Bring Your Tickets
and Tasks Together

Stay on top of your inbox by quickly linking, creating, and jumping between tasks in ClickUp and tickets in Front!
Bring Your Tickets and Tasks Together

What is Front?

What is Front?
Front is a customer communication hub that surrounds every high-stakes conversation with team collaboration capabilities and contextual data to ensure responses are always fast, accurate, and deeply personalized. Its powerful automation capabilities eliminate manual workflows across systems, and detailed analytics make it easy to improve team performance and the health of customer relationships.
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What you can do with Front & ClickUp:

Create ClickUp tasks

Quickly add ticket information into your ClickUp tasks, assign members, and set due dates all within Front.

Link ClickUp tasks

Attach any number of ClickUp tasks to a ticket in Front for easy reference to task status and ID. Once attached hover over the task to quickly open it in ClickUp or unlink it.
View links in ClickUp and in Front

View links in ClickUp and in Front

When you create or link a ticket to a task it will automatically add a link back to the Front ticket in your ClickUp task.

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