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Effective Collaborative Work Management Strategies for Teams

When it comes to productivity, teams are always looking for an edge. The way we work is constantly evolving, and with that, so are the tools we use to get work done.

The goal of collaborative work management software is to help teams work together more efficiently, which makes sense.

Who doesn’t like getting more done in less time? When used correctly, these tools help teams make the best of the resources they’re working with to successfully take projects over the finish line. 

This guide is a deeper dive into how all of that actually happens.

What is Collaborative Work Management?

Collaborative work management is the process of planning, tracking, and executing tasks by a team of individuals to achieve a common goal. 

Thankfully, there are collaborative work management tools to make task planning easier—though not all of them offer a combination of features that work for every collaborative need.

Any collaborative tool worth its salt offers a common set of features that allow for coordinated teamwork, such as:

  • Assigning tasks
  • Tracking and maintaining progress
  • Sharing files
  • Messaging
  • Scheduling
  • Creating to-do lists
Team Requests Kanban Board template by ClickUp
Keep track of and organize all remote employee requests with ClickUp’s Team Request Kanban board template

When it comes down to it, the best collaborative work management software helps project managers simplify processes and integrate a comprehensive set of intuitive tools.

Benefits of Using Collaborative Work Management Tools

Let’s talk about the upside of working with the right collaborative work management tools. 

Enables location independence

Collaborative tools and software give team members the ability to work from anywhere at any time. Enabling async or live collaboration leads to a more flexible work schedule for team members.

Progress is monitored and problems are identified quickly. Changes are made in real-time to keep everyone on track with one source of truth. 

Improves communication and collaboration

Tools like ClickUp Whiteboard enable quick and easy communication between team members through live chat features. It enables teams to share updates in real-time and centralize their chat history around critical project decisions. 

Flowchart in ClickUp Whiteboards
ClickUp Whiteboards offer all the creative and collaboration features you need to construct the flowcharts of your dreams

Bonus: Communication plan templates

Reduced project costs

Saving money is a big one!

When teams work together more efficiently, it results in reduced project costs because resources are managed better. The more value a team extracts from its resources, the more everyone wins. 

Increases productivity by meeting deadlines

When team members collaborate effectively, they get more work done in less time. This leads to increased productivity for the team as a whole. Deadlines are also easier to meet because a centralized work management tool eliminates miscommunication or mishaps like lost docs that only work to slow teams down. 

Gantt chart in ClickUp
Use the Gantt Chart view in ClickUp to schedule tasks, keep up with project progress, manage deadlines, and handle bottlenecks.

Better decision making

Enabling better decision-making is a must in a fast-paced world. When team members work together with plenty of visibility in their regular management tools, they free up time to make better decisions.

And, as we all know, better decisions equate to better outcomes…which equates to a better bottom line.

Live collaboration

With a productivity platform, teams use live ClickUp collaboration detection that goes beyond a detached Google Doc. For example, you can edit and add comments to each other’s work in real-time and see what the other team member is adding as they go.

ClickUp makes it easy to do that within your Workspace. No external document tools are needed!

rich formatting and slash commands in clickup docs
ClickUp Docs allows rich formatting and slash commands to work more efficiently

How to Choose a Collaborative Work Management Software

Choosing a collaborative tool is a tall order when there are many to choose from.

But a tall order doesn’t necessarily mean an impossible one. It helps to begin by outlining the specifics of your team. Using both your team needs and project goals as criteria to cross-reference is a way to ensure you get everything you need in a collaborative work management solution. Think about: 

  • The size and workflows of your team: Just like you don’t want to pay for a tool with features your two-person team might never touch, you also don’t want to onboard a tool that limits what a growing team is capable of
  • Your budget: The more complex your project management needs are, the more you’ll need to pay for premium features
  • Your future needs: It’s important to choose a tool that fulfills your team’s needs now. But where is your team headed and what tools will it need once it gets there?
ClickUp Whiteboard gif connecting workflow and working simultaneously with your team
Drag and drop shapes onto your canvas, connect your workflows, and work with your team at the same time in ClickUp Whiteboard

As you dive further into the actual vetting process, here are a few general questions to think through:

Do you need to integrate with other software tools?

If you’re not sure, take a look at how your team currently gets work done. Are there existing collaboration tools that do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to project management that you don’t want to replace? Do your collaborative work management solutions need to integrate dedicated video conferencing software?

Check out ClickUp’s best integrations!

Is there a training curve?

Some collaboration tools are made for smaller teams and are easier to use, while others are more complex and take some time for your team to learn. Consider the learning curve and time commitment it will take to get your teams started on the right foot.

What is customer support like?

Customer support is easy to overlook yet a critical part of the vetting process. You want to easily reach someone if you have questions, run into problems, or need technical assistance. Some software tools even go as far as offering personalized training sessions for large teams. 

What is the Best Collaborative Work Management Tool?

ClickUp is the best collaborative work management tool for startups, enterprises, and everything in between for many reasons. Here’s a quick rundown of powerful collaborative work management tools and features in ClickUp:

See work your way with 10+ project views

Individual contributors working on tasks as a part of a larger team can create views to drill into the work assigned to them. The most popular views include:

  • List view: Organize your tasks in a list by sorting, filtering, grouping, and customizing columns
  • Board view: Easily drag and drop tasks between different columns (similar to a Kanban board)
  • Calendar view: Plan, schedule, and manage your tasks and resources in a calendar format
Over 15 views in ClickUp
Create and customize each ClickUp view to see the information you need

Work cross-functionally with tasks and relationships

Tasks are the fundamental building blocks of ClickUp. You can assign tasks to multiple team members, keep track of files, set statuses, and add comments to update everyone on the progress. Within a task, you can perform these actions for seamless workplace collaboration:

ClickUp’s collaboration software uses a task dependencies feature to make it easy to see which tasks are dependent on others and plan accordingly. This is helpful when trying to create a project timeline or when trying to identify potential bottlenecks.

Reschedule dependencies to visualize the impact
Reschedule dependencies to visualize the impact of due date changes on tasks within the Gantt view in ClickUp

Distribute resources effectively with day-by-day visualization

In the process of creating collaborative workflows, resource management features shouldn’t be overlooked. They enable project managers to look at resource usage—whether that’s people, money, or time—and give teams actionable insight into what it takes to get a project over the finish line. 

collaborative work management tools
Use ClickUp’s Workload View to see who is ahead or behind and easily drag-and-drop tasks to reallocate resources

ClickUp Brings Teams Together

With the onset of remote work and all the rapid changes happening in the workplace, teams need a reliable way to stay connected, aligned, and productive. 

Collaboration tools either slow down or boost team productivity, so if you’re looking for a single platform to align your teams, try ClickUp for free and stop switching between multiple apps and multiple tools to get your work done.

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