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16 of the Best ClickUp Integrations

Remember a time, not too long ago, when there were only a handful of work tools to choose from?

Fast forward to today… you have hundreds of options, and yet, you might still feel like you haven’t found “The One.” ☝️👀

Enter ClickUp to finally meet your match.

ClickUp was created as an all-in-one project management tool to boost productivity and reduce the frustration and inefficiency caused by using multiple apps.

We get that toggling between apps all day may not be the most productive way to spend your workdays, so we came up with the perfect solution that allows every type of team across industries to customize their workflow and bring all their work all in one place.

But hey, we get it. As a company grows, so does its requirement for software solutions.

It’s a good thing ClickUp has powerful integration capabilities! ⚡️

In this article, we’ve narrowed it down to the 16 of the best apps to help save you lots of time, organize your workflow, scale your business, and sparkle joy back into your workdays. 😌

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Benefits of Software Integration

While ClickUp alone is powerful enough to replace many of the other work tools you use, integrating it with other apps can help you streamline your workflow in one place.

In fact, ClickUp can be connected to 1000+ tools, for free! 🤯

Integrating ClickUp to other apps can help:

🟢 Facilitate the easy exchange of information between different systems

🟢 Reduce the errors made when manually entering data into multiple disconnected systems

🟢 Improve visibility into your business by bringing all databases into a single system

🟢 Save time by performing tasks within a single interface instead of toggling between different systems

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Best ClickUp Integrations

No matter what team you’re on, or what project or tasks you’re working on, turn to integrations to simplify your workflow and get the most out of ClickUp. 🚀


Slack is a messaging and workplace communication tool that brings people together to work as one unified team.

Easily replace email, text messaging, and IM with this one app, and create multiple channels to organize different conversations or groups into dedicated spaces.

That means less spending time bouncing around multiple communication tools and losing conversation threads in your email inbox!

Take this powerful and user-friendly communication tool to the next level and integrate it with ClickUp to do more than just chat with your teammates. When you connect Slack to ClickUp, you unleash actions that can help boost your productivity and efficiency ten folds!

Integrate Slack with ClickUp to perform these actions:

  • Change Status, Assignees, Priorities, Tags, Due dates
  • Customize which task notifications to send to Slack
  • Move task
  • Turn Slack messages into ClickUp comments 
  • Turn Slack messages into ClickUp tasks 
  • Add Slack messages to your Notepad
  • And more!

⭐️ Pro Tip: Use Slash Commands to quickly use one of the available shortcuts to efficiently adjust task details, access formatting options without a click, attach or embed files, and more! Create tasks in Slack using the command “/clickup new” 

➡️ Connect Slack to ClickUp

Slack and ClickUp integration

Creating a new task in Slack using Slash Commands in ClickUp


Hubspot is a global leader in CRM and has become an essential part of customer-facing teams and companies worldwide.

This comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform provides companies with various tools to streamline their marketing, sales, and customer service operations.

Take advantage of their hubs for Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, and operations to help you attract, engage, delight, and grow your business.

So what exactly do you get when you bring the power of Hubspot and ClickUp together?

With this Hubspot ClickUp integration, teams can have access to the following:

  • Two-way sync: Keep data between both platforms in sync so that the most current information is available across both systems without requiring any manual input
  • Seamless automation: With the ability to trigger workflows from either platform to the other, activities that take place throughout the customer journey, including those that span across multiple teams, can be automated
ClickUp Triggering a HubSpot Action Example
Use over 20+ different ways to automate work between ClickUp and HubSpot so projects move quicker and information arrives sooner to the teams that need it most

Connect ClickUp to Hubspot today to increase your project delivery speed, automate your customer journey processes, and provide teams the visibility they need to work at their best and deliver results.


Make is an automation platform that allows you to visualize, design, and automate your work within minutes.

Known as the “Glue of the Internet,” this tool will enable you to get more done by connecting your work tools together and automating complex processes with its drag-and-drop interface—no technical skills are required!

When you integrate Make with ClickUp, expect to say goodbye to repetitive, manual work, and say hello to a whole new level of productivity and work efficiency! 👋 😄

Easily integrate 1000+ work tools like Slack, Github, Gmail, Trello, and more with your ClickUp Workspace to simplify your workflow and streamline your work processes.

All you have to do is set your unique scenarios with triggers to kick off an event in one of your apps and actions to complete the workflow. That’s it!

Integrate Integromat with ClickUp to experience the following:

  • Save hours each week by automating repetitive tasks
  • Level up your data organization and management
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Speed up task completion
  • Reduce errors, double entries, and overlooked items
  • And more!

⭐️ Pro Tip: Get a head start with hundreds of free automation templates for ClickUp and other apps and learn how to automate enterprise workflows here.

➡️ Connect Integromat to ClickUp

Integromat and ClickUp integration

Setting up ClickUp triggers in Integromat


Gmail is an intuitive, secure, and efficient emailing app that’s used for personal and business communication by billions of people from all over the world. It helps you stay connected, organized, and productive by allowing you to access the app from any device, at any time.

Ok now, let’s talk integration. 😎

Streamline your communication, boost your productivity, and never forget to reply again by incorporating ClickUp into your Gmail workflow. Simply install the ClickUp Chrome extension and use Zapier, an automation app, to enable ClickUp and Gmail to effortlessly transfer information and sync any actions that occur in either platform.

This integration will allow you to:

  • Create ClickUp tasks from emails
  • Attach email responses to tasks
  • Keep tasks in one place
  • Star action items to automatically create new tasks (Business Gmail Accounts only)
  • And more!

⭐️ Pro Tip: Connect your Gmail account to ClickUp to send and receive email communication from within a task thread with the Email in ClickUp ClickApp feature.

➡️ Connect Gmail to ClickUp

Gmail and ClickUp integration

Email in ClickUp ClickApp feature


Zoom is a video conferencing platform that lets you virtually host and attend meetings with other Zoom account holders from around the globe.

Over the past year, Zoom has become one of the most popular and widely-used video meeting tools used for personal and business purposes and has forever changed how we do work meetings, especially for those who work remotely.

Does it integrate with ClickUp? Oh heck yes, it definitely does!

When you integrate Zoom with ClickUp, you’ll be able to:

  • Start a Zoom meeting within tasks using the Zoom meeting button
  • Join a meeting via a link that will be automatically posted in a comment for anyone involved
  • View recording links in your tasks once the recorded meeting ends

⭐️ Pro Tip: Use the /zoom Slash Command to open the Zoom app in a flash. ⚡️

➡️ Connect Zoom to ClickUp

Zoom and ClickUp integration

Starting and joining Zoom meetings within a ClickUp task

Harvest Time Tracking

Harvest is a cloud-based time-tracking and expense app that allows you to plan and estimate projects with real data, manage team capacity and workflow, and invoice seamlessly through trackable data. This time-tracking tool offers reporting, timesheets, invoicing, and supports integration with apps.

Three major advantages of Harvest for time tracking:

  • Structured data collection
  • Simple and convenient time tracking
  • Permission control

As far as integrations go, Harvest makes it easy to connect to your favorite tools including ClickUp!

It’s time we talk about integrating Harvest with ClickUp:

  • Connecting Harvest to ClickUp only takes seconds to set up
  • Once connected, turn time tracking on to manage time spent on projects and automatically sync time with your ClickUp tasks

With a Harvest + ClickUp integration, you’ll be able to manage your time, keep track of time spent on tasks, and always know exactly where the time goes.

➡️ Connect Harvest Time Tracking to ClickUp

Harvest and ClickUp integration

Starting the Harvest timer within a task in ClickUp


Unito is a no-code integration solution that allows you to build and customize workflows across tools. It keeps freelancers to large enterprise teams aligned by providing detailed, two-way, live task, and project syncing between tools.

At its core, Unito is a workflow management solution that integrates with several tools and allows deep two-way sync, and it makes a great tool for unleashing true collaboration. Not only will it reduce and remove barriers between your work tools, but it would also transform them into more powerful tools.

So let’s say you’d like to power up by integrating it with ClickUp.

Good news; you totally can. 😉

Unito’s two-way ClickUp integration can help establish deep connections between ClickUp and your other work tools. Best of all, because Unito’s flows are bi-directional and syncs in real-time, you can rest assure that information across your tools will always be updated!

Here’s what you can do with Unito’s ClickUp integration:

  • Connect ClickUp to Unito’s entire integration portfolio
  • Track customer interactions in one place
  • Define how and what information is synced
  • Live two-way syncing of tasks, lists, projects, due dates, statuses, and more
  • Customize field mapping, filters, and more settings to control the flow of information

➡️ Connect Unito to ClickUp

Unito and and ClickUp integration

Unito’s two-way ClickUp integration

Google Calendar

Developed by Google, Google Calendar is a time management and scheduling calendar service that is used by over 500 million people across the world and is available in 41 different languages.

Whether you use it for personal or business purposes, you’ll likely find this app easy to use due to its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. Easily add, modify, and share events, and even send invitations to friends, family, and colleagues.

Because Google Calendar is designed for teams, sharing schedules with others and creating multiple calendars that teams can use together has never been easier than before. Along with its syncing capabilities, Google Calendar can be integrated with other work tools, like ClickUp, to help you streamline and manage your busy schedules!

Ready to boost your productivity and stay on top of your days?

We thought so! 😊

Here’s what connecting your Google Calendar to ClickUp can do for you:

  • Two-way sync between ClickUp and your Calendar
  • Sync your ClickUp tasks with Google Calendar with the Calendar view in ClickUp
  • Instantly get an overview of your task list for the day, week, or month
  • Make changes in your ClickUp tasks and get automatic updates in your Google Calendar to reflect the changes made
  • Connect multiple ClickUp Workspaces to one Google Calendar

➡️ Sync your Google Calendar to ClickUp 📆 💕

Google Calendar and ClickUp integration

Viewing synced events from Google Calendar in ClickUp’s Calendar view


Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets you store and share your files online.

Used by more than 400 million users worldwide, Dropbox has been a popular and reliable online file hosting, file synchronization, and file storage app. From photos, videos, to important documentations, Dropbox can help you keep your files safe.

This app promotes seamless team collaboration because it allows you to create shareable links of your files, add comments to files, and is easily accessible from multiple devices such as computers and smartphones.

So what happens when a smart cloud storage tool meets an all-in-one task management app?

Dropbox supports integrations with various apps including one with ClickUp. Integrating the two apps can make it easier to manage both accounts on the same account, along with other key benefits for task management.

Here’s what connecting Dropbox to ClickUp can do:

  • Attach Dropbox files to ClickUp tasks
  • Improve productivity by reducing bottlenecks, manage tasks and projects in one place
  • Improve team collaboration by allowing teams to work on projects at the same time, regardless of their location
  • Ensure data stored in both apps remain secure

➡️ Connect Dropbox to ClickUp

Dropbox and ClickUp integration
Dropbox in ClickUp

Uploading and attaching Dropbox files within a task in ClickUp


Loom is a screen recording tool that allows users to capture their screen, webcam, and microphone. Easily share recorded video messages to a person, group, or team with a public or private link to get your message across quicker than having to type a long email with an explanation and details.

In this video recording platform, you could onboard new employees, troubleshoot issues, review and give feedback, share updates, and so more!

Trusted by millions of users around the world, Loom continues to transform the way teams are communicating and collaborating at work. No more worrying about time zone differences and having to explain details over and over again!

Speaking of work, let’s take a look at what integrating Loom with ClickUp can do for you:

➡️ Connect Loom to ClickUp

Loom and ClickUp integration

Screen recording and presentation in Loom


Bugsnag is a powerful, error monitoring, reporting, resolution software designed for web, server, and mobile applications.

This is an extensive app for bug detecting and for providing software development teams with the diagnostic data and tools needed to help identify and resolve errors at a faster pace. Bugsnag makes it easier for users to get bug notifications in real-time, find the origin of the faults, prioritize and replicate bugs, and analyze possible solutions by performing accurate monitoring.

Use Bugsnag to keep your apps bug-free, and connect it to ClickUp to keep all your bug management in one place!

ClickUp’s native automation supports workflows with external applications like Bugsnag. A Bugsnag automaton integration allows you to monitor bugs and take action inside ClickUp, saving you time and allowing your teams to focus on the more technical part of work.

Take a look at what you can do when you set up Bugsnag within ClickUp:

  • Automate your workflow with triggers and actions to easily monitor and resolve bugs
  • Customize where and how the information appears in ClickUp by mapping your data from a Bugsnag trigger and relating it to a field in ClickUp
  • Dynamic data mapping within new tasks

➡️ Set up a Bugsnag automation in ClickUp

Bugsnag and ClickUp integration

Setting automation workflow in Bugsnag


Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support platform and sales CRM that is designed to help solve customer tickets and improve customer relationships.

This powerful and flexible customer service tool lets you connect with customers by phone, chat, email, social media, and other channels. Zendesk offers features to help manage customer communication through various channels, automate customer support, and create auto-replies, knowledge bases, and so much more to help streamline your customer communication.

It also offers customizable tools to build customizable customer service portals, live chat, and integrates with other hundreds of applications including ClickUp!

See what you can do with Zendesk in ClickUp:

  • Quickly turn tickets into tasks
  • Add ticket information to tasks, set assignees and due dates in one place
  • Avoid toggling between tasks by letting you attach multiple ClickUp tasks to a Zendesk ticket for easy referencing to task status and ID
  • View links in ClickUp and Zendesk with real-time status updates

➡️ Connect Zendesk to ClickUp

Zendesk and ClickUp integration

Turning a Zendesk ticket into a ClickUp task


GitHub is a cloud-based code hosting platform that fosters collaboration and communication between developers. This collaborative tool lets developers share ideas, methods, and easily manage open-source programming projects.

It is one of the most popular platforms for Git repositories, which is a virtual storage of projects, and coders’ go-to site. Developers can easily download a new version of the software, make changes and contributions, and upload the new version for other coders in the community could work on as well.

Github is great for forking, pull requests, social networking, branching, and keeping changelogs.

Looking to streamline and boost the efficiency of your internal processes?

Integrate it with ClickUp.

Here’s how the GitHub and ClickUp integration can benefit you:

  • Use Github without leaving ClickUp
  • Automatically track commits, merges, and pull request—all within task activity feeds
  • See all Github activity related to a task directly in ClickUp
  • Receive ClickUp notifications when new GitHub activity items are added to tasks
  • Automatically (or manually) attach GitHub activity to ClickUp tasks
  • Automatically change task statuses from GitHub

➡️ Connect Github to ClickUp

Github and ClickUp integration

Receiving Github activity notifications in ClickUp


Intercom is a conversational relationship platform that helps businesses build better customer relationships through messenger-based experiences.

This communication tool is great for sales, product, marketing, support, and customer success teams. Intercom allows them to see who their customers are, what they do in the app and websites.

Intercom makes it easy to bring all that your team needs to communicate and support your customers in one, user-friendly, platform.

Looking to streamline your communication and work management?

Integrate Intercom with ClickUp to level up your inbox and simplify your workflow!

Take a look at what you can do with an Intercom-ClickUp integration:

  • Quickly create and link ClickUp tasks right from your inbox
  • Link one or multiple ClickUp tasks to a conversation in Intercom to quickly jump into the task or track its progress
  • Create or link a task to a ticket, and a link to the Intercom conversation will automatically be added to your ClickUp task

➡️ Connect Intercom to ClickUp

Intercom and ClickUp integration

Creating a new ClickUp task in Intercom


Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform for creating, collaborating, and centralizing communication across teams.

This intuitive collaboration tool makes it possible for teams to brainstorm together and visualize concepts, ideas, and solutions with digital sticky notes. You could also use Miro’s mind mapping feature to organize ideas, as well as to help you plan and manage agile workflows.

Simplify your workflow even further by integrating Miro with ClickUp!

ClickUp’s Miro integration will allow you to do the following:

  • Edit Miro boards within ClickUp and reducing the amount of time you waste from toggling between apps
  • Create whiteboard ideas anywhere in ClickUp
  • Add a new or existing Miro board to ClickUp Docs and tasks by simply using the slash command (/miro)

➡️ Integrate Miro with ClickUp

Miro and ClickUp integration

Using a Slash Command to open Miro and add a Miro board into a Doc in ClickUp


Front is a customer communication platform and communication hub that allows teammates to collaborate more efficiently.

It helps streamline communication, boost efficiency, and productivity by sharing a team inbox and providing a centralized location for both internal and external messages. Your teams can share emails without having to forward them, have internal conversations within an email, and snooze messages, and more with this robust emailing tool.

Aside from its communication-related benefit, Front also offers built-in analytic tools to help monitor performance, track KPIs and metrics, and so much more, along with comprehensive integrations to boost its functionality.

Integrate Front with ClickUp to help boost your productivity and stay on top of your inbox!

Here’s what you can do with Front and ClickUp together:

  • Create ClickUp tasks- quickly add ticket information into your ClickUp tasks, assign members, and set due dates all within Front
  • Attach any number of ClickUp tasks to a ticket in Front for easy reference to task status and ID
  • View links in both apps- when you create or link a ticket to a task it will automatically add a link back to the Front ticket in your ClickUp task

➡️ Integrate Front with ClickUp

Front and ClickUp integration

Creating a ClickUp task within Front


Last but not least, another easy-to-use ClickUp integration to make our list is Figma. Teams that need to quickly communicate back and forth across various multi-media or design projects will benefit from the Figma integration.

As a web-based prototyping and design tool, Figma provides an easier way to co-design a project with your team. Its version history feature makes it a breeze to keep track of feedback across the team.

Additionally, ClickUp users benefit from this integration with embed features that let you zoom and scroll through any Figma design added into a task, comment, doc, or view.

Take a look at what a Figma and ClickUp integration can do:

  • Easily connect your designs and prototypes to collaborate or review in ClickUp
  • Give more context to your ClickUp projects with zoomable Figma embeds
  • Avoid static screenshots that create confusion when communicating on design specifics

➡️ Start automating your work with Figma ➕ ClickUp

figma sreenshot example
Example of Figma platform
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Get The Most Out of ClickUp

Every business needs a reliable task management tool like ClickUp.

With tons of useful features, ClickUp alone can help any organization manage time, prioritize tasks, and complete projects efficiently—all in one place.

But when you connect ClickUp with other work tools, expect to experience a drastic and positive change to your workflow.

Add your favorite and most used communication, collaboration, automation apps, and more to ClickUp to get the most out of this supercharged platform. ⚡️

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