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The Getting Things Done methodology is a widely used framework to help users become more productive in their life. Use this template to start implementing this process into your day-to-day.
This Getting Things Done (GTD) template, based on the GTD system by David Allen, helps you organize tasks and projects by recording them and breaking them up into actionable work items.
ClickUp's GTD template comes fully equipped with everything you and your team need to:
  • Organize work items into contexts via pre-built Custom Fields
  • Prioritize tasks by context, due date, the effort required, and much more
  • Streamline your process with collaborative documents the entire team can access
Getting Things Done template List view

ClickUp's Getting Things Done Template

When it comes to implementing the GTD process, the key is using a template that has all the confidence and clarity-boosting tools necessary to succeed with this system.
ClickUp's Getting Things Done template includes pre-built views, Custom Fields, and Docs to help you prioritize, track, and execute tasks all in one place, exactly the way David Allen would want it!
Getting Things Done template Doc view
ClickUp's GTD template comes with five flexible views that can be customized for any need, from scheduling items right away on a Calendar to simple drag-and-drop planning on Board view.
  • List view: See all of your work at a glace including task items organized by context, due date, and level of effort
  • Board view: Visualize your workflow on a customizable Kanban board where tasks can be organized by status, due date, priority, and more
  • Docs view: Pin our pre-built GTD Doc to your view tab as you collaborate on documents, create SOPs, record meeting notes, and more
  • Calendar view: Plan projects, schedule tasks, and more on a Calendar
Within this template, there are seven pre-saved Lists for each step of the GTD method. From Next Actions to a Tickler File system, these Lists make moving your tasks through the GTD workflow simple and efficient.
Getting Things Done template Folders
Each view in our template also has two pre-built Custom Fields. These fields represent two crucial components of the GTD system: contexts (meaning the category of the task) and effort (meaning how much time and energy the task requires). These contexts can easily be edited and renamed, and you can always add more context variants and Custom Fields based on your workflow needs!
Getting Things Done template Board view

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