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10 Project Management Risk Register Templates in Excel & ClickUp

Managing a complicated project can be as thrilling as stomping on the throttle in a sports car. But throw in the potential speed bumps of risks, and things can quickly go from manageable to “Where’s the emergency brake?”

That’s where our trusty sidekick, the project risk register template, comes into play. It’s more than just a list of “what ifs”—it’s a guide to spotting, understanding, and tackling these risks head-on.

A risk register is like our very own project management traffic monitor!

Just picture this: a risk threatens the project schedule. Without breaking a sweat, your project team whips out the risk register template to track the risk, assign risk ownership and quickly develop a risk response plan. Boom! Crisis averted.

See, a project without risks is about as rare as a unicorn. But a project with a risk register and a solid risk management process? Now that’s something you can handle. So let’s embrace risk register templates and turn those potential project headaches into another day at the office.

Who’s with us?

What is a Risk Register Template?

A risk register template is like a strategic checklist for your project that helps your team pinpoint, evaluate, and keep tabs on risks so you can still meet your deadlines and avoid potential risk scenarios. The project risk register is a central hub where all risk-related information hangs out, which means it’s perfect for quick, informed decision-making.

In a typical risk register template, you’ll see sections for each risk description, potential impact, and the chances of it happening. The project risk register also maps out the steps we’re taking to minimize the risk and describes who is the risk owner responsible for managing it.

Having all these details under one roof means that you’re not left scrambling for information when making decisions. A risk register gives you an overview of all potential challenges that might pop up during your project and preps you to handle them.

So, your risk register template has your back whenever a risk rears its head. It’s decision-making made easy.

What Makes a Good Risk Register Template?

Alright, let’s dive a bit deeper into what makes a risk register template really stand out. First, a top-notch risk register template should be thorough, easy to use, and flexible enough to fit your project like a glove. It should make it easy for your team to detail each risk, assess its potential impacts, and estimate how likely it is to occur.

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But it’s not just about risk identification—a good template also provides room to brainstorm mitigation strategies and decide who will manage each risk. In other words, a risk register is a tool that promotes accountability within your team.

The best part about these risk register templates? They’re dynamic, not static. Your project is constantly evolving, and so are its risks. A well-designed template understands this and allows for continuous updates and tweaks as new risks come into the picture or existing ones change.

So, as your project shifts and grows, your risk register template moves with it. This adaptability makes a template not just good, but great.

10 Risk Register Templates to Use in 2023

Without further adieu, let’s introduce you to the risk register templates that are bound to help your next project sail smoothly.

1. ClickUp Risk Register Template

An example of ClickUp's Risk Register Template
The ClickUp Risk Register Template lets you document and track every project risk

The ClickUp Risk Register Template is a risk management tool that helps you identify potential risks before they escalate into significant issues. 

Your team can use risk register templates like this to standardize your approach to evaluating and tracking risks. That consistency makes it easier to efficiently and accurately diagnose solutions once you have an identified risk.

With ClickUp’s collaboration features, your team can update the register in real time, promoting transparency and swift response by risk owners.

2. ClickUp Project Management Risk Analysis Template

The ClickUp Project Management Risk Analysis Template
The ClickUp Project Management Risk Analysis Template centralizes project risks so you can mitigate problems based on severity, urgency, cost, or other factors

Anticipate potential threats to project success early with the ClickUp Project Management Risk Analysis Template. This template works seamlessly with ClickUp’s other project management features, like resource management and project prioritization. ClickUp makes it easy to integrate risk analysis as a cohesive part of your project planning.

Get a bird’s eye view of your project with the Overview List view, or track project progress with an analysis board. You can also centralize potential project risks into one list view so the team has updated information and no issues fall through the cracks.

This organized approach to risk analysis tightens your team’s communication, improves leadership’s decision-making, and helps the company stick to budget estimates. Download this project risk register template today!

3. ClickUp Risk Analysis Whiteboard Template

The ClickUp Risk Analysis Whiteboard Template
Get a visual representation of your project’s potential risks with the ClickUp Risk Analysis Whiteboard Template so your team can collaborate on mitigation

Sometimes, a visual approach to your risk management plan is easier for project teams. If that describes you, the ClickUp Risk Analysis Whiteboard Template is your jam!

Collaborate simultaneously as you map out the potential pitfalls, like resource constraints, in your next project and the possible solutions to those risks. Quickly link out to tasks, Docs, images, and other files from this Whiteboard template so everyone on the team has the context to move from idea to execution fast.

This risk management template gives project managers everything needed to understand the risk category, track risk status, and log the actual risk description.

4. ClickUp Risk Assessment Whiteboard Template

The ClickUp Risk Assessment Whiteboard Template
Categorize and assess each risk facing your next project with the ClickUp Risk Assessment Whiteboard Template

Risk assessment is vital to managing any project—it’s our secret weapon to avoid unwelcome surprises. With this template, we’ve got a practical roadmap that leads us through spotting, evaluating, and managing potential risks.

The ClickUp Risk Assessment Whiteboard Template adds a visual dimension to your risk assessment process. It assists in categorizing and assessing risks, encouraging your team to collaborate and share insights in a visual and engaging format. 

With features that enable you to draw, write, and add sticky notes, this risk management whiteboard template is perfect for dynamic brainstorming sessions to evaluate project risks.

5. ClickUp Risk Benefit Analysis Template

The ClickUp Risk Benefit Analysis Template
Quickly assess the risks—and rewards of potential decisions throughout your project with the ClickUp Risk Benefit Analysis Template

The ClickUp Risk Benefit Analysis Template guides your team through evaluating a project’s potential risks and benefits. With the pros and cons of any given action neatly laid out, your team can decide which risks are worth taking.

ClickUp’s task management features help you track these decisions and their impacts on your project’s KPIs. We have dozens of ClickApps you can use to customize your task management workflow. Save even more time with task automations.

You can even use widgets to connect your template to existing workflows. That way, changes in project statuses, task assignments, deadlines, and more all update seamlessly within your template.

6. ClickUp Value Risk Matrix Template

The ClickUp Value Risk Matrix Template
Use the ClickUp Value Risk Matrix Template to rank potential product development paths based on how risky they are compared to the potential value they might unlock for your company

You probably have hundreds of ideas for features and services your business can provide. But each direction you head comes with inherent risks and varying business value. So, how do you decide where to start?

That’s where the ClickUp Value Risk Matrix Template comes in handy. This template presents an organized method for ranking and prioritizing risks that complements your risk management software. Use the simple, visual grid system to classify risks based on their likelihood and impact, which helps you make better-informed decisions about resource allocation and project prioritization. It’s a systematic way to sort through your ideas to evaluate their worth in conjunction with the risk involved in their execution. 

This strategic approach can shed light on what deserves your immediate attention.

7. ClickUp Open Issues List Template

ClickUp Open Issues List Template
Categorize, assign, and clear tasks with the ClickUp Open Issues List Template

The ClickUp Open Issues List Template is a powerful tool for tracking and managing unresolved issues that could impact your project’s success. Use this template for a simple and efficient way to list all open issues, their current status, and the responsible team member. That way, you have a comprehensive view of all outstanding tasks. 

With a clear perspective on all the issues facing your team, you can create a standardized process for categorizing, assigning, and clearing them from the queue.

Combined with ClickUp’s retrospective tools, this template can help you prevent similar issues in future projects.

8. ClickUp Issue Tracker List Template

The ClickUp Issue Tracker LIst Template
The ClickUp Issue Tracker List makes it easy to keep an eye on open issues, who is working on them, and what the task status is all at a glance

The ClickUp Issue Tracker List Template is designed to help project managers keep tabs on all project-related issues. 

Keeping track of any new issues allows you to formulate targeted action plans and capture potential risks that may bubble up ahead of time. That organization and proactive approach allow you to reach your project milestones faster and with fewer risks.

With customizable fields for issue description, assigned person, and status, this template ensures no issue falls through the cracks. It integrates well with ClickUp’s suite of project management tools for a seamless project management experience.

9. Microsoft Excel Simple Risk Register Template by Stakeholdermap

The Microsoft Excel Simple Risk Register Template
If you need a no-nonsense spreadsheet for documenting project risks, look no further than the Microsoft Excel Simple Risk Register Template

The Microsoft Excel Simple Risk Register Template by Stakeholdermap is a straightforward, easy-to-use tool for managing project risks. Its Excel-based design makes it familiar and accessible, while its structured layout ensures you cover all necessary details. 

This template allows for tracking risk sources, impacts, scores, and mitigation strategies in a clear, tabular format.

10. Microsoft Word Internal Audit Risk Register Template by Template.Net

Microsoft Word Internal Audit Risk Register Template
Make internal audits easy with the Microsoft Word Internal Audit Risk Register Template from Template.net

The Microsoft Word Internal Audit Risk Register Template by Template.net is a free risk register template designed to aid the internal audit process. 

It helps document and track risks identified during internal audits, assisting in mitigation planning and control assessment. Its Word-based format allows easy editing and customization, making it a versatile tool for any project.

Use ClickUp To Reduce Risk In Your Next Project

Whether you’re seeking to mitigate risks or track issues, these templates can support your project needs. Coupled with practical tools like ERP software and the right approach to contingency planning, these templates can significantly improve your project management efficiency.

Choose a template that aligns best with your project’s needs and give your team the tools to navigate and mitigate potential risks successfully.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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