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How to Create a Team Charter? With 10 Free Team Charter Templates

As a team leader or manager, you’ve seen it all. Late-night brainstorming sessions, tight deadlines that feel impossible, and the collective sigh of relief when your team pulls through. But even the best project teams can stumble without clear direction.

That’s where a robust team charter comes into play. It guides your entire team through the complex labyrinth of tasks and objectives, ensuring all the team members reach the finish line in stride.

Are you staring at a blank screen right now, not knowing how to build that perfect charter?

You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to our guide to effective team charter templates—the secret weapon of successful team leaders like you. In this article, we’ll unearth the elements that make a winning team charter, the role it plays in a thriving project environment, and how using a team charter document can streamline the collaborative process.

You’ll walk away with a fresh perspective, a handy template in your toolbox, and a roadmap to guide your team to new heights. Join us on this journey to create a team charter that not only sets clear expectations but also fuels collaboration, sparks creativity, and aligns your team to your project’s mission.

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What Is a Team Charter Template?

A team charter acts like your team’s official playbook. It’s a tangible document that outlines the team’s purpose and goals while identifying everyone’s roles and the overall ground rules set by project owners. When you create a team charter, the whole team knows how you’ll communicate and the decision-making process in the group setting.

On the other hand, a team charter template works as a blueprint for leads to start piecing together the elements of the overall process and how you’ll complete the project in a realistic time frame. Think of it as part mission statement and part project management how-to guide.

Business documents like these provide the structure, prompting you with questions and cues, ensuring you don’t miss any key components. Using a template speeds up the team charter creation process. It frees you from the hassle of starting from scratch.

A solid template also helps align team members from day one and fosters effective communication to streamline conflict resolution. In essence, team charters are your shortcut to a well-defined, high-performing team.

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10 Team Charter Templates to Use in 2024

Here are our top 10 team charter templates to supercharge your project management process in 2024. These aren’t just any templates. They’re practical, versatile, and user-friendly for all team members. They’re designed to fit diverse teams and project scopes, whether you’re a startup designing your first app or a corporate team tackling a complex initiative.

So, forget the guesswork. Grab your favorite coffee, and let’s explore these game-changing team charters together. Trust us, your future project will thank you for it.

1. ClickUp Team Charter Template

Organize your project, define success metrics, and identify potential problems with ClickUp’s hyper-organized project charter template

The ClickUp Team Project Charter isn’t  just a document— it’s your project’s best friend from start to finish. Creating a team charter with this template can greatly improve team direction and create a clear, structured approach to project organization.

This project charter template works like a step-by-step guide into the nitty-gritty of the project management process, diving deep into goals, deadlines, stakeholders, and all the bits and pieces in between. In the Project Organization section, you have the power to flesh out everything from your project’s title and duration to key stakeholders and resources.

No need to juggle information—it’s all in one organized, accessible space for the project team to see. The Project Overview shines a spotlight on your success metrics.

Define your goals, measurement methods, scope of work, and potential risks. The beauty of this template is that it doesn’t just help you map out your project—it empowers you to anticipate hurdles and tackle them head-on.

If you’re searching for comprehensive, user-friendly team charters that keep your projects on track, this template is your golden ticket.

2. ClickUp Business Plan Document Template

This Business Plan Document Template is built to guide your next entrepreneurial adventure

For teams involved in business process planning, the ClickUp Business Plan Document Template is essential for charting their work. It’s comprehensive, detailed, and tailored to breathe life into your business goals across the project team or key team members.

This team charter example isn’t just a fill-in-the-blanks kind of template. It’s a strategic roadmap that takes you through every critical aspect of your business. From company background and market analysis to sales, marketing, operational strategy, and milestones—this free team charter template has you covered.

A good business plan anchors your vision, and this template helps you demonstrate commitment, identify milestones, and define financial needs. It’s like your business’s biography, aligning your team’s purpose and ensuring that every stakeholder is on the connected and committed to the journey.

Whether you’re a startup fresh on the scene or an established business seeking a strategy revamp, the ClickUp Business Plan Document Template is a game-changer.

3. ClickUp Team Management Plan Template

Track deadlines, milestones, and deliverables with ClickUp’s Team Management Plan Template 

Say hello to seamless team management with the ClickUp Team Management Plan Template. This is your one-stop shop to create a team charter to coordinate strategic objectives, allocate resources, and track progress.

Team communication isn’t only a key aspect for your team members, but project managers as well. And this project management template not only aligns your team’s purpose and objectives but also gives you a panoramic progress view of the entire project team.

Remote workforce? No problem. This template is designed to gather everyone in one space, irrespective of physical locations.

A clear roadmap is vital for the success of your team’s objectives. The Team Management Plan Template puts a premium on clarity, allowing you to define tasks, update statuses, and keep track of each department’s activities. If you’re keen on fostering focus and alignment, this template is your secret weapon to team work.

Plan for change with transition plan templates!

4. ClickUp Team Action Plan Template

Plan, track, and organize your tasks using ClickUp’s Action Plan Template

Welcome to the ClickUp Team Action Plan Template: your roadmap to project success. This tool goes beyond task assignment—it structures actionable steps, sets deadlines, and tracks progress, helping you navigate your way to your goals with ease.

Whether you’re working on a simple task or a complex project, creating a team charter with this template offers invaluable structure. Review action plans on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis and see the big picture without losing sight of the details. Creating an action plan has never been easier to promote a collaborative environment and reworking your mission statement.

If you’re seeking a strategic tool to keep your focus sharp and ensure your project’s success, this template is your ideal partner.

5. ClickUp High-Level Project Plan Template

This High Level Project Plan makes it easy to visualize and track deliverables

Streamline your planning with the ClickUp High-Level Project Plan Template, an invaluable tool for team charters, particularly for more complex, long-term projects. This template empowers you or business stakeholders to define and monitor your team’s deliverables in a clear, visual log.

It’s all about the bigger picture, helping you track your team’s work, goals, resources, and timelines with absolute clarity.

What sets this template apart? It’s the versatility. Whether you’re monitoring a workload of a team member or need to set a more precise project timeline and due date, this team charter example simplifies the entire process.

It’s not just about getting things done—it’s understanding the project scope and adjusting work as needed to meet your goals.

For complex planning, your team members will love team charters like this because the doc will create a bird’s eye view of the project’s scope, process, and strategic decisions.

6. ClickUp Operational Plan Template

Use the ClickUp operational plan to map out every aspect of your business

The ClickUp Operational Plan Template offers many benefits with its thorough and comprehensive guide to reaching your business objectives effectively. Project charters like this ensure just what everyone needs to stay on the same page.

Additionally, this template provides a team charter canvas to create a clear roadmap for accomplishing the goals you set.

By aligning everyone’s tasks with the overall organizational goals, team charters enhance efficiency and productivity. Featuring multiple views, from the Plan Overview List to the Workload view, this template gives you an all-around perspective of your operations.

You can add, modify, group, and schedule your tasks according to your convenience. So, if you’re on the hunt for a way to streamline your operational activities, define responsibilities, improve your productivity, and maximize profitability, this is for you.

7. ClickUp Project Execution Plan Template

Define your project scope, requirements, resources, and more using the Project Execution Plan Template by ClickUp

Standardize your organization and team’s role and responsibilities in the planning process with the ClickUp Project Execution Plan Template. The template includes all critical aspects of a project, such as scope, goals, and resource allocation, that contribute to forming a comprehensive team charter and solid work environment.

By defining roles, setting schedules, and laying down the communication plan, this template facilitates effective team charting. This template keeps it simple and clear.

It lets you provide a brief overview of your project that’s easily understandable for every single team member and stakeholder. Also, it allows you to include a summary with critical details like the start and completion date along with an estimated budget.

In a nutshell, if you’re aiming to have a reliable and standardized template for your project execution, this is the one your team members will love.

8. ClickUp Project Plan Template

Simplify product development sprints with a personalized project plan template

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to clarity with the ClickUp Project Plan Template. With this tool, you can plan and track your project from inception to completion without breaking a sweat. The template encourages collaboration between team members while setting expectations and identifying potential risks.

This team charter will also help you manage project dependencies. Its all-encompassing project documentation takes into account risk management and resource constraints, communication, project scope, cost, and schedule baselines.

With the provided views and features, you can effortlessly add tasks, monitor progress, assign responsibilities to team members, and much more. It’s the complete package for any project or performance assessment needs.

9. ClickUp Work Plan Whiteboard Template

Take a visual approach to project planning with the Work Plan Whiteboard

Visualize your project in the simplest and most effective way possible with the ClickUp Work Plan Whiteboard Template. This tool helps you sketch out the complete journey of your project, from individual tasks and resource allocation to tracking progress.

It allows for comprehensive team coordination and management, thereby supporting efficient team charting based on your most important core values.

Starting from scratch or importing from an existing list, this template offers the flexibility to structure your work plan as you see fit. You can assign different priority levels to tasks, set start and due dates, and ensure everyone knows their tasks and deadlines.

Tailor the template to suit your project needs, whether it’s workload management, task prioritization, or timeline visualization. It’s the ideal starting point for teams working on any project that needs task planning.

10. Word Team Charter Template by


For a quick and simple approach to team charting, the Word Team Charter Template by is your answer. This easy-to-edit and printable template lets you lay out your team members’ names, objectives, roles, and responsibilities in a straightforward manner for more collaborative work.

The no-frills approach of this team charter template makes it accessible and efficient, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters – working together towards common goals. If you’re looking for a quick-start guide to forming a team charter, this template is the one for you.

Note that this isn’t a free team charter template, but you can subscribe to for $2 a month and unlock access.

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What Makes a Good Team Charter Template?

A solid team charter template needs a few basic elements to get you going in the right direction. However, creating a team charter shouldn’t be a time-wasting process. So, here are some aspects to help recognize the best team charter template:

  • Outlines clear objectives: The right template pinpoints your team’s goals, linking them directly to broader organizational targets. This keeps everyone laser-focused
  • Spotlights team roles and responsibilities: You need to create a space in every template for everyone’s function so each team member knows exactly where they fit in the puzzle
  • Lays out the project communication plan: You need to map out who to go to for what, avoiding ambiguity and promoting swift decision-making and smooth team operations
  • Offers a conflict resolution framework: It acknowledges that disagreements happen and provides a roadmap to navigate them constructively

In short, a good team charter example should promote clarity, encourages ownership, facilitates communication, and streamlines all conflicts. It’s not just a document—it’s a proactive plan to align your entire team and drive project success. Now, that’s a tool worth having!

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Manage Your Team with Team Charter Templates

ClickUp’s versatile range of templates offers powerful solutions for organizing and managing team activities. Whether you’re a team leader who needs to draft their own team charter, create a comprehensive business plan, design an action plan, or maintain a high-level project timeline, ClickUp has got you covered.

These team charter templates offer a structured framework that promotes clear communication, enhances alignment, and fosters effective collaboration within teams. They are not only useful tools for team charting but also instrumental in keeping teams focused on their objectives and strategically aligned with the broader business goals.

If you’ve found these templates useful, we encourage you to explore ClickUp’s full range of project management features and templates. ClickUp is designed with the flexibility to meet your team’s unique needs and the robustness to handle projects of any scale.

Embrace the potential of these tools and watch as they transform your team’s efficiency, communication, and overall project success.

Happy charting!

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