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10 Free One-Pager Templates For Writing Company Pitches

Ever feel like you’re racing against time to whip up a top-notch one-pager for your pitch or proposal?

As a marketing manager, I understand! But, it’s time to put those worries to bed! One-page templates can make pitchwriting fast, fuss-free, and fabulous. ✨

I know writing a company pitch seems daunting. So, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of 10 free one-pager examples to help get your foot in the door with potential customers or investors.

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What Is a One-Pager Template?

A one-pager template is a pre-formatted, customizable single-page document you can use to guide you through creating a professional summary of your business, product, or service.

There are even one-page website templates to help you build a landing page or web page. Bolstering your online presence will help you become the top result on a search engine like Google!

The type and format of a one-pager varies depending on how they’ll be used and who will be reading them.

When you need to create a strong company pitch or use a business proposal template, one-pagers provide a blueprint to help you put the right information into a compelling format.

You can use one-pagers to create different presentations, including:

Review several one-pager templates, like the ones below, before choosing the one that’s right for your situation.

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What Makes A Good One-Pager Template?

Good one-pagers help you present key points in a structured and skimmable format. They present detailed information about your company, program, project, or service without overwhelming the reader.

Here are five things to look for when choosing one-pagers:

  • Simplicity: Creates a presentation that’s clear and easy to read
  • Structure: Keeps information organized so the reader can find what they need fast
  • Style: Displays key points in a format that’s professional, attractive, and easy to skim
  • Scalability: Fits any project size
  • Shareability: Exports to formats that your team and target readers can easily access

Good one pager templates also provide you with placeholders for standard company information and personal details like phone numbers, addresses, emails, social media accounts, and a call to action.

The best one pagers help you develop a company pitch or business proposal that’s clear, organized, and easy for your target reader to access.

These one pagers will help you promote the key takeaways of any sales pitch or proposals you want to present.

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10 Free One Pager Templates

Here are 10 templates for one pagers. You can customize each template to create pitches, main ideas, proposals, and summaries for nearly any type of project.

You can also modify the different templates to highlight a key main idea in your one-pagers that are most important to you. The best part? You can have these templates for free.

1. ClickUp Project Management One Pager Template

ClickUp Project Management One Pager Template

Highlight the main points of any project lightning fast with the Project Management One Pager Template by ClickUp. ⚡

This single-page template includes all the important aspects and sections you need to develop a winning presentation, including project objectives, timeline, key deliverables, major tasks, and milestones.

Custom views and status categories within the business one-pager help you stay on top of the information that matters most to you:

  • Planning Stage View: Helps you brainstorm ideas and set up tasks
  • Calendar View: Helps you plan when tasks should be completed
  • Project Plan View: Allows you to review and adjust tasks
  • Statuses: In Progress, To Do, or Complete statuses show exactly where tasks are in the pipeline

The Project Management One Pager is easy to use, customizable, and can be shared with anyone who needs to know about the project.

2. ClickUp Annual One-Pager Template

ClickUp Annual One-Pager Template

The Annual One Pager Template by ClickUp is a single-page document that helps condense your company’s yearly objectives into one easy-to-track layout that looks great on mobile devices.

It helps you outline your yearly priorities and align individual tasks with larger goals. No more confusion or scattered information! This free business one-pager gives you a crystal-clear view of your company’s strategy, core values, mission, and more.

It even has separate sections for global and departmental priorities, so that everyone can contribute to creating the big picture.

Plus, it promotes transparency and accountability by including Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for each priority.

Say goodbye to overwhelming reports and hello to a concise, motivating overview thanks to free templates like this one. 👋

The business one-pager helps your team understand the “why” behind your goals, fostering a sense of purpose and alignment.

Since you’re already reviewing the annual sales numbers, this may also be a good time to refresh your brand management strategies or business plan to supercharge your sales and profits over the coming year.

3. ClickUp Product Brief Template

ClickUp Product Brief Template

The Product Brief Template by ClickUp helps you organize and streamline the product development process so you can execute a more successful launch.

It can also help you move products through development more quickly!

If you’ll be pitching products to potential customers, this may also be a good time to choose a solid CRM Marketing Software that allows you and your team members to gather and record customer information as you grow.

The free company one-pager keeps your product specs, feedback, and related tasks all in one place. You can use instant formatting customizations like link embedding and document tags to make it easy for your marketing and sales teams to understand the product based on this single page.

And with commenting and assigned commenting, your team can treat this single page like HQ as they work through the product development process. Boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and speed up your product development process with ClickUp’s Product Brief Document.

Get started today and witness the power of organized teamwork!

Need to elevate your entire product reporting process? Trying using the business one-pager in conjunction with Sales Report Templates for an all-around approach to help your team members organize your product’s key details.

4. ClickUp Marketing Project Brief Template

ClickUp Marketing Project Brief Template

The Marketing Project Brief Template by ClickUp works as a company one-pager that helps you outline key information to make your marketing project a success.

It’s used to communicate project goals, objectives, and target audience details. It also tracks tasks and subtasks.

Create a one-pager for marketing project briefs with this versatile blueprint that keeps everyone focused on common goals.

This template includes custom fields for departments, deliverables, the target audience, and any supplementary documentation so you can easily modify it to fit your needs.

If you like this template style, check out our other project brief templates, to help make your next business one-pager or project outline a success.

 5. ClickUp Services Proposal Template

ClickUp Services Proposal Template

Reinforce the quality and competence of your service with the Services Proposal Template by ClickUp. This one-pager is free and will help you build confidence with clients.

For example, one-pagers like this template give you designated spaces to include details like contact information, company background, project description, project scope, deliverables, dependencies, and payment.

The free Services Proposal Template tool also allows you to customize formatting with embedded images and font changes.

Using the ClickUp Services Proposal Template helps you swiftly draft a proposal that’s clear, concise, and persuasive, so you can land more contracts! 🎉

6. ClickUp Program Proposal Template

ClickUp Program Proposal Template
The Program Proposal Template by ClickUp helps you present a brief pitch for nearly any type of program

The Program Proposal Template by ClickUp helps you summarize the information and requirements you need to pitch your next program.

You can use it to create a business newsletter that explains your program, objectives, and budget, and share images of promotional materials like flyers, T-shirts, or ads.

Use this template to write up a well-planned, well-resourced, and well-executed summary to share with potential investors or stakeholders. One-pagers have never been so simple.

7. ClickUp Commercial Proposal Template

ClickUp Commercial Proposal Template

Looking to pitch other companies for partnerships? The Commercial Proposal Template by ClickUp can help you get there with its simple, but effective, layout for all your one-pagers.

This free template helps you create a professional business overview you can use to pitch partnerships. Use it to show off your assets! Let other companies know why you and your team are worth the investment.

The one-pager provides everything you need to develop a compelling business proposal, impress your clients, and secure those important partnerships.

8. ClickUp Project Proposal Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Project Proposal Whiteboard Template

Develop proposals with ease thanks to the Project Proposal Whiteboard Template by ClickUp.

This whiteboard template is designed to assist you in preparing a new project proposal that solves a problem or meets an organizational need.

Highlight your main points and show off the whole team’s accomplishments as a business one-pager digital whiteboard.

This whiteboard format lets stakeholders and team members ask and answer questions within the document. And, you’ll love the sticky note design that makes program details and collaboration fun!

Enterprise-level companies may want to consider Enterprise Collaboration Tools that can handle input and communications for much larger teams.

One-pagers like this provide your team with the space it needs to develop top-notch proposals. It also includes super-cool functions that let you track sprint planning, brainstorm concepts, and collaborate and work together with the whole team.

Get ready to wow your audience with well-crafted documents that highlight your expertise and demonstrate how you’ll meet organizational needs.

9. Word One Page Business Case Template

One Pager Template for Microsoft Word
Create a customized Executive Summary page with the Word One-Pager Business Case Template

Publish a beautiful executive summary using the Word One-Pager Business Case Template by

You can print this business one-pager or download your documents as a Word doc, Google doc, or an Apple page.

In terms of’s one-pager templates, this is only available for Pro members.

10. Powerpoint One Pager Template by SlideModel

One Pager Startup PowerPoint Template
Via SlideModel

Simplify your startup’s introduction with the One Pager PowerPoint Template by SlideModel.

When speaking with potential investors, every second matters. Developing a clear and concise one-pager shows you respect their time. It also increases the chance they’ll take you seriously.

This PowerPoint one-pager, designed for startups, includes a three-part format to help you create summaries of your startup’s key information. And this one-pager pulls it all together into a presentation that’s attractive, easy to read, and professional.

Of the one-pager templates, this one includes multiple sections to help you display all the main points related to your startup, including your team introduction, business overview, mission, target market, finances, products, and achievements.

You can even combine the PowerPoint template with product launch templates to cover all your bases.

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One-Pager Templates, Anyone?

In a world where time is of the essence, one-page templates come to the rescue.

One-pager templates guide, structure, and streamline your pitches and proposals. Whether you’re aiming for concise executive summaries, product briefs, or annual objectives, we hope these handy one-pager examples make it all a breeze.

Choose the templates to help you create the one-pagers you need based on what you plan on pitching and who you’ll pitch it to. Keep in mind that the best one-pager templates are simple, structured, and easy to share.

Your next successful one-page pitch maybe just a template away. Why wait? Gear up and get started with ClickUp templates today!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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