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10 Free Project Brief Templates: Word, Google Docs, and ClickUp

Projects and tasks don’t get completed on their own. Once a task is assigned, there’s a lot of thought and work put into each task to make sure that it will be delivered with the goal and objective set.

Communication is essential to helping your team members understand how they can complete a task best and achieve a successful project. Without clear and precise details and information, they are left with a vague understanding of what exactly is needed from them.

If you’re unsure of the best way to communicate tasks and project assignments, you can use hundreds of free project brief templates available from websites and project management apps like ClickUp. 

Each project brief template is designed with a specific purpose so it is best to find the best option for your project management needs.

Let’s go over some of the best project brief templates that you can choose from and how each can help you 

What is a Project Brief Template?

A project brief template is a guide or document that outlines the process and objectives of each task or project. 

This document often offers a summary of your project plan. It defines what is needed to be completed and provides information such as deadlines and objectives.

A project brief gives team members a full understanding of what is required. Depending on the type of project, each template may vary and include different types of information and details. 

Regardless of your business and organization’s industry, everyone can use a project brief template to improve their overall work process.

What Makes a Good Project Brief Template?

A good project brief should be short and direct to the point. It should provide a summary, the scope of the project, as well as all the information needed by stakeholders and team members to carry out the project.

A project brief will help:

  • improve communication between team members
  • minimize setbacks and errors
  • encourage collaboration
  • align all stakeholders with the same strategy and goals

The project brief document must be able to define project objectives and goals, the expected outcome, and details on how everything should be implemented. This may include the strategy, approach, and plan of action.

The project brief template should also include the key deliverables, especially for big long-term projects.

If applicable, a good project brief should include an estimation of the budget and timeline, which will show the start and finish dates of the project.

Overall, a complete project brief should be able to house all information from summary up to the metrics you need to measure to define project success. 

10 Project Brief Templates

There are a variety of free templates to help you create a project brief. Some templates can be easily accessed through MS Word and Google Docs. Each project brief example is free-to-download and can be edited easily anytime.

There are others also offered by productivity platforms and project management solutions like ClickUp. Each free project brief template caters to a different purpose and use. Check them out below!

1. ClickUp Marketing Project Brief Template

Use Marketing Project Brief Template by ClickUp to help you organize your thoughts and get started on your project right away

Marketing projects require a lot of planning and often involve various departments and project stakeholders. This is why keeping tasks organized and teams aligned can be challenging. 

This Marketing Project Brief Template by ClickUp will help you get started with a new marketing project. Use this template to organize different project elements and easily implement your project. 

Use the template’s custom fields to identify and define each project’s deliverables. You can also add information like department, target audience, and even file attachments to provide more context for each campaign. It is a simple and beginner-friendly template to define a new project to get you started right away. 

Main elements of this template:

  • Organize your project brief overview into different sections
  • Attach important files that are relevant to your project
  • List down deliverables needed to complete your project

2. ClickUp Product Brief Document Template

With the Product Brief Document Template by ClickUp, your team has a complete fill-in-the-blank outline to support a successful launch—while literally staying on the same page.

The Product Brief Document Template by ClickUp is a complete document to help you and your development team work towards achieving a successful product launch. Provide your team with complete information, draft histories, tasks, business objectives, and other details through this ready-to-use template.

Using this template is the key to organizing the crucial elements of your product development in one document that everyone can refer to when in need of additional information. This detailed yet flexible project brief document can be everyone’s reference during the product development and delivery process.

Add this template to your Workspace and get access to eight pages dedicated to defining each stage of the project. It is an easy fill-in-the-blank document that you can customize according to your preference and product requirements.

Main elements of this template:

  • Collaborate cross-functionality between teams on product development
  • Organize product specs, feedback, and related tasks in the same place
  • Outline objectives, solutions, and specs in the project brief

3. ClickUp Project Design Brief Template

Design Brief Whiteboard Template is used in conducting the initial briefing for a design. Easily fill out and share details about the design project such as client requests, objectives, and more

If you’re a design team leader, project manager, or designer yourself, you’ll know how the design process can get complicated or lengthy. This is especially true when stakeholders and other parties are involved from the planning to the approval stage.

Providing a design brief is one way to minimize setbacks and keep everyone on the same page with how the process should be carried out. The Design Brief Whiteboard Template by ClickUp is made specifically for design project brief, which usually involves a lot of elements and key people.

Add this template and outline your design brief with statuses and a view to conducting an initial briefing for a design. Customize this project brief template to note client requests, define brand highlights, set objectives, and even add the names of the key people involved. Everyone can stay aligned by referring to just one document to help the project and the actual design output on track.

Main elements of this template:

  • Organize details and information about a design project in a whiteboard-style canvas
  • Color-coded sections for better organization of information
  • Customize design brief template according to your preference and needs

4. ClickUp Event Project Brief Template

The Event Brief Template by ClickUp will help you gain alignment across all stakeholders and kickstart your event planning.

This ClickUp project brief template provides you with a simple project outline to organize your event’s key elements and goals. Plan a successful event and identify challenges with this Event Project Brief Template by ClickUp document.

By creating a project brief for your event, you are able to align all stakeholders with your goals and kickstart your planning with a specific objective in mind. The project brief template comes with three pages which include an event brief, a project summary, and the event schedule.

Main elements of this template:

  • Project brief template includes an outline of goals and key elements to planning a successful event
  • Pages are divided into the event brief, summary, and schedule of the event for better organization

Check out these AI outline generators!

5. ClickUp Marketing Campaign Brief Template

Need help setting up your next client’s marketing campaign brief? Use this simple ClickUp Docs template

Successfully implement and run a marketing campaign starting with a complete campaign brief with this Marketing Campaign Brief Template by ClickUp. Define your marketing goals and other important details with this ClickUp Marketing Campaign Brief template.

Include this project brief template in your Workspace to assist you with managing your marketing campaign from start to finish. This simple yet flexible template can be customized to include all elements that will be crucial to running a successful marketing campaign.

Main elements of this template:

  • Flexible project brief to manage marketing campaign from start to finish
  • Marketing campaign brief includes an outline of marketing goals, client details, target market, and more

6. ClickUp Campaign Project Brief Template

Build every step of your campaign workflow in this templated brief in ClickUp Docs

If you’re looking for a more general template for bigger marketing campaigns that involve more people and departments, this Campaign Project Brief Template by ClickUp will help you gain alignment across all stakeholders. 

This is another simple and flexible template but with additional pages and sections for each element of the campaign, including Campaign Brief Examples, Campaign Brief, Video Campaign Brief, and SEO Content Brief.

Main elements of this template:

  • Project brief includes five pages to define the entire scope of the marketing campaign
  • Dedicated section for creative, video, and SEO

7. ClickUp Creative Project Brief Template

The Creative Brief Document Template by ClickUp helps align production teams and stakeholders to deliver successful creative projects by outlining the overall strategy and key elements to success

Providing a project brief for a creative project will lay the foundation to get everyone from account managers to designers and content creators on the same page. While everyone will be a part of the process, not every single member of the team will be involved in important aspects such as client meetings or calls. 

A creative project brief is an easy way to summarize key information relevant to completing the project. Gain alignment across the creative team with this Creative Brief Document Template by ClickUp. Use this template to outline your creative project’s strategy and key elements.

Main elements of this template:

  • Outline your strategy and key elements in one simple and flexible template
  • One creative brief page includes tables and sections to organize various elements of a creative project

8. ClickUp SEO Content Brief Template

Easily manage your SEO content briefs and share them internally or externally with ClickUp Docs

Aside from content calendars, Content briefs help content writers come up with high-quality content that is optimized for search engines while being able to deliver a specific intended message. Providing content writers with a content project brief will help them understand the structure and intent of the content that is needed from them.

Help your writers stay aligned with your strategy by using this SEO Content Brief Template by ClickUp. This template provides information such as the target audience, messaging keywords, outline, topics, links, and more. 

Get access to this document template by adding it to your ClickUp workspace. It is a simple fill-in-the-blank document that you or a project manager can customize according to the content’s scope and requirements.

Main elements of this template:

  • Compile key elements like keywords and messaging into one document to help writers create optimized content for search engines
  • Fill in the blank project brief template for information such as title tags, meta description, word count, objective, and more

9. Microsoft Word Project Brief Template

Microsoft Word Project Brief Template
Project Brief Template via Microsoft Word

If you’re looking for a simple project brief template for MS Word, check out this ready-to-use template. This document includes a detailed page to include a project’s goals, timeline, description, costs, and stakeholders, among other information.

A project manager can customize this project brief document and include additional information and details that you think you will need to reach the finish line. In your MS Word document, you can also add new pages to provide more context and better organize different types of information in your project brief.

Main elements of this template:

  • Editable project brief template for MS Word use
  • Fill in the blanks to create a quick and detailed project brief

10. Google Docs Project Brief Template

Google Docs Project Brief Template
Project Brief Template via Google Docs

Small teams and organizations looking for an easy way to create a project brief can use this Google Docs Project Brief Template. Ensure that your project stays on track and achieves your goals while meeting the demands of your clients or target audience by using this project brief template as a guide.

This template has a simple and clean outline that you or a project manager can customize to include additional information. It currently has fields to define your project’s purpose, goals, audience, team, and budget.

Main elements of this template:

  • Easy to use template to create a project brief using Google Docs or MS Word
  • Includes fields for general project information such as goals, audience, team, budget, and more

Streamline Project Planning with Ready-to-Use Templates

Creating project brief documents is an important aspect of any project. However, it should be easy and straightforward. It must be able to improve your overall project process, not prolong it. Find the best template for your project and use it to achieve project milestones and goals. 

Project brief templates can be customized according to your needs and preferences. These templates are free and ready for your use. All you have to do is find the best one for your project. On top of these templates, ClickUp has a library of more than 1000 templates that you can access with an account for free!

Aside from templates, ClickUp is packed with features and functional tools that you can use to provide your team or a project manager with complete information about your tasks. 

ClickUp is a true productivity platform for any type of team and project size. Start using ClickUp for free today!

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