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How Talent Plus increased workload capacity by 10% with ClickUp

Learn how Talent Plus uses ClickUp to boost alignment, collaboration, and team efficiency to drive exceptional client services.


Results with ClickUp

10% increase

in team capacity with more efficient workflows

100+ employees

united in a single work platform

Company overview

Talent Plus is a premier global human resources consulting firm and the leading partner in building and sustaining high-performing and fully-engaged cultures through talent selection, development and analytics. Its mission is to discover and develop talent, creating a world that enables people to follow their passions and leverage their strengths.


Human Resources



Use Case

Collaboration, Project Management

The challenge

Leadership needed a real-time pulse on client engagement

Talent Plus provides an array of solutions to its clients, from applicant tracking software to talent consulting. With dozens of client engagements happening at once, executives needed real-time insights into project health.

They needed to quickly identify account changes and trends to get involved if needed. But with each team using different tools, work siloes created barriers to achieving a holistic view of client project progress, leaving leadership in the dark.

Solutions with ClickUp

One app for visual collaboration and project management

When a company finds itself using multiple disconnected tools for visual collaboration and project management, it can create a number of challenges, such as departmental silos and inefficiencies. This was the situation facing a particular organization, until they discovered ClickUp.

Recognizing the need for a solution that would unify their workflows and reduce the fragmentation caused by tools like Jira and Monday.com, the company made the switch to ClickUp. The platform's all-in-one approach to work management provided a single source of truth for all their project-related activities, breaking down silos and creating a more collaborative and streamlined environment.

One source of truth across 100+ employees

Since making the switch to ClickUp, Talent Plus' teams have significantly improved their day-to-day work and workflows. Their newly integrated ClickUp Workspace has enabled all 100+ employees, across various departments including product development, consulting, and sales, to work together more efficiently and with greater alignment.

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Having a single source of truth for all their project-related activities has allowed for improved collaboration and communication between teams. This has resulted in more streamlined workflows, with everyone working towards the same goals and objectives.

ClickUp's robust feature set has also allowed the company to customize their workflows to suit their specific needs, further increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Visual collaboration and project management

ClickUp Whiteboards have become an indispensable tool in Talent Plus' collaboration toolkit. The feature enables the team to visually bring their SOPs to life and quickly turn their ideas into actionable plans, all within the same platform.

Before, the team had to use multiple diagramming tools, leading to delays and manual work to transfer information to ClickUp. With Whiteboards, they can now create and convert their visual plans into tasks instantly, streamlining their workflow and saving valuable time.

The ease of use and integration of ClickUp Whiteboards has been a significant benefit for Talent Plus, allowing them to focus on their work instead of navigating complex systems. By having a unified workspace for their visual collaboration and project management needs, the team can work more efficiently and effectively, leading to improved outcomes for their clients.

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Ashley PavlikDirector of Product Development at Talent Plus

"Before ClickUp Whiteboards, we struggled to visualize internal processes and connect ideation to execution. Now, we're able to visually bring our SOPs to life right where the work happens. This saves us time from moving between yet another tool and more importantly, has aligned our teams on work handoffs in the product development lifecycle."

Executive planning and alignment

ClickUp Dashboards give Talent Plus executives real-time visibility into client engagement and revenue. The "Revenue Scorecard" dashboard tracks all client projects and displays their status as red, yellow, or green, enabling executives to quickly identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

Revenue Dashboard - Talent Plus Customer Story

What's next for Talent Plus

Delivering exceptional client outcomes with greater team efficiency

With everyone in the company working in ClickUp, the team can collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions quickly. The platform's real-time tracking capabilities allow for a more proactive approach to project management, ensuring that potential issues are addressed before they escalate.

Talent Plus has improved their project management processes and achieved better outcomes for their clients. Executives have real-time visibility into project progress, enabling informed decision-making.

Moving forward, Talent Plus plans to expand their use of ClickUp's features to further optimize their workflows and maintain their position as a leader in their industry. By leveraging ClickUp's capabilities to their fullest extent, Talent Plus aims to continue delivering exceptional results for their clients.

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