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Core Task Views

Simple yet powerful views for managing work

Understand where all your work stands at a glance by organizing tasks with flexible sorting, filtering, and grouping options.

Page Views

Seamlessly collaborate on any project


Create beautiful Docs for any need

Create beautiful Docs, wikis, and more—then connect them to workflows to execute on ideas with your team. Collaborate in real time with comments, and convert text into trackable tasks to stay on top of ideas.

Replaces: MS Word | Google Docs

Software Teams LP Tab IMage 1 Plan Docs


Bring everyone together with Chat

Work smarter as a team with real-time chat. Tag individuals or groups, assign comments for action items, and link tasks to get more done together.

Replaces: Slack | MS Teams | Google Hangouts



Brainstorm and build on a visual canvas

Turn your team's ideas into coordinated actions with a virtual Whiteboard. Collaborate in real time, visualize processes and relationships, draw freehand, and more—all in ClickUp.

Replaces: Google Hangouts | Miro | LucidSpark



Simplify your intake processes

Streamline how your team collects information from customers, prospects, and internal stakeholders. Automatically turn custom forms and surveys into actionable, easy-to-manage tasks.

Replaces: Google Forms | Microsoft Forms | SurveyMonkey



Bring all your resources into one place

Save time from jumping between apps by adding spreadsheets, docs, videos, and more alongside tasks, projects, and workflows.

Embed View.

Advanced Task Views

Get deeper insights with Advanced views

Manage time & resources

  • Adjust timelines, priorities, and tasks to keep up with project changes. Add dependencies, visualize progress, and move tasks to quickly reschedule due dates.

Get a high-level overview

  • See multiple projects side-by-side or one at a time with flexible sorting, and calculate the critical path to forecast bottlenecks.

Prioritize all your work

  • Organize how you see your work with a variety of sorting options. Create cascading views to easily see what's coming next.


Organize any kind of work

  • Create lightning-fast spreadsheets and databases to manage budgets, inventories, client information, and more.

Create no-code databases

  • Connect customers to orders, users to bug reports, and more by linking tasks and documents together.

Visualize project data

  • Edit data in bulk with customizable tables. Record every detail with 15+ Custom Field types, including task progress, attachments, star ratings, and more.


Plan your work

  • Manage individual or team projects and quickly prioritize your work on a flexible timeline.

Create visual roadmaps

  • Keep everyone up to date on team projects and workflows. Inform your users with public roadmaps, share project timelines with clients, and collaborate on priorities with your team.
Timeline view (Agile Teams)


Visualize team bandwidth

  • Set and track workload capacities for your team to easily see who is under or over capacity.

Improve transparency

  • Add time estimates and priorities to your team tasks so everyone knows what to work on. Determine what work might require additional team resources and easily add assignees.
Workload Design View


Manage team resources

  • Stay in sync with your team's priorities with Box view. See what people are working on, what has been completed, and who is under or over capacity.

Manage team resources

  • Drag-and-drop to reassign tasks and measure work capacity with sprint points. Get the latest updates by viewing a team member's comments in one place.


See everyone's activity

  • Keep track of who's done what in a particular List, Folder, Space, or Workspace. Quickly see comments, edits, updates, and more.

See everyone's activity

  • Filter by teammate to see what they've been working on in a particular project. Select the types of work activity you want to view to see project details.

Mind Map

Map out ideas and tasks

  • Create a visual outline to organize ideas, projects, and workflows. Easily convert Mind Maps into trackable tasks to collaborate on with your team.

Map out ideas and tasks

  • Streamline existing workflows by viewing them as Mind Maps. Rearrange work to create logical paths, and edit or delete tasks to improve your processes.


Manage location-specific workflows

  • Clearly visualize where your tasks, destinations, or any relevant location falls on a map—view event locations, track job sites, and more.

Map out your work

  • Manage your work on an interactive map with customizable pins for status, priority, and more. Jump between task locations and share your map with anyone using a private link.


Why teams love ClickUp views


Anna A, Founder/Consultant

"The multiple views are perfect, giving each person the ability to view the content in the format best suited to them."


Marc P, Senior Bioinformatician

"Incredible flexibility and a huge number of features, and many, many choices of views (to slice out selected aspects of everything underway)... ClickUp is like a combination of JIRA and Asana on steroids."


Komi B.A, Big Data Analyst

"I like the way I can see and analyze my to-dos in different ways with multiple views... I always know exactly what I need to do. I just have to do it."

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