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10 Free To-Do List Templates by ClickUp 

If you want to stay organized, prioritize your tasks, and get more done, maybe it’s time to leverage a to-do list. And the easiest way to jumpstart your task list is by using a to-do list template.

To create the perfect to-do list, you first have to consider the time frame, how you’ll delegate tasks, and how you’ll mark tasks completed. Your gut instinct might be to go to Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, or Excel, or simply download a printable PDF to-do list.

There are a ton of to-do lists out there, but we’re here to make life easier and provide you with the 10 best and free options! 💸

Ready to step up your productivity?

Let’s look at the benefits of using a to-do list template first!

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10 Free To-Do List Templates 

Your to-do lists don’t have to be an overwhelming, random mishmash of everything. The following 10 free to-do list templates should help you maximize clarity and reduce inefficiencies. 

1. ClickUp’s Daily To-Do List Template 

ClickUp Daily To-Do List Template Example
ClickUp’s Daily To-Do List Template is perfect for managing daily tasks and keeping track of your entire day

A simply daily to-do template captures the essential daily tasks you plan on undertaking. ClickUp helps you set up the most mundane tasks you have to perform and the specific time of the day they should be completed—all with the ability to customize and choose your view!

ClickUp’s Daily To-Do List Template makes it easier and faster to add and organize tasks. It offers a variety of options to organize your tasks, plan your workflow, and order them based on priority.

If you are leveraging task management software, you should be able to sync this daily to-do list template into your work or other task lists. With ClickUp, you can update the status of your list item and create subtasks for your priority tasks.

Easily view your items in List View, Kanban View, Table View, within ClickUp Docs, or several other ClickUp display options, so you have all the details you need at glance. 👀

This daily task to-do list template is best for those planning out every detail of their day, from when each task is to be done to which tasks are a top priority.

2. ClickUp Digital Product To-Do Template 

ClickUp Digital Product Design Checklist Template Example
Use the Digital Product Checklist Template to organize tasks in a simple Doc format

Unsure how to improve your digital product? Well, the ClickUp Digital Product To-Do Template saves you hundreds of hours of designing and auditing your digital product so you don’t miss a thing during a product launch.

This digital product checklist template helps you create your digital product from start to finish. The simplified doc includes a design checklist, product packaging checklist, and selling plan checklist. 

On the design checklist, you can generate and organize product ideas, and develop an efficient product development process. At the tail end, you’ll have the selling plan checklist where you can strategize on how best to reach your niche target market and utilize the online marketplace.

For each product, you can include digital product guidelines to help you for future reference. 🔮

3. ClickUp Quality Control Checklist Template

ClickUp Quality Control Checklist Template
Set custom statuses, due dates, and different prioritizations in this detailed checklist

In today’s competitive landscape, you’ve got to ensure that each of your products matches the customer’s expectations. Luckily, with the ClickUp Quality Control Checklist Template, you can track the quality of your projects.

This to-do list template includes the status bar that helps you check whether the project is approved, newly approved, pending, or rejected. 

There’s also a custom field where you can indicate the results, approval dates, progress, and remarks on the project. On these custom fields, you could also detail any test procedures done on the project and critical milestones and events, both major and minor. 

With this template, you have two automation options. You can automate the changing of the status of resolved subtasks. Equally, when the project status changes, you can automatically have a custom field set up. 

For further customization, you have three different view types. You can view your task list in a list, table, or guide-style format. 

4. ClickUp Moving To-Do List Template

ClickUp Moving To-Do List Template
Moving is a pain, but not when you have a detailed list to check off to prepare for the big day

Whether a simple or big move, packing up for the move can be stressful. Thankfully, with ClickUp Moving To-Do List Template, you can make it less overwhelming. 🚚

With this task list template, you can create a quick checklist of the things you need to do and a task list of what’s been completed so you’re ready to go on moving day.

You can create a task list of everything you need to do at each stage of the move. Easily assign a priority task and deadline for each. Or assign an individual to be in charge of specific tasks so everyone knows who is responsible for what.

Let’s face it—you’re not going to get this type of delegation in a printable checklist template that’s only available in a PDF format. Instead, track the process of each task, note down comments for the next to-do list, and update statuses to be on top of the entire move.

5. ClickUp Bucket List Template  

ClickUp Bucket List Template
Use the ClickUp Bucket List Template to organize your most important tasks

Do you want to rebrand your business or rappel down a waterfall? Whatever the goal, the ClickUp Bucket List Template helps you plan, organize and prioritize your aspirations. 

Of the various list templates mentioned, this one lets you group your bucket list items into different categories. For instance, you could set destinations to visit or experiences in a task list.

Under each, you can list the different subtasks you’d want to undertake or experiences you’d want to have—whether it’s a day or an entire week. The template comes with six custom fields, which you can populate per your preferences, and is a great option to involve family members coming along. 

You can organize and view your bucket list in one of five ways too. List out the tasks as a list or have these be arranged by rating, continent, or people you intend to undertake the task with.

Finally, if each item on your bucket list is interlinked, you can have these organized as a sequence task list. If you are looking for an easy-to-use to-do list template with complete visual design elements, this one has a lot to offer. 

6. ClickUp Class Assignments To-Do List Template 

ClickUp Class Assignments Template
Students or teachers can use this class assignments template to keep track of everything and monitor priority tasks

It can often feel impossible to remember and keep track of your homework, internships, or other activities. Given the sheer amount of work you’ll be juggling, you need the means to stay productive and avoid any frustrations with forgotten homework assignments. 

The ClickUp Class Assignments To-Do List Template provides you with three custom options to organize your class assignment. For instance, you can organize your assignments based on task types, topics covered, or assignment grades.  

For easier tracking of the different assignments, the template is synced with nine ClickApps. This means you can track and sync all assignment emails, time track them, and map all dependencies, among others. 

As soon as an assignment comes in, you can note its due date and track and update its progress subject to the 12 status listed. These assignments can then be viewed as one of the six view types available, including exams, papers, or a list arranged based on the due date. 

7. ClickUp Getting Things Done Template 

Getting Things Done template by ClickUp
Keep the team moving forward using the trusted GTD method with the Getting Things Done template by ClickUp

If you intend on being more productive and getting things done, you want to break down your tasks into actionable work items to manage workflow. You can achieve this with the ClickUp Getting Things Done Template. 

Among the clarity-boosting tools available on the template are seven pre-built view types that can be customized for your needs. On the list view, you can see all of your work at a glance for insights into due dates and the level of effort required. 

Visualize your workflow on a customizable Kanban board so you can organize your tasks by the due date, priority, status, and more. You can also use the calendar view to plan and schedule your projects and tasks directly from a calendar. 

Note that each of the seven pre-built view types on the template comes with three pre-built Custom Fields. The first two are contexts in terms of assigned category and effort, which details the amount of time and energy required per task. The last is the blocked custom field. 

Suppose you want to move tasks through your getting things done template for an easier and more efficient workflow. With this list template, pick from the seven pre-saved Lists for each step of your task item. There are plenty of automation options to make your life and work more manageable with this awesome task list template.

8. ClickUp Home Renovation To-Do List Template 

ClickUp Home Renovation Project Template
Keep track of all the critical tasks, due dates, inventory, and costs with this detailed template

Given the complexity of home renovations, starting one without a detailed to-do list is certainly ill-advised. You will need a to-do list for pre-renovation and actual renovation, comprehensively captured on ClickUp Home Renovation To-Do List Template

This home renovation project management to-do list template helps you keep track of your budgets, timelines, contractors, and more, ensuring you achieve your home renovation dreams.

You can have the different projects you intend to undertake categorized based on the specific areas of the house. List the start and expected due dates for priority tasks and add the labor and material costs. You can also list the progress and status of the project about the estimated due date

If you are a novice at home renovation or a seasoned contractor, this to-do list template helps you organize all the tasks for a successful house renovation and enables you to track the progress of each. 

9. ClickUp Party Planning To-Do List Template 

ClickUp Party Planning To-Do List Template
Use this party-planning template to budget, prioritize, and delegate tasks

Organizing a memorable party calls for meticulous attention to detail. To avoid stress and last-minute mayhem and ensure the success of your party, you ought to consider leveraging ClickUp Party Planning To-Do List Template

On the checklist template, you can organize your party planning by grouping the party into stages. You can list the tasks needed for the preparation during the event and at its close. Each of these can have subtasks with visually trackable progress and the option to assign one of the five statuses available. 

Whether you are organizing a small party or you’re a seasoned party coordinator, the ClickUp Party Planning To-Do List Template ensures that no crucial detail slips through the cracks and that you do not end up being caught in a frenzy. 

10. ClickUp Self-Care To-Do Template 

ClickUp Self Care Plan To-Do List Template
Put your self-care first by tracking and thoroughly detailing your goals in tasks or a checklist template

Given how busy we all are, you want to ensure that you get enough self-care and self-love as often as possible. With the customizable ClickUp Self Care To-Do Template, you can maintain a detailed description of all the things you need to take care of yourself. 

To organize the self-care tasks you plan on undertaking, you have four custom fields to use in this checklist template. You can categorize the tasks based on self-care types or wellness types and maintain notes on each, as well as reference material. 

You can also track your list of daily or weekly tasks and update their progress based on the six statuses available on the template. This should help you prioritize off-track, on-hold, or not started tasks. 

Overall, if you are keen on staying accountable and consistent with your self-care, the ClickUp self-care to-do template helps you visually see how you’re doing on a large scale in pursuit of your wellness needs. 

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What Are the Benefits of Using a To-Do List Template?

Unfortunately, a lot of us try to search for a type of to-do list to simplify our lives, but it ends up leaving us disorganized and disconnected from the action tasks at hand. The consequence is often less clarity and more effort into organizing our work.

Work + More Work = 😰

A simple to-do list is supposed to help us reduce procrastination and not create more work to track a task. With the template, writing your to-do list doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility.

The templates make it easier for you to create your to-do lists, review them and maximize your productivity while working on each. Tasks should be simple to sort so you can prioritize your work.

And if you ever want to change the order of your to-do list, create a status column, or add tasks with new prioritization, you’re not going to get far without a template. Pre-built and customizable templates are useful starting points for individuals needing a helping hand regarding their initial to-do list.

That’s not to say that seasoned individuals can’t leverage a simple to-do list, but instead, it could help the task pros get through their checklist faster.

Look at it this way. Your to-do list template is essentially a personal assistant. Using a productivity tool enhances the quality of your to-do lists. So let’s take a look at our 10 favorite to-do lists and say goodbye to pen and paper. 👋

Summarize this article with AI ClickUp Brain not only saves you precious time by instantly summarizing articles, it also leverages AI to connect your tasks, docs, people, and more, streamlining your workflow like never before.
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Want More Templates for Your To-Do Lists?

A to-do list helps you break down your goals into smaller, bite-sized chunks that you can easily manage. While these are our top 10 to-do lists, ClickUp has even more. Check out the full list of ClickUp Templates to see more work, simple, and calendar to-do lists you can use for free.

With these professionally designed templates, start prioritizing tasks so you can better manage your workflow. It’s all about efficiency! ☑️  

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