20 Marketing KPIs You Need to Track in 2023

As a marketer, you don’t have time to slow down and analyze every marketing effort when so many moving parts are pulling you in different directions.

With hundreds of decisions to make a day for people and projects to move forward, you need to track the right data with close eyes on marketing key performance indicators (KPIs).

What’s the impact of using data? Splunk did the math for us, and in a global research survey of 1,000+ businesses, they found: 


of innovators have improved their speed/quality of decision-making through better data use.


of organizations believe that, given the right data, their organization is in a strong position to compete and succeed in its markets over the next few years.


of organizations surveyed believe better data use can improve their company’s customer experience.

Source: Splunk

As data geeks, our team got to work and pulled together the top marketing KPIs to help you feel more confident with data-driven marketing efforts. And if you’re struggling to keep KPIs transparent and updated across the board, we know the perfect marketing KPI software that will transform how your team engages with KPIs! ✨

What Are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

A Key Performance Indicator or KPI is a quantifiable business metric used to monitor progress in achieving business objectives. The KPIs you define for your team, project, or business should be linked to your core goals and objectives. 

So how does a business metric become a KPI?

  • If the metric tracks your performance over a non-core business process or objective, it’s a business metric
  • If the metric tracks your performance over a key business process or objective, it’s a KPI
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What Are Marketing KPIs?

Marketing KPIs are measurable metrics your company can track to gauge performance over channel-specific marketing activities. It proves the Return on Investment (ROI) about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and strategies so the business can double down on what’s working and adjust for what’s not.

For example, a project manager is leading a new marketing campaign for a soda company. The team aligns on a refreshingly creative strategy they’ve never tried before. They could potentially add this strategy to their brand toolbox if it performs! In order to validate the success of the campaign strategy, they need clear marketing KPIs to determine their ROI. 💰

Check out our guide on marketing project management!

Top 20 Marketing KPI Examples

Company-level Marketing KPIs

1. Marketing ROI

The return from a marketing investment divided by the costs of the marketing investment.

(Sales revenue – Marketing cost) / Marketing cost = ROI

Calculating your marketing ROI is important as it’ll help you determine how effective and valuable your marketing activities were. Depending on your business, some marketing channels perform better than others.

2. Churn Rate

The percentage rate at which customers leave a business over a given period of time. 

3. Pipeline Contribution/Revenue Attribution

The number of opportunities measured that convert into new deals.

4. Traffic to MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) Ratio

The ratio of the total traffic platform generated vs. the number of marketing-qualified leads coming from that traffic.

By analyzing your traffic to MQL ratio, you can better understand your best-performing platforms and increase your investment there.

Similarly, if you find that one of your platforms is underperforming, you can use the data to tweak your strategy there or simply reduce your spending!

Bonus: OKRs vs KPIs

Content Marketing KPIs

5. Published marketing content

The number of content pieces—blog articles, newsletters, podcasts, social media posts, etc.—published weekly or monthly. 

6. Video view counts per channel

The number of seconds or minutes someone is watching your video. This average metric will empower marketers and creatives to make the first five, 10, or 30 seconds powerful and engaging. 🤩

The rise of consumer-based mobile traffic has boosted the need (and potential!) for video marketing. Brands have the opportunity to educate and engage with consumers, and you don’t want to miss out on leads to your competitors. 

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Email Marketing KPIs

7. Click-through Rate

The number of people who clicked a link in your email vs. the total number of people who received your email. Marketers track email marketing metrics to communicate detailed marketing messages and personalize them on a recipient-by-recipient basis for better conversions.

These prospects have already opened your email. You’re now determining if the email was convincing enough for them to click one of the links in it!

8. Subscriber Count

The number of people who subscribed to your email marketing campaigns.

Marketing Operations KPIs

9. Conversation Rate

The percentage of conversions from marketing activities and operations.

10. Traffic Distribution

The breakdown of your site’s traffic sources. 

Paid Marketing KPIs

11. Impressions and Reach

The number of times your marketing piece was displayed to a user. If you’re tracking these numbers in each native platform, use a centralized dashboard to maximize your time! ⚡️

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Customize a ClickUp Dashboard with embedded links to your major platforms

12. Customer Acquisition Cost

The total cost of acquiring a customer (includes costs spent on the sales process and through marketing efforts).

Product Marketing KPIs

13. Daily Active User

The number of active users per day.

Track KPIs with product marketing software!

14. Customer Lifetime Value

The revenue one customer has given your business and will continue to contribute. 

Public Relations KPIs

15. Customer Acquisition Cost

The total cost of acquiring a customer (includes costs spent on the sales process and through marketing efforts) to measure the success of a marketing campaign

16. Active Coverage

The total volume of quality press releases, platforms, and leads the team prioritizes.

SEO Marketing KPIs

Search engine-optimized content marketing strategies are one of the most reliable methods of marketing today.

You publish content on your blog about topics your audience is searching for on Google. There are things you can do to get those articles to rank high on Google search results for SEO authority. When your customers search for those topics, they’ll find your post (providing its ranking on Google page one), and they will visit your site to hopefully convert!

The formula for improving SEO authority is constantly evolving. It’s increasingly difficult, conversational, and requires more creativity. There’s no denying the underlining benefits of growing your brand’s presence through all channels and the impact it can have on Google. 

SEO professionals approach this growth with social, PR, and content managers in mind. One of the best ways to start improving in this area as a team is by creating a database for all of your co-marketing relationships!  

Jeremy GalanteSenior SEO Manager at ClickUp

17. Backlinking outreach 

The number of brands, companies, or marketers you’re connecting with to get a backlink from quality websites to your content. As Jeremy mentioned, creating a database to help you scale as your business grows! Try the SEO template modeled after ClickUp’s Workspace to manage your content briefs and cross-functional work in one place!

ClickUp SEO Content Brief Template

ClickUp SEO Content Brief Template
Easily manage your SEO content briefs and share them internally or externally with ClickUp Docs

18. SERP rankings

Your website’s/page’s position in search engine results for keywords. The higher your SERP, the better chance you have for people to find and click on your site. 

With this KPI, you can track how well your article is performing for each keyword.

You’ll see how well you’re doing for various keywords and determine where your SERPs are lagging. How do you track these keywords? You could set up a SERP tracking software and monitor your rankings daily to measure performance. 👨‍💻

Alongside these crucial indicators, remember to watch out for these key SEO metrics too:

  • Bounce rate: People who exited your site within just a few seconds of arriving
  • Mobile usability: Speed and performance of your landing page on phones and tabs
  • Crawl errors: URLs that are inaccessible to the Googlebot when it scans your pages

Social Media Marketing KPIs

Social media engagement is a good way to see if your content is actually resonating with your audience. You can use this info to tweak your marketing campaigns and give your customers what they want.

Additionally, engagement will highlight which of your customers are most primed to be moved into your sales funnel

19. Share of Voice (SOV)

The measure of the market your business dominates in the industry-wide conversations. Boost your SOV by building strong brand partnerships and marketing collabs.

20. Social Shares

The total number of web content shares people send to their networks and connections. 

Beyond these two KPIs, continue tracking other social media engagement KPIs such as:

  • Brand mentions: How many other individuals or businesses are tagging you in their conversations
  • Referral traffic: Number of people who visit your website from your social media (or even other sites)
  • Sentiment: Engagement might be positive or negative. Sentiment marketing analysis metrics use machine learning to gauge sentiment and present scores 

ClickUp Content Management Template

Watch our explainer video of the ClickUp Content Management Template to learn how to view custom calendars across multiple channels

The Best Way to Track Your Marketing KPIs

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform where teams come together to plan, organize, and collaborate on work using tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, Whiteboards, and more. Easily customized with just a few clicks, ClickUp lets teams of all types and sizes deliver work more effectively, boosting productivity to new heights! 

Here’s a closer look at two powerful (and free!) ClickUp features to set and monitor marketing KPIs:

ClickUp Goals

Create plans from your marketing strategy and track important marketing kpis in clickup goals
Create actionable tasks from your marketing strategy in ClickUp

In ClickUp, Goals are high-level containers split into smaller Targets and update in real-time as you make progress. These Targets are essentially your KPIs with actionable tasks to achieve results. 

So how does this help you with managing marketing KPIs? You get to customize the metrics you choose to track those objectives:

  • Number: Create a range of numbers and track increases or decreases between them
  • True/False: Use a Done/Not Done checkbox to mark your Target complete
  • Currency: Set a monetary Goal and track any increases or decreases
  • Task: Track the completion of a single task, or an entire List

ClickUp Dashboards

clickup sales dashboard view
Consolidate your marketing channels and important marketing KPIs into ClickUp Dashboards 

ClickUp’s recent case studies have found that 42% of working Americans don’t feel their employers offer all the technology tools or apps they need to succeed while working remotely. Being that you can manage all of this from a digital dashboard, it’s the perfect option for remote teams looking to amp up their marketing activities!

Dashboards in ClickUp are the perfect place to track your marketing KPIs. Anyone can build a Dashboard using the building blocks—Custom Widgets—to organize high-level overviews of marketing KPIs.

ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template
Access your key objectives and results (OKRs) by creating a detailed plan on how your marketing team will hit goals, budgets, and more

Use the ClickUp Strategic Marketing Plan Template to break down goals, budgets, and other critical KPIs in one place.

Bonus: More marketing planning templates & marketing planning software!

And with all your work in one place, ClickUp has over a dozen ways to organize and visualize tasks and other work including: 

This way, you can easily see the progress of your marketing strategy plans and track key metrics. 📈

Sign up for a free ClickUp account to build your marketing team’s best productivity and tracking system yet!

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