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9 Free Sales Plan Templates for an Effective Sales Strategy

Every sales team wants to win more leads and close more deals. But how do you make that happen? With a solid sales plan, of course! 

A sales plan gives your team a way to focus on your goals while taking only the necessary steps to get there. It has everything you need to win, which means it’s often a comprehensive guide—and that takes time.

And we’re guessing you’re already pressed for time. ⏲️

Fortunately, creating a plan doesn’t have to be complicated—with the right template, you can simplify the process.

That’s why we’re sharing this list of the best sales plan templates. Not only are these sales strategy templates absolutely free but they’ll also save you time so you can start closing those deals faster. ⚡

What Is a Sales Plan and Why Create One?

A sales plan is your roadmap for how to make sales effectively. Think of it in the same way that a business plan guides the strategy for your company or a marketing plan sets out how you’ll find, reach, and serve your ideal customers. 

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Track your goals down to the most essential KPIs and automatically get detailed views into your progression

A good sales plan sets out your sales goals, objectives, and sales activities. It considers your target audience, brand, products, services, and needs—and covers which sales tactics and strategies you’ll use to close deals, as well as which metrics you’ll use to measure success. 

Your sales plan is a practical plan that outlines who’s responsible for what, the resources you’ll need, and the overall goals you’re working toward. Without one, your sales team will feel lost and struggle to connect with your customer base.

With a strategic sales plan, though, the sales manager and the entire team will know exactly what you’re trying to achieve and the steps needed to get there. 📚

How to choose the best sales plan template

There are so many different sales plan templates out there. Some are designed for specific niche audiences, while others are more generic and easier to customize. How do you know which is the right template for you?

When you’re thinking about using a sales plan template, consider the following: 

  • Ease of use: Is the template easy to use? Will everyone in the team structure and sales planning process be able to understand it fully?
  • Customization: Can I personalize the template to match my sales goals?
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Select from various goal types to measure by currency, percentages, numbers, and by true or false
  • Collaboration: Can my sales team work on this template together?
  • Integrations: When I create a sales plan, can I integrate this template with other aspects of my sales pipeline or workflow, like task management?
  • Artificial intelligence: Can I use a built-in AI writing tool or copywriting tool to help me complete the template? Are there automation features that speed up the process?
  • Platform: Which sales app is this template for? Do I have it already, or should I invest in it? What’s the pricing like?

Asking yourself these questions will help you figure out what your needs are, so you can then choose a template to match. 

9 Sales Plan Templates to Help You Close Your Next Deal

Now that you have a better idea of what you’re looking for, let’s explore what’s out there. Take a look at our hand-picked selection of the best sales plan templates available today for Microsoft Word and sales enablement tools like ClickUp.

1. ClickUp Sales Plan Template

ClickUp's Sales Plan Templates
Create and organize tasks by team, deliverable type, priority, due dates, and approval state with the ClickUp Sales Plan Template

Smart sales teams use a sales plan to map out their route to success. The best sales teams use the Sales Plan Template by ClickUp to simplify the process and ensure they don’t leave anything out.

This template is designed with all the structure you need to create a comprehensive sales plan that can drive results. Use this template to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) business goals; plan strategies and tactics; and organize all your sales ideas in one place.

The list-style template is split into sections that cover the executive summary all the way through to specific tactics and strategies. Beneath this, you can arrange tasks and subtasks, and see the progress at a glance. View task titles, deadlines, who’s responsible, approval status, and a visual progress bar.

Use this template if you want to consolidate all your sales tasks and initiatives in one area. Add your sales tasks and tactics, then tag team members so you can see what’s happening and hold everyone accountable. ✅

2. ClickUp Sales and Marketing Plan Template

ClickUp's Marketing and Sales Plan Templates
Use the Sales and Marketing Template by ClickUp to set goals and collaborate on campaigns

While sales and marketing teams often work independently, sometimes it’s useful to collaborate on shared goals. With the Sales and Marketing Plan Template by ClickUp, you can organize and run your sales and marketing operations from one location.

Our collaborative template makes it easy to set sales and marketing goals and objectives, visualize your tasks, work together on sales and marketing campaigns, and track your results in real-time. View the status of your sales and marketing projects, adjust your plans, and monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs)—all from one view.

This sales and marketing plan template allows you to split your tasks into sections. The examples in the template include revenue goals, competitive analysis, and action items, but you can customize these to match your needs exactly.

View tasks beneath these categories to see at a glance whether there are any roadblocks when a task is due, and who is responsible for it.

Add this template to your collection if you want to work more collaboratively with your marketing team—especially on preparing assets for sales calls or outreach programs. 📞

3. ClickUp Sales Strategy Guide Template

Sales plan templates: ClickUp's Sales Strategy Guide Template
The ClickUp Sales Strategy Guide Template can help you determine the right way to promote your product by answering predefined questions

Before you can plan your sales tactics, you first need to decide what your overall goals are. The Sales Strategy Guide Template by ClickUp is your go-to resource for determining your approach.

This sales process template explains the benefits of having a well-defined approach and gives you a central place to create, review, and store your own. Everyone on your team can then access your sales strategy guide to help them understand what to do when prospecting and closing deals.

Our sales goals and strategy guide template is presented in a document format. Some sections and headings allow you to split your guide into different areas, making it easier to read and understand.

Use the prompts to fill out your own strategy guide details like your target market, sales strategies, and how you’ll monitor progress.

Use this sales strategy guide template to create a resource for your team. Make it the only destination for everything your sales reps need to know to execute an effective sales plan. 📝

4. ClickUp Sales Action Plan Template

Sales plan templates: screenshot of ClickUp's Sales Action Plan Template
See which tasks to prioritize each day with the ClickUp Sales Action Plan Template

Sales strategies are a must-have for any great sales team, but beyond that, you need a way to record and monitor specific tasks or initiatives. That’s where the Sales Action Plan Template by ClickUp comes in handy whether you need a visual into sales forecasting or your specific sales goals.

Our sales action plan template gives you one place to store all your daily sales-related tasks. With this template, it’s easy to work toward your sales goals, map out each step of the sales process, and organize all your tasks in one place.

This list-style template is designed to be a daily action plan for your salespeople. View tasks by due date to filter them into a list and see exactly what’s due and when.

You can view a task’s title, assignee, status, due date, complexity level, start date, and department—or customize the experience with your own custom fields. 

Start using this sales action plan template if you want to encourage your team members to stay focused and work more productively and effectively. The list view prompts them to not only complete that day’s tasks, but to look ahead to the rest of the week to see what the next priority is.

5. ClickUp Sales Project Plan Template

Screenshot of ClickUp's Project Plan Template
Visualize your sales project by section with this ClickUp Sales Project Plan Template

Somewhere between a high-level view of your sales and marketing strategy and a daily task list, there’s a need to know what’s happening with individual sales projects. The Sales Project Plan Template by ClickUp is the ideal place to organize and monitor project progress.

With this sales project plan template, you and your team can create, assign, and organize tasks for unique sales projects. See instantly what’s in progress and when it’s due, alongside the task’s impact level.

This allows you to identify high-priority tasks to focus on and to react quickly if it looks like there’s a roadblock.

Split your tasks into categories based on the template’s presets, or create your own categories based on how you organize your sales projects. See a task’s title, assignee, due date, status, impact level, and effort level at a glance.

Quickly assign tasks to team members, and check in with them for a status update by tagging them. Use this sales project plan template if you want to take a more organized approach to project management.

This template gives you a simple way to see which tasks are complete or in progress, so you can monitor the progress of your project so far. 📈

6. ClickUp B2B Sales Strategy Template

Screenshot of ClickUp's B2B Sales Strategy Template
The ClickUp B2B Sales Strategy Template guides you through the process of creating an effective plan and list of objectives for your sales team

While there’s not a huge difference in the way we market to business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) customers these days, it’s still useful to have specific templates for niche needs. If you’re driving sales in the B2B space, you need the B2B Sales Strategy Template by ClickUp.

Like our first sales plan template, this one gives you space to communicate your sales objectives and revenue targets, but it also introduces other areas—like market research, stakeholder analysis, customer relationships, buyer persona, and customer pain points. 

This document-style template is highly customizable so you can make it match your brand style and sales approach. Fill in each section and use the supplied prompts to complete your B2B sales strategy document even faster. 

Add this template to your collection if you’re working in B2B sales and want to approach your process in a more organized way. Use the template to build a strong sales strategy, then share it with the rest of your sales team so they know how to execute against your sales and company goals. 🎯

7. ClickUp Retail Sales Action Plan Template

Screenshot of ClickUp's Retail Sales Action Plan Template
Track your retail sales strategy task by task with the ClickUp Retail Sales Action Plan Template

Like B2B sales, retail sales have unique needs that aren’t always reflected in more generic templates. That’s where the Retail Sales Action Plan Template by ClickUp comes in.

This retail-focused template allows you to track everything from signing contracts to organizing retail suppliers. Map your way to a better way to achieve your retail sales goals, track KPIs, and collaborate with team members to make the process run smoothly.

See what your to-do list looks like today and into the future with the list view. Track action items and tasks quickly with a view that includes the task name, assignee, status, task complexity, start date, and department. 

Use this retail sales action plan template if you need to work more effectively to promote, sell, and earn revenue, whether you’re a small business or a large retail enterprise. Track your individual progress and tag team members so you can collaborate on larger tasks. 🔗

8. Word Sales Plan Template by Business News Daily

An example of Word Sales Plan Template by Business News Daily
Via Business News Daily

We’re big advocates of using ClickUp as the go-to place to store everything about your sales workflow, but if you’re limited to using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then this template is a great option.

This sales business plan template has sections for your executive summary, mission statement, target customers, sales targets, benchmarks, and more. Each section has useful prompts to guide you on completing your new sales plan.

Use this template if you’re tied to using Microsoft Word and want a comprehensive guide on how to create your own sales plan or sales strategy. 📄

9. Word Sales Plan Template by TemplateLab

An example of Word Sales Plan Templates by TemplateLab
Via TemplateLab

If you want a free sales plan template or want to choose from a variety of options, this collection of Word templates by TemplateLab is a good place to do that.

There’s a wide range of options available including sales process plans, lead generation plans, sales action plans, and sales report templates. Each template works with Microsoft Word, and you can customize the look and feel to match your brand or your sales goals.

Use this resource if you prefer to see a range of templates on one page, or if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for until you see it. You can easily set your sales goals and the action steps needed to achieve them. 📃

Successful sales strategies need to be integrated with other teams—like your marketing department—to ensure your sales objectives are clear and possibly align with the overall marketing strategy too. Choose your specific sales goals, set revenue targets, and describe everything in detail with these Word sales planning and sales process templates.

Enhance Your Chance of Success With a Free Sales Plan Template

A strategic sales plan makes it easier to achieve your goals. Give your team the guidance and support they need with the help of a well-crafted free sales plan template.

If you’re considering making even more improvements in how you work, try ClickUp for free. We don’t just have incredible sales process templates: Our range of features and AI tools for sales make it easy for you to optimize and run your entire sales funnel and CRM system from one place. ✨

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