How To Be More Productive in 2019: Best Hacks, Tricks and Tips to Use Today

How To Be More Productive in 2019: Best Hacks, Tricks and Tips to Use Today

How can we be more productive?

This question has always pushed us in our mission to build the first and only productivity platform.

Think of this post as your ultimate guide to productivity and on how to be more productive.

This is an awesome resource for the best productivity hacks, tricks, tips and suggestions on productivity. You’ll definitely find something to help you be more productive right away!

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How to Improve Productivity at Your Job

1. Sub out music for motivational videos and triple your productivity.

What if you replaced your favorite beats with motivational mantras backed up by inspiring music? It will help you focus and give you the confidence to take on that day’s tasks.

Throw in a dash of successful individuals yelling in both of your ears and next thing  you know, you’ll be doing 10x more work than you thought possible.

Listen to our favorite motivational videos!

2. Create a system to help you remember things.

This seems pretty obvious, but do you find yourself writing things down multiple times, trying to coordinate across multiple apps and still not getting your work done?

Then you need a system to connect your tasks and collaborate with your team members.

Try ClickUp to help you collaborate and track your projects, tasks, and to-do lists.

Start with a project management template in ClickUp or download a to-do list app!

3. Embrace social project management.

Your question: What is social project management? My question: How often do you finish projects? Ha, touché! Social project management is more efficient than the classic approach because it gets a few crucial elements right – collaboration, ownership and adaptability.

Your team members can use comments, hashtags, emojis and tags to stay organized in a way that’s familiar to you, while also accounting for adaptability, flexibility and other unseen factors.

Learn more about social project management.

4. Find productivity tools that fit how your team works.

Changing team habits is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you’re talking about workflows and preferences. People like to do things their way. There are ways to collaborate together and still let people customize how they personally contribute to the overall team goals and projects–such as viewing projects through a board or list. You’ll need a productivity platform and project management software that will help you do that.

A top-notch productivity tool shouldn’t slow you down, but will enhance the work of the most highly productive people.

Learn about the best free project management software and other great productivity tools!

5. Offer solutions to problems.

Anyone can look around and identify a problem. Equally, anyone can offer a solution, it just requires a higher level of thought and is more productive than always complaining. Instead of telling your boss the company is about to lose an account, offer a solution as to how you can fix the situation and keep the relationship.

Your idea doesn’t have to be mind-blowing. Simply showing that you’re concerned with the next step will showcase your ability to think constructively. Once you become the master of offering solutions, rather than just finding problems, then you may just get that raise you’ve been looking for.

6. Change from customer service to customer success.

Even if you’re not in sales or support or the customer service department, helping customers and prospects is part of your job. Really, it’s your top mission. But how is that part of productivity? Once you really understand the end goal and who you’re trying to serve, you’ll enhance your productivity as you learn how your work is adding value to others.

If you’re part of a customer success team, these tools will help you get the most out of your interactions.

7. Find and keep the rockstar employees.

Often better workplace productivity starts before your employees even enter the office. Finding, hiring and keeping the best employees is what every organization supposedly strives for, but few manage to establish the right culture, environment and challenges to keep employees engaged. A rockstar performer is 4x more productive than an average employee. In a startup or a small business, having rockstars in your corner means the difference between massive growth or abysmal failure.

Getting A-players will give you a headstart on productivity before they even begin.

How To Improve Your Personal Productivity

8. Create an amazing to-do list.

David Allen, the creator of the Get Things Done methodology, pointed out a simple solution for remembering tasks. Capture all your tasks in your to-do list, even if you have a fantastic memory and don’t need any reminders. Writing it down gives your brain the liberty to forget about it, and use its limited attention to focus on the task at hand.

Staying organized, especially with life events can be difficult. But there’s also great value to creating an awesome birthday party for your significant other or even challenging yourself with a new hobby. A lot of us may make a to-do list, but you could go beyond that and create a real plan for getting something done. Like planning that birthday party, trying out a new recipe or organizing a collection. A productivity platform shouldn’t just be limited to your work life, there’s real value for your personal life as well.

Get more tips on improving your to-do list. 

9. Avoid social media and keep your phone in another room.

Phones aren’t necessarily the problem, but all of the notifications are. That’s why physically separating yourself from your phone and then only checking it at certain levels will help you concentrate on the task at hand. Focus leads to more productivity.

There’s a time for social media, but only during planned work breaks. On your lunch break? Sure, dive into the latest Instagram story. Otherwise, keep out of social media. This may mean moving your phone to another room or placing in your file cabinet or bag rather than right on your desk.

Read more about notification overload from text messages and social media. 

10. Simplify your workflow.

When you’re juggling tasks in different applications, on different computers, and with different groups of people, you get confused. By trying to learn and balance 6 different user-interfaces at your job since each has something the others lack, you’re wasting both time and energy. However, if you can simplify the number of tools you use and the places that files/information exists, you are setting yourself up for success.

With ClickUp, you don’t need Google Inbox, email, InVision, and multiple project management apps notifying you individually – instead, you can have everything flowing through a single communications hub.

See how to improve your workflow!

11. Set long-term goals. And short-term goals, too.

Goal setting seems to be a lost art in our modern culture, but long-term and short-term goals can help direct your attention. Rather than only “maintaining,” goals provide a direction and help move your work forward into new directions that you may not have expected.

In ClickUp, you can set goals and objectives for your team with our Goals feature. This is an easy way to clarify the most important tasks for your team so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Set daily, weekly or monthly stretch goals–you choose!

Read more about how to set great long-term and short-term goals

12. Set up a successful home office.

If you telecommute, work from home or spend a few weekday mornings at home before arriving at the office, then you know the importance of having a great morning routine and workspace at home. There are two parts to a successful home office–the first is understanding how your body and mind work together, and the second is understanding your individual personality traits. Click on the link in the heading above to read more about creating an organized and productive home office.

Get more home office tips

13. Filter your personal tasks from team tasks.

It’s easy to get lost in the noise of your team’s overall progress and forget what’s exactly in front of you. Productivity tools like ClickUp offer filtered views to help you focus on your tasks, and even record what you’ve been working on recently. This is a solid way to stay focused while also documenting your successes and past activity. When you attend meetings, you’ll quickly be able to flip between your tasks and the ones for your team.

Read more about team and personal views in ClickUp. 

14. Try the Pomodoro Technique

One of the top ways to measure time for tasks is the Pomodoro technique. A pomodoro is made up of four sessions of 25 minutes each, with a five minute break in betweent. After four Pomodoros, you can take a longer break: usually fifteen to 30 minutes.

The Pomodoro Technique gives you a focus for your work, giving you a countdown clock until you can take your next break–making you more productive than you would be on your own.

Life Hacks for Productivity

Want to achieve your goals? How can you get there in the shortest, most productive path possible? We’re all looking for that extra insight or hack to take us over the top. Here are the top suggestion from ClickUp to help you stay healthy, alert and productive during your work days.

15. Exercise can make you more productive.

You don’t necessarily need to join SoulCycle or that Crossfit gym you pass by on the way home from work to be more productive.

What works for me may not work for you. A lot of high productive people have the ability to boost their work by simply taking a walk or a quick jog around the neighborhood. However, if you’re having trouble finding motivation to get out and be active, I would definitely recommend joining a class of some sort. Classes hold you accountable and can act as a support group.

Also, exercise provides you with a good release and contributes to a more complete work-life balance.

Exercise equals productivity.

16. Stay hydrated.

The brain is basically just a gooey water-blob. Without water, you have no brain. A profound insight with important lessons: Drink lots of water, dummy. Most people don’t drink near the actual amount of water they need per day (at least a half gallon) and suffer an enormous range of physical and mental consequences as a direct (and entirely foreseeable) result. Keep water close by and sip it constantly. It keeps you alert and healthy – both good things if you want to be productive.

17. Take a walk to get more done.

Instead of sitting around inside, Steve Jobs, the famous founder of Apple, took colleagues on long walks which provided his favorite setting for energetic discussion and debate.

It was on these walks that many of his most significant products and ideas were conceived, and where the ugliest of Apple’s problems were solved. In Jobs’ own words, “I think better when I’m on a walk”.But just don’t take it from a business genius–there are also great health benefits to walking during the day or during your morning routine.

Increased brainpower, more creativity, better mood and “flow” all come from walking. Talk about better productivity.

See more about the benefits of walking. 

18. Think about your motivation

What makes work more fulfilling? According to Daniel Pink (who literally wrote the book on fulfillment—a New York Times bestseller called Drive), extrinsic motivation (money, bonuses, candy, etc.) doesn’t work. Instead, intrinsic motivation is what matters. Specifically, he focuses on mastery of a certain skill or expertise. Connecting an internal motivation to how you work will increase your drive, which will also help with your productivity.

See more about doing the work that makes you happy. 

19. Go all in on deep work. 

Long periods of concentration are harder for our society and workforce to accomplish now. It’s becoming a rare commodity. Much of deep work is ignoring the “shallow work” like compulsively checking emails or notifications. It’s an extended way to focus on one task at at a time and make the most headway that you can. Adding deep work to your schedule (if possible!) gives you more focus and longer periods of great work.

Read more about how deep work can help you. 

20. Adopt a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset entails understanding that through practice, hard work and effort you can improve on your abilities and learn new things. Getting there is a journey, but opens up new ideas and experiences for you to try, rather than only being “productive” in a certain way. Adding and trying new habits will keep you growning and adapting.

See the difference between fixed and growth mindsets.

Get The Best Productivity Apps and Tools

Want to connect and integrate your apps all in one place? That’s a great idea. We all get a little fatigued having to constantly change tasks and tabs. A little legwork up front to connect your tools can pay huge dividends in time down the road when you don’t have to always switch back and forth between various tools. Once you have your tools integrated via ClickApps and API integrations, then your work becomes a lot smoother.


There are tons of project management apps out there. Doesn’t matter. ClickUp is by far the best. Once set up, ClickUp will reduce internal email, make it easy to delegate tasks, and display the status of all projects from one central dashboard.

It’s simple to integrate with the other tools you use most (see below) and it’s super easy to import your tasks over from other productivity tools. And did we mention it’s one of the highest-rated project management platforms out there? It’s true.

Best To-Do List Apps

See the top to-do list apps that you should download right away to improve your work and personal efficiency.

Top Collaboration Tools

Because collaboration tools keep changing and the possibilities continue to expand, it’s always important to review a list like this to ensure you stay on the cutting edge and find the best tools to improve your team collaboration.

Best Productivity Apps for Apple & Android

What if you could turn that powerful phone in your pocket for something more productive? And they became objects for good rather than distraction? This list of productivity apps will cut out friction and frustration from your everyday life.

Best Task Management Software

Check out this list for the top task management software to help monitor your tasks and projects for a small team or as an individual. From to-do lists to simple team collaboration, this list will have what you need.

What is a Productivity Platform? 

Yes, we want to provide you with the tools for better productivity, but also to become an indispensable resource to get you there. Think of ClickUp as that productivity coach that you’ve always wanted.
A productivity platform is a place to manage your work life. And, your personal life. Really, it’s about managing your whole life. It’s about making you more productive. Saving you time. Making you generally happier and more successful.

A productivity platform wants to answer questions like:

  • Why can’t my reminders be in the same place as my calendar?
  • Why can’t my calendar and reminders be with my tasks?
  • Why can’t my work life and my life outside of work be in the same place, but partitioned enough so they don’t mix?
  • Why can’t my whole company work in the same platform?
  • Why can’t I just have everything in one simple and beautiful platform?

Be Productive with ClickUp

  • Getting Started:
    Finally ready to conquer your projects once and for all? ClickUp is your ticket to finishing and organizing your work to maximize your productivity. Organizing your teams, spaces and more is the key to more efficient projects.
  • Hierarchy:
    The set up of your teams, spaces, lists and tasks is at the heart of improving productivity. In this post, see how to set up your project management software for easier workflows and project management.
  • Folders & Lists:
    Other platforms lack organization and structure required to maintain manageable work. Yes, you can start out okay but as your tasks increase, things get out of control. Projects and lists give you more flexibility and control over how to do your work.
  • Checklists & Templates:
    Never miss a step of a task and knock them out one by one. This works great for tasks with multiple steps that have to be done by different people on your team. You can also save the checklists as templates to use again and again. Awesome!

More Productivity Resources


To increase your productivity, you will have to think about the changes to your routine that you want to do on a daily basis. It actually takes longer than a few days for a new habit to stick: try 2 months.

Time management is also important. As you carve out more time for your work, old habits may pass away–like checking your social media, phone or email. These activities may need to fade, and often they serve as procrastination rather than contributing to anything productive.

But it’s worth it.

Keep in mind, you’re trying to do something big–complete that project, write that pitch deck, create that new business. And these things will take intense focus–more than what you may be used to. Adding in the right productivity tips to your day will give you a leg up.

You don’t have time for wasting time. So be more productive.


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