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18 Best Free Social Media Templates for Posts, Campaigns, & Content

Did you know that 69% of marketers use social media to boost their brand awareness? Now, more than ever, businesses are starting to come up with clever ways of streamlining their social media workflow.

Because of this, many small businesses to large enterprises rely more on professionally designed templates than ever before to complete various tasks well and on time. By using templates, brands can finally free up some of their time and focus on other digital marketing tasks that require their undivided attention.

Let’s look at 18 of the best social media templates you can use to maximize your productivity, accomplish more in less time, and create consistency across teams, projects, and more!

What to Look for in a Social Media Template?

Having a template library at your fingertips could take your projects to the next level. To start, let’s explore the most important parts to look for in social media templates:

  • Clean design: Look for a template with a design that is intuitive and easy to navigate. It should be highly visual, properly organized, and have a detailed legend if necessary 
  • Easy customization: Another important detail when searching for social media templates is to ensure that they are fully customizable. That way, you can easily add your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo. You should also be able to modify and reposition its elements and fill in the blanks as needed 
  • Step-by-step content: A template can become a full-blown marketing tool only when it features robust content. Always try to follow a step-by-step template with comprehensive guidelines that align with your strategy

18 Social Media Templates for Social Media Management

Check out some of the best templates available today, and use them to streamline your social media processes and reap their benefits!

1. Social Media Strategy Workflow Template by ClickUp

Social Media Strategy Workflow Template by ClickUp
Use ClickUp’s customizable Social Media Strategy Workflow Template to plan and achieve important social media-related tasks

If you’re looking for one of the best productivity software out there, ClickUp is one of the leading project management and productivity tools for teams across industries and businesses of all sizes. This all-in-one project management platform is fully customizable, which means you can configure the entire platform to fit any use case, project needs, workflow preferences, and more.

ClickUp offers hundreds of flexible features, including a library of templates for every team, including marketing teams. For one, social media marketers can use the Social Media Strategy Workflow Template by ClickUp, which takes all the guesswork out of building a social media strategy from the ground up.

This template includes:

  • Five custom view types, including Social Media Strategy Steps in List view, Creation Stage in Board view, Brand Guidelines Doc, Mood Board, and more
  • Custom Fields and custom task statuses to simplify and streamline your workflow
  • Getting Started Guide to help you get started

Using this workflow template ensures that no task gets left behind, and keep track of your progress with this step-by-step template focusing on your social media priorities and assigning each task to specific team members. 

2. Social Media Strategy Template by SocialBee

Social Media Strategy Template by SocialBee
via SocialBee

It’s time to gather all your marketing activities in one place. With the right social media strategy, you can closely watch your competitors, target audience, objectives, and content strategy from one place. To do this successfully, you should start relying on a template to get you on the right track.  

Here are the components of the social media strategy template:

  • Social media audit: Keep track of your reach, engagement, and account information to develop a solid strategy. Additionally, note down your ROAS and Google Analytics for a better overview
  • SWOT analysis: Become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by answering a series of enlightening questions about your business
  • Competitive analysis software: Study your competitors closely by noting down their sentiment, posting frequency, most popular content, and more. This will help you gain the upper hand
  • Buyer persona template: Define your ideal customer with the user persona template. Note their wants, needs, goals, and preferences to understand your target audience better
  • Social media objectives: Decide on your business and social media objectives and list your metrics and KPIs. That way, you can easily stay focused on what matters most to your business
  • Monthly social media content planner: Create a monthly plan for each social channel you use. This will help you keep track of what’s been posted and how well it performed

You can easily edit this template by typing in the information in each of the available cells. Simply make a copy of it and move it to a personal folder where you can customize it as you see fit.

3. Social Media Audit Template by SocialBee

Social Media Audit Template
via SocialBee

A social media audit aims to help you put your strategy into perspective. By evaluating each social channel you’re using, you can get a clearer picture of how you can improve your current social media efforts and pinpoint more growth opportunities for your business.

With SocialBee’s social media audit template, you can audit your go-to social media accounts and understand more about your overall performance. As a bonus, you can also access a handy competitor analysis example. Use it as a way to compare your own performance with that of your competitors.  

4. Competitive Analysis Template by ClickUp

Competitive Analysis Template Template in ClickUp Whiteboards
Identify your main competitors with ClickUp’s Whiteboard Competitive Analysis Template and track their product performance

When was the last time you took a long hard look at your competitors and decided to research their strengths and weaknesses? The Whiteboard Competitive Analysis Template by ClickUp allows you to easily measure your competitors’ market presence and product satisfaction levels.

This template includes:

  • A pre-built competitive analysis matrix in ClickUp Whiteboards
  • Getting Started Guide to help you get started

It offers an interactive view and offers a comprehensive legend for each quadrant. The four available categories (Contenders, Leaders, Niche, and High Performers) will help you plan more strategically.

Use this interactive view to create a detailed and easy-to-follow competitive analysis where you can freely add, modify, and position your elements according to your needs.

5. Social Media Post Calendar Template by ClickUp

Social Media Advanced Template by ClickUp
Use the Social Media Advanced Template by ClickUp to streamline your content management efforts and get organized

Need to hit your content marketing OKRs?

The customizable Social Media Advanced Template by ClickUp provides a strong foundation for managing your content.

This template includes:

  • Pre-built views, including Social Media Posts in List view and Calendar view, Board view, and more
  • Custom Fields and custom task statuses to organize your tasks and create a seamless workflow
  • How to Use this Template Doc to help you maximize the template
  • And other flexible tools that allow you to optimize and strategize your content with ease

This template also lets you add important organizational details, such as content categories and draft links. Furthermore, the Custom Statuses feature will help everyone on the team keep track of the progress that is being made for each upcoming social media post.

6. Social Media Content Calendar Template by SocialBee

Social media content calendar template by SocialBee
via SocialBee

Another great resource is SocialBee’s social media content calendar template. It’s easy to customize and features important organizational details, such as the assigned social media specialist, the post copy and visuals, and hashtags. Lastly, teams can keep track of each post’s publish dates, URLs, and analytics by adding them to this template.  

7. Social Media Posting Schedule Template by ClickUp

Social Media Posting Schedule Template by ClickUp
Plan and schedule your upcoming social media posts using List, Calendar, and Board view in ClickUp

Easily organize, manage, edit, and monitor your social media posting schedule with the Social Media Posting Schedule Template by ClickUp.

This template includes:

  • Pre-built views with a Calendar view of activities, List view of weekly to-dos, a Board view to see all your scheduled posts by platforms, and more
  • Custom Fields and custom task statuses to keep your work organized and workflow as smooth as possible
  • Getting Started Guide to help you navigate through the template

Give it try and establish your social media goals with this ClickUp template equipped with features such as recurring tasks, Custom Fields, and more, to keep your team on track, and to work faster and more organized than ever before.

8 . Social Media Performance Tracking Template by ClickUp

Social Media Performance Tracking Template by ClickUp
Keep a close eye on your metrics and set new goals with ClickUp’s Social Media Analytics Template

You might know by now that collecting and analyzing data from your main social media accounts can help you make smarter decisions, business-wise.

Keep track of relevant metrics, such as your Facebook reach and page likes or your Instagram comments and impressions, with the Social Media Analytics Template by ClickUp. With its intuitive and colorful design, you’ll have a much easier time keeping track of your key performance metrics. 

This template includes:

  • Pre-built views such as a Summary in Board view, Analytics in List view, and Performance in Table view
  • Custom Fields and custom statuses for effective task management
  • Getting Started Doc to help you make the most of this customizable template

Save time on posts with AI social media tools!

9. Social Media Campaign Calendar by ClickUp

Social Media Campaign Calendar by ClickUp
Ensure that your upcoming campaigns fulfill your goals and stay on budget with the ClickUp Campaign Calendar

The secret to successful marketing campaign management is multitasking but in a smart and not overly cluttered or chaotic way. 

That’s why Social Media Campaign Calendar by ClickUp might come in handy for businesses both small and large. With this highly visual template, you can stay updated on all the progress that is being made by each assigned team member. 

This template includes:

  • Pre-built views such as Events in Calendar view, Campaign in List view, Campaign Process in Table view
  • Custom Fields and custom task statuses to organize your workflow and establish a consistent process across teams and projects

This template will define your tasks by inserting your main goals, campaign budgets, and campaign phases.

10. Social Media Ads Planner Template by ClickUp

Social Media Ads Planner Template by ClickUp
List and group your upcoming ads with the Ad Schedule Template by ClickUp

It’s time for a fun fact. Did you know that social media advertising budgets are expected to grow 11.76% annually by 2026

If you plan to launch a handful of social media ads, chances are you’re confused about how to keep track of each of your marketing objectives. Worry not, because with the Ad Schedule Template by ClickUp you can now note down relevant data, such as the start and due dates of each ad you’re about to roll out.

This template includes:

  • Pre-built views, including Ads Pipeline in Board view and a Calendar view
  • Custom Fields and custom tasks statuses to keep your tasks and ad schedule organized and visible

Prioritize your ads accordingly and keep an eye on their current status. Now, it’s easier than ever to launch ads and actually make sure that the investment is paying off. 

11. Social Media Brand Guidelines Template by ClickUp

Social Media Brand Guidelines by ClickUp
Create a highly visual and colorful Brand Book with the Brand Guidelines Template by ClickUp

What defines a solid brand identity? The brand logo, fonts, colors, and other assets, of course. They should be instantly eye-catching and recognizable. In fact, businesses should always be able to share their brand guidelines with both collaborators and team members.

There are a few noteworthy details when trying to develop your brand guidelines. Let’s take a look at the ones you can find in the Brand Guidelines Template by ClickUp:

  • Your company: Go into detail on your brand history and ethos. Also, provide insightful information that your team members and collaborators should be aware of
  • Your mission: What is the purpose of your brand? What does it aim to deliver, and how will it make the world better? Set clear goals and define your vision in detail
  • Brand logo: Ideally, your brand logo should feature both light and dark mode versions. Their format can be either PNG or SVG, depending on the project
  • Logo practices: You might be very specific about how your logo can be used when it comes to design. If so, make sure to note those specifications in the template
  • Do’s and dont’s: Your brand assets should be used according to your specific guidelines. Set limitations and give detailed instructions. Your brand, your rules. ClickUp’s Brand Guidelines Template ensures that your Brand Book is good to go
  • Color palette: Use striking and unique color combinations that reflect your brand identity. That way, your audience won’t have to check if it’s you. They’ll know it. Add your go-to colors to the template and note down their Hex codes
  • Typography: Colors and fonts go hand in hand, don’t they? Besides, what is a Brand Book without at least one fancy font name? Simply add your preferred fonts to the Brand Guidelines Template

12. Facebook Post Templates by Canva

Facebook social post templates in Canva
via Canva

Is Facebook one of your preferred social media channels? 

If so, you’ll be pleased to discover Canva’s free Facebook post templates. They are easy to customize and come in a variety of topics, especially for special occasions.

Check out these Canva alternatives!

13. Instagram Post Templates by SocialBee

Instagram social post templates by SocialBee
via SocialBee

Statistics show that Instagram has around 1.318 billion users from all over the world. Cool, right? You might know that posting Instagram Stories is a quick way to connect with your followers. But what if you have no ideas to work with?

SocialBee’s free Instagram story templates will provide you with some much-needed inspiration for those days when you just can’t seem to create a visually appealing design. 

14. Twitter Post Templates by Piktochart

Twitter social post templates by Piktochart
via Piktochart

With Piktochart, you can now browse a wide collection of pre-made and ready-to-use Twitter templates. They come in a variety of colors and designs worth checking out. Make sure to add your logo and personalize them to reflect your brand identity.

15. LinkedIn Post Templates by Freepik

LinkedIn social post templates by Freepik
via Freepik

LinkedIn is all about making an impeccable impression among your peers, competitors, and industry leaders. Join their ranks by constantly updating your account with informative and visually stunning content. 

Freepik’s free LinkedIn post templates are a great option. Simply select your favorite free template and hit the download button. Then, remember to customize accordingly. 

16. Pinterest Post Templates by Freepik

Pinterest social post templates by Freepik
via Freepik

Pinterest is all about appealing visuals and clever photo descriptions. To put things into perspective, around 445 million people use this social platform each month. 

Showcase your products and services in a unique way with Freepik’s free Pinterest templates. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be easily personalized.

17. TikTok Post Templates by Canva

TikTok social post templates by Canva
via Canva

TikTok has been a favorite for the past few years, and rightfully so. The video-first platform is frequented by a multitude of businesses that market their latest products and services.

To become viral on TikTok, make sure to use a pre-made template you can easily personalize. No need to start from scratch. Simply access Canva’s free TikTok video templates and hopefully get ready for worldwide stardom. 

18. YouTube Post Templates by ClickUp

YouTube Template by ClickUp
Keep ideas, files, graphics, and drafts all in one place, and make collaboration effortless with the YouTube Template by ClickUp

Having a YouTube channel is certainly not for the faint of heart. Businesses will need a clear strategy, engaging scripts, eye-catching thumbnails, and some awesome editing skills. If you need a better way to manage various ideas for your upcoming video content, use the YouTube Template by ClickUp to capture all your creative ideas and keep you organized. That way, you can sort them into categories and playlists and attach their URLs.

The best part? You can share files with those who are in charge of your YouTube channel and make collaboration seamless.

Start Using Social Media Templates and Boost Your Productivity Like Never Before

Are you ready to conquer the world of social media? If so, make sure to use the templates we’ve shared with you and keep an eye out for a surge in productivity. As we’ve seen, the regular use of social media templates can significantly save you time, limit the daily effort of your teams, and ensure that consistency is a top priority.

With ClickUp, you can now manage tasks, projects, and workflows with minimal effort and in less time than ever before. Plan, manage, and track your social media strategies with this. Get the all-in-one project management tool with thousands of customizable templates and enjoy optimal productivity—it’s free to get started.

And if you’re looking for a social media management and marketing software that can help you plan, create, and schedule your upcoming social media posts, then SocialBee is the right choice for you. This platform is great for small businesses, solopreneurs, and agencies that want to get more done with less. Start your 14-day free trial now.

Best of all, you can integrate these two powerful tools together. Use ClickUp for effective social media project management and team collaboration and SocialBee to level up your social media strategy! 🙌

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