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Been using this effing app for a month. Now I have mental workflow that is getting stronger. Productivity went up probably 250%. Out of the rut. Took some time not so much to learn the app, but to learn how to make my process better. Party of one here + ADHD blessed. Thanks team.
Chris Small
Chris and Soundstripe’s mission is to “Keep Creatives Creating”
I’ve often reached out to the team at ClickUp with feature ideas or questions, and I always receive a quick, friendly response. The constant rollout of exciting features and improvements has meant that I actually watch my inbox for that weekly email with the ClickUp updates!
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ClickUp is probably the most innovative, hard working, and product focused SaaS company I've worked with in my dozen + years leading technology products. It's what I recommend to everybody for project management and I can't imagine going back to any other project management software!
Adhere Creative
Delivering ROI with Adhere's award-winning B2B brand development
I use ClickUp to manage every aspect of our agency’s production from strategy, copy, and design to development, printing, and launch. Without ClickUp we would be lost.
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Joshua Rozario
Josh and Mindshare's goal to give clients the power to focus on "core expertise"
Our remote teams use ClickUp to manage and track marketing activities both internally as well as with our clients. These activities could include content creation, podcast post-production, webinar setup and marketing, Facebook and Google ad campaigns.
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Lauren Eames
VOLT's top-rated lighting and support with Lauren
We rely heavily on other team members for the completion of many of our tasks. ClickUp makes it easy to involve other team members in tasks, communicate on those tasks, and helps us hold each other accountable.
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Mark on making customers a priority with Optimising
Mark on making customers a priority with Optimising
ClickUp helps us keep a very clear record of exactly what is happening in a campaign, but most importantly, it helps us to work collaboratively.
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McKay Salisbury
McKay and Five Star's ability to help grow physical products and brands
Because we use ClickUp so seamlessly, a project manager can handle 20+ clients. Now some of that is because those clients had more worked involved, but I would guess that 60% of that difference is just due to better processes and the use of ClickUp!
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Discover how Webflow aligns its world-class tech team with ClickUp
Discover how Webflow aligns its world-class tech team with ClickUp
ClickUp brought us all into one system to manage all of our projects as well as see the status of anything and everything. It's been a game-changer. Not only do we feel we’ve adopted an amazing tool to increase organizational visibility, but we feel we’ve gained an esteemed partner who is as committed to innovating in their space as Webflow.
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I've run a digital marketing and design agency for going on 7 years now. With some luck, I found Clickup. Literally has everything I need in one place and is set up already with what I need to properly manage multiple projects and businesses at once. I can't wait to dig in even deeper into the premium services, which was a no brainer after many positive interactions with multiple team members of their customer service. Everything is top notch and should be implemented into every small business struggling with project management.
ClickUp Case Study Q’s for eHealth4Everyone
Find the solution to health-related issues with eHealth4Everyone
Before migrating to ClickUp, we used other platforms like Airtable, Trello and Smartsheet but noticed that these platforms had various defects like having limitations to the number of tasks that can be inputted in a particular sheet. ClickUp helps us to track projects even at a subtask and checklist level.
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Yes, that is correct, I’m coming over from Monday and its the best decision I’ve made since saying yes to my wife.


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