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10 Free Scope of Work Templates in Word & ClickUp Docs

Give an inch and they’ll take a mile. Usually, this saying refers to people, but it also accurately describes most work projects. 

Jobs have a nasty habit of spilling and growing into monstrous proportions. That’s why it’s so important that teams outline exactly what a project should be before it gets green-lit.

One way to keep your projects on the rails is to use a scope of work template. These templates help project managers or business owners easily create detailed documents that outline all aspects of a project, from goals and resources to legal requirements and milestones

Whether designing a website or proposing a project to upper management, a scope of work template helps you explain your idea and get everyone on the same page about your future project.

However, just because these documents are important doesn’t mean you want them to soak up more time than needed. Fortunately, plenty of free templates are available online to help you quickly and easily create effective scopes of work. 

In this article, we’ll look at 10 free scope of work templates from Microsoft and ClickUp—perfect for anyone looking to keep their projects direct and efficient.

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What is a Scope of Work Template?

A scope of work template is a tool that allows you to plan out the details of an upcoming project. It’ll help you outline important factors like legal requirements, allocated resources, and project deliverables.

The goal of a scope of work document is to create a single place for teams to stay organized and on track during a project. For this reason, teams should make creating a scope of work document a preliminary step in all project planning to avoid wasted time, miscommunication, and tasks outside the project scope

Taking the time to create a scope of work document also ensures you don’t get caught up in scope creep. Scope creep is when a project’s scope slowly grows and grows and grows until it becomes far larger than anyone had ever intended. 

By writing down the specifics of what your project is (and isn’t), you mitigate the chances of it taking on a life of its own.  

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What Makes a Good Scope of Work Template?

A good scope of work template should be easy to read and understand. This way, team members and stakeholders can easily read the document and know what the project is, how long it will take, and what is required of them.

Ideally, scope of work templates should also include best practices and advice on filling in each section. Although old hands at writing scopes of work won’t need this advice, it can help people new to this kind of work create an effective scope of work document for the first time. 

It also saves everyone time and mental bandwidth figuring out what to include in each section.

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Finally, any template you use should be versatile. Everyone’s needs are different, and you want a template that can easily adjust to your situation. This means making sections general enough that anyone could use them and using a platform that allows for simple changes so the writer can adjust on the fly as needed.

Luckily, plenty of free scope of work templates are available online that meet these criteria! Let’s take a look at 10 of the best ones now.

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10 Free Scope of Work Templates in Word & ClickUp Docs

If there’s something the Internet isn’t short of—it’s content. Look online, and you can find several scope of work templates available for free use.

To save you the time of finding a good free scope of work template on your own, we’ve collected these 10, so you can get to work right away.

1. ClickUp Scope of Work Template

ClickUp Scope of Work Template

If you’re looking for a general scope of work template that can be used for all kinds of projects—ClickUp’s standard Scope of Work Template is it. 

This template is an amazing tool for companies looking to make their project planning process faster and easier, regardless of the kind of work they do. 

Included in this template are several prefilled sections that most projects will want to include in their project scope of work. These sections include project goals, resources, legal requirements, milestones, and more. 

However, just because it has these sections doesn’t mean you can’t make changes if needed. With ClickUp, it’s easy to add or remove sections based on your needs. Plus, you can save your changes, making it no big deal if you plan on regularly cranking out these kinds of scope of work documents. 

Plus, each section has been prefilled with sample writing, so you have an example to work from when editing it. This way, personalizing your scope of work template will be a faster and simpler process, even for people new to these kinds of documents.

So if you’re looking for an all-in-one template to help keep your team more organized, get started at the link below.

2. ClickUp Whiteboard Scope of Work Template

ClickUp Whiteboard Scope of Work Template

One of the biggest pitfalls of working remotely is that it’s harder to collaborate as a team. 

Where you once could get in a conference room and work out the scope of your newest project, now you need to rely on back-and-forth emails and Zoom calls.

ClickUp’s Whiteboard Scope of Work Template aims to change all of that. 

Working from ClickUp’s whiteboard, teams can collaborate in real-time to define the project’s scope and then break it down into manageable chunks that individuals could spearhead. This allows for spontaneous brainstorming and planning between multiple people, so projects get done on time with input from members across your team.  

This whiteboard template has several sections, including a place to define assumptions, justifications, project objectives, and deliverables. 

There’s no need for you to start from scratch. The most important sections are already there—all you and your team have to do is provide your personal insights and sparks of genius. 

The best work is done when a whole team contributes. Make your scope of work a true team effort by trying out our purpose-built whiteboard template.

3. ClickUp Website Scope of Work Template

ClickUp Website Scope of Work Template

Web design and development is big business these days. According to one estimate, website building was a $1.9 billion industry in 2020, and it’s only expected to grow as the decade progresses.

If you’ve been commissioned to build a website, you’ll need a scope of work document to ensure that you and your client are clear on the details of your project. ClickUp’s Website Scope of Work Template makes that process easier.

This website project management template has places for you to define pricing, exclusions, end dates, and much more. It also includes tips on filling in these sections to impress your future clients. 

For example, if you’re unsure how to write a Purpose & Problem Statement, this template will explain what this kind of statement looks like and what you should include making it useful for your client.

You can also easily change this template to make it your own so that clients have a unique document at hand when they finalize the project. 

Bonus: Statement of work templates!

4. ClickUp App Scope of Work Template

ClickUp App Scope of Work Template

Many companies today use some sort of app to interact with their customers on mobile. However, just because they need an app doesn’t necessarily mean they know what kind of app they want.

If you’re creating an app for a client, you’ll need ClickUp’s App Scope of Work Template to outline exactly what you’ll create so no one is surprised when it gets delivered.

This template makes it easy to explain expected app functionality and give your clients a project overview detailing timeframes and necessary resources. The last thing you want is to spend months developing one thing and then find out that the client had a completely different vision for the final product.

Plus, if you’re an independent app developer, you might not be overly familiar with writing these kinds of documents. Our template makes writing as painless as possible by providing example phrases and tips throughout the document creation process.

So no matter who you are, this template will ensure that there are no miscommunications between you and the client when it comes to your work.

5. ClickUp Change Proposal Template

ClickUp Change Proposal Template

We all know that there’s no such thing as a perfect system—every once in a while, a change is needed. If you’re proposing changes to an ongoing project or process at work, use ClickUp’s Change Proposal Template to ensure you get the point across clearly and quickly.

To help you do this, our template comes with a “Change Case” subpage so you can outline why a change is so desperately needed. Here’s the perfect place to add details supporting your point of view, including the metrics and data that back you up.

This template also comes with a place for you to add a timeline and a list of resources needed to complete the change. Including these things allows your managers to understand the scale of your proposed changes. 

Finally, our template includes a signature page where stakeholders must sign off on the document before implementing anything. This may not seem crucial right away, but having this kind of paper trail is always a good idea if these choices are reexamined in the future.

6. ClickUp Project Proposal Template

ClickUp Project Proposal Template

Getting a project green-lit can be hard work, but you can make the process easier with ClickUp’s Project Proposal Template from ClickUp. This template provides you with a space to plan your proposal on a single interactive digital whiteboard.

On this board, you’ll be able to add information like the project’s goals, budget, timeframe, and team members. As well, since it’s in a whiteboard format, it’s simple for entire teams to collaborate. That means more heads can work together to create a truly business-changing proposal.

If you’ve put the time and effort into building the best team possible, you owe it to yourself and them to create a space where they can do what they do best. An interactive whiteboard is a blank canvas that’ll allow the kinds of free-thinking your team needs to excel and grow.

Kick your project proposals up a notch with one of our project proposal templates

7. ClickUp Business Proposal Template

ClickUp Business Proposal Template

Making a sale is never easy. People are naturally hesitant toward business proposals, so you must give them every reason to say yes. 

One way to turn a proposal into ROI for your company is with a professional ClickUp’s Business Proposal Template. This template helps you accurately define exactly what work needs to be completed and how much it will cost. Our template also includes a step-by-step guide that tells you what to do to create the best possible proposal.

This includes premade task lists you can assign to your team, so the proposal is ready for the client kickoff meeting. Finally, give your proposal the best possible chance of getting read with our ready-to-use email template. All you need to do is add details about who you are and why they should take a look at your attached proposal. 

Ready to create professional-looking business proposals with less fuss and fewer headaches? Get started streamlining your proposal process with our Business Proposal template. 

8. ClickUp Scope of Work Services Agreement Template

ClickUp Scope of Work Services Agreement Template

ClickUp’s Scope of Work Services Agreement Template is a great tool for people looking to formalize their working relationship with a client. 

The template includes sections on payment terms, deliverables, and, of course, the services agreement itself. Fill in each section, and you have a rock-solid business agreement between you and your partner. 

No need to write your own—risking mistakes, typos, or omissions that might cause problems for you later on. Plus, once you’ve worked with this template once, it’ll be easy to repurpose it each time you need to onboard a new client.

Since it’s a standard blanket agreement, you’ll only need to make minimal changes to make it applicable to each situation. Don’t waste time rewriting a standard legal document over and over and over again. Use this template instead to focus your efforts where they matter most. 

9. Microsoft Word Scope of Work Template

Microsoft Word Business Project Scope Report Template
Via Microsoft

Microsoft Word has been the go-to program for document creation for decades. So it should be no surprise that they have their own scope of work template you can use for free.

Although this Microsoft Word Scope of Work Template may look a bit dated, it still has a spot for all the most important information you’d want in your scope of work document. This includes sections such as Scope, Project Deliverables, and Affected Parties. 

One of the biggest advantages of this template is that it’s super simple. If you’re already using Microsoft Office, it’ll be like any other Word document you create.

So if you just want a fast and easy solution, this Word template could be the right choice.

10. Google Sheets Scope of Work Template

Google Sheets Scope of Work Template
Via Google Sheets

Last but not least, we have the Google Sheets Scope of Work Template. The biggest advantage of this template is that it lives in the Google Workspace ecosystem.

If you’re familiar with how Sheets works and don’t see yourself needing this kind of template often, this might be your smartest choice. One thing to note is that this particular template has been formatted as a scope of work example for general contractors or tradespeople.

If you’re working on a construction project, all you’ll need to do is add your specifics. However, if you’re not, you should be prepared to do a fair amount of customizing to adapt it to your purposes. 

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Start Your Projects Off Strong

No matter which project you’re working on, having a clear scope of work document can make all the difference. Whether you need one for an app or website development project, change proposal, or services agreement—there is sure to be a template that fits your needs.

Plus, if you choose to use one of our ClickUp templates, you get the advantage of working within the ClickUp platform. This means smart task creation, data sharing, and access to a whole host of free templates aimed at all kinds of business use cases. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your projects now with a free ClickUp account and the scope of work template that suits you best!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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