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10 Free Problem Statement Templates in Word & ClickUp

No matter what your position title is, solving problems is likely part of your job description. From project managers to IT team leads to administrative agents at government organizations, we all have to address issues that threaten to derail our objectives.

One of the best ways to achieve success is to have a process in place to identify and respond to potential risks. Many business owners and managers choose problem statements as an effective option. These tools highlight existing problems, offer context, and are designed to generate discussion for solutions.

Here, we’ll explain what problem statement templates do and discuss when to use them. Plus, we’ll show you what to look for when choosing one and share 10 free problem statement templates to use in ClickUp and Word. 👀

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What is a Problem Statement Template?

A problem statement is a project management tool that describes an existing issue that needs to be solved. It explains the current status, lays out a desired solution, and analyzes the scope of the process required to reach the end goal.

It’s a process tool that encourages creativity when developing potential solutions to issues, rather than highlighting a specific solution.

A problem statement template makes it easier to compile the necessary information and present it to relevant team members. That way everyone on the project knows the goal and can play a part in creating a road map to solve the problem. 💡

Here are four key elements of a problem statement:

  • Current status: Briefly explain the current problem as succinctly as possible and outline a statement of work blueprint
  • Ideal goal: What would the situation look like without the existing problem? Describe what your end goal is in finding a viable solution
  • The reason it matters: Analyze how the problem affects different team members and the company goals. Also, determine the consequences of not addressing the problem
  • Proposal: A problem statement doesn’t have to list solutions. Instead, focus on providing context for research so the team can develop answers creatively
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What Makes a Good Problem Statement Template?

Not all problem statement templates are created equal. You want to choose one that briefly explains the problem, highlights the end goal, and offers room for creative discussion.

A good problem statement template will:

  • Start with a goal: Give your team an objective to aim for. Highlight multiple outcomes and provide context for what an ideal solution will be using an effective problem statement template
  • Explain the specific problem and current state: A good problem-solving template will highlight how the issue prevents you from reaching the stated objective
  • Identify knowledge gaps: You can’t find a solution if you don’t have all the relevant data. Use the template to describe what information you’re missing and what data you need to come up with possible solutions
  • Avoid proposing a specific solution: The goal here is to generate ideas and creative discussion. There’s more than one solution to a problem, so instead of laying out one solution, offer a framework for coming up with answers and ideas
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10 Problem Statement Templates to Use in 2024

Problem statements take time to draft, especially if you’re using them repeatedly as part of your workflows. To cut down on time creating these useful documents, turn to problem statement templates.

These handy tools make it easy to outline the problem and turn it into actionable insights while getting input from your team.

Ready to start improving your processes? We’ve gathered 10 of the best problem statement templates to streamline how you respond and adapt to issues. From incident reports and remediation plans to addressing customer problems, you’ll find what you need to address issues that matter at your company.

Here are the best problem statement templates to use whether you work in IT for the government, run a small product agency, or head human resources at a midsize firm. 🛠️

1. ClickUp Customer Problem Statement Template

ClickUp Customer Problem Statement Template

Use ClickUp’s Customer Problem Statement Template to identify common customer issues to develop products and services that better address you customer’s perspective and needs. Fill in the customer profile section to keep track of different audience needs.

Next, break down what that type of customer wants, and what roadblocks prevent them from their goals during the customer journey. Be sure to give context on why those pain points are present—as well as a proposed solution.

Create new pages for each problem and share each one with the relevant team members. Generate tasks to break down the teamwork based on department, and use the different ClickUp views to keep the team on schedule and monitor results across problem statements. ✅

2. ClickUp Root Cause Analysis Template

ClickUp Root Cause Analysis Template

Before you can lay out a road map to success, you need to anticipate the root cause of a problem. Create a concise problem statement and improve your decision-making process by using the Root Cause Analysis Template from ClickUp.

This problem statement template breaks the bigger problem down into a list of issues, making them easier to assign to various team members. It’s an effective tool for predicting issues and laying the groundwork to prevent them from derailing a project.

Use the nine custom fields to draft problem statement examples and tasks for the team to tackle. Add priority to the most pressing issues, and hop into the Needs Action view to see what’s in progress and to track issues that still need to be addressed.

3. ClickUp A3 Action Plan Template

ClickUp A3 Action Plan Template

As a project lead, an action plan is your best friend. It highlights stakeholders, provides a roadmap to success, and offers metrics to gauge performance.

With ClickUp’s A3 Action Plan Template, map out long-term projects while staying organized and improving productivity. When using this problem statement template, start by brainstorming to identify and define your business problem statement.

You can collaborate with other team members through ClickUp Docs. After this step, you can gather data, develop a solution, and then create an action plan.

With the view types in ClickUp’s problem statements, you can monitor goals, timelines, and action steps. Plus, the four custom fields let you manage tasks with breakdowns by department, complexity, progress, and type. 📝

4. ClickUp Remediation Action Plan Template

ClickUp Remediation Action Plan Template

Create an action plan for corrective action using ClickUp’s Remediation Action Plan Template. From ideation and methodology processes to execution and integration in workflows, this template makes it easy to come up with solutions for even the most complex problems.

Use the template to identify remediation steps and to automate assigning the tasks to the relevant team members. Assess risk levels, and add priority tags to tasks that need to be addressed immediately.

Develop an action plan by using custom fields for each risk, and track progress using ClickUp Checklists. These to-do lists populate within the task, making it easy to break down repetitive tasks and incorporate company procedures in your remediation workflows.

5. ClickUp After Action Report Template

ClickUp After Action Report Template

Whether you’re midway through a long project or one has just wrapped, you need to assess the process and make adjustments for the future. The After Action Report Template from ClickUp is useful in determining what went well, deciding what needs improvement, and generating new workflows to streamline the process.

This simple one-page template highlights project participants, the basics of the project, the project scope, and results based on project data.

Incorporate this template into your workflows as part of a review step. The template is an excellent tool when preparing for employee reviews since it lists the actions they took and documents the overall team workflow. Use this tool to evaluate how well your workflows performed and if anything broke down during the process.

The ClickUp After Action Report Template also helps you celebrate team success. While it’s easy to focus on what went wrong, this template highlights things that went well and team members that performed.

You can emphasize areas where employees avoided budget issues, overcame resource management issues, and adjusted their workflows to keep the project on track. 🌻

6. ClickUp Report Work Incident Template

ClickUp Report Work Incident Template

One of the biggest project management challenges is managing safety and correctly recording workplace incidents. With ClickUp’s Report Work Incident Template, you can gather incident reports and compile mitigation procedures in one easy-to-access space.

In the task card, collect information about a specific incident, and choose from 13 custom fields—including basics like the date of the incident, parties involved, and location. If the local authorities were involved, you can add information on officer contact information and police report filing details.

In addition to recording the pertinent information, you can suggest a corrective action to improve the processes and prevent a repeat incident.

This template also features seven different view types, so you can get the information you need at a glance. For example, the Incident Report Summary view is excellent for getting a quick overview of what occurred.

The Progress Board and Reports views keep you on top of solutions and how things are getting worked out.

7. ClickUp Incident Response Report Template

ClickUp Incident Response Report Template

With the Incident Response Report Template from ClickUp, it’s easier than ever to identify threats, draft steps to address the risk, and develop insights from the incident response process. The template includes a simple step-by-step approach to creating an incident report, including sections for risks, next steps, containment, eradication, recovery, and lessons learned.

With this template, report existing incidents, track proposed solutions, and gather intel so that you can adjust your procedures to better address future incidents. Plus, with its five custom fields, you can easily track supporting documents and keep an audit trail of who created, approved, or reviewed an incident report.

The documentation is also invaluable when responding to legal issues. 👩🏿‍⚖️

8. ClickUp IT Incident Report Template

ClickUp IT Incident Report Template

Whether you work in product management or lead an IT team, you know how important it is to stay on top of risks. With ClickUp’s IT Incident Report Template, you can easily track bugs and software issues that affect the performance of your IT system.

The 14 custom fields offer a high degree of personalization. That means that you can truly leverage this template to meet your specific company needs.

When using this template, get insight into the IT threat by filling out the basics of the problem, including affected software systems, platforms, and build versions. Next, highlight the severity of each incident and explain the reasons for the incident as well as the impact.

Finally, lay out a path for solutions, and use the data gathered to inform your incident management process.

9. Word Problem Statement Template by

Word Problem Statement Templates by

Problem statements are a great way to generate new ideas, support a creative-thinking process, and get buy-in from various team members in different departments.

This Problem Statement Template from Sample.Net is compatible with MS Word, Google Docs, and Powerpoint. It features a one-page layout explaining the existing problem, a description of the issue, risks, and ideas for solutions.

Use this template to design thinking processes and creatively brainstorm solutions with your team. Each person can share their specific point of view as you work together to develop solutions to the issue and hand. 🏆

10. Google Docs Research Problem Solving Template by

Google Docs Research Problem Statement Template by

This simple Research Problem Statement Template makes it easy to draft a quick breakdown of an existing issue and offers support for coming up with solutions. It’s available as a Google Doc, Apple Pages, or MS Word file.

Save time formatting and use this template to quickly fill out the sections for the description, risks, and solution for your problem statement examples.

The template features branding customization in such a way that you can add a company logo and contact information if you’re sharing this document with an outside agency that’s supporting your resolution process. Change the color scheme and font style to match other company documentation and to meet branding standards.

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Solve Problems Fast and Effectively With ClickUp

With these problem statement templates, you’re well on your way to being a more effective leader and employee. From reporting incidents and tracking IT issues to generating discussions on how to solve common customer problems, these templates are sure to make your work life easier.

Try ClickUp today to create a problem statement that propels your business forward and builds the basis for better products and services. Browse hundreds of free templates to improve your project management style, assist with incident reporting and track performance on all of your objectives. ✨

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