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10 Best Business Proposal Templates for 2024

It’s no secret that businesses that follow a well-structured business plan are more likely to succeed.

Approximately 70% of the businesses that managed to survive for five years follow a strategic plan. And as for those at their starting stage, businesses with a business plan have a 7% higher likeliness of high growth than those without a developed plan.

Similar to business plans, business proposals are essential when it comes to the sustainability of a business. Strong business proposals can help you win clients, partners, business deals, and more.

So if you’re looking to level up your business, read on to learn more about business proposals, their benefits, and tools and templates to help you bring your business idea to life!

What is a Business Proposal Template?

A business proposal is a formal document where you present information related to your business that is relevant to your prospective client. It’s essentially a document that includes standard information, such as timelines, budgets, and project scope, to give prospective clients and business partners a detailed outline of your proposal.

There are many different domains where you can use an effective business proposal to achieve your goals and start great collaborations. Well-constructed proposals can help you win important deals that can take your business to the next level and open up new opportunities. 

For example, you can use a business proposal if you have a marketing or design agency and want to share your services or are simply looking for a job in any domain. You can also use a business proposal for project management purposes such as presenting a new project idea or proposed solution to a problem to the stakeholders and clients.

Before we move forward, it’s important to know that a business proposal is not the same as a business plan. Take a look at the image below to understand the difference between the two:

Business Plan VS Business Proposal
Business Plan Vs. Business Proposal via Extol Agency

10 of the Best Business Proposal Templates to Use in 2024

Now, let’s take a look at 10 different business proposal templates that you can use to help you impress your stakeholders and win prospective clients!

1. ClickUp Business Proposal Template

Business Proposal Template by ClickUp
Use the ClickUp Business Proposal Template by ClickUp to make it easier than ever to create proposals that stand out

The first one on the list is the Business Proposal Template by ClickUp.

This template not only comes with pre-built List views of business proposal steps and priorities with key Custom Fields to help you build your own business proposal, but it also offers email templates in ClickUp Docs to help you streamline and perfect your outreach messages.

And if you need more guidance getting started, you may refer to the Getting Started Guide that’s included with the template. Needless to say, this business proposal template is packed well and ready for you to use to win more business.

2. ClickUp Commercial Proposal Template

ClickUp Commercial Proposal Template
This Commercial Proposal Template in ClickUp Docs will help businesses present their offerings to other companies effectively to land partnerships

The Commercial Proposal Template by ClickUp can help you create a strong business overview to show clients exactly what makes you and your team the best choice to handle the project. 

This business proposal template is available in ClickUp Docs where you’ll find dedicated sections for your team, business proposal ideas with solutions, profit forecast, and more.

With this free business proposal template, you’ll be able to create a complete and easy-to-read document of your proposal, protect your Doc from unwanted changes, and share it easily with your clients via a public or private link.

3. ClickUp Creative Agency Proposal

ClickUp Creative Agency Proposal Planning Template
Want to streamline the process of pitching to your clients? Use this Creative Agency Proposal Planning Template that ClickUp has stored for you

Because ClickUp is a project management tool at heart, it offers functional and effective ways to plan, track, and manage your projects and keep you organized while writing the proposal.

Use the Creative Agency Proposal Template by ClickUp to get pre-defined lists of subtasks and checklists to guide you as you put your proposal together.

By using this business proposal template in ClickUp, you’ll have an organized view of the steps you need to take from the planning phase to pitch rehearsal and even post-presentation.

4. ClickUp Project Proposal Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Project Proposal Whiteboard Template
This Project Proposal Whiteboard Template is an easy-to-edit template designed to prepare for a presentation to a new project proposal that aims to meet an organizational need or solve a problem

If you want to customize your project proposal and present it in a creative way, then the Project Proposal Whiteboard by ClickUp is for you.

This business proposal template comes with a colorful and organized visual of your proposal in ClickUp Whiteboards that you can edit to fit your needs. Add your ideas by drawing, using shapes, sticky notes, mind maps, and other creative ways to express how you want to implement the project.

You can also use other Whiteboard templates for flow charts, concept maps, retrospectives, and many others to present your ideas in a way that is easy to understand and leads to further discussions with the potential customer.

5. ClickUp Grant Proposal Template

Grant Proposal Template in ClickUp List view
Create and organized list of your tasks with the Grant Proposal Template in ClickUp List view

This type of business proposal is a document that justifies the funding request and the strategy of your proposal. 

Check out these request for quote templates!

The Grand Proposal Template by ClickUp comes with a pre-built List and Board view with Custom Statuses to help organize your tasks accordingly. It also comes with a Calendar view of your project schedule to keep your important due dates easily visible.

These unique views you let keep track of the general tasks, problem definition, objectives, key milestones, and budget and share them with your potential clients.

6. ClickUp Campaign Proposal Template

Campaign Proposal Cover Template in ClickUp Docs
Outline proposal with Campaign Proposal Cover Template in ClickUp Docs and share it with key stakeholders

Establish a strong framework for your entire campaign with the Campaign Proposal Cover Template by ClickUp.

It includes a customizable proposal cover and a detailed Doc where you can share your campaign summary, objectives, target audience, timelines, and resources with your stakeholders and to provide useful information to your team.

This free business proposal template can surely keep you organized and well-prepared for your presentation day and beyond.

7. Flipsnack Design Services Business Proposal Template

Design services business proposal
via Flipsnack

The Design Service Business Proposal template is a flipbook that allows readers to flip through the pages and better engage with the content.

If you’re looking for a way to present your design skills and make a good impression when sending a business proposal for a design project then this template can help with that. It has a simple design that can be customized and the option to add videos, links and product tags, brand elements, and statistics about performance.

This business proposal template is beneficial to designers because they can create beautiful visual proposals instantly for architecture projects or other types of design work. Simply use images and texts from the template or replace them with their own images while keeping the business proposal style. You may also add a welcome message, and details about the company to personalize the experience.

8. Flipsnack Digital Marketing Proposal Template

Marketing proposal template by Flipsnack
via Flipsnack

Marketing is one of the domains where a business proposal would do wonders with your campaigns. These proposals are a great opportunity to present how you can make a difference for them and what great results you can bring by showing social proof and case studies. 

This editable digital marketing proposal template can help you explain your services in detail and share your project framework. Use it for your email marketing proposal, social media marketing proposal, and other digital marketing proposal. You may also customize the template by adding videos, links, product tags, brand elements, and more to make it attractive and engaging for your clients.

9. Flipsnack Professional Job Proposal Template

Professional job proposal by Flipsnack
via Flipsnack

The proposal design is a little different that the other ones, and also the purpose of this type of proposal.

This professional job proposal template can be used by companies that want to hire someone to present the compensation package and other details about the role.

You can use a flipbook-making app like Flipsnack to create engaging business proposals that can easily attract the readers’ attention and also find various templates to choose from.

10. Qwilr Project Management Proposal Template

Project management proposal template by Qwilir
via Qwilir

The project management proposal template can help you create a visually appealling and organized business proposal. Embed forms, timelines, spreadsheets, calendars, images, videos, and more into the proposal to catch your client’s attention and present quality work.

And with the user indentification feature, you’ll be able to set time and view limits, and get notifcations when your client has opened your business proposal.

Types of Business Proposal Templates

There are two types of business proposals:

1. Solicited business proposals

A prospective client requests a solicited business proposal to help them decide if they want to do business with you or not. With this type of business proposal, you can offer solutions to their problems or needs.

This is the easiest way to convert them into customers because they are already interested in your product or services.

2. Unsolicited business proposals

An unsolicited business proposal is like a cold email or marketing flyer. When writing unsolicited proposals, you may not know anything about the clients or their requirements. In this case, you should conduct research to identify how to approach each unique client and personalize the business proposal.

Benefits of Business Proposal Templates

The main benefits of templates are to help save you time, create consistency across your business, and ensure all important details are covered in your business proposals.

Moreover, using templates can give you more time to focus on the content and quality of your proposal and create professional business proposals that impress and win your clients and business partners.

Start Using Business Proposal Templates Today

The right templates can help you land your next big projects. There are many business proposal templates you can choose from. The key is to choose what works best for your products and services, as well as your clients.

To make a great impression and a detailed proposal, you can use tools like ClickUp and Flipsnack to create a business proposal that matches your needs and help you stand out. A proposal maker like Flipsnack is a software that allows proposal creation with different designs, while an all-in-one project management tool like ClickUp can provide you with a library of customizable templates for various use cases and the key features you need to manage your projects, track progress, and more.

ClickUp is free to try—start using the templates by ClickUp to level up your business proposals and win more clients today!

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