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9 Ways to Achieve Amazing Team Collaboration


Working together.


It’s like jazz.

When your team is talented and in sync, the results are beautiful. When they’re frustrated and focused on individual agendas, it’s chaos.

At ClickUp, we want your teams to reach perfect harmony. Our powerful productivity platform is built for teams to work, communicate and function better together.

How to achieve great team collaboration?

In this post, you’ll find our top tips, advice, and articles that will foster a collaborative environment for your employees, besides great team building activities.

1. Build Cross-Functional Teams

Traditionally, most teams take an assembly line approach, with each worker contributing to their section in the line. One person designs, places, or creates an element, attaches it to the product and then moves on to the next.

But there’s another way: Combine team members with different skills, talents, and interests. They will work together to quickly create a product.

Cross-functional teams can also tackle a particular problem, like improving sales or opening a new manufacturing plant.

See more of the pros of building a cross-functional team and the problems that may accompany the process.

2. Build More Effective Teams

Great goal, right? What in fact, makes an effective team?

A group of researchers tried to answer this question for Google. To no one’s surprise, management, team leaders and team members all had different answers as to which criteria make a team “effective” or not. Some subjects concentrated on culture; others focused on sales goals.

Here are some quick ways to improve your team’s effectiveness:

  • Send an encouraging note
  • Schedule a brainstorming session for that nagging problem
  • Actually use your project management tool
  • Pursue feedback from your manager
  • Set clear personal and work goals

Find more great ways to improve your team effectiveness.

3. Have Great Meetings

If you’re in a workplace, you probably have to go to a meeting at a certain point. Seems like a fact of life.

We’ve all sat through meetings that didn’t seem worth it or were unfocused. This erodes morale and energy.

Don’t zap your team’s energy with pointless rambling.

ClickUp can make your meetings go a lot smoother and actually give you action items to use with your team after the fact. Check out these great articles:

4. Inspire Your Team

With every employee, colleague or contact, there’s a moment when they need encouragement and to be inspired when things get touchy.

Consider sending an inspirational quote or a motivational video to get them going!

5. Incorporate Team Norms for Better Performance

What standards do you need to create a better company culture?

What rules of engagement should your leadership use with your employees? Team norms are just the first set of standards for decorum in the workplace. Don’t have them? You gotta read this.

6. Use The Right Collaboration Tools

If your company is still stuck using collaboration tools from the last century (hello Microsoft Office!) then you’re missing out on tons of amazing software tools that will make your work faster and easier.

But, don’t worry, this collaboration tools list will help you out. It’s also jam-packed with everything that’s cutting edge in team collaboration, so even if you’re ahead of the curve you’ll find something to help you. 

The right collaboration tool will help you get your dream team together, even if they are remote!

Want even more? Review these digital and analog tools to keep you organized.

7. Implement Re-usable Templates

If you’re asking your team to do similar tasks every day, every week or every month, then you should store the details, info and checklists in a repeatable template. ClickUp offers templates for Lists and tasks, so you can make it once and use it again.

Connect your tasks with recurring due dates and you’ll get a reminder, too.

You need a template. And so does your team. Stop doing the same work and use templates instead. Here’s how.

8. Improve Your Team Communication

Granted, that situation may sound a little ridiculous, but sub in any minor-yet-annoying things that happen in a workplace and we often don’t know how to cope.

That becomes a legitimate problem when bigger issues arise, such as falling behind on deadlines, dropping the ball on tasks or even asking for a bit more time to finish something.

And the problem becomes even greater when negotiating terms in areas like a promotion, salary or time-off. Magnify that dilemma by a factor of a million for situations that affect personal livelihood and well-being such as discrimination or harassment.

Be prepared on ways to talk to your team more effectively.

9. Collaborate with ClickUp

You’ll need a top-notch team collaboration tool to really level up. Thankfully, ClickUp is the tool to do it. Check out these resources and features to manage your teamwork.

To start, check out this handy “Getting Started” tutorial that will outline everything you need to know about ClickUp.

Key Features in ClickUp

  • Hierarchy: How you create your Teams, Spaces, Lists and tasks is the first step to building great collaboration. Learn how to set up your project management software for easier workflows and project management.
  • Projects & Lists: Other platforms lack the organization required for great work. Sure, you can begin fine, but as your tasks increase, things get out of control. Projects and Lists give you more flexibility and control over how to do your work.
  • Checklists & Templates: Never miss a step of a task, and knock them out one by one. This works really well for tasks with multiple steps that have to be done by different people on your team. You can also save the checklists as templates to use again and again. Awesome!
  • Multiple assignees: Collaboration means working together! And sometimes it takes more than one person to finish a task. With ClickUp, you can always assign a task to more than one person, and even assign comments!
  • Notepad: Jot down reminders and action items that you want to share with others later. ClickUp is the only project management and productivity platform to offer this feature!

Coming soon: Goal-setting for teams!

Conclusion: You Can Be More Productive!

Because ClickUp is the #1 productivity platform, we’re constantly experimenting, tweaking and refining our approach to not only the software but also to the ways in which we ourselves are productive. If you’ve got a suggestion for us, we’d love to hear it!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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