11 Free Marketing Plan Templates From ClickUp

Marketing used to be simple.

A tuppence on a town crier and maybe an ad in the local newspaper, and you were pretty much set. Nowadays, things have gotten a little bit more complicated.

Marketers plan elaborate campaigns that sync across several mediums in real life and the digital world. This can include ads on social media, search engines, blog content, in-person events, and much more. All of this marketing requires a lot of project planning.

You can’t just throw something together and call it a day. And that’s where marketing plan templates come in. These handy little tools help you plan and coordinate your marketing strategies by doing some of the leg work for you.

Obviously, these templates can’t do everything. It’s still up to you to make big brand decisions, like whether Rihanna or Ariana is the right person to head up your event. But templates can make planning that engagement easier, set out clear to-do lists for your team, and make cross-department execution a breeze.

So regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur dipping your toes into the world of marketing or a multinational company needing help keeping your marketing efforts organized, there’s a marketing plan template for you.

This list of 11 marketing plan templates is a great place to get started. Each has its own focus, so take a moment and find which ones will help you plan your next big marketing move.

What is a Marketing Plan Template?

A marketing plan template is an essential tool for any business to have when creating and executing a successful marketing strategy. It provides the roadmap for your marketing activities, from setting goals to choosing channels and measuring success.

These templates can also be tailored according to the needs of each organization, allowing you to focus on specific areas that need attention and provide direction for your marketing efforts. So if you need some help planning out your social media campaigns and posts for the next quarter, there’s a template ready to make that process just a little bit easier.

What Makes a Good Marketing Plan Template?

A good marketing plan template can be summed up in three words: organized, specialized, and helpful.

One of the main goals of any marketing plan template is to add some much-needed order to the chaos that comes with your average marketing department. These templates help keep you organized and on track, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most: achieving success.

Great templates should also specialize in a certain kind of marketing type or task you need help with. For instance, a template could specialize in designing a marketing action plan for your company or in helping you map out your future content plans. Doing everything in one template would be near impossible, so specialization allows each template to be thorough without being overwhelming.

ClickUp Visualize and Plan Media Content
Use ClickUp to customize your view to visualize and plan marketing materials like content and media across your organization

Finally, a template needs to be helpful.

The whole reason you need a template is to save you time or to help you complete a marketing task you’re less familiar with. If the template doesn’t come with smart formatting, data importation options, or expert advice, then it might just be easier to do it on your own.

11 Best Marketing Plan Templates

Marketing plans are a crucial way for businesses to create and execute a top-notch marketing strategy.

However, the process of planning can be overwhelming without the right tools. This list of 11 marketing plan templates provides an excellent starting point for any business looking to create a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy.

1. ClickUp Marketing Plan Template

ClickUp Marketing Plan Template
Get your marketing plan started with this beginner-friendly template

The ClickUp Marketing Plan Template is a powerful and customizable tool that can help teams plan and execute successful marketing strategies. This template simplifies the process of coordinating and planning your marketing efforts, allowing you to easily create an overview of your campaigns and track progress and results.

This template includes helpful sections that allow you to fill in deadlines, statuses, effort levels, impact tags, and more. It also provides real-time collaboration features so teams can easily track tasks and ensure they’re all on the same page.

Plus, this template is completely customizable based on your team’s specific needs. Add or remove any sections you need and organize your marketing plan in whatever way works best for you.

The ClickUp Marketing Plan Template is perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses, or large companies who need an easy-to-use and comprehensive tool to organize their marketing strategies.

As a bonus, it pairs well with many of our more specific templates included on this list.

2. ClickUp Agency Client Health Tracker by Zenpilot

ClickUp Agency Client Health Tracker by Zenpilot
Stay ahead of client needs and drive customer satisfaction with this customizable template from ZenPilot and ClickUp

Effective marketing requires deep insights into your clients’ needs and preferences. That’s why the ClickUp Agency Client Health Tracker from Zenpilot Template is such a valuable tool for businesses. This customizable template allows agencies to track the health of their customer relationships, making it easy to manage client info and ensure that marketing efforts align with client needs.

With the ClickUp Agency Client Health Tracker, agencies can track a range of important marketing analytics, including client satisfaction levels and feedback. Armed with this information, businesses can tailor their content marketing strategy to better meet the needs of their clients.

By understanding each client’s unique preferences, businesses can create targeted campaigns that drive engagement, deliver value, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction.

3. ClickUp Marketing Action Plan Template

ClickUp Marketing Action Plan Template
Make your marketing dreams a reality with the Marketing Action Plan Template

Every good strategy needs a detailed plan. If you want to market your product or service, you’ll need a marketing action plan to turn your ideas into actual marketing ROI.

A marketing action plan is a detailed document outlining the strategies and tactics a business will use to promote and sell its products or services. It typically includes a target market analysis, business goals and objectives, pricing information, and any other pertinent information that may be helpful in executing the plan successfully.

ClickUp’s Marketing Action Plan Template has been designed to help you create a fully fleshed-out marketing strategy, even if you’ve never done this before.

It achieves this by running you through the main things you’ll need to understand and formulate before you can create your plan. These include:

  • Defining your goal: Understand what the ultimate goal of your marketing efforts is.
  • Knowing your customers: Do customer research to understand what your customers are looking for, where they can be reached, and what kind of advertising might work best for them.
  • Auditing your current practices: Learn from what you’ve done in the past, both good and bad, to create an even better marketing strategy going forward.
  • Itemizing your plan: List every task that needs to be done for your strategy to succeed.
  • Reviewing and polishing: See if you’ve missed anything by running it by a colleague.

Plus, once you itemize your plan, use ClickUp’s project management software to export those tasks and share them with your team so people can get to work realizing your marketing strategy.

It’s really that easy, and all you need to get started is the template at the link below.

4. ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template

ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template
Access your key objectives and results (OKRs) by creating a detailed plan on how your marketing team will hit goals, budgets, and more

The ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template is designed to help you track the success of the marketing action plan you created earlier.

Unlike the action plan, which is mostly about identifying how you’ll market your product, this strategy template outlines how you’ll track the success of your plans through concrete OKRs (Objectives & Key Results).

This template includes sections for setting specific OKRs, progress meters, and priority levels. It also lets you track which targets are being met and which need more work. This makes it easy to intervene if necessary, ensuring that your strategy stays on course. 

Head over to the link below and start creating a comprehensive and effective marketing plan today.

5. ClickUp Content Marketing Plan Template

ClickUp Content Marketing Plan Template
Plan every aspect of your content marketing calendar from blog posts to email blasts

Content is one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing strategy. It helps you attract new customers, engage old ones, and even define your industry.

The ClickUp Content Marketing Plan Template is designed to help you create and organize a comprehensive content plan that will both educate and grow your customer base. 

By default, this template organizes your content by month, making it easy to see what’s being worked on at a glance.

It’s also a great way to keep your entire team organized. Team members can see what they’re responsible for, with room for information like a brief, deadline, assignee, and much more. This way, your team spends less time tracking down information on their latest project and more time actually making killer content. Plus, ClickUp integrates with other apps like Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to easily attach relevant files and create a true content database for your team.

Check out the link below to get started with the ClickUp Content Marketing Plan Template today.

6. ClickUp Content Plan Template

ClickUp Content Plan Template
Create a single place for all of your planned content

Content plans are essential for any business that wants to improve its SEO, increase engagement and grow its customer base. They provide a roadmap for what content needs to be created when it should be published, and how it should be promoted.

The ClickUp Content Plan Template is designed to simplify this task by providing an easy-to-use organizational space with nine customizable fields. These include:

  • Writer
  • Assets needed
  • Keywords
  • Purpose
  • Content type
  • Content pillar
  • Action taken
  • Target audience
  • Approval

Not only that, but this template also comes with three views, so you can find exactly what you need quickly. For instance, with the calendar view, it’s simple to see which pieces are due when. 

This makes coordinating content efforts much easier, especially when multiple teams work on a single piece. Couple this content plan template with one of our other content calendar templates and look out, you’re going to be ready to set the content world on fire! 

So don’t waste another minute trying to figure out how to plan your next content campaign. 

7. ClickUp Event Marketing Plan Template

ClickUp Event Marketing Template
Pull off must-attend events with the help of this event marketing template

With so much happening in the world today, your company needs something special to get and hold people’s attention.

Big, spectacular events are perfect for doing just this. They allow you to stand in the spotlight for a moment and get your message across in a way that’s likely to stick with people for longer than any Facebook ad or blog post could ever hope to. 

However, planning these events can take months. You’ll need coordination between multiple teams, marketing planning software, and maybe even outside contractors to pull it off.

That’s where the ClickUp Event Marketing Plan Template comes into play.

This template is the place for your team to plan your next big event. It includes tasks, budgets, and deadlines, along with multiple views, to help you track what needs to get done and who’s responsible for it.

Plus, this template is completely customizable if you need extra space for something more detailed.

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8. ClickUp Sales and Marketing Plan Template

ClickUp Sales and Marketing Plan Template
Get your sales and marketing teams on the same page for better synergy and results

Although they broadly have the same goal, it can sometimes feel like sales and marketing teams live in different worlds. They have their own metrics, strategies, and processes to help the company sell more.

However, when these departments aren’t in sync, you’re missing out on an opportunity to truly leverage the power of your entire team.

That’s why the ClickUp Sales and Marketing Plan Template was created. It provides a single platform for both departments to work from, allowing easier collaboration and better alignment of business objectives.

This template includes sections for sales goals, marketing plans, campaign results, and more. This way, it’s clear what roles each department plays in the grand scheme of things.

For instance, your sales team probably frequently interacts with target customers and knows what pitches work best with which demographics. Your marketing team can use that knowledge to not only market better but also to identify leads that are more likely to convert.

Get your marketing and sales departments on the same page today with our Sales and Marketing Plan Template.

9. ClickUp Marketing Campaign Plan Template

campaign tracking and analytics template
Keep your eyes on the prize with this campaign management template

A great marketing campaign should be well thought-out and planned in advance. It needs to have clear marketing goals, smart tactics, and a timeline of when each task needs to be completed.

In other words, if you want your campaign to really work, it needs the right campaign management tactics to make it the best it can be. This is where the ClickUp Marketing Campaign Plan Template can take your campaigns to the next level.

This comprehensive template includes sections for tasks, marketing budget tracking, and even a timeline view to help you plan your campaigns quickly and effectively.

It also integrates well with other apps, like Dropbox, making it easy to attach relevant documents or files to each task. Plus, it’s collaboration friendly, so anyone working on the project can track tasks and get access to the information they need.

Finally, it’s not enough to just create a campaign—you’ll also want to know how it performs. This template comes premade with a conversion tracker so you can see exactly how well different parts of your campaign are performing. 

So if you don’t quite hit your goals, it’s easier to do a post-mortem to see what went wrong. Don’t let your campaigns get dragged down because your team isn’t quite in sync. Use our template today to plan and execute the marketing campaign your product deserves.

10. ClickUp Social Media Marketing Plan Template

social media campaign template by clickup
Quickly build, manage, and schedule social media content with detailed information and custom fields for simple tracking

With social media marketing, consistency is key. But creating multiple relevant posts across different distribution channels is easier said than done. The pain points and social media strategy that works on LinkedIn might not fare so well on Facebook or Instagram. That’s why the ClickUp Social Media Marketing Plan Template was created. 

This powerful tool tracks planned posts across multiple social media platforms. Plus, since you house all of your planned content in one place, it’s easier for team members to see if you have any gaps in your social media calendar. 

For instance, instead of assuming that someone else was working on the New Year’s Eve post this year, your team can see that there are no current plans on this template and fix the omission. Get your social media content calendar in order with the template below.

11. ClickUp Marketing Calendar Template

ClickUp Marketing Calendar Template
Align your marketing efforts around a single calendar with multiple views

For big teams, marketing efforts can quickly become disjointed. Everyone is in their little box, working on their own marketing channels, with no sense of cohesion beyond top-line key performance indicators (KPIs).

Not only does this way of marketing lose any sense of synergy, but it can be easy to miss small fixes that can lead to better marketing returns. The ClickUp Marketing Calendar Template gives you an ideal way of getting more out of your social media content.

With all of your marketing tasks laid out for anyone to see, managers can get a sense of what’s in progress, what’s already done, and what needs the urgent attention of a team lead. This way, it’s possible to execute marketing strategies, even when your marketing department’s numbers are in the tens or even hundreds.

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Plan for Success With Marketing Plan Templates

No matter the size of your business, marketing success can be achieved with a well-thought-out plan. With ClickUp’s suite of powerful and easy-to-use templates, you’ll have everything you need to create an effective strategy.

Make it easier to meet all your goals, whether it’s marketing your product or onboarding your new client.  From content planning and event marketing to sales and website project management, these templates provide the tools needed for any digital marketer or entrepreneur looking to make their mark in the world today. 

So don’t wait another minute—get started on upgrading your team’s marketing capabilities with ClickUp.

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