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10 Free Meet the Team Templates in Word, Slides, & ClickUp

You’ve built up an amazing team that keeps your company running. And it’s time to introduce them to new team members, clients, or prospective customers. How do you do so in a quick, asynchronous way?

An easy way for managers to tackle this task is to use a Meet the Team template for presentations or documents to introduce everyone faster. We’ll teach you more about what these templates can do and what makes a solid team intro template. And then we’re going to share 10 free templates you can use to introduce your rockstar team members. 🤩

What is a Meet the Team Template?

A meet-the-team template is a customizable infographic or organizational chart that introduces key players within your organization or department team. It’s often used as an onboarding template to introduce existing team members to new hires or fresh faces from other departments. 

The right template enables you to display everyone’s job titles, skills, experience, and contact information in one easy-to-view place. This template serves as an important resource for individuals to quickly learn more about the roles different team members play, who they are, and how to get a hold of them.

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These editable templates can be used as team slides in presentation templates or as part of pitch decks for clients. You can also use the team infographics in business presentations, team meetings, or as part of onboarding packages for new hires.

What Makes a Good Meet the Team Template?

When it comes to introducing your team, you want a quality template. But what makes a solid Meet the Team template? When crafting or downloading your next introductory templates, look for a good Meet the Team template that will: 

  • Be large enough to accommodate all of the people on your team
  • Have an organized structure (bullet points, same-size text boxes, etc.)
  • Include basic information in a succinct way that’s not overly detailed (you don’t want to overwhelm the reader with huge blocks of text)
  • Include high-quality, high-resolution photos of each team member
  • List each person’s name, job title, a brief description of their skills, and contact information such as emails or social media links
  • Be customizable including fonts and color schemes to match your branding

You can also highlight core values along with each person’s personality or interests if that’s an important part of your company culture.

10 Meet the Team Templates to Professionally Introduce Everyone

We get it—you’re slammed with work. 📚 

While a Meet the Team document is easy to make, it often falls by the wayside when setting up other onboarding tasks. However, reserving a little time and effort to put this resource together will help your organization run more smoothly and effectively. 

Here are 10 Meet Our Team templates you can easily use for your business.

1. ClickUp Meet the Team Template

ClickUp Meet the Team Template
Highlight each team member in a Google Doc with this template from ClickUp

If your team lives in Docs, this template is for you. The Meet the Team Template by ClickUp makes it easy to introduce new hires or prospective clients to your fantastic team members. It’s a ClickUp Doc template that features photos of the team members and text boxes where you can include details about their job titles, skills, and interests. 

Drag and drop the different sections to break the team down into departments or group employees by team. You can upload your logo, change the font, and create a color scheme to use in branded presentations.

This template is particularly useful for onboarding new hires and as part of a company info database. You can include links to each team member’s contact information including phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses.

2. ClickUp Meet the Team Introduction Email Template

ClickUp Meet the Team Introduction Email Template
Introduce new teammates with an intro email template from ClickUp

Want a personalized method for people to learn more about your new team member? Use ClickUp’s Meet the Team Introduction Email Template

You can use this email template to introduce your entire team to a new client or to notify clients and customers if someone has transitioned into a new role. It’s an easy way to let clients know that they have a new point of contact. 

It’s also perfect for onboarding new clients and introducing them to the team they’ll be working with on the project. You’re already in email all day, so might as well start the introductions there.

3. ClickUp Team Photo Directory Template

ClickUp Team Photo Directory Template
Use this ClickUp template to feature each member of your team in a visually pleasing team directory

The ClickUp Team Photo Directory Template is a stunning option to introduce people to your team. ✨

It’s ideal for visual learners and makes it easy to incorporate your branding color scheme and typography. 

It features a vibrant template to quickly plug in the photo, contact info, and role information for your team members. No need to waste time with confusing design software: It’s all laid out in this template.

4. ClickUp Team Capability Matrix Template

ClickUp Capability Matrix Template
Highlight each team member’s skill set with this ClickUp template

Want to share the different skill levels of your team members in various categories? Use the ClickUp Team Capability Matrix Template for your meet-the-team organizational chart. 

On the left side of the template, you’ll upload photos and the names of each person on the team. At the top of the chart, you can break the columns down into specific skills and then assign a number (typically using a scale from 1 to 5) to demonstrate expertise in each area.

This type of Meet the Team chart makes it easy for team members to see who to reach out to when they need to unblock a task or get help on a project. It also allows your HR team to track how each team member’s skills develop over time.

5. ClickUp Employee Handbook (Advanced) Template

ClickUp Employee Handbook Template Table of Contents
Create a go-to guide for new team members using this advanced and more detailed ClickUp handbook template

If you’re in charge of hiring and onboarding a new team member, you know they have a lot of information to get up to speed on. A streamlined way to introduce them to everything they need to know is to use ClickUp’s Employee Handbook Template. The first page of the template is dedicated to introducing the company and a welcome statement from a team leader. 

In additional pages, you can include a meet-the-team infographic as well as basic guidelines, rules, and procedures the new hire is expected to follow. This employee handbook can serve as a road map as the person navigates the process of joining the team.

6. ClickUp New Hire Onboarding Template

New Hire Onboarding Template by ClickUp
Get new hires up to speed with this onboarding template and cover all the essentials to ensure a successful journey with the company

Want your onboarding process to wow your newbies?

The New Hire Onboarding Template in ClickUp makes it easy to tackle common onboarding tasks and track progress. You can assign tasks to different departments: HR can handle setting up an email account and payroll enrollment while the IT team can grant access to various tools. 

One of the tasks you can assign the new hire is a review of the team structure. Link to your Meet the Team template in the task so they can quickly see who’s already on board. Don’t forget to make yourself a task to add the new hire to the template as well!

7. ClickUp Company Overview Template

ClickUp Company Overview Template
Employees often lack visibility into company-wide decisions, but this template empowers teams with a single hub of all initiatives, accessible anytime

If you have a big org chart, it’s helpful to have a hub where team members can see what’s happening in different departments. ClickUp’s Company Overview Template shares team information across departments and business segments. 

Use a simplified version of this template to create a company overview of various departments including digital marketing, IT, human resources, sales, and more. List the main projects each department is working on and include a blurb for each team member within the departments.

You can include a slide of the company overview in a management team presentation or use the template to track projects and subtasks that are ongoing in each department. This is particularly useful for helping team members understand cross-functional teams.

8. ClickUp Company Culture Template

ClickUp Company Culture Template
Centralize your company culture information and resources in one space through this ClickUp Docs Template

Meeting the team isn’t just about learning everyone’s names and job titles. It’s also about discovering the company’s brand, identity, and mission. Use the Company Culture Template from ClickUp to introduce new hires to the company’s values along with the new faces they’ll see day-to-day.

In the About Us section, you can include a Meet the Team category featuring headshots and basic info for everyone on the team. There are also sections where you can elaborate on the company mission and values as well as compensation packages if you’re using this as part of a job offer proposal.

9. SlideTeam Google Slides Meet the Team Template

SlideTeam Google Slides Meet the Team Template
Via SlideTeam

This Google Slide Meet the Team Template by SlideTeam is a customizable infographic that you can use to introduce your team in PowerPoint Slides or on Google Slides. You can change the color, size, and position of the placeholders and shapes to match your branding. You can also edit icons and upload images for each individual. 🙌

This template works well for introducing new clients to the team or sharing the expertise of different team members with prospective leads.

10. SlideChef PowerPoint Meet the Team Template

SlideChef PowerPoint Meet the Team Template
Via SlideChef

The SlideChef PowerPoint template infographic enables you to be creative and show off your company’s unique style. From classic square, rectangle, and circle images to fun shapes and artistic layouts, there’s something for every type of business in this Team PPT template.

Like other PPT presentation slide designs, you can customize every aspect, from the color scheme and typography to the layout and elements like animations and graphs.

To get started, download the design, customize the layout and text areas, and start building out your team PowerPoint template. You can add the slides to a PowerPoint presentation or include a link to it in your team handbook.

Harness Tools to Make Introductions on Your Team

Whether you’re introducing a new team member to the rest of the crew or want an eye-catching way to share your team structure and expertise with prospective clients, a Meet the Team template gets the job done. ✅

ClickUp has an extensive template library that can help you manage your team and add structure to your organization. Check out a variety of categories to find the one that makes your team shine.

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