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10 Free Vision Statement Templates for Your Company

Ignite your team’s passion, align their efforts, and fuel unstoppable growth with a compelling vision statement. Is it too ambitious? Not when you’re sculpting the future of your company. 

A vision statement can be the compass for your organization, a beacon leading the way, even through the foggiest days. Too often, however, this strategic tool gets mired in the murk of generic phrases and uninspiring jargon. 

That’s where our vision statement templates come in handy.

We’ve curated a list of vision statement examples to cater to various needs, industries, and aspirations. Whether you’re launching a startup or looking to rejuvenate your established business, you’ll find something valuable here. 

Step inside, and let’s reimagine the future together. Because at the end of the day, your vision isn’t just about where you’re going—it’s about who you’ll become along the way. So, let’s infuse life into your company’s DNA with a vision statement that resonates, motivates, and captivates.

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What is a Vision Statement Template?

A vision statement template works like a blueprint or a structured guide to help you showcase or provide insight into your company’s aspirations. A good vision statement describes and supports your thoughts for future projects, KPIs, or ambitions across the organization.

The template keeps you focused. It prompts you to ask the right questions: What’s your company’s ultimate goal? What impact do you want to have on the world? How do you want your organization to evolve over the years? 

These aren’t easy questions, but they are necessary ones. Yet, here’s the thing—a vision statement shouldn’t restrict your creativity. It should inspire, stir, and set team creativity and collaboration ablaze. It’s a helping hand. A guide, not a chain.

It can also act as a mission statement to give you the freedom to work within a framework, enabling you to deliver a company’s vision statement that soars beyond the generic. 

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What Makes a Good Vision Statement Template?

Let’s break down the recipe for top-tier vision statement examples: 

  • Fosters critical thinking: Stell vision statements don’t give you an easy escape route. It prompts deep introspection, urging you to craft a unique company mission and core values, not just follow a formula
  • Balances aspiration and attainability: It nudges you to dream big but also anchors you in reality. Your vision statement should help you strike a balance between audacious goals and achievable ones
  • Clear, universal language: Forget jargon or convoluted phrases. The best vision statement examples advocate for clear, accessible language that everyone in your entire organization can understand, from the mailroom to the boardroom
  • Flexible and adaptable: A quality vision statement recognizes and celebrates your business’s uniqueness. It’s versatile, catering to different ambitions, industries, and sizes, fitting your company like a custom-tailored suit, and providing your team with better everyday life as they collaborate on your vision
  • Simplicity at its core: The best vision statements turn the complex task of writing a vision statement into a simple, manageable process. It’s about distilling complexity, not amplifying it. Because remember, simplicity isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s a tool for better understanding and communication
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10 Vision Statement Templates to Use in 2024

Are you ready to redefine your company’s future? In this rapidly evolving business landscape, setting clear, compelling visions has never been more critical. We’ve handpicked 10 stellar vision statement templates to aid you in this journey. 

Each of these is a powerful tool designed to streamline your vision creation process, enhance strategic alignment, and foster a unified culture within your organization.

Whether you’re launching a startup or reinventing an established corporation, these templates are your starting points for a transformative 2024. 

1. ClickUp Vision Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Vision Whiteboard Template

Unlock your team’s potential and elevate your brainstorming process with the ClickUp Vision Whiteboard Template. This digital whiteboard offers an interactive, engaging way to conceptualize and visualize your company’s future. 

Emulating the benefits of a physical whiteboard, this template allows for real-time team collaboration and creativity, whether your team is in the same room or part of a global workforce. Here, ideas are not merely written and forgotten but can be moved, connected, and reworked until they form a coherent and comprehensive company vision. 

This template is divided into several sections, including vision, target group, needs, product, and business goals. Each of these sections is designed to delve into the crucial aspects of your company’s mission statement. From understanding the key demographics of your target audience to the unique needs your product or service caters to, this template will lead the way and define your product while carefully articulating your business goals. 

The interactive nature of this template allows cross-functional teams to add comments, share ideas, and refine the overall vision collaboratively. This alignment fosters a common understanding and ensures all efforts are channeled toward achieving the overarching business goals or core values in alignment with the mission and vision statement you put forth.

2. ClickUp Vision Board Template

ClickUp Vision Board Template

Breathe life into your vision with the ClickUp Vision Board Template. Moving beyond the confines of text, this template allows you to visually detail a company vision. 

The Vision Board Template is a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of product development. By offering a visual platform to define and comprehend the purpose of your product, this template fosters efficient project management and team alignment. 

The template covers five key areas: Vision, Target Group, Needs, Product, and Business Goals. Each of these segments serve as building blocks in your product development roadmap, allowing your team to comprehensively discuss and visualize each step of the journey.

From articulating your vision to defining your product’s unique selling points and setting tangible business goals, this template ensures nothing is overlooked. The integrated collaborative features enable real-time updates, productive discussions, and efficient decision-making processes.

3. ClickUp Vision to Values Template

ClickUp Vision to Values Template

Every good company vision example is anchored in its values. And the ClickUp Vision to Values Template ensures your business values form the bedrock of your vision. 

This dynamic and intuitive template guides you and your team to clarify the core vision and scrutinize each product’s contribution toward your vision statements. The template also encourages you to pinpoint your competitive advantages and strategize on how best to leverage them. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that all project objectives are squarely aimed at achieving the company’s purpose and goals. Beyond this strategic plan, the template also provides a platform to list and prioritize the steps needed to execute your strategies effectively, facilitating smooth operations and timely delivery of goals.

4. ClickUp Company OKR and Goals Template

ClickUp Company OKR and Goals Template

Turn your vision into reality with the ClickUp Company OKR and Goals Template. This practical tool helps you distill your company’s vision into clear, measurable objectives and key results (OKRs).

The template is not just for goal setting, but it’s also a comprehensive solution for tracking progress and ensuring goals are achieved in a timely manner.

By breaking down your abstract mission and vision statements into concrete, actionable steps, you ensure that your team has a clear path to follow.

This template helps you create clear objectives in the Objectives List, establish Due Dates, Assignees, and details, and decompose the objectives to key targets, department deliverables, and more.

The company vision template also breaks down goals into company-level, department-level, and team-level, ensuring clarity and accountability at each step of the process. This granular approach promotes cross-departmental collaboration and boosts overall productivity. 

5. ClickUp Yearly Goals Template

ClickUp Yearly Goals Template

The ClickUp Yearly Goals Template is a robust planning tool designed to help set, manage, and track your yearly goals.

This template provides a dedicated space for you to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound), lay out action steps, specify target dates, and jot down any additional notes for each task. 

In addition to goal-setting, this template prompts you to conduct a quarterly review of your goals, allowing you to assess progress and adjust strategies as necessary. 

By integrating planning, monitoring, and reflection into one view, the template supports a well-rounded approach to achieving yearly objectives.

With its real-time updates and interactive nature, the Yearly Goals Template is an excellent solution for individual goal setting as well as team planning.

6. ClickUp Goals Signal Measures Template

ClickUp Goals Signal Measures Template

The ClickUp Goals Signal Measures Template is a robust planning and tracking tool designed to keep you and your team focused on the most vital initiatives that create economic opportunity. 

It encourages you to identify a North Star, a guiding vision or goal that influences all decision-making and performance measures. The template breaks down goals into smaller, outcome-based targets and prompts you to identify Signals and Measures. 

Signals are key indicators that allow you to objectively assess your progress toward your goals. Measures, on the other hand, are quantifiable performance indicators that let you confirm if you are meeting your goals. 

This dynamic template facilitates clear goal setting, real-time tracking, and keeps teams aligned toward a common purpose, enhancing overall project success, while sticking to your core values.

7. ClickUp Annual One Pager Template

ClickUp Annual One Pager Template

The ClickUp Annual One Pager Template is a comprehensive tool designed to outline your organization’s yearly priorities.

It helps align individual tasks with larger goals by providing a clear, concise view of the company’s directional strategy, values, mission statement, corporate strategy, market focus, and more. 

This one pager template contains distinct sections for global and departmental priorities, ensuring each unit contributes towards the overall objectives. The template also promotes transparency and accountability by requiring the listing of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for each identified priority. 

By condensing all essential information into one page, this template ensures everyone in the organization understands the ‘why’ behind the company’s long-term goals, fostering a sense of purpose and alignment.

8. ClickUp Company Overview Template

ClickUp Company Overview Template

The ClickUp Company Overview Template provides a holistic view of all the happenings within your company. It is designed to bridge the knowledge gap between departments by offering a hub for everything happening in the company.

The template features multiple views: List, Board, and Timeline, each providing unique perspectives on task management and scope of work, including schedule, costs, project owner, and more. This ensures everyone, regardless of their department or role, can stay informed about overall progress, initiatives, or core values.

The benefits of this template include enhanced inter-departmental and asynchronous communication, improved brand management, and an overall better understanding of the company’s products and services. It promotes accountability, collaboration, and efficient resource management.

9. Basic Vision Statement PDF Template

via OneTemplate
via OneTemplate

This Basic Vision Statement PDF Template is a comprehensive guide aimed at educating your employees about the company’s vision and mission statements and helping you write a vision statement that resonates with your core values and with everyone on your team.

It answers key questions like what a vision statement describes, what a mission statement describes, why they’re essential, and how to create them. This company mission template is an excellent roadmap to help you strengthen corporate culture and align employees with the company’s overarching goals.

It demystifies the process of creating vision and company mission statements and emphasizes their role in driving business success.

10. Vision And Values Statement PDF Template


This simple, straightforward template from guides you in crafting an impactful company mission and vision statements based on values.

It poses foundational questions to stimulate thought and provides vision statement examples from well-known organizations like Goodwill Industries of America and The Smithsonian Institution to help inspire your own vision statement. 

The vision statement examples emphasize the importance of clear mission statements as a compass guiding all company actions and decisions. It also stresses that corporate values are the bedrock upon which a company’s culture and operations are built. 

The template is designed to foster goal-oriented practices, enhance strategic focus, and promote interdepartmental understanding and collaboration within your company and team.

It offers a few examples and valuable frameworks for aligning individual tasks with broader organizational goals, creating a cohesive and productive work environment.

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Embrace the Power of ClickUp’s Templates

In a fast-paced world, where organizations are juggling multiple projects, strategies, and initiatives, managing work can sometimes feel like herding cats. That’s where ClickUp’s diverse range of templates swoops in to save the day.

Build your own unique mission and vision statement with the help of ClickUp’s template library so you can provide a clear, comprehensive, and visually-appealing business vision document. In the meantime, ClickUp’s platform helps unify your teams and streamline your processes by bridging the gap between teams through effective communication.

ClickUp Whiteboards for Assigning Users and Tasks
Use ClickUp Whiteboards to assign tasks, tag assignees, and anything needed to kick off your next collaboration

Mission statements encourage and facilitate strategic thinking, goal setting, and effective tracking, all while promoting a collaborative culture within your organization. Whether it’s setting out a detailed project timeline, drafting an inspiring vision statement, or monitoring key performance indicators, there’s a ClickUp template designed to make the task more manageable and effective. 

Luckily, you can build the best mission statements within a template or by simply collaborating with your team on ClickUp’s platform. So why wait? It’s time to turn your goals into reality, align your teams, and bring your company’s vision statement to life.

Start exploring the power of ClickUp today and take a step toward fostering a collaborative, efficient, and vision-driven workplace. 

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