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10 Free Product Launch Templates in Excel, Word, and ClickUp

It’s exciting to prepare for a new product launch—especially as you get ready to give your customers something fresh. It’s all about keeping them engaged and boosting sales with something shiny and new. At the same time, you need to ensure the product launch goes smoothly from initial planning to release. 

To help you excel with your successful product launch and product management on the whole, consider using these templates for guidance and tracking milestones as you progress.

What is a Product Launch Template?

A product launch template is a tool to plan your product launch from beginning to end so you cover every step. Working off a template gives you clear guidelines to ensure you don’t miss any aspects as you build your audience, develop promotional plans, and prepare for a successful product launch.

What Makes a Good Product Launch Template?

A good product launch template will be easy to implement and help you develop a complete product launch strategy, enabling you to follow a checklist, build a plan, set milestones, and perform other critical tasks.

There are many templates available, but not all of them are of the same quality or include the same extensive features. Some are more suitable for a complete product launch strategy than others, making it important to select the right product launch plan for your next project.

Also, some templates aren’t shareable or they require you to invite your team to use them, which can be beneficial if you don’t want just anyone to access them.

10 Product Launch Templates to Consider for 2024 and Beyond

If you’re not sure what template to use, there are plenty of options available to meet your needs and get product teams on the same page.

Here you’ll find a list of 10 of our favorite product launch templates that include every type of feature you could ask for. Regardless of what your product launch strategy entails, the following templates will help keep your project consistently smooth from conception to ongoing promotion.

Let’s dive into these options, shall we?

1. ClickUp Product Launch Checklist Template

ClickUp Product Launch Checklist Template
Tasks, statuses, and task due dates are easy to see within ClickUp’s list view

One of the best product launch templates available is the ClickUp Product Launch Checklist Template, which can serve as your complete product launch planning template. Whether you need a template to help guide a new or existing product launch plan, you’ll find every must-have feature in this fully-loaded template.

This template includes five statuses to help you track the progress of your product launch strategy, including Complete, In Progress, For Review, On Hold, and Pending.

Additionally, this template features two custom fields for further organization: Task Category and Duration. You’ll also benefit from six comprehensive view types, which include Milestones, Gantt, By Category, Timeline, Activities, and a Getting Started Guide.

This product launch plan template uses color coding to help visualize and keep track of every element of your launch process. Ultimately, this all-in-one solution should cover all bases for product marketing teams

2. ClickUp Gantt Chart Product Launch Template

ClickUp Gantt Chart Product Launch Template View
Use the Gantt Chart View in ClickUp to see your product launch strategy in progress

The Gantt chart remains one of the most popular project management templates for organizations to follow. This chart format displays activities against timelines to help gauge progress throughout a project.

ClickUp’s Product Launch Checklist Template also includes a Gantt chart template to help you follow along as you plan your next product launch strategy. This Gantt chart template makes it easy to view each activity and task you must complete against a timeline to visualize your project launch plan.

You can view this timeline from start to finish and determine precisely when you need to complete each task. For example, you can see a number of tasks in a Week/Day view that lets you know which tasks you must complete every week, including defining your target audience, surveying customers for feedback, and reviewing your analytical data.

If you want a complete Gantt chart to help you strategize your product launch strategy, ClickUp’s Gantt view will be invaluable to your process.

3. ClickUp Product Launch Timeline Template

ClickUp Product Launch Timeline Template
Uncover the full timeline of your product launch with this specific view in ClickUp

Using the same ClickUp product checklist template, you’ll also gain access to view the Product Launch Timeline. This will help ensure you’re able to stay on track with your project to meet your objectives and achieve key results

The Timeline view in our template allows you to easily see how far you’ve come along in your project and how much farther you need to go. You can see where you’re at during each stage of your product launch strategy with a Task Category column that groups task according to the project phase. You can then see which tasks you must complete for each category and the duration of each task.

For example, in a Market Analysis category, you might want to analyze your existing customer data in the first week, followed by defining your target audience in the second. You can cover tasks in the Target Audience category, which could include conducting interviews and surveys so you document all your customer pain points.

4. ClickUp Product Launch Milestones Template

ClickUp Product Launch Milestones Template
Use the ClickUp Product Launch Milestones Template to track, benchmark, and document project progression

In the same Clickup product checklist template, you’ll find a Milestones view that establishes key steps in your project as you progress. Throughout your product launch plan, you’ll likely have specific project milestones to reach based on the goals you’ve set and the timeline you’ve built.

This particular product management tool will help you visualize each of those milestones and their progress toward your product launch event. With the Milestones template, you can clearly see a list of all tasks you must complete and their corresponding status to keep teams on the same page.

You can also see the specific start and due dates for each task, with the due dates of overdue projects highlighted in red to indicate urgency. Easily view time tracked, assignees, and categories for each task.

The five statuses for your product launch tasks include Pending, In Progress, For Review, On Hold, and Complete. Color coding also helps indicate task status. This template is a great complement to your product launch plan timeline to help prevent you from falling behind.

5. ClickUp Product Launch Categories Template

ClickUp Product Launch Categories Template
Break down your product launch by category with this specific ClickUp view

When you implement the Product Launch Checklist Template from ClickUp, you also have access to a By Category view that organizes all tasks according to their respective categories. 

Categorizing your product launch tasks is key to tracking each phase of the project from start to finish in your product roadmap. And the Product Launch Categories Template keeps this project plan process simple. You can see which tasks in each category are still pending and omit the ones you’ve already completed, giving you a clear window into what to expect for the remainder of your project.

Each category contains a list of tasks below. For instance, you might have a Pricing category that includes tasks such as “Estimate costs” and “Outline business goals.” You can see the start and end dates for each project and flag various tasks (or subtasks) to help with prioritization for a successful product launch.

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6. ClickUp Product Launch Board Template

ClickUp Product Launch Board Template
ClickUp’s Board View gives a full picture of your strategy with drag-and-drop features

Another view you get with the ClickUp product checklist template is the Board view. This view displays all tasks according to status.

Similar to the By Category view, the Board view shows all tasks in lists under their corresponding status categories. The different statuses include Pending, In Progress, For Review, On Hold, and Complete. Again, like the Category view, you can see information for each task, including the task name, start and end dates and times, and any subtasks beneath them. 

As you complete different tasks, they’ll be removed from the corresponding task list, letting you know precisely what you need to complete as you go along. 

As an example, you might have a Pending list of tasks that includes all tasks that have yet to get started. Once an assignee begins a project, it will go into the In Progress category. This helps you keep track of workflows for effective product management.

7. ClickUp New Product Development Template

ClickUp New Product Development Template
Whether you’re working on a new or from an existing launch, this template connects everything together

If your plan involves an entirely new product, you can supplement another product launch plan template with the help of ClickUp’s New Product Development Template. This template allows project managers to track the progress of each project based on specific milestones and deliverables.

This product launch plan template comes with plenty of features like our product checklist template. For instance, you can track progress based on four different statuses for various tasks, including Blocked, Complete, In Progress, and To Do.

Additionally, you can use several custom fields to gain more transparency into product management KPIs and metrics, including Duration (Days), Task Complexity, Impact Level, Team, Phase, and Task Effort. You also benefit from five different view types, which include Project Summary, Process Board, Timeline, Gantt Chart, and a Getting Started Guide.

Using all these features, the New Product Development Template can help successfully release a new product that impresses your new and existing customers.

8. ClickUp Product Strategy Template

ClickUp Product strategy template
The ClickUp Product Strategy Template covers every stage of your plan from beginning to end

If you need a complete template to cover your entire product launch plan, ClickUp’s Product Strategy Template can help you both plan and visualize your entire strategy, from development to the release management process.

This product launch template centralizes all of the details about your product strategy with in-depth visualizations. As a result, the template works as a critical piece to help decision-makers determine which steps to take and what to modify to perfect their strategy. 

The Product Strategy template allows you to see several different statuses for various phases and tasks. These statuses include Open, Complete, In Review, In Progress, On Hold, In Review, To Do, and Needs Revision. You can also set custom fields when creating tasks for automation, and you can view the included Getting Started Guide to make full use of this template.

For an all-in-one product strategy solution, use this template in combination with our Product Launch Checklist and other templates.

9. Microsoft Word Product Launch Template Product Launch Plan Template

Whether you have Microsoft Word or any other type of word processor, you can use Microsoft’s free MS Word Product Launch Plan Template to help simplify your product launch. You can use these project roadmap templates when launching your next product, enabling you to edit and customize the template based on your unique requirements.

You can easily organize your product launch plan from beginning to end with this exhaustive template. Include a cover page, table of contents for simple navigation, and various sections such as revision reports, goals and objectives, and more based on your project’s needs. 

This product launch template is also downloadable in a variety of formats depending on the program you use, including MS Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, an editable PDF, or a browser version.

10. Excel Product Launch Template Product Launch Roadmap Template

Another helpful product release management tool that can fuel your product launch’s success is the Excel Product Launch Template. It offers the perfect way to visualize your product strategy at every step, with the ability to see each task on your project timeline. You can also color code the project to keep track of each task and time period along the timeline.

Like the MS Word Product Launch Plan Template, this product launch template is available in nearly any format you need. You can use it in Microsoft Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, Apple Pages, Apple Keynote, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. You can also download it in an editable PDF format.

Successfully Launch Your Next Product With the Right Templates for You

With the help of the right template behind your product launch, you’ll ensure all systems are good to go and ready for launch at every step. You’ll ensure no part of your strategy remains overlooked or undercooked. 

The right product launch templates will cover every aspect of your launch and make it easy to follow along as you prepare for a new release. They’ll also streamline the process in the long term with each new product or re-release you plan going forward.

If you need a high-quality product management solution for your business, ClickUp is here to give you what you need with dynamic product management software that can take your product launch capabilities to the next level.

You’ll find plenty of templates to help you plan every part of your product’s lifecycle along with thousands of integrations, unlimited members and tasks, and much more at no cost to you.

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