to evaluate your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats against your competition. Instead of the SWOT matrix layout, it’s a simple spreadsheet featuring different columns to compare against three competitors.

The template enables you to develop a detailed analysis of your competition with the SWOT structure to identify findings like what opportunities your competitors might be missing. It helps you build an established competitive landscape and allows your team makes strategic planning decisions.

4. Microsoft Word Home Business Market SWOT Analysis Template

Microsoft Business Market SWOT Analysis Template example
Via Microsoft

Understand the industry, market size, and growth opportunities by creating a comprehensive market analysis for your home-based businesses. This business planning SWOT template by Microsoft Word will help define your business plan, assess your competitors, identify potential customers, determine your business value in the market, and more.

It allows you to spell out internal and external factors affecting your business so you can consider how to add value to your business to fit the market expectations.

5. Excel Business Plan SWOT Analysis Template

Microsoft Business Plan Checklist and SWOT Analysis template example
Via Microsoft

Use the template to assign responsible individuals and deadlines to the critical tasks to be completed when preparing a business plan. You can also analyze and plan for your upcoming business objective or product launch.

This SWOT template gives you a place to analyze your business plan and identify its strengths and weaknesses. For example, your strength may be that as a leader, you have solid accounting skills meaning you can handle your bookkeeping and manage business expenses without interfering. However, your business weakness could be that you struggle with juggling too many activities at a time, causing you to perform lesser-quality tasks. And your threats could be that your supplier is often late.

6. PowerPoint Diamond SWOT Template

The 5-slide deck Diamond SWOT analysis template is a simple and easy-to-use PowerPoint with a flat design. The diamond divides the categories into four sections with different colors to help each section stand out. It offers a unique layout for users while still maintaining external and internal factors displayed side-by-side.

This SWOT template allows you to prepare a presentation in just a few minutes by simply replacing placeholder content. The icons and shapes of this template are editable with a wide range of customizable features.

The slides are also reusable and easily adapt to another presentation’s style and theme. Plus, you can change the color and add desired effects to the image.

7. PowerPoint Business SWOT Analysis Template

PowerPoint Business SWOT analysis template example
Via SlideModel

The Business SWOT Analysis template is an introductory, editable presentation for business planning and marketing approaches. It helps teams discuss business ideas and solutions. It is a PowerPoint presentation with five slides demonstrating a brief overview design as well as four layouts for details.

The slide layout of this template presents a flower in the center while four segments develop a petal-shaped design. Each segment petal contains content placeholders to show textual content concerning SWOT analysis parameters.

You can easily make design changes or insert extra features for personalized views. It’s an excellent option to elaborate on business challenges and decision-making processes.

8. Google Docs SWOT Analysis Template

PeopleGoal Google Docs SWOT Analysis Template example

Google Docs lets you create analysis templates for your company from scratch. For instance, you can create a SWOT analysis template for your employees to evaluate their value in the company or a department, helping them analyze their competencies and skills in relation to the returns that the company or department gets.

This simple Google Docs analysis template is an easy guide that enables small businesses, individuals, and large enterprises to determine their value in a particular ecosystem. It helps you identify internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and view everything on a single page so that you can think through how to increase value without exhaustively turning through multiple pages.

9. Google Docs Manager SWOT Analysis Template

The Google Docs Manager SWOT analysis template is used to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of an individual when given a managerial role. It also helps managers self-check their tasks and implement an action plan to assist others in growth by realizing that the key foundation for business success is a team’s effort.

With this template, you can help yourself and others improve several aspects of their professional lives. You can push potential managers to stay strong so that they lead effectively from a position of strength by recording personal inventory of their business interactions and the impact of their position.

10. Microsoft Word Marketing SWOT Analysis Template

Microsoft Word Marketing SWOT Analysis Template example
Via Template.net

When you understand your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, developing marketing strategies that fit your specific needs becomes much easier. It guides your marketing team on the best methods to position the brand and products for business success.

This template has a section categorizing services or products based on critical themes such as functionality, capability, and quality, all of which help you to communicate with customers and adequately position the brand.

The marketing SWOT analysis template already has suggested content, so you no longer have to begin from scratch!

11. Word and Google Docs Healthcare SWOT Analysis Template

Template.net Healthcare SWOT Analysis Template example
Via Template.net

Managing a healthcare facility presents various challenges. With the healthcare SWOT analysis template as a basis for creating your own company’s assessment, you can have a necessary document to enable you to evaluate your institution’s strengths and weaknesses. It shows you the hospital’s big picture, helping you assess, assemble and evaluate the significant influences that oppose or support your strategic goals.

Identify your weaknesses and build on your strengths. Understand opportunities differentiating them from threats, and devise an action plan to make the most out of each situation.

Check out these healthcare project management tools!

Bonus Templates: BSC Templates

Who Benefits from Using a SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique helps identify a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a given situation. Here are some examples of teams that can greatly benefit from using a SWOT analysis:

Management Teams: For managers, conducting a SWOT analysis can provide valuable insights into the current state of their team or project. It can also help identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to capitalize on opportunities.

Sales Teams: For sales teams, a SWOT analysis can help identify areas where they excel and areas that need improvement. It can also provide insights into market trends and potential threats to the business.

Prioritize Your SWOT Analysis in ClickUp

Knowing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with your company or project is a critical first step to implementing and managing a successful action plan. Once your SWOT analysis is complete, it’s crucial that you have effective tools to plan, automate, manage and report on your business or project plan.

Leverage ClickUp to develop consistent project aspects, boost collaboration, and enhance speed with scalable options that match individual work preferences. Improve visibility into varying priorities, hold your team and yourself accountable and ensure there are no cracks.

Try ClickUp for free today! 

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