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10 Best Business Value Proposition Templates

You may have the best product or service in the market, but your revenue won’t take off until you know how to sell it. No matter where you’re at with your sales or marketing strategy, you have to start with a compelling value proposition.

A value proposition—also called a value statement, ​​unique selling point (USP), or unique value proposition (UVP)—is a concise message demonstrating your promise to customers. You have to clearly communicate what you offer and why someone should choose your brand over a competitor’s.

Creating a robust UVP is a demanding task with a lot at stake, which is why expert marketers rely on value proposition templates to get started.

From product positioning to competitive analysis and testing, these templates support the entire process of curating your value statement. We’ll explore the best business value proposition templates in this guide that help you win customers over! 😍

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What is a Value Proposition Template?

Value proposition templates provide a framework to draft engaging value propositions for your customers and internal teams. You’re able to map out buyer influences and identify product strengths better, which helps you construct strong propositions to:

A value proposition is integral to your marketing efforts, sales presentations, and social media campaigns. For it to be compelling and persuasive, it must be crafted to reflect three essential elements:

  1. What problem(s) do you intend to solve for your target customer
  2. What benefits will your product or service deliver
  3. How your offering differs from competing products

Product owners or developers intuitively know the USP of their offering but struggle to share it with their audience or marketing team. The result? They fail to identify their product’s key challenges and opportunities and watch its demise.

A value proposition template is useful for all company stakeholders, including marketers and product managers. It may also support product development and Agile teams creating a prototype or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on customer expectations.

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What Makes a Good Value Proposition Template?

An effective value proposition template must offer the following:

  • Neat structure: The best UVP templates have a tried, tested, and reviewed framework to put together value propositions in record time. Look for focused sections to define aspects like target groups, product features, and pain points
  • Versatility: The template should adapt to all kinds of products and services, from software to lamps. It should allow styling adjustments to align the document with your brand identity
  • Collaboration tools: Crafting an impactful value proposition typically requires insights from different departments. So, look for templates that offer collaborative tools like digital whiteboards and real-time editing that streamline teamwork
  • Pitch-friendly design: The template’s core design should enable concise and contextual communication with your stakeholders
  • Room for visuals: Visual elements make a value proposition more captivating. You should be able to add images, charts, slogans, testimonials, videos, or infographics to enrich your message 📢
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10 Value Proposition Templates to Use in 2024

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 value proposition templates from ClickUp, Neos Chronos,, and Slidesgo. These are cherry-picked options with the most functionality. Explore what they offer and find your perfect match! 🧩

1. ClickUp Business Model Canvas Template

ClickUp Business Model Canvas Template
Collaborate on a positioning statement to organize ideas first in a ClickUp Whiteboard

Are you struggling to complete the value statement before launching a new business or product? The ClickUp Business Model Canvas Template can be just what you need to visualize your business model and strategy!

The template gives you an expert-curated structure to develop customer-centric UVPs and marketing strategies. Its multiple color-coded sections enable a single-page view of your value proposition and the factors affecting it, such as customer segments and key resources. Leverage the display to:

  • Pinpoint shared stakeholder objectives
  • Identify industry-specific growth and threat elements
  • Draw customer journeys
  • Analyze competitor data
  • Outline current resources like people, infrastructure, and tech

This is a ClickUp Whiteboard template with handy editing tools, perfect for creating content or brainstorming with your team. Get your key partners onboard and discuss how to shape your value proposition. 🎨

This beginner-friendly template makes it easy for rookie managers to create customized business models, thanks to the Start Here view, which works like a guide.

If you’re new to writing value statements, we recommend using the ClickUp Board view to segment your target audience based on the type of value you provide. Once you’re done, list out the most profitable UVPs in ClickUp Docs to brainstorm further.

2. ClickUp Product Strategy Template

Product Strategy Template by ClickUp
Review marketing materials and other feature requirements on a ClickUp List

A precise value outline is the foundation when developing a new product or working on new features. Poor big-picture planning only leads to hasty resource allocation and inefficient project execution.

The ClickUp Product Strategy Template is a handy tool to help you achieve product goals sustainably. It lets you draft a value proposition based on what your product is, what problem it solves, who your customers and competitors are, and what measurable goals and objectives you should aim for.

The preset framework allows you to create an action plan with detailed steps and minimum wastage of resources. This template comes with three Lists for seamless monitoring:

  1. Features
  2. Timeline
  3. Team

The Features List groups your product features and lists related tasks by their status (like Complete or In Progress). You can also sort them by tags, such as Active Features, Priority, and Effort.

The Timeline List groups project phases, providing a chronological overview of the features added, while the Team List contains info about the people involved in the project, categorized according to roles. 🧑‍🏭

3. ClickUp Product Positioning Template

ClickUp Product Positioning Template
Create ClickUp task checklists for different proposition examples

Product positioning and value proposition statements are two sides of the same coin—both depict the unique value of your product or service and how you want to be perceived by your customers. Rely on the ClickUp Product Positioning Template to help you articulate an excellent USP for your internal and external stakeholders.

The template guides you through the following seven fields for communicating your unique positioning relative to your competitors:

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Market Statement
  4. Tagline
  5. Pain Points
  6. USP
  7. Branding

The product positioning template has a built-in to-do list to help you collaborate with your teammates on the above fields without disrupting their schedules.

For example, you want a team member from the product development team to present how the proposed features align with the target market and company mission. In this case, you can add the task on the template, set the priority status and due date, and assign it to them.

The beauty of this task template lies in the option to configure task relationships. Connect tasks to ensure one doesn’t start until the preceding job is completed. This prevents overlaps and weak value statements.

You can add files at the bottom of the page for more context. Link the document to other templates to keep the product launch on the right course. 🛤️

4. ClickUp Sales Strategy Guide Template

ClickUp Sales Strategy Guide Template
Link the value proposition statement to other strategy guides for clean navigation

The ClickUp Sales Strategy Guide Template helps you communicate the value of your offering in a way that’s beneficial to your sales team. It has a built-in Strategy Guide Doc with tips on curating sales strategies and best practices.

Establish your product’s value through sections like Company Vision and Unique Selling Point. The template is ideal for creating a sales plan based on:

  • Demographic, psychographic, and geographic audience segments
  • Realistic revenue goals dictated by average sales cycles, balanced scorecards, etc.
  • Budget constraints

Every section of the document packs questions that keep you focused. For example, in the Revenue Goals section, you navigate by answering questions about your average revenue for the last five years or annual sales. Similarly, the Ideal Customer section helps you pinpoint a user persona by describing your audience’s pain points and needs. 💡

Like other ClickUp templates, this option allows you to create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and enable real-time notifications to stay up-to-date on the progress of your sales roadmap.

5. ClickUp Product Features Matrix Template

ClickUp Product Features Matrix Template
Organize the product category with group, sort, and filter features in ClickUp

The strength of a value proposition largely depends on your ability to identify which features of a product are in demand and why. You’ll enjoy the ClickUp Product Features Matrix Template if you need help organizing product strengths in line with customer needs.

The first step to using this template is identifying your most-valued product features. Sort them into Software and Hardware, or create your own categories to reflect the product’s nature. 

Next, use Custom Fields to outline the action your team needs to take. Determine priority features with the most revenue potential and add assignees and due dates for each. You can rate features on a scale from one to five and leave notes (reminders or guidelines) for your staff. Track progress and make adjustments as necessary.

If you’re managing multiple projects, use the template to reallocate resources and budget for higher-impact projects. For example, you can compare the features of two similar products and decide which one to push forward. 💕

6. ClickUp Product Brief Document Template

Product Brief Document by ClickUp
Write a value proposition summary Doc or product brief and share with the team for review

Launching a new product or revamping an existing one? The ClickUp Product Brief Document Template can come in handy as it provides a theoretical framework for tackling the crucial stages before the release date.

Use the template to define a concise and consistent value proposition for your cross-functional teams. You can sketch the entire development workflow within the document, including specs, feedback, and related tasks, making it a single source of truth for collaboration.

By default, the template lets you assemble an effective product brief through these sections:

  • 2-Pager: To outline how the product affects your target group
  • Release Plan: Helps break down the product release into phases and highlights priority tasks
  • Functional Spec: Supports design and development teams needing info on how each feature is supposed to benefit the buyer
  • Appendices: Use the section to add anything—like links and documents—relevant to the launch

You can create more sections with a single click. The template has a fill-in-the-blank framework, so you’ll have no trouble using it. ✏️

7. ClickUp Marketing Plan Template

Product Marketing Plan Template by ClickUp
Outline your marketing objectives and break them down into activities in a ClickUp List

Integrating a value statement into your marketing team forges a sense of ownership and does wonders for team collaboration. The ClickUp Marketing Plan Template is an all-in-one solution to organize marketing goals with clarity and control. It’s a power-packed tool to:

  • Plan and optimize multiple marketing campaigns
  • Set value-based objectives—for example, boosting brand awareness
  • Track targets with built-in analytics

Start marching forward with this marketing plan template by heading to the Objectives section. List out your Objective and Key Results (OKRs) and turn them into tasks and subtasks. Add details like start and due dates, quarter, progress, and effort level.

Leverage multiple views on the template to streamline your marketing workflow. Let’s say you want a crisp summary of your goals for a quarter—all you have to do is use the Key Results view. The Progress view sorts tasks into cards based on six status updates: To Do, Planned, In Progress, Needs Input, Canceled, and Complete

The Timeline view is another great addition as it displays OKRs chronologically by month, week, or day and provides duration estimates. ⌛

8. Word Value Proposition Canvas by Neos Chronos

Word Value Proposition Canvas by Neos Chronos
Write multiple value propositions on a Word doc via Neos Chronos

If you’re looking for a bare-bones UVP template with no bells and whistles, the Word Value Proposition Canvas by Neos Chronos is your cup of tea. ☕

Its minimalistic value proposition canvas is divided into two sections: Product and Customer.

The Product section has divisions like Benefits, Experience, and Features to describe your product extensively. Use the Customer section to narrow down your target buyer’s Wants, Fears, and Needs. You also get the Substitutes section to investigate competitors and how they respond to market expectations.

The template has detailed instructions on what to insert in each section, but you may still need to consult your product and marketing teams for the right content.

The template is available for free download in Word (docx) format as long as you don’t remove its copyright attribution. It has a two-page layout. 📃

9. Value Proposition Canvas Template by

Value Proposition Canvas Template by
Create a strong value proposition graphic via

It may not be packed with advanced features, but the Value Proposition Canvas Template by can be more than enough to outline your product’s strengths and present target customers.

This template consists of a single slide divided into two sections:

  1. Value Proposition
  2. Customer Segment

The Value Proposition section is all about connecting a product to the current buying behavior systematically. Under Products & services, you write a product description or list out features. The Gain Creators is where you establish the main selling points of your product. Finally, use Pain Relievers to clarify how your offering alleviates specific customer pains.

The Customer Segment section is divided into Gains, Pains, and Customer Jobs. They help you map out the point of view of your ideal customer. You can explore their motivation to invest in a product based on their buying power and short- and long-term goals. 🎯

You can edit the template online and share it on social networks. Download it to edit it offline.

10. Value Proposition Canvas Infographics Template by Slidesgo

Value Proposition Canvas Infographics Template by Slidesgo
Use the Value Proposition Canvas Infographics Template by Slidesgo to create a compelling presentation about your product

Looking to create a visually loaded presentation of your value proposition and marketing strategy? The Value Proposition Canvas Infographics Template by Slidesgo is just what you need! 🎁

The template has 31 slides with readymade infographics to visualize every angle that leads to your UVP, whether that’s product strengths, customer pain points, or costs.

For example, the second slide helps draw links between customer challenges and relevant product features. Pick one or more slides based on the audience you’re presenting to or the market data you have in hand.

All slides are 100% editable. Change anything from the color palette to the font and design. You can also tweak the slides’ order and delete unnecessary graphics to keep the concept simple.

Download this template in PowerPoint format or use it online in Google Slides or Keynote.

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Value Proposition Templates: The Stairway to a Buyer’s Heart

The value proposition templates we’ve discussed are all super practical for diagnosing markets and grooming product strategies. We recommend exploring the ClickUp Template Library to find over 1,000 other expert-designed templates for any use case—be it marketing, accounting, or project management. 

If you need help phrasing your UVP or marketing documents, try ClickUp AI. It’s a brilliant writing assistant that can help you generate product descriptions, project briefs, status reports, and more! 🤖

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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