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10 Product Strategy Templates for Product Teams in 2024

Navigating an ocean without a compass is as risky as it sounds. 

Your product strategy is that compass, providing direction amidst the choppy seas of the marketplace. 

It points your product strategy team toward its true North, keeping your product vision, cost strategy, business goals, and the value you want to deliver to customers in focus. With it, you can avoid drifting aimlessly, losing sight of your destination.

Let’s dive into 10 product strategy templates that can serve as your compass, guiding your product strategy team to the land of success in 2024.

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What is a Product Strategy Template?

An effective product strategy template is a comprehensive, structured document or tool that aids product managers in planning, developing, and implementing their product strategy. It typically includes key sections that guide you through establishing the overall product vision.

This can include things like the product strategy, identifying target customers, defining the unique selling proposition, setting objectives and key results, and outlining the go-to-market plan.

The purpose of a product strategy template is to provide a systematic approach to creating a product. A quality strategy maintains a clear, consistent direction for a successful product strategy team and stakeholders. It helps everyone align on the product’s business goals, the problems it aims to solve, and how it will create value for customers.

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What Makes a Good Product Strategy Template? 

A well-defined product strategy template is an effective tool that should be part of any product management software’s arsenal. These templates provide structure and guidance while remaining adaptable to your product’s unique needs and how they align with the company vision.

Here are some key qualities that define a stellar product strategy template:

  • Comprehensiveness: It should cover all essential elements of an effective product strategy, including vision, target audience, differentiation strategy, unique selling proposition, key features and benefits, competitive analysis, a set strategy for pricing, go-to-market plan, and timeline
  • Flexibility: Each product, vision statement, product strategy, and target market is unique, so a good template provides a structure that can be adapted to fit different situations and needs
  • Actionability: A useful product management template should inspire action and decision-making. It should help you clearly define your company’s goals and business objectives and outline the steps required to achieve them
  • Alignment: It should help align all stakeholders, from the product development team to the marketing and sales teams, to executives and investors see the big picture for success
  • Customer-centric: A great product strategy always keeps the customer at its core. It should help you deeply understand your customer base or target audience and how your product strategy will solve their problems or meet their needs
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10 of the Best Product Strategy Templates to Use in 2024

Steer your product marketing strategy in the right direction with these 10 templates:

1. ClickUp Product Strategy Template

ClickUp Product Strategy Template

ClickUp’s Product Strategy Template is a comprehensive tool for product management that streamlines the product strategy and design process. It includes a hierarchical structure with a main Product Strategy Folder, which contains three crucial lists: the Features list, the Timeline list, and the Team list.

The Features list is where new product initiatives are brought to life. You can create a new task for each feature and fill out custom fields like Feature Category, Effort, Priority, and Kickoff Date.

The list also features a submission form for new feature ideas and various views like the All Features table view and the Priority board view to help you manage and prioritize these features among your product team. And the Timeline list focuses on scheduling and tracking the progress of feature development and launching.

It includes a List view, a Board view, and a Gantt chart to represent the project timeline visually. The Team list categorizes people involved in the project by their roles.

If you like this approach, you’ll love the breakdown of our favorite strategic planning templates loaded and ready to use on ClickUp.

2. ClickUp New Product Development Template

ClickUp New Product Development Template

ClickUp’s New Product Development Project Plan template assists product managers with the entire product development journey, from initial concept to product launch. It’s a perfect match for our step-by-step guide to product development.

Custom fields like Phase, Task Complexity, Task Effort, Impact Level, Team, and Duration (Days) further enhance the template’s efficiency. The product strategy template also recommends adding a formula field to calculate the duration of a task in days.

The New Product Development Project Plan Template from ClickUp is a powerful asset for a product manager. Its different views and custom fields ensure a holistic understanding of the project, allowing managers to keep their finger on the pulse of the project’s progress. 

This template leads to quicker product development times, a better response to user needs, an increased likelihood of success in the broader market, and decreased investment costs.

3. ClickUp Product Roadmap Template

ClickUp Product Roadmap Template

ClickUp’s Product Roadmap Template enables the prioritization of product ideas, the creation of a unified product roadmap, and the provision of regular execution updates. This is a great tool for identifying and solving resource constraints early in product development.

The template promotes efficiency and collaboration, reducing the need for multiple meetings and tools. It includes a hierarchy of lists:

  • Product Roadmap
  • Template Guide
  • Weekly Execution
  • Product Master Backlog

The template includes workflow automation and critical features like Views, Custom Fields, and Docs. It facilitates user-friendly operations like task creation, tracking, prioritizing, and updating, making communication with stakeholders and leadership seamless. 

The customizable product roadmap template allows product teams to modify their workspace experience to fit their needs and the product’s requirements. This template makes product development and management more organized, collaborative, and efficient.

4. ClickUp Product Brief Template

ClickUp Product Brief Template

ClickUp’s Product Brief Template organizes product specifications, feedback, and tasks for product managers. Now, you can outline objectives, solutions, and specs consistently.

Add nested pages for supportive information and draft histories, and customize the formatting and document tags to suit your purposes.

The template also features a comment section for real-time collaboration and task assignment, reducing the risk of lost edits or feedback.

The product brief template aligns your product team around the scope of work at the start of a project, streamlines collaboration, and provides a structured approach to product development. It is a single source of truth, consolidating key elements of the product initiative into one document.

5. ClickUp Product Launch Checklist Template

ClickUp Product Launch Checklist Template

ClickUp’s Product Launch Checklist Template is designed to streamline product launches, encompassing a Gantt chart, a timeline, and a list of launch activities. It is one of many product launch templates available through ClickUp.

Task views include list view, board view, Gantt view, and timeline view, each offering a unique visual representation of tasks and their progress. 

Custom fields such as dropdown, people, date, and formula are included to tailor tasks to specific project needs.

The checklist template features lists for various views like activities, milestones, task categories, and Gantt views, each providing a different perspective on the product launch process. Custom fields facilitate tracking task status, category, start and due dates, and duration.

6. ClickUp Go-To-Market Strategy Template

ClickUp Go-To-Market Strategy Template

ClickUp’s Go-To-Market Strategy Template will help you build a detailed plan for your next product launch.

Custom fields such as dropdown and text areas allow for all the details to be captured during the strategic planning stage.

The GTM Strategy Template facilitates a systematic approach to launching successful products, encouraging collaboration across teams within a shared workspace. It allows for a clear strategy and detailed task descriptions.

Go-To-Market Strategy List view

List view is the most flexible view for grouping, sorting, and filtering your GTM strategy. Get a high-level overview of all tasks across your Workspace, or drill down and group together just the tasks you need to accomplish right now.

This structured approach to planning and marketing campaigns helps minimize risks, optimize marketing expenses, and ensure the maximum market impact of new product launches.

7. ClickUp Project Strategy Template

ClickUp Project Strategy Template

ClickUp’s Project Strategy Template is a comprehensive tool designed to manage projects of any size and complexity, informing all stakeholders about progress updates. 

The template incorporates several custom fields, such as Project Phase, Progress Rate, RAG Status (Red, Amber, Green), Impact Level, and Risk Level. These fields enable detailed task categorization and status updates, enhancing project management efficiency.

A Project Strategy Template is crucial for outlining a project’s overall business goals and implementation strategy. It streamlines project management, ensuring transparent and timely communication with all stakeholders. It aids in organizing and prioritizing tasks, reducing the potential for oversights or delays. It also allows for effective risk and impact assessment, which can help decision-making and contingency planning. 

The different views provide a multifaceted perspective on the project’s progress, so you can monitor timelines, and protect limited resources, dependencies, and milestones closely.

8. ClickUp Production Tracking Template

ClickUp Production Tracking Template

The ClickUp Production Tracking Template is meticulously designed to optimize multimedia production processes.

Use custom fields to capture specific details like production stages, relevant links, dates, and more. 

This template streamlines pre to post-production management, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. It enables efficient time management by identifying bottlenecks quickly, aids in adhering to schedules, and consolidates all documentation in one place.

ClickUp’s sharing features promote seamless team collaboration. To use, create tasks representing projects in the Production List view, filled with relevant details and attachments. These tasks can then be managed across different views and production stages.

9. ClickUp Website Production Plan Template

ClickUp Website Production Plan Template

ClickUp’s Website Production Plan Template is a comprehensive tool for managing website development projects. 

Tailor your product development process to suit your specific needs with custom fields. The template includes sections for themes, epics, user stories from your target market, feature requests, and releases. It has everything you need to create a systematic approach to development. 

The use of sprints helps break down larger tasks into manageable units, and the Sprints ClickApp can be enabled for improved sprint management. 

Overall, this template facilitates task tracking, dependency management, feedback collection, and sprint planning, making it a valuable tool for product managers.

10. ClickUp Feedback Form Template

ClickUp Feedback Form Template

Once your product strategy gets pushed live, how do you plan to collect customer feedback? Use the ClickUp Feedback Form Template to finalize your marketing strategy through digital forms.

You’ll get a streamlined way of gathering feedback from customers about your products and services. This product strategy doc form is an excellent tool to gather precisely this type of information, allowing you to customize the questions to suit your needs.

By collecting all feedback in one place, you can analyze trends and identify areas for improvement, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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New Product Strategy Examples

Having the right product strategy makes it easier to identify opportunities, set goals, and make informed decisions. Product strategies are especially important as products move from an idea into development and into a marketable product. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve gathered examples of product strategies that have been used by successful companies across industries.

  1. Minimal Viable Product (MVP) – A Minimal Viable Product is a product that has just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development.
  2. Value Proposition Canvas – The Value Proposition Canvas helps you create value propositions based on customer needs, jobs-to-be-done3.
  3. Lean Canvas – The Lean Canvas is an adaptation of the Business Model Canvas, which helps you to think through the potential customers, solutions and measures of success for your venture.
  4. Business Model Canvas – The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool that helps businesses think about how they will create value for their customers5.
  5. Product Backlog – A Product Backlog is a collection of features and enhancements that are desired in the product. It helps prioritize what should be included in the product roadmap, and serves as the basis for release planning.
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Charting the Course Ahead With Clickup Product Strategy Templates

These templates will help you navigate your next product development sprint. Use them to systematically and consistently prioritize features, manage roadmaps, understand your target users, and align your business hopes and product development team’s efforts.

Visit ClickUp to learn more ways we can help your next product journey set sail.

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