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How to Save Time: Helpful Tips & Tricks to Add Hours to Your Days

You’re juggling work, family, friends, chores, and hobbies, all while trying to get enough sleep and find time to relax and unwind. Be honest—how many times have you wished the day could last just a liiiitle bit longer? 

While you can’t change the days’ length, you can master time management skills and organize your days to accomplish more.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best tips on how to save time and boost your productivity to achieve everything on your agenda with zero stress.


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Why is Saving Time Important?

Everyone gets 24 hours in a day. It’s up to you to decide what to do with them—would you rather binge-watch a whole season of your favorite TV show, spend some quality time with your family, or do some deep work? If you learn to save time, you can accomplish all these activities in a single day and still get a good night’s sleep!

Let’s quickly go over the main benefits of saving time:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency: You can do more in less time if you batch similar tasks
  • Work-life balance: You don’t have to choose between spending time at work and home—the day is long enough for both if you’re well-organized
  • Less stress: An inevitable consequence of poor time management is stress. By learning how to save time, you’ll feel much more relaxed and be able to complete every item on your to-do list with no pressure or tension
  • Getting ahead of the competition: In a work-related setting, proper time management can help you roll out a superior product or service faster than your competition and win over the market 🥇
Summarize this article with AI ClickUp Brain not only saves you precious time by instantly summarizing articles, it also leverages AI to connect your tasks, docs, people, and more, streamlining your workflow like never before.
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11 Expert Tips for Saving Time and Boosting Efficiency at Work and Home

Want to become a time management pro, acing your work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance? The following tips and tricks are ways to save time. 👇

1. Track the time you spend on different activities

Before honing your time management skills, you first need to understand what’s actually taking up your time. How many minutes and hours in a day do you dedicate to different tasks and chores?

Tracking the time you spend on specific activities throughout the day helps you get a clear picture of your daily schedule. You’ll be able to spot tasks taking too much of your time and figure out how to be more efficient. Plus, you’ll pinpoint obligations that require more attention.

There are different ways of tracking time. If you enjoy writing things down, grab a piece of paper and create a table of your activities. Then, track time using your watch or mobile phone and write down the results. Another option is to use a time-tracking app.

Whatever you choose, keep detailed records, as this is the first step toward developing a sustainable time-saving strategy.

2. Explore time management strategies

Time management strategies can jumpstart your efficiency and help you organize your schedule to take advantage of every minute. 

One simple strategy is going over your day every morning while having coffee to create a mental image of what you need to do.

Another time management strategy is setting goals. Of course, the goals should be realistic—earning a million dollars in a day sounds nice, but it’s highly unattainable. Set goals that will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to keep going.

Clickup Goals
Set your North Star metrics and achieve them with ClickUp

If your work hours are flexible, an effective way to save time would be figuring out when you’re most productive and scheduling your work around this period. Some people are night owls, while others are at the top of their game early in the morning—figure out your rhythm (if you don’t already know it) and create a schedule that aligns. 

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to time management strategies. Examine your working style and the problems you’re often struggling with, be it procrastination, lack of focus, or something else, and adopt a strategy that helps you eliminate it.

3. Learn to prioritize

Prioritizing is often the key to saving time. Learning to prioritize helps you succeed at work, reduce stress, make informed decisions, and achieve goals.

The first step of prioritizing is listing all your tasks. This includes both your daily duties and tasks scheduled weeks or months ahead. Then, you should determine their importance based on: 

  1. Urgency
  2. Impact
  3. Deadlines

The “eat the frog” technique prioritizes the most complex and time-consuming tasks. That way, you get the most challenging stuff out of the way and can use the remaining time for other tasks. This prioritization technique gives you a sense of achievement early in the morning, maintaining your motivation throughout the day.

You’ve created a list of your tasks sorted by priority and are ready to knock them off one by one. But upper management has added a few urgent tasks to your plate. What do you do now? Don’t let this bother you—unexpected emergencies are, unfortunately, something you need to factor into your schedule. Breathe in, reorganize your list to accommodate the extra tasks, and ace your work!

4. Create timelines

Project managers have a valuable tool that helps them track progress and stay on the right course—project timelines. They visualize tasks and milestones over a specific period, making monitoring sequences and task dependencies a breeze.

One effective way to save time is to think of your life as a project. Tailor a unique timeline to guide your next moves and propel you toward your goals. Creating timelines can be perfect for:

  1. Organizing time
  2. Prioritizing
  3. Efficient planning

Plus, knowing what comes next reduces stress and anxiety and improves your time management skills. Best of all, following a timeline gives you a clear overview of your progress—track the path to your goals, monitor your success, and use the info for self-improvement. 🤓

ClickUp 3.0 Timeline Local Workload view simplified
Visually compare team workloads and track progression with the ClickUp Timeline view

5. Schedule breaks

This may seem counter-intuitive. How is taking breaks going to help you save time?

You’re not a machine—you need breaks to maintain productivity and avoid burnout. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should take a break every five minutes. Instead, learn how to make the most out of them and return to work refreshed and ready to conquer your day.

Scheduling breaks can do wonders for building a healthy routine and avoiding fatigue and loss of motivation. You can use popular techniques like the Pomodoro to organize your work and break periods. It breaks down your work into intervals:

  • You work for 25 minutes 
  • Then, take a five-minute break

You can adjust the work-break periods to your preferences and find intervals that make you feel most productive and concentrated.

The Pomodoro doesn’t work for you? Don’t worry! Observe your energy and motivation levels throughout the day and schedule your breaks around them. Take a short break to freshen up whenever you feel a drop in productivity. Remember to take at least one longer break for a hearty meal. 

6. Learn to delegate

Completing every task on your to-do list brings a rewarding sense of accomplishment and keeps you motivated. But that doesn’t mean you should bite more than you can chew. Too many responsibilities can lead to burnout, stress, and anxiety and prevent you from seeing family and friends. These are all indications that it’s time to delegate work.

Delegation is a skill many professionals, especially those in management positions, have a hard time with. Some are afraid they’ll lose control or don’t trust their team enough, while others see it as a sign of weakness and incompetence.

Yes, training your team to take over specific tasks may take some time, but it’s absolutely worth it—you’ll create a supportive and positive working environment and feel more relaxed.

To be clear, when we say delegate, we don’t mean dumping your entire workload on others. Fair workload distribution, collaboration, trust, and open communication are essential to proper task delegation.

And we’re not talking just about work. Learning to delegate is a vital skill in your private life, too. Share the load with your family members, and you’ll be able to save time and feel appreciated. 🥰

ClickUp 3.0 Task view Adding Assignees
Easily delegate work by assigning tasks directly to the team or @mentioning them in a comment to turn your thoughts into action items

7. Plan ahead

Living your life one step at a time sounds exciting, but it’s often not practical. In most cases, balancing work and private life can feel like walking on a tightrope, and if you want to enjoy some much-needed free time, you need to plan ahead. 

That doesn’t mean you need to plan every hour of every single day. But you should have at least a general overview of your chores and duties. This allows you to prepare ahead (both physically and mentally) and maybe even group similar tasks together and kill two birds with one stone. 

Let’s say you have a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday at 5 p.m. The doctor is across town, so you must leave early to arrive on time. Your favorite store is near the doctor’s office so you can go grocery shopping right after the appointment. You’ll make a shopping list before leaving your house to save time at the store and get exactly what you need. 🛒

You’ve managed to cross two important tasks off your list and save yourself the second trip across town and roaming the store without a clear idea of what you need to buy. 

8. Use templates

Templates are the ultimate time-saving hacks. They are premade layouts that help you complete your tasks and chores much faster.

Let’s say your job is helping startups write bulletproof business plans. You won’t create a new business plan from scratch for every client that hires you. Instead, you’ll use a business plan template with premade sections you can adjust to specific industries and client requirements. That way, you save time, minimize the risks of mistakes, and consistently deliver quality work. ✅

ClickUp 3.0 Template center simplified
Don’t start your work from scratch—choose premade options from the Template Center or build your own template that your team can use

You can find templates for anything, from time management and daily planning to creating bucket lists, family trees, and meal plans. The good thing about templates is customizability—adjust them to your needs and preferences and maximize their functionality.

9. Create a designated workspace

For many, remote work is a blessing. You don’t have to dress up and commute to the office every morning and can spend quality time with your family.

However, working remotely can be a double-edged sword. Many remote employees working from home struggle with distractions or the inability to maintain focus, causing them to work longer than they’re supposed to.

Working from your bed may look fabulous in movies, but the reality is different. Your brain can’t get into work mode when it associates the bed with sleeping and relaxing.

That’s why you need a space intended for work. Ideally, this will be a place where you can concentrate, and have access to:

  • A separate room in your home 
  • A desk
  • A comfortable chair
  • A laptop
  • Any other equipment you need for work 🖥️

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of a separate room. If you live in a small apartment, get one of those portable computer desks you can store away after you’re done working.

Whatever solution you choose, you should be able to set clear boundaries and “disconnect” from work at the end of each day. You’ll rewire your brain to associate the workspace with productivity and focus, which will ultimately boost your efficiency and help you save time.

10. Cut back on social media

Social media is fun, exciting, and relaxing. But, it’s also a huge source of distraction and can affect our productivity and efficiency. Constant notifications and the fear of missing out (FOMO) can plummet your focus and divert attention from your work. 📱

The same goes for personal life—you’ve probably seen families or groups of friends sitting in restaurants staring down at their phones instead of talking. Have you ever postponed starting a chore because you’ve come across something interesting on Instagram or TikTok? We bet the answer is yes.

A few simple tips can help you reduce social media consumption and focus on your tasks and chores:

  1. Disable notifications: If you’re distracted by the number of notifications, try disabling them whenever you’re working
  2. Turn on airplane mode: Another option is enabling airplane mode on your phone to eliminate distractions. Of course, this strategy isn’t suitable for those who need to make and receive calls while working
  3. Set a time limit: Many social media apps have settings for limiting daily usage, and this can help you create a healthy balance between scrolling and working

11. Use a project management tool

We’re fortunate to live in the digital era where numerous apps can help you be more efficient and productive. You have time tracking apps, Pomodoro apps, scheduling platforms, collaboration and organization tools, and a bunch of other resources that can do wonders for your time-management skills. You could install separate apps to: 

But that triggers another problem—constant jumping between apps can slow you down and disrupt your focus. Luckily, there’s a singular solution, and its name is ClickUp! 

As a one-stop-shop productivity platform, ClickUp offers every trick in the time-saving book to turn you into an organization guru! Let’s see what makes the platform a fantastic option for everyone who wants to add some hours to their days.

ClickUp Project Time Tracking

ClickUp 3.0 Time Tracking Simplified
View tracked time across tasks and locations for a simplified look into overall team progress

With the ClickUp Project Time Tracking option, you can record the time you invest in activities and tasks in only a few clicks. 

ClickUp works seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices and browsers (as a Chrome extension) and is compatible with major operating systems. This means your data will sync automatically, allowing you to start and stop time on different devices. You can also edit the time retroactively to ensure your records are 100% accurate. 📑

ClickUp takes time tracking to another level by allowing you to add notes to your entries. This streamlines team collaboration and lets you provide more details that can come in handy for future reference.

Another option you’ll like is adding labels to your records, ensuring you don’t waste time looking for specific entries.

ClickUp Time Estimates

ClickUp Time Estimates
Easily view and track time estimates to ClickUp tasks for better resource management

Planning now saves you time in the future. You know what to focus on and can keep your eyes on the prize, be that a successful completion of a project or a clean house. 🏆

ClickUp lets you up your planning game with a unique option—ClickUp Time Estimates

You can set time estimates for tasks and subtasks and compare predicted and actual time spent. This gives you a clear picture of how you should tailor your schedules and manage workloads in the future to maximize your team’s potential without overwhelming them. With this ClickUp feature, you can:

  • Use the Workload view to observe your team’s capacity 
  • Leverage the info to make informed scheduling decisions
  • Schedule estimates by dragging and dropping a task in the Calendar view  
  • Use the Box view to keep a close eye on the progress

ClickUp Time Estimates help you see the details while focusing on the bigger picture. Monitor if you’re on the right track to meet your deadlines and goals, and build reports to examine time estimates and plan ahead.

ClickUp’s task management options

ClickUp for Task Management
Use ClickUp to manage tasks and schedule meeting while collaborating efficiently with your team

Efficient task management elevates your productivity and allows you to work faster with zero panic attacks. ClickUp supports you on your way to saving time and becoming more efficient with its top-notch task management options

  • Create tasks effortlessly
  • Add multiple assignees
  • Provide more details about them using Custom Fields

Visualize your work in 10+ ClickUp views, create labels, set priorities, customize task relationships and dependencies, and streamline collaboration. You can even set recurring tasks to streamline routine work and save even more time. ✨

ClickUp’s task management options can be used for various work-related purposes, such as organizing your team, setting goals, and monitoring progress. But they can also do wonders for managing household chores, shopping lists, and schedules.

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How to Save Time: Use ClickUp

ClickUp’s arsenal of powerful time-saving weapons can help you reorganize your work and private life, create routines, and manage tasks with ease.

The platform is the whole package—say goodbye to jumping between a bunch of apps that steal your time and say hello to features that will skyrocket your planning and organization skills.

Sign up for ClickUp and start saving time today! ⌛

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