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10 Project Scope Templates and Scope Document Examples

Have you ever found yourself knee-deep in a project, only to realize that you’re not entirely sure what the project is supposed to achieve, what tasks need to be completed to get there, and who’s responsible for them?

Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. That’s why project scope templates are an absolute lifesaver for project managers.

Project scope templates are essential tools for any project manager looking to plan and execute a successful project. They provide a clear outline of the project’s objectives, deliverables, timelines, and budget, allowing project managers to define the scope and ensure that everyone involved understands their roles and responsibilities.

Whether you’re managing a small or large-scale project, using a template to define your scope of work can save you time and effort by providing a framework for planning and executing your project. In this blog post, we’ll talk about what a project scope template is, and what makes a good one—then, we’ll share 10 of our favorite project scope templates so you can pick the solution that’s best for your team.

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What is a Project Scope Template?

A project scope template is a comprehensive document that helps project managers organize the critical details and components of a new project. It’s essentially your one-stop project plan.

These templates typically include a range of information designed to ensure the successful completion of a project. A few of the most common components are:

  • The purpose and vision of the project
  • Stakeholders and their requirements
  • Criteria for success
  • Project team members and their roles and responsibilities
  • Specific milestones for completing tasks
  • Risks associated with the project and approaches to mitigate them

Additionally, a project scope template will outline objectives, deliverables, project controls, tasks, costs, and the project’s timeline. With this comprehensive framework in place prior to starting a project, teams are more likely to work efficiently and collaboratively toward their goals.

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What Makes a Good Project Scope Template?

Project scope templates not only need to have the required information written above; they also need to be user-friendly, simple to update and share, and focus on concise, but complete, information gathering. Here are a few elements that make good scope templates:

  • Accurately describes the project vision: A project scope statement with a description of the project’s purpose, the relevant stakeholders, and criteria for success
  • Details all mission-critical project information: Includes objectives, deliverables, team members and their roles and responsibilities, project milestones, cost estimates, and a proposed timeline
  • Identifies any potential project risks: With strategies or plans to mitigate them
  • Breaks down the details of the budget: Plan to reduce costs or scheduling setbacks, ways to interpret the budget, and timeline parameters that might affect the total project cost
  • Uses a flexible template format: Easy to make changes and revisions with a straight-forward and frustration-free user experience for all team members that need to reference the scope

A good template should be comprehensive enough that it provides the most important details and context the team needs to get started, but concise enough that you don’t have to read through fluff to get to the most critical parts. These strategic planning templates should provide clarity, not add to the confusion.

Ultimately, the best template for your team and your projects will be the one that gives your stakeholders the clearest idea of what they need to do so that everyone involved can work toward a successful outcome.

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10 Project Scope Templates You Have to Try

Using a scope template is one of the best project management tools in your arsenal. It can save you time and effort while also minimizing the risk of project failure. With a well-crafted template in place, project managers can be confident that they have a comprehensive and structured approach to planning, ensuring that their project gets delivered on time, on budget, and to the required standard.

There are many different types of project scope templates out there, but here are our 10 favorites.

1. ClickUp Project Scope Template

ClickUp Project Scope Template

Sometimes, the best place to begin organizing a new project is on a whiteboard. But in today’s distributed work environments, team members are often across the country from each other instead of across the room. That’s why we created the ClickUp Project Scope Whiteboard Template. It has all the benefits of a physical whiteboard, plus a ton of other features that make it a lot more handy than the original.

The Project Scope Whiteboard Template features: 

  • A board with 7 components including information, justification, scope, business objectives, deliverables, exclusions, and assumptions
  • A flexible digital whiteboard that lets you customize at will by adding or taking away “sticky notes,” adding text, hyperlinks, file attachments, photos, and freehand drawings, and sharing with other teammates for seamless collaboration

This whiteboard is the perfect place to start your project organization. Brainstorm your project’s big elements before moving to another template for all the details.

2. ClickUp Scope of Work Template

ClickUp Scope of Work Template

Once you’re done using our whiteboard template (or if you need more structure and details from the jump), use the ClickUp Scope of Work Template to fully plan your project from start to finish.

This template defines the tasks to be undertaken in a project, including objectives, outcomes, schedules, milestones, and additional details. While not legally binding, it serves as a common agreement among all stakeholders on what is required to successfully complete the project.

3. ClickUp Website Scope of Work Template

ClickUp Website Scope of Work Template

If the project you’re looking for a template for is website development, you’re in luck! We designed the ClickUp Website Scope of Work Template just for you.

The Website Scope of Work Template features: 

  • A background and goals section that includes your company and the client’s contact information, high-level project details, a purpose and problem statement, project overview, and list of project goals and objectives
  • Scope of work and tasks section that details the project scope in 3 phases: 1) website design and development; 2) information architecture, and 3) host and domain setup. Note, these phases can be edited to suit your specific scope. It also has a section to list all the tasks associated with the 3 phases
  • A deliverables, components, and requirements section with tables to easily organize and visualize all the project deliverables, the project schedule, and the delivery dates
  • A final price, assumptions, and acceptance where you can provide detailed estimates of expenses, list project assumptions, and get client sign-off

This template gives you a clear and organized website project game plan you can share with clients. Together, use this visual to work through the project process and keep them informed of and update and progress activity.

4. ClickUp Scope Management Plan Template

ClickUp Scope Management Plan Template

The ClickUp Scope Management Plan Template outlines how a project’s scope will be defined, validated, and controlled throughout its lifecycle. Along with the standard project details like objectives, deliverables, and timelines, scope management plans focus on how your team will manage scope creep – doing more than originally planned.

The Scope Management Template features: 

  • A problem statement section where you can identify and describe the problem the project will solve
  • An opportunities section where you’ll explain how you’ll capitalize on this problem and the solutions you plan to bring to the table
  • A project goals section where you can list out the achievements you’d like this project to meet
  • A scoping section where you can clearly determine what tasks or concerns fall within the project’s scope and which do not
  • An approvals section to get the project manager and sponsor to sign off

Let this template serve as a guide for your team to ensure that the project stays on track and that all stakeholders are aware of the project’s boundaries and objectives.

5. ClickUp Scope Outline Template

ClickUp Scope Outline Template

App developers often have project scopes that differ significantly from other types of projects, so we created The ClickUp App Scope Outline Template just for you!

The App Scope Outline Template features: 

  • A project background section to give a quick overview of the problem or pain point the new app aims to solve, what the app intends for its users to experience and feel, and the objectives of creating the app
  • A business requirements section where you can design a checklist of the tasks the completed app needs to be able to handle
  • An application scope section where you can list the different components of the project scope (ie, platform, UX design, analytics, landing page, help page, etc) and add any notes or comments about each requirement

This App Project Scope Document Template can be utilized by app developers to organize, track, and archive the necessary business requirements for creating and executing an application.

6. ClickUp Project Charter Template

ClickUp Project Charter Template

A project charter documents the formal initiation of a project, providing the project manager with the authority to use organizational resources to complete it. It’s an important step in the project management process, so we made The ClickUp Project Charter Template to ensure you cover all your required bases.

The charter acts as a reference throughout the project’s lifecycle, ensuring that all team members and stakeholders are aligned. It also provides a foundation for decision-making, issue resolution, and change management.

Bonus: Team Charter & Team Charter Templates!

7. ClickUp Project Execution Plan Template

ClickUp Project Execution Plan Template

The ClickUp Project Execution Plan Template can help standardize your organization’s project planning and execution procedures. It serves as a guide for project team members, enabling them to execute the project efficiently and effectively while ensuring that it aligns with the project scope.

The Project Execution Plan Template features:

  • A home page that lists all the subcategories along with their owners and contributors
  • 6 main sections, including project scope, project goals, specifications, resource allocation, project schedule, and communication plan

Note: this template can be utilized as a tool within your project management software solution!

8. ClickUp Project Deliverables Template

ClickUp Project Deliverables Template

While many of our other templates have a deliverables section, the ClickUp Project Deliverables Template gives you the utmost oversight and management of all the moving parts related to your project.

The Project Deliverables Template features: 

  • Custom fields that can be adjusted to your preferences, including dropdown menus, an automatically calculated progress bar, and cell formatting for numerals, money, formulas, and plain text
  • A fully editable and customizable template so you can customize views, automate and add dependencies, and create custom formula fields that suit your requirements to perfection.

Use this template by itself to manage your project’s subtasks, or as a more in-depth version of the deliverables list you create in one of the more comprehensive project scope templates.

9. Microsoft Word Project Scope Statement Template

Microsoft Word Business Project Scope Report Template
Via Microsoft

While we’re fairly certain ClickUp makes the best project scope templates and management software around, we know that you aren’t always allowed to choose your own productivity platform for business use. If you’re constrained to Microsoft Office, the good news is that Microsoft Word has a searchable library of Office templates that might suit your needs.

When you search the template library for “project scope,” several promising-looking options appear, including a financial project scope template, a project planner template, a project performance report, and a detailed schedule planner.

It may take a bit of legwork and creativity, but with the right search fields, you can compile several documents that, when used together, can help you keep your projects visible and organized.

10. Excel Project Scope Template by Stakeholder Map

Via Stakeholdermap

Another option within the Microsoft suite of solutions is this Project Scope Statement Template designed to be used in Excel. The template includes sections for project details and document control, project scope description, deliverable scope descriptions, project acceptance criteria, assumptions, and constraints, and project exclusions.

While not quite as user-friendly as the ClickUp templates, this Excel alternative nonetheless covers the most critical components of the project scope and will get the job done in a pinch.

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How to Write a Project Scope Document?

Now that you have an arsenal of project scope templates at your disposal, the next step is to learn how to write a proper project scope document. Here are some tips for creating an effective and comprehensive project scope:

  • Start with the basics: Begin by outlining the project’s purpose, objectives, and desired outcomes. This will give you a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished.
  • Define the project’s boundaries: Clearly define what is included in the project and what is not. This will help prevent scope creep and ensure that everyone involved understands their roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify stakeholders: List all parties involved in the project, including clients, team members, and any third-party contractors or vendors.
  • Establish timelines: Set realistic deadlines for each phase of the project and assign tasks accordingly.
  • List deliverables: Identify all the project’s key deliverables and their expected delivery dates. This will help keep everyone on track and accountable for their responsibilities.
  • Create a communication plan: Establish a system for communicating progress updates, changes, or any other relevant information to stakeholders.
  • Consider potential risks: Anticipate any potential roadblocks or challenges that may arise during the project and have a contingency plan in place to minimize their impact.
  • Get approval: Once the project scope document is complete, make sure to obtain sign-off from all stakeholders before proceeding with the project.

Remember, when writing a project scope document, it’s essential to be as detailed and specific as possible. This will help ensure everyone is on the same page and minimize any misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

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Optimize Your Project Scopes with Templates Today

Project scope templates provide the valuable roadmap you need to unify your team and get everyone working toward the shared goal of a successful project outcome. Providing this information in an organized and clear format upfront reduces the risk of project lag or miscommunication leading to mistakes.

ClickUp offers the gold standard in project management and team collaboration. Select from our wide variety of management templates to customize your workspace to suit your project needs. Easily break down your project with subtasks, and assign team members to each one to ensure things stay on schedule. And when you need to collaborate with other stakeholders or team members, easily share tasks, add comments, and attach files right within your workspace.

It’s free to get started with ClickUp, so give us a try today to see how a bit of scope planning upfront can lead to project success down the road.

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