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10 Time Blocking Templates (Weekly, Daily, and Monthly)

Your time is the most valuable resource you own. So why not make each minute count?

And if you need help developing a strategic approach to time management, you’ve landed in the right spot.

Regardless of your operational schedule, it’s essential to consider working with time-blocking templates to organize your time. You’ll not only get the opportunity to prioritize your tasks, but it will be easier to manage your work professionally.

It’s the only way to ensure you’ve handled all the necessary tasks while avoiding ignoring some of the most important ones. You don’t want to miss important deadlines, waste precious time, and even lack the required motivation, which is fundamental in achieving your goals.

Time management strategies come in handy, and it’s already eliminating a majority of the issues that people have been experiencing as they try to meet deadlines and deal with priority tasks.

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What is Time Blocking?

Time blocking (commonly known as task batching and time boxing) is a planning method that divides your day into specific blocks of time for deep work or tasks. This will allow you to make maximum use of your day and energy while at the same time remaining motivated.

Time-blocking works well with a tool like a digital planner designed to capture all the tasks, meetings, and reminders. Here are the most common time-blocking templates:

Daily time-blocking template

Daily time-blocking templates are used to divide your day into specific hours and mostly equal time blocks that you can quickly fill with the tasks you want to accomplish. You can organize your daily time-blocking template in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or any other time block to suit your needs.

Weekly time-blocking template

In a weekly time-blocking template, you might want to organize your time while looking at the next few days ahead. This means you want to manage your time in blocks while ensuring a detailed understanding of what is happening in the market. It’s the only way you’ll consistently impact your daily work routines.

Monthly time-blocking template

When working with monthly templates for time management, you must ensure that you have the necessary goals and objectives. This welcome aspect enables you to get inspired and motivated toward achieving your specific objectives. You need to detail your monthly time management skills to avoid possible mistakes.

Check out the best time-blocking apps!

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10 Time-Blocking Templates

1. ClickUp Daily Time-Blocking Template

Easily keep track of your time and schedule with the Schedule Blocking Template by ClickUp

Are you struggling to stay consistent with time blocking, or often unsure how long your tasks would take? Try the ClickUp Schedule Blocking Template!

The Daily Calendar view is a great place to arrange your daily routine and important tasks. Add any placeholders or reminders to free up space in your mind.

Pro tip: Sync your Google Calendar with ClickUp and watch changes in one platform instantly reflect in the other!

Bonus: Google Calendar Alternatives!

The purpose of this template is to remind you of the appointments and the critical schedules you must attend within your limited time. You’ll have an opportunity to keep records of past schedules, monitor your current events, and organize your upcoming activities.

2. ClickUp Weekly Time Blocking Template

Weekly time blocking planner in ClickUp’s Schedule Blocking Template

You can jump to the Weekly view in the previously mentioned ClickUp Schedule Blocking Template to see a specific week date range and organize your tasks around recurring meetings.

From this weekly planner, you’ll have a wider perspective to set weekly goals and organize work around your personal commitments. And if you’re looking for an extra level of customization, set and save your preferred layout options:

  • Always stay on this date: When revisiting your view, see the last date you looked at instead of automatically seeing today’s date
  • Show future recurring tasks: Show recurring tasks that are scheduled to occur in the future
  • Fade out tasks in the past: Tasks before today appear slightly less visible
  • Show week numbers: Show each week’s number out of 52
  • Show hour grid lines: Show hour grid lines for each day
  • Show weekends: Show weekends on your calendar

3. ClickUp Monthly Time Blocking Template

Monthly time blocking planner in ClickUp’s Schedule Blocking Template

After you’ve added time blocks in the daily and weekly views, press the letter M on your keyboard to switch to the Monthly view in the first example in this list, the ClickUp Schedule Blocking Template!

If you are involved in complex and larger projects, the only way you can accomplish your objectives easily is by using a monthly time-blocking schedule.

In this case, you must pay attention to what is happening in time blocks that span several months and others that might become an entire year. This includes important deadlines, events, travel, and appointments.

4. ClickUp Time Blocking List Template

ClickUp’s Schedule Blocking Template in the List view

Take it a step further with the first template in the list and use the List view within the ClickUp Schedule Blocking Template. It’s perfect for planner enthusiasts who want to optimize their calendar management.

If you already use to-do lists to organize your life, get them into ClickUp and use the List features to increase your productivity:

  • Organize Personal, Deep Work, Self Care, and Meetings categories to quickly add tasks on the go and edit later
  • Use Custom Fields for certain types of information to maintain consistency and accuracy
  • Add detailed descriptions, notes, documents, and media files to access from one place
  • Create subtasks to break down large activities into smaller action items

Bonus: Itinerary Templates

5. ClickUp 24 Hour Schedule Template

Give all your tasks a dedicated time slot in your ClickUp Calendar

Use ClickUp’s 24 Hours Schedule Template to plan out each hour of your work day.

With this 24 hour time blocking schedule template you can prioritize your tasks, color code action items, and set reoccurring tasks by date and time.

6. ClickUp Hourly Work Schedule Template

ClickUp Hourly Schedule Template
View your work schedule and start meetings directly in ClickUp

The ClickUp Hourly Schedule Template is a great tool to map our your work schedule by the hour. This template has 3 different views to track employees if they’re paid by the hour and has customization features to keep track of your tasks.

Check out these work schedule apps!

7. Excel Weekly Time-Blocking Template

TemplateLab Excel Simple Weekly Time-Blocking Template
via TemplateLab

The basic time-blocking schedule in Excel is a weekly planner best used for one-hour intervals.

For an adequate weekly time-blocking template, it’s helpful to know your priorities, tasks, and duties to decide what comes first and what should be replaced as the week progresses. Also, it’s worth including a to-do list while at the same time paying attention to the notes and comments section.

Bonus: Timesheet templates!

8. QuickBooks Excel Monthly Time-Blocking Template

QuickBooks Monthly Excel Planner Template
via QuickBooks

As noted earlier, monthly time blocking is one of the most important undertakings for individuals who handle various daily duties. This means individuals want something that will enable them to plan all the monthly activities they have to handle with a simple tool.

There have been multiple monthly time scheduling apps individuals have been using to manage their time over the years. However, with the emergence of Excel Monthly time blocking software, it will be easier to achieve their objectives efficiently.

9. Google Sheets Weekly Time-Blocking Calendar Template

Google Sheets Weekly Calendar Template
via Google

With this simple block schedule template from Google, you have options to customize the time intervals and jump to specific weeks.

Time planning and management are critical to your success. You cannot accomplish your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual objectives without crucial attention to your time. That’s why you need to be proactive in time management to account for every second of the day while maximizing the limited time available.

Learn about different time management techniques!

10. Google Sheets Monthly Time-Blocking Calendar Template

Google Sheets Monthly Calendar Template
via Google

Create large time blocks for all the tasks, meetings, and events in a Google Sheets monthly calendar. Planner templates in Google can be customized with different colors and fonts to highlight important dates at a glance.

If you’re looking for a free time-blocking template within the Google Workspace, Sheets is the most efficient tool to test out a yearly time-blocking method for one month at a time.

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Are You Looking for a Time Blocking Template?

Time-blocking templates come in handy for time planning in your role. You need to be aware of the necessary templates available in the market today for consideration. These templates have been managed to meet your daily, weekly, and monthly time management approaches.

In ClickUp, time management templates are designed for every type of planner. You can easily access daily, weekly, and monthly time management just from one template to switch between different views.

Sign up for ClickUp today and start managing your time effectively!

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