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What Checklists Can Do

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Real World Application

Ok, I see why this would be valuable, and I know how to create them - but how are they actually used?

Adding Your Checklist Templates

Checklist templates help you set up your process right away! Record each step and check it off the list.
ClickUp checklist templates
Create a New Checklist Template
  • Create a new checklist
  • Click the ellipses icon beside the checklist title
  • Click save as template
  • Type in a new template
  • Press save as template
Overwrite an Old Checklist Template
  • Find an old checklist
  • Click the ellipses icon beside the checklist title
  • Click save as template
  • Select a template to overwrite
  • Press save as template

Using Your Checklist Templates

When you have a templated checklist and want to add it to your current task
  • Click Add from the To Do section of any task
  • Click Checklist to reveal your options
  • Select template and create your checklist
ClickUp checklist templates

Other Features That Pair Well

If you like using checklist templates, check out these other features!
Don’t waste your time recreating checklists you use repeatedly!
Checklist templates allow you to quickly insert a saved checklist into a task.
It automatically assigns the same people so the process is as streamlined as possible.
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