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Take notes, manage an agenda, and set action items that hold your team accountable all in one place. Documenting your weekly meetings is a great way to take advantage of some of ClickUp's most powerful features!
5 Features to Manage Meetings with ClickUp
Rich Text Editing

Super Rich Editing

The extensive options in the editor menu let you emphasize exactly what's important. Super rich editing allows you to be as creative and organized as you need when taking notes from your meeting.
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Assign Comments to Your Team

Assigned Comments

When comments require effort from any team member, simply assign it. This creates a new required item for the assignee to complete before the task can be marked complete.
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Task Checklists


Add everything you plan to go over in a Checklist and mark them off one by one once they’ve been discussed.
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Routine tasks to complete

Recurring Tasks

Don't want to create a task every time you have a meeting? Use recurring tasks to ensure you always have your agenda ready for meetings.
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/Slash Commands

/Slash Commands

In our goal to completely remove unnecessary clicks, we created a brand new feature - Slash Commands. From any of the text field simply type / to bring up the Slash Command menu and start taking immediate action!
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