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30 Free Checklist Templates in Word, Excel, & ClickUp Docs

We love a checklist. Call us nerds, but there’s nothing as satisfying as checking that first item off the list … except maybe checking the last item off the list. ✅

With the right checklist, you can organize everything in your life—from your work week to your next vacay to your home closing.

But coming up with a checklist, making sure you didn’t forget any steps, and putting your items in order can be a project in and of itself.

So how do you work smarter, not harder? By using premade checklist templates to jumpstart your projects. Here are 30 of our favorite checklist templates to help you accomplish everything from completing daily tasks to reaching your next major milestone.

What Is a Checklist Template?

A checklist template is a premade list of tasks or items with checkboxes so that you can mark each item complete as you finish it. These list templates can be extremely specialized or extremely broad, depending on why you’re using them.

For example, if you need a grocery list, you’ll want to start with a blank to-do list checklist template since the groceries you need will be unique to you. 🛒

But if you need a packing checklist, you can start with a thorough checklist template that already lists the items you need to pack (removing the mental load of having to list them out yourself). Most of us need similar items when we travel, after all: socks, undies, a toothbrush … you get the picture. 🧦

Using a premade checklist template is one of our favorite productivity hacks. It makes planning, organizing, and staging our projects a no-brainer. That way, we can save our brain power for more important things, like actually doing the work on our checklist!

What Makes a Good Checklist Template Format?

Different checklist templates help you organize different things—from your daily routine to your next product launch. As such, the contents of different templates will be wildly different. (An inventory checklist template will look nothing like a wedding checklist template, for instance.)

That said, all effective checklist templates have these three things in common:

  • Easy to edit: No two projects look alike, so your checklist template should allow you to remove items that don’t apply to you and add items that are important to you
  • Thorough as heck: It’s better to start with a checklist that has too many items and then remove the items that aren’t important to your project. This will make you less likely to miss something from your task list than if you start with an overly simple checklist that doesn’t include enough info
  • Pre-prioritized: For complicated projects where you might need a new hire checklist template, you need to do tasks in a certain order (post the job description, review applications, schedule interviews, etc.). Your checklist template should reflect the project prioritization with the order of your listed tasks. For other checklists, like your shopping list, the order may not matter

30 Task Checklist Templates to Use in 2024

Now that you have your checklist of what goes into a good checklist, here are 30 templates that check all the boxes. ✅

All of these are free checklist templates available on ClickUp, Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. FYI, you can start using ClickUp templates by signing up for a free account on the ClickUp pricing page.

1. ClickUp Weekly Checklist Template

ClickUp Weekly Checklist Template

Never get a case of the Mondays again with the ClickUp Weekly Checklist Template. This is a beginner-friendly weekly checklist template that helps you organize your daily tasks. It includes four statuses: canceled, complete, in progress, and to-do.

You can change your view to see it as a weekly checklist template in a calendar or a daily to-do list template. Whatever the case, you’ll be completing tasks in no time with your up-to-date to-do list.

2. ClickUp Internal Audit Checklist Template

ClickUp Internal Audit Checklist Template

Even if your company doesn’t have an internal audit team, you can organize a thorough review of your quality standards and workplace safety with the ClickUp Internal Audit Checklist Template.

It includes a Getting Started guide and allows you to organize important tasks after your audit with an Opportunities for Improvement lists, and Non-Conformance task management list templates. It’s perfect for creating a safety-and-compliance-first workplace! ⛑️

3. ClickUp Product Launch Checklist Template

ClickUp Product Launch Checklist Template

When you’re organizing a product launch (or relaunch), there are a lot of moving parts. ⚙️

The ClickUp Product Launch Checklist Template keeps you on top of them all with a Gantt chart, visual timeline, milestones, and to-do list checklists with all the tasks you need for your specific launch. Use custom fields to create a specific task list for your product launch—or add a progress bar to visualize the status of your task list.

Pair it with your RACI Matrix to define roles for the project and ensure everyone on your team knows which tasks they’re responsible for to stay on the same page.

4. ClickUp Hiring Checklist Template

ClickUp Hiring Checklist Template

Get your new hires comfortable with the company and their role using the ClickUp Hiring Checklist Template. This is a beginner-friendly new hire checklist template that streamlines your employee onboarding process. 

Your HR team can use the list to actively manage the process, or you can hand the completed task checklist template off to new hires for them to self-manage their onboarding tasks. This could include their initial weekly tasks or their own checklist to review all the onboarding docs.

5. ClickUp Change Management Checklist Template

ClickUp Change Management Checklist Template

Without the right checklist, change can be scary. But with the ClickUp Change Management Checklist Template, the only “eek!” you hear will be when you *geek* out over one of the best free checklist templates’ many functions. 🤓

It includes a getting-started guide, checklist, calendar view, timeline, team performance review, and seven custom fields to help you implement any new policy. Use it as your monthly checklist template or in a box view to get a glimpse at tasks.

6. ClickUp Meeting Checklist Template

ClickUp Meeting Checklist Template

If there’s one thing that will get a collective groan from your entire team, it’s a pointless meeting. Yes, meetings can be an important part of your workflow that help align cross-functional teams, but we’ve all been to time-wasting meetings that could’ve been an email. 📩

Avoid this workplace fate and make your meetings count with the ClickUp Meeting Checklist Template. It offers all the steps you need to plan and host effective meetings— and to create action items for your team to take into their workday.

Every team member in your meeting will love that you come prepared to stay organized and avoid errors by keeping track of who said what.

7. ClickUp Vendor Management Checklist Template

ClickUp Vendor Management Checklist Template
ClickUp Vendor Management Checklist Templates
Manage your vendor relationships and choose the best suppliers

The ClickUp Vendor Management Checklist Template is your go-to resource to track your supplier relationships to maintain consistency. Keep your vendors’ contact information in one place and create vendor assessments to analyze their timeliness, ease of use, and quality of service. 

This template will help you review your relationships and choose the best vendors for your business.

8. ClickUp Quality Control Checklist Template

ClickUp Quality Control Checklist Template

Keep your quality in check with the ClickUp Quality Control Checklist Template. This template provides a process for testing your products to ensure they always meet your standards. 

If you find any issues, you can mark them as minor, major, or critical, helping you to prioritize your work. You can also mark tasks as approved or rejected so you know when it’s time to go to market and when it’s time to go back to the drawing board. 🧑

Try out these risk register templates!

9. ClickUp SEO Checklist Template

ClickUp SEO Checklist Template

The ClickUp SEO Checklist Template will keep your content strategy in line so you get a complete picture. It includes a checklist to ensure everything from your title tags to your internal links are up to snuff with SEO best practices and processes. 

Plus, it allows you to categorize your SEO projects based on whether they’re part of your homepage, FAQs page, product pages, or blog pages. You can also organize tasks by importance and manage your team’s capacity from within the template.

10. ClickUp Digital Product Checklist Template

ClickUp Digital Product Checklist Template

Plan your digital product development and launch with the ClickUp Digital Product Checklist Template. This in-depth project checklist will walk you through designing, packaging, and selling your new digital product from start to finish. It’s basically your entire project management process wrapped up with a bow. 🎁

11. ClickUp Vacation Checklist Template

ClickUp Vacation Checklist Template

Can we get a “yay!” for your next vacay?! The ClickUp Vacation Checklist Template will ensure you’re ready to relax to the max. 🏝️

With lists of items to buy and to pack, plus a place for you to include the quantity you need, you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything. This packing checklist makes it easy for everyone to use and tag others for packing responsibilities.

You’ll be all set to jet set! ✈️

12. ClickUp Moving Checklist Template

ClickUp Moving Checklist Template

Before your change houses or cities, use the ClickUp Moving Checklist Template to make your move smooth. This digital planner will walk you through cleaning out your house, arranging movers, packing, and planning for your pets. 

It outlines all the tasks you need to complete to get out of your current house and into your new place—because there’s no place like home! 🏡

13. ClickUp Real Estate Closing Checklist Template

ClickUp Real Estate Closing Checklist Template

If you’re a realtor, you know how hard it is to close on a piece of property—and you spend most of your time trying to make it easier for your clients. With the ClickUp Real Estate Closing Checklist, you can make it easier for yourself too. 

Keep track of the real estate marketing costs, loan application phase, home inspection, target closing date, and signed closing papers in one place. This template will help you manage your selling process from the initial offer until the keys are in your clients’ hands. 🗝️

14. ClickUp Retirement Checklist Template

ClickUp Retirement Checklist Template

We work every day with one objective: to stop working. Retirement is the ultimate goal of any fruitful career, but it requires a lot of planning. 

You’ll need to figure out your finances and decide what you’re going to do with all your spare time— because if you plan to spend your retirement deep sea diving, you’re going to need a lot more savings than if you plan on gardening. 👩‍🌾

The ClickUp Retirement Checklist will help you plan it all so you can figure out when to retire and how to plan your next chapter.

15. Word Onboarding Checklist Template by

This employee onboarding checklist from is ideal for HR teams that rely on Microsoft Office. It will help you organize a cross-functional to-do list for bringing in new hires, outlining tasks for your HR, payroll, administration, and training and development departments. 

This checklist template is an easy way to establish an onboarding process if you don’t have one already.

16. Word Checklist Sample Template by

This editable template for Microsoft Word allows you to create any list you need. Turn it into a house cleaning checklist template, or a wedding checklist template—and download into a PDF format.

Yes, you’ll need to put in the initial planning to come up with your list items, but it’s already formatted for you and is an easily printable checklist template. 🖨️

17. Word Business Trip Checklist Template

When you use this checklist to prepare for your next business trip, you’ll know that everything back home and at the office is taken care of—and you can focus on your work goals. 

This template includes four sections: one for preparing the office, one for preparing your home, one for packing, and one for information to leave with caregivers. It’ll give you peace of mind while you’re away. ✌️

18. Google Docs Construction Checklist Template by

Prepare for your next construction project with this checklist template. It’s a contract signing through final home inspection checklist, and it covers all the steps in between. It can be used as a daily checklist template or your doc for everything in the project from start to finish.

Whether your construction team is working on a new build or an extensive remodel, this list will help you keep track of every step and the contractor who’s in charge of it. 👷

Check out these contract templates!

19. Excel Checklist Template

This Microsoft Excel template will help you create a to-do list and categorize it based on the due date, priority, and area of your life where it’s most relevant. 

Get an overview of your personal, family, home, and work projects in one place, and track your daily and weekly progress with colorful bar graphs in this Excel format. because who doesn’t love a graph to see your daily checklist or weekly tasks! 📊

20. Google Sheets Checklist Template by BenCollins

This simple to-do list template is an easy way to track your daily tasks with checkboxes and editable list items. You’ll have to create your own to-dos, but that makes it a flexible list template for tracking your chores, creating a shopping list, or staging a project where you need to complete one task before moving onto the next. 

It’s not the best template for organized complex projects, but it makes a good daily checklist template.

10 More Excel Checklist Templates

Still looking for more task list templates? Try these other Excel options:

Check That Off Your List With These Checklist Templates

Go straight from getting organized to getting it done with a checklist template. 📝

You have plenty of things to do whenever you’re starting a new project. Sitting around organizing tiny checkboxes isn’t one of them. Thankfully, there are so many effective checklist templates to jumpstart your project management process.

Choose the checklist that’s most relevant to your project, then dive into the work that really matters. 🏊

ClickUp can help you organize anything in your life so you can save your brain power for completing more projects. 🧠 

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