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10 Interactive Whiteboard Templates to Share on Zoom & ClickUp

Whether you’re a remote-first company or trying to brainstorm with coworkers across the globe, Zoom meetings bring your team together. There’s just one hiccup: documenting your awesome ideas. 💡

That’s where whiteboards come in. Today’s digital versions of those old-school boards help your team collaborate from anywhere, at any time. And you don’t need to set up a fresh whiteboard every time. If you need a plug-and-play solution to speed up your 8 a.m. Zoom calls (who doesn’t?!), and whiteboard templates are the way to go. 

Rework is out and productivity is in. Discover what to look for when choosing whiteboard templates, how to use them on a Zoom meeting, and which 10 templates are ideal for team meetings.

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What is a Whiteboard Template?

A whiteboard is a digital workspace that makes it easy to collaborate on Zoom calls. It’s visual, which makes it great for brainstorming sessions, creating project timelines, and collaborating on diagrams or social media posts. 

Instead of asking the Zoom presenter to share their screen, use a whiteboard to give everyone on the Zoom call the power to do ideation in real-time. Think of your whiteboard as a living brainstorming document where your ideas and workflows live in the same whiteboard—with your tasks existing alongside your creative ideas to minimize clicks and confusion. 🙌

From calendar to project plan workflow management, you can use whiteboards for just about anything. (Mind maps, tutorials, webinars, anyone?)

ClickUp provides whiteboards on every pricing plan and any guest can use whiteboards. With an existing template, there’s no need to create a new whiteboard every time. Simply find the right template format, plug in your details, and you’re off to the races. 🏃

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What Makes a Good Whiteboard Template?

There are a lot of whiteboard templates out there, so don’t settle for the first one that crosses your path. You need to be a little choosy. Every good template needs the following: 

  • Integrations: Not all templates play nice with video conferencing tools. But ClickUp integrates with Zoom, making it a cinch to share whiteboard templates on all your Zoom calls. You can even connect Zoom recordings to each task associated with a whiteboard so all of your communications are in the same place and meeting.
  • Real-time access: Add notes and collaborate on the same whiteboard in real-time. Whether it’s just you and a single employee or dozens of team members on the call, whiteboards accommodate teams of all sizes.
  • Related tasks: Siloing your templates and tasks opens up your team for rework and errors. Opt for whiteboard templates that merge with your task-tracking tools so you can ideate and add tasks in the same space.
  • Content linking: Good templates allow you to add internal and external content within the platform to increase productivity. No more hunting for links or images—everything is in the same place.

Not to toot our own horn, but ClickUp’s whiteboard templates do all of this and more. But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading and let the facts speak for themselves.

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10 Whiteboard Templates

If you’re in the market for simplified whiteboards for your Zoom calls, look no further than these 10 whiteboard templates to kickstart your search.

1. ClickUp Eisenhower Matrix Whiteboard Template

Whiteboard templates: Clickup Eisenhower Matrix Template
Need help prioritizing? This decision matrix template from ClickUp will give you clarity

You have a lot of stuff to do, and all of it feels important. But you’re only human, so you need to focus on the most critical tasks first. If your team struggles to agree on which tasks it should tackle (and in what order), the ClickUp Eisenhower Matrix Whiteboard Template can help. 

This is also called an Urgent-Important Matrix and it’s a great problem-solving framework for teams. It’s simple to use and create, which makes it an ideal brainstorming whiteboard Zoom meeting template. With this brainstorming template, you get your creative ideas on paper and categorize them into these categories: 

  • Delete: When you start talking about tasks, you’ll realize certain to-dos aren’t as important as you thought they were. Delete them and enjoy the immediate feeling of relief 
  • Do: Do the task now and don’t wait. ClickUp’s template allows you to convert notes in this column into tasks with just a few clicks 
  • Delegate: You can’t do everything solo, so decide which tasks your team will take on to distribute work more evenly across individual users
  • Decide: Does a task require more thought? Put it in this column to make a decision later

2. ClickUp Impact Effort Matrix Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Impact Effort Matrix Template Updated
This whiteboard template by ClickUp helps you identify which tasks your team needs to focus on right now

Look, making decisions isn’t easy. Sometimes it helps to tackle low-hanging fruit first, which is exactly what the ClickUp Impact Effort Matrix Whiteboard Template helps you do. 

With this template, you dump your tasks into four buckets to determine what needs your attention right now. Instead of weighing down your team and individual users with an overwhelming number of to-dos, this is one of the best team templates to help everyone agree on an action plan.

Use templates like this one—or Mind Maps—to plan projects and prioritize tasks based on their impact or difficulty. There are different categories for: 

  • Do it now: This is for low-effort, high-impact tasks
  • Do it next: Schedule a time to tackle high-impact, high-effort tasks when you have the resources
  • Do later: Low-effort, low-impact tasks matter, but they’re not important right now. Schedule time to do them when you can
  • Don’t do: Why bust your hump for tasks with little payoff? Eliminate high-effort, low-impact tasks 

3. ClickUp User Story Mapping Whiteboard Template

Whiteboard templates: User Story Mapping Whiteboard Template in ClickUp
Plan every step of the user experience before the development phase with this whiteboard template by ClickUp

Calling all developers, UX pros, and UI designers. The ClickUp User Story Mapping Whiteboard Template can help you create a customer journey map for your app, website, or software and also get other stakeholders, like marketing, on board with your brainstorming ideas. 

Instead of going straight into mockup mode with web design software, you can place all of your ideas into this existing template without starting from scratch. Collaborate and get everyone’s input on the overall strategy so you clarify the project’s direction. It takes something as big and overwhelming as the user journey and breaks it down into a manageable, step-by-step process. 

4. ClickUp Org Chart Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Organizational Chart Whiteboard Templates
Simplify who reports to whom with this ClickUp whiteboard template

Maybe you went through a hiring spree and need to assign employees to the right manager. Or maybe you’re changing your business model and need more clarity on who’s in charge. Whether you’re a startup, small business, or enterprise, you need a good understanding of who reports to whom in your organization.

The ClickUp Organizational Chart Whiteboard Template gives C-suite leaders and HR pros a solid place to start. Add a PNG photo, job function, and job description for other individual users on the team and save time searching through the entire organization. You can then use a flow chart to create a new organizational hierarchy in a few clicks.

5. ClickUp Process Flow Whiteboard Template

Process Flow Whiteboard Templates by ClickUp
Visualize every project to save time and hassle with this template by ClickUp

Leading a project can feel like herding cats. But with this ClickUp Process Flow Whiteboard Template, you can brainstorm different project stages before you ever start work. Instead of meandering through a project without direction, increase productivity with helpful templates like these and make project management a breeze.

Out of the box, these goal-setting templates include steps to plan projects, develop concepts, execute tasks, and evaluate the overall strategy. Compared to some other templates, this one gives you the freedom to drop in and create your own steps. You can even customize the colors and branding to make the template unique to your organization. 🤩

6. ClickUp Project Scope Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Project Scope Whiteboard Templates
Say goodbye to scope creep with this gorgeous Zoom whiteboard template by ClickUp

Whether you’re on a Zoom call with a client, your team, or other individual users across your organization, you need a clear way to communicate what you will and won’t do during the course of a project. The ClickUp Project Scope Whiteboard Template will create a solid starting point for project scope calls. 

In comparison to other templates on our list, this one includes sections for:

  • Information
  • Justification
  • Scope
  • Business objectives
  • Deliverables
  • Exclusions
  • Assumptions

Just grab this template’s digital sticky notes to drop ideas or information into categories to collaborate more efficiently. This gets everyone on the same page and keeps your project scope manageable. By including a clear list of deliverables—and exclusions of what you won’t do during the project—templates like this one will narrow your team’s focus and save time. ⏰

7. ClickUp Project Roadmap Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Roadmap Whiteboard Template
Who says complex projects have to be confusing? This whiteboard template by ClickUp simplifies product, project, and plan roadmaps

Sometimes projects are more complicated than what you can show in a project scope template. In that case, you’ll need more robust templates that define important project milestones, who’s responsible, and when it needs to happen. 

ClickUp’s Project Roadmap Whiteboard Template does just that. Do all your SaaS product management, projects, and plans in one place. The template groups employees into teams and shows who’s responsible for which tasks at every stage of the project. 

8. ClickUp Pros & Cons Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Pros & Cons Whiteboard Template
Use this template by ClickUp to carefully weigh the pros and cons of any business decision

Sometimes decisions aren’t so black-and-white. Deciding to take on a big client or hiring a new employee are big decisions, which is why it doesn’t hurt to weigh the pros and cons before acting. 

If you’re brainstorming about the advantages and disadvantages of a decision with your team over Zoom, use the ClickUp Pros & Cons Whiteboard Template to simplify and actually collaborate on the decision-making process. At the end of the call, you can review the pros and cons categories to determine if it’s the best course of action.

9. ClickUp Work Plan Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Work Plan Whiteboard Template
Whip your project plan into shape with this ROI-focused whiteboard template from ClickUp

Project planning has never been so organized. ClickUp’s Work Plan Whiteboard Template uses a Kanban board-inspired design to help you streamline project planning, collaborate with teammates through assigned comments for more clarity, and improve brainstorming sessions with simple categories to organize your plan.

It works great for an internal stand-up meeting over Zoom and other types of meetings. Use this meeting template to:

  • Create a set of tasks
  • Assign resources to the project
  • Improve processes and goal-setting
  • Set metrics or track existing ones
  • Analyze your project with testing
  • Control processes and performance

10.ClickUp Action Plan Whiteboard Template

ClickUp Action Plan Template
Keep your eyes on your project goals—and celebrate wins—with this action plan whiteboard template by ClickUp

Once you have a project work plan in motion, use the ClickUp Action Plan Whiteboard Template to plan your tasks with collaborative Whiteboard tools. Its simple layout shows you or other groups what work needs to be done, your current work, and your completed work. 

This is a fantastic way to visualize what’s going on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly for your project. It also offers a great retrospective view of what you’ve accomplished by logging the completed tasks. ✨

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See What’s New With Zoom Whiteboard Templates

We love Zoom meetings as much as the next person, but they can go off the rails without solid visuals and plans. When it’s time to put your ideas to paper, use quality online whiteboard templates that get your team on the same page. 

ClickUp’s whiteboard templates can help your team brainstorm better ideas, prioritize tasks, create visual groups of ideas, and stay on the ball. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. See how you can Zoom into your next meeting with ClickUp’s smart integrations and work templates. Or check out more templates in the ClickUp Template Center.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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