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10 Free RFP Templates to Write Your Next Request for Proposal

As a business or project manager, you know that sometimes you can’t do all the heavy lifting yourself. Partnering with experts in other industries helps you maximize your efforts and meet goals faster.

That’s where requests for proposals (RFPs) come in. These handy documents are a way for you to reach out and ask for bids from contractors that can help you get the job done.

Launching projects is already a big lift. Make the process easier by using a request for proposal template that will save time and effort. We’ll show you why these templates are so valuable, explain what to look for in a template, and share some of our favorite RFP templates. 👀

What Is an RFP Template?

RFP templates, also called request for proposal templates, are documents used to request bids for a specific solution. It’s used by marketing agencies, project managers, IT companies, large enterprises, or for prospective vendors to send out requests for tools and products that solve a special need.

The document typically includes background company info, details of what the client needs, and a description of how they’ll evaluate submissions through an RFP process.

In fact, the entire RFP process helps to fill a gap in company needs. A request for proposal is designed to address resource constraints by seeking support from outside the business. It’s one of the earliest steps in the procurement process, and getting it right means you can hit your project goals faster.

Templates in Clickup Docs
Custom-made Doc templates ensure that we are able to streamline repeated processes and document the most important information

RFP templates make requesting bids faster and easier than before. While the finer details of each individual RFP will change, a template saves time on creating the structure and outline of the request. ⌛️

What Makes a Good RFP Template? 

Since each project is different, it’s important to choose the right RFP templates. The good news is that there are several effective RFP templates to choose from—including free options to stay on top of your budget. 💰

Once you’ve decided to use RFP templates, it’s critical to choose a good one. Every RFP template worth its salt will have:

  • Project background: Details of the scope of the project, background information on the company, and the basic steps and requirements of the project
  • Statement of work/project summary: A brief description of what is expected from contractors that land the winning bid. Here is where you’ll list any deliverables, potential roadblocks, required certifications, the project timeline, and preferred methods, systems, and tools you want the contractor to have or use
  • Evaluation criteria: Information on how each bid will be evaluated and what criteria will be sued to make a final decision
  • How to prepare the proposal: Guidelines on how to submit the proposal, what to include, and deadlines for submissions. Be sure to include contact information in case bidders have questions

10 RFP Templates to Use in 2024

Want to save time crafting your next request for proposal? Use a template to quickly fill in the project details, requirements, and submissions process. In minutes, you can send out the bid requests and get back to working on the actual project itself.

Here, you’ll find 10 of our favorite RFP templates to write your next request for proposal in a flash. ✍️

1. ClickUp Web Development RFP Template

ClickUp Web Development RFP Template
Get bids from web developers for your next project using the ClickUp Web Development RFP Template

Whether you work in IT and need help with website project management or you’re in a different industry looking for web developers to improve your website, an RFP gets you the help you’re looking for.

With the Web Development RFP Template from ClickUp, create your own RFP and streamline the document creation process and start getting bids. In five easy steps, you’ll have an RFP ready to send out in minutes with this handy template.

The RFP document template starts with an introduction to your company where you can input your company name, logo, and contact info such as phone number and address.

After the company information is the Project section where you include the scope of work, where the project stands, and your desired objectives. Here you’ll list important team members and project stakeholders who potential vendors will work with.

Next on the template are the Timeline and Budget sections. Use these areas of the template to list milestones for complex projects and projected expenses.

Finally, you’ll complete the Proposal and Contract Terms sections where you explain the selection process, list vendor requirements, and lay out the contractual terms of the project in this RFP template. ✨

2. ClickUp RFP Process Template

RFP Template: ClickUp RFP Process Template
Streamline the RFP proposal process and collaborate with your team using the ClickUp RFP Process Template

The RFP Process Template from ClickUp makes the bidding process a breeze. The RFP template auto-generates tasks, subtasks, and custom fields for every step of the process.

From finalizing the project time frame and identifying the scope of the project to review and final selection of proposals, everyone involved can easily see what stage of the process the project is in and what’s coming next.

The custom fields let you customize the proposal process. Add project documentation attachments, create progress and phase labels, and include budgeting lines. Create a checklist and share it with relevant team members and assign tasks to different stakeholders so everyone knows who’s responsible for what. ✅

3. ClickUp Request for Resources Template

RFP Template: ClickUp Request for Resources Template
The Request for Resources Template from ClickUp makes it easy to assign tasks to team members and get an overview of the project progress

Calling all team leads: We know you know how important it is to have tools that give you an overview of everything the company has going on. ClickUp has your back whether you’re tracking KPIs or requesting resources.

Designed for a project manager, the ClickUp Request for Resources Template makes it easy to track several projects as they move through the pipeline. 

Quickly assign the tasks related to a request for resources to various team members and keep all the important project information in one easy-to-view dashboard. The template lets you view projects by priority so you can address the most important jobs first.

Create categories for evaluation criteria, project time frames, resources needed, and the project scope to keep everyone informed and up-to-date on the status and overall project goals.

4. ClickUp Project Request and Approval Template

RFP Template: ClickUp Project Request and Approval Template
Track workflows and monitor requests for proposals with the Project Request and Approval Template from ClickUp

ClickUp’s Project Request and Approval Template is a Folder-level template used to identify, review, and approve project proposal requests. You can use it to track workflows and monitor requests for proposals as well as other requests including request for information (RFI) and request for quotes (RFQ).

To get started, select “Submit Project Request” and fill out the information including the project name, description, priority, and proposal timeline for the request. Once completed, it’ll appear in your request list or board view so you can track what’s being submitted and what’s been approved.

It’s that simple.

5. ClickUp Budget Proposal Template

RFP Template: ClickUp Budget Proposal Template
The ClickUp template enables you to share expenditures, summarize the project proposal, and request materials

One of the key aspects of any proposal is staying on top of your budget. With the Budget Proposal Template from ClickUp, you can easily share expected expenditures for each project proposal. That way, you can get buy-in from stakeholders by clearly outlining the benefits of participating and explaining the associated monetary costs.

The step-by-step template includes six pages where you can outline the involved team members, summarize the project and budget proposal, and list logistics, required materials, and necessary equipment. ⚒️

6. ClickUp Business Proposal Template

Business Proposal Template by ClickUp
Use ClickUp’s detailed business objectives template to draft, send, and follow up on your request

In sales, business proposals are among the most important documents you create. Save time and create visually appealing presentations with the Business Proposal Template from ClickUp.

Start by creating tasks to create the business proposal—including gathering necessary information, calculating pricing, and writing the actual business proposal draft.

Use the Priorities List view to see what tasks need to get done first and categorize each subtask by adding effort level and completion rate trackers. When you’re ready to send your business proposal, use the Email Templates view to get a pre-written draft you can fill out and send to prospective partners.

Work faster and more efficiently on your communication with key stakeholders on your RFP requirements.

7. ClickUp Campaign Proposal Template

Campaign Proposal Cover Template in ClickUp Docs
With ClickUp’s campaign template, you can create a framework with a clear and concise description for your marketing or sales activities

Building campaigns has never been easier thanks to the ClickUp Campaign Proposal Template. This tool is ideal for sales and marketing campaign management as well as in other departments like IT. Use the simplified template to outline the framework for the campaign and include proposal details and the strategies you plan to use for the project. 

Personalize the document by adding your company information, using branded typography, and uploading your company logo. Add headers and sections to build out the proposal depending on the entire project.

8. ClickUp PDCA Process Whiteboard Template

ClickUp PDCA Process Whiteboard Template
Using ClickUp’s PDCA Process Whiteboard Template, it’s easy to continuously improve your project

Want a project planning tool to continuously improve your projects? Turn to ClickUp’s PDCA Process Whiteboard Template. Based on the four-step PDCA model—plan, do, check, and act—it’s the perfect way for project managers to continually evaluate what works and what needs improvement and relay the information to team members.

Use this iterative process template to create tasks for various departments in your organization. Assign the task to a stage and add assignees, due dates, and priority levels for each one.

Use the Board view to see where each task is in the process and identify any gaps or adjustments that need to be made to your project schedule.

9. Microsoft Word RFP Template by Template.net

Microsoft Word Request for Proposal Template by Template.net
via Template.net

This sample RFP template integrates with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages to streamline the proposal writing process. The template generates written content, tables, and charts to support your proposal. Just hop in and edit or change the text to reflect your project parameters. 

10. Microsoft Word Request for Proposal Response Template by Template.net

Microsoft Word Request for Proposal Response Template by Template.net
via Template.net

Need to respond to an RFP, but not sure how to do that? This RFP response template features an easy-to-follow checklist so you can craft a successful reply. Each section offers tips and tricks to create a strong response to the proposal.

Modify the content to match the project scope and update the contact information so the recipient or various vendors know specifically what way to get back to you.

How to Write an RFP?

Now that you have a template to create your RFP, here’s some additional guidance on how to actually write it. Keep these tips in mind as you craft your request for proposal:

Clearly define the project scope and objectives

Before anything else, make sure you know what exactly you want from potential vendors. Clearly outlining the project scope and objectives will help guide their proposals.

Be specific about requirements and expectations

Don’t leave any room for misinterpretation. Be specific about your requirements and expectations for the project.

Include all necessary details

Make sure to include all relevant details such as deadlines, budget constraints, and any specific materials or resources needed.

Consider the format of your RFP

While templates can be a great starting point, you may need to tweak them to fit your company’s specific needs. Consider the format and design of your RFP to best represent your company’s brand.

Allow for questions and clarifications

All submitted proposals should leave room in your RFP for potential vendors to ask questions or seek clarification on any points. This will help ensure they have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for.

Evaluate proposals objectively

Once you receive proposals, evaluate them objectively. Consider all aspects including cost, experience, and approach to find the best fit for your project.

Communicate clearly with chosen vendor

Once you have selected a vendor, make sure to communicate clearly about expectations and timelines for the project. This will help ensure a successful partnership.

Who Benefits From Using RFPs?

Buyers: Often businesses or organizations needing to procure goods or services, buyers benefit greatly from using RFPs. It allows them to solicit proposals from various vendors, ensuring they have a broad selection from which to choose. With RFPs, buyers can compare offers based on defined criteria, which helps them make an informed decision and get the most value for their money.

Suppliers: Suppliers or vendors also reap significant benefits from RFPs. While it might seem that the onus is on them to put forth a persuasive proposal, they also have an opportunity to completely understand the buyer’s needs and requirements. Responding to RFPs helps suppliers to portray their products or services better, highlight their unique selling points and edge out the competition.

Turn to ClickUp for Your Next Request for Proposal Template

Whether you need to write a proposal for resources, business purposes, or something else, these templates will help you get the job done. With ClickUp, you’ll get hundreds of templates—from RFP templates to budget proposals and campaign request for proposal docs.

Each one is designed to streamline your workflow and make collaboration across teams easier. Find more templates to make project management and business easier in the ClickUp Template Center! 🗂️ 

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