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How to Build World-Class SaaS Products With ClickUp Whiteboards

Fostering collaboration among distributed software teams can seem impossible.

Enter ClickUp Whiteboards.

ClickUp Whiteboards are an easy way to boost collaboration between remote software teams while empowering them to infuse more creativity and action into their day-to-day tasks. From brainstorming new features to actually building the products we use every day, Whiteboards give software teams the tools they need to do it all.

Still, you may be asking—what does that mean, exactly?

Here are a few ways some of the world’s best software teams are using Whiteboards to level up their workflows.

1. Build and Collaborate on the Perfect Product User Experience Flow

ClickUp User Mapping Flow Template Example
This user mapping template lets you create visual representations of complex ideas like user flows, wireframes, and engineering diagrams

When developing a new product, your design and user experience (UX) need to be top of mind. But how can you capture multiple detailed constructs and work streams in one place?

ClickUp Whiteboards are ideal for plotting user flows, creating wireframes, and constructing visual representations of intricate engineering diagrams. Add Tasks, Docs, Lists, and even people on your Whiteboard to visualize just about anything.

Your entire team can jump in with their ideas and feedback in real-time, so you can get designers, product managers, and engineers on the same page and ready to build your next great idea!

2. Move Straight From Design Into Development With Tasks and Sprints

ClickUp Design and Dev Workflow Template Example
Easily collaborate between design and software teams to build or ideate in this Whiteboard template

Once you’ve completed the design phase, it’s time to start developing your software. ClickUp Whiteboards are a game changer because it’s already in your project management tool!

That means no more taking pictures of boards, copying information into other systems, or having your work siloed. With ClickUp you can turn items on your Whiteboard directly into Tasks for engineering or even embed a Whiteboard onto a Doc to supplement your next strategy discussion.

Without leaving your board, turn a sticky note into a task, assign it, and add it to the plan for development on your next Sprint.

3. Running Agile? Don’t Forget to Do Your Retros!

ClickUp Sprint Retro Template Example
Use this ClickUp Whiteboard template to better manage and collaborate on your agile retros

Software development is an iterative process. Even after you’ve delivered your project, there will always be room for improvement.

Running retrospectives and gathering feedback on a Whiteboard allows these meetings to be engaging and gives everyone a chance to be heard. The best software teams never stop learning, testing, and improving.

Whiteboards are a great tool to help your team run your next retro so you can continue innovating for your customers!

See How ClickUp Whiteboards Can Work For Your Team

ClickUp Whiteboards are a powerful tool for software development teams. They can help you collaborate more effectively, streamline your development process, and continue building new ideas and features.

By incorporating virtual whiteboards into your workflow, you can ensure that your team is always on the same page and working toward a common goal.

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