How to Maximize Employee Productivity With AI

Learn how outfitting all employees with AI tools, regardless of level or function, boosts productivity, speeds up decisions, and keeps the organization focused on higher-value activities.

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Who this is for and why it matters

Your competitors are advancing with AI, while your employees face high burnout levels and slower decision-making processes without it. To make matters worse, organizational data is often inconsistent and stored in different systems, making it challenging to assess the impact of adopting AI.

However, this doesn't have to be the case. Imagine a different future: Your company makes quicker, smarter decisions and delivers better results, all while your team members thrive in a modern workplace.

As AI continues to reshape industries, the question is not whether to adopt it but how to effectively integrate it into your organization's DNA.

This approach aligns with the insights shared by Homayoun Hatami, Managing Partner of Global Client Capabilities at McKinsey, on The McKinsey Podcast. He addressed the common failure of digital and AI transformations to meet expectations and discussed how leaders can drive performance from these initiatives.

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How can your organization bridge the gap between its current state and a future where AI drives productivity, transformation, and employee satisfaction?

Boost organization-wide productivity with AI-empowered teams

An Adobe global research report found that 67% of respondents said their No. 1 benefit from AI was saving time, followed by speeding up work and cutting time-consuming tasks.

These numbers are encouraging, but achieving them requires breaking the mold to discover new ways of working with AI. This means understanding how AI fits into your growth goals.

Here's a path to the quickest productivity gains: Help your employees visualize an immediate problem they can solve. This prevents overthinking the possibilities of using AI. Start with:

  • Preparation-intensive meetings
  • Information processing
  • Data searching
  • Documentation writing

These high-leverage activities are prime candidates for AI-driven streamlining, delivering measurable results and improved efficiency.

Let's explore how AI can transform these four areas—and elicit a few "Why didn't we use AI sooner?!" DMs from your team members.

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Replace wasteful meetings with voice recordings and async updates

Meetings often rank as one of the biggest workplace productivity killers. It's no wonder that half of U.S. workers prefer sending an email, text, or voice/video message instead of a meeting.

But too many comms tools make it challenging to keep everyone—and data—together in the same place. And you hit another efficiency problem.

Sending and transcribing voice memos is part of an AI-driven solution. It gives you a better chance of sharing well-thought-out responses without going off on unnecessary tangents. And everyone gets insights about a conversation faster—a win-win.

Recordings are also scalable tools to teach or explain a process to someone. With the support of AI transcription, viewers have timestamps to jump to specific sections. But the best part is that the recordings become a go-to resource for anyone needing a refresher. (If your SOPs could talk, they'd ask you to add these recordings at your earliest convenience.)

AI even makes retrieving specific information in recordings easy without watching the entire video.

Some meetings are absolutely essential for collaboration, and there's no way around that. But there are AI tools for that, such as and Fathom, that allow you to participate fully in the conversation while they record and transcribe the session.

After the meeting, you'll have a complete, accurate record of everything that was said so you can easily follow up on action items later to keep the momentum going. Better yet, you won't spend the next 20 minutes obsessively cleaning up messy handwritten notes and arrive late to your next meeting. Stand up and drink some water.

Speed up search with an AI-integrated knowledge base

Most businesses scatter their content in spreadsheets and final_final_version.doc. Or, it's trapped in someone's inbox about to take a two-week vacation in the Maldives.

That's where the AI-powered knowledge management base serves as the central repository for teams to send search queries and get relevant results.

Instead of opening a ChatGPT browser window and risking sensitive information on the web, all the context is safe within the platform. Jacquie Lolong, Knowledge Manager at ClickUp, shares how she uses AI to make her complex task easier:

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The best part? Your AI-powered knowledge base will get smarter over time. It learns from your behavior and feedback to deliver more accurate and relevant results.

The tool can even suggest related content or resources you might not have thought to look for, saving you hours of endlessly clicking through folders to find that one crucial piece of information you need to complete a task.

Process information from dense messages and docs faster

When we're constantly bombarded with requests and documents, it's easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the big picture. We might overlook a critical piece of information buried in a lengthy email chain or fail to notice how two seemingly unrelated tasks are actually connected.

This can lead to decisions being made based on incomplete or inaccurate information, seriously affecting our projects and collaborators.

Pete Huang, author of The Neuron Daily, advises companies to invest in AI and evaluate its impact on multiple areas of their business, not just costs, to uncover its significant potential benefits.

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There's a solution to cut through the noise and get straight to the point. You might need summaries or just your action items. AI summarization tools make it easy to quickly get the scope and requirements from a 10-page brief in just a few minutes.

And if you need to dive deeper into any specific section of the brief, the AI tool can generate more detailed summaries on demand. For example, you might want to see a summary of the distribution channels section to better understand the marketing plan.

Use AI to draft SOPs, memos, reports, and emails

What could you accomplish if you had more time to do the work instead of writing about it? For starters:

  • Collaborate with other departments and share insights to improve project outcomes
  • Provide more detailed project updates to your manager for better milestone-tracking
  • Produce high-quality deliverables instead of rushing through tasks

With context-setting from your end, AI writing assistants will understand the intent behind your writing tasks, and they can generate high-quality first drafts in minutes. All you have to do is provide the relevant details—the purpose, key points to include, and any specific formatting requirements—and AI will enhance the document's quality.

You'll also improve the clarity of your writing, especially on those over-caffeinated days. A Grammarly report found that 73% of workers believe generative AI helps them avoid miscommunication at work.

AI offers recommendations or guidance on selecting the right words, improving sentence structure, and adjusting the tone and style of a piece of writing. May Habib, CEO of Writer, shared on the Accenture AI Leaders podcast the essence of mobilizing generative AI at scale.

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ClickUp Brain helps every team and employee get more done

ClickUp Brain is the first AI offering that taps into the collective knowledge within an organization's workspace. At just $5 per member, it's a fraction of the price of other AI tools like ChatGPT, which costs $20 per user per month across your entire organization.

From streamlining communication async to reading and drafting documentation, ClickUp Brain is available 24/7/365 to tackle any complex task.

But ClickUp Brain isn't just about individual productivity. It's about empowering your entire team to work more effectively together.

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Register for the ClickUp Showcase to get exclusive access to actionable insights and real-world examples of how other companies use ClickUp Brain to solve their toughest collaboration, workflow, and project execution challenges.

Even one takeaway might open the floodgates to sharpen your workflow for feel-good workdays ahead.

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